Young Rudolph passed away…

Hi all,

Some of you might have noticed that Rudolph has been removed from the location it was made publicly available at. Many wonder why… well, Rudolph had a congenital illness: the FON Hotspot did not work and also, it registered a wrong MAC address on FON’s system.
Anyway, you can still compile the image from svn if you want to use the rest of the benefits.
We are working hard, even if it is Christmas and will try to release a new fixed RC asap.

Also, will be available for the Fonera 2.0g too. A bit later than for the 2.0n, but it will come.

Thanks for understanding.

127 Responses to “Young Rudolph passed away…”

  1. schunz Says:

    You release a Release Candidate with such blatant bugs? Don’t you know how to set up a testing environment with standardised tests? This lack of basic functionality should have been caught by you.
    No wonder the Fonera firmware keeps being so buggy. I work in software too, and I think your development sucks.

  2. Pablo Says:

    Schunz, where is the mailing list and the blog where I can praise your most perfect software?

  3. Jimbob Says:

    Maybe you should look up the meaning of “release candidate”, eh? :)

  4. Herchu Says:

    As disgusting as Mr. Schunz’s style comments are Fon members replies. This site is supposed to be about “News from FON development community”.
    Keep your word, please.

  5. Pek Says:

    Thanks for your work. I’m pretty happy about Foneras I own (F2g & F2n).
    However, I’ve been quite disappointed about your communication. What about making available a roadmap that will let people know how far the project is? I’m thinking about Zimbra ( which is really helpful. And there’s no need to give an accurate date if you can’t (which is understandable for that kind of project), because just saying “We’re working on it” isn’t that helpful.

    Anyway, Season’s Greetings to all!

  6. burton-ng Says:

    all these months and you have not made it. I need fon needs a change. It seems that all the expectations are lost now… and about the webcam… well just forgotten

    what are you developing the goneme?
    And by the way you should expect all this blaming as you own to your customers who only have this right, to be upset… after all you only offer 2 pieces of hardware, one to mend the other one which is even worse. YEah lets have 2 pieces of silly hardware by the great offer you mailed us. You should tal to your fonera g providers to clear them all right now.. Oh wait maybe you knew that it would’t work but thought you could work it out

  7. snyfear Says:

    Thank you to finally communicate on 2.0g version. Knowing that we can also expect some improvement is really appreciated even if it’s not for tomorrow.

  8. joel Says:

    If I knew what I was buying, I wouldn’t have done it. I’ve both g and n, and I use them as plain wifi routers. As of today, I think I’ve wasted my money.

    But if you say that you’re working hard and that we’ll get something soon, then I’ll wait to see. I hope this time you’re right, and you have my support. But you must understand all the critics, also. The issues of the fonera g with torrent are something unacceptable, as you sold it as a complete torrent client, and there are major problems with people unable to use their wifi every now and then. So quit doing stupid things like this audio streamer and webcam vigilance system, and start by getting what you promised, and what I paid for, please. I know all this open source thing and yes, it’s cool, but I didn’t knew I couldn’t complain about a thing I bought and doesn´t work just because you say the soft is free and open and that anybody can lend a hand and all this stuff (just what it seems from other recents posts you made).

    Keep working hard. I don’t want to annoy anybody, but to tell what I think in the most respectful manner.

  9. martin Says:

    I understand your upset, but fw of other router change frequently like fon 2.0 does? for other router or access point you’ve to wait for month, for nothing …
    and if u’re a good programer u can do the job by your self

  10. Martin Says:

    Hope it’ll solve the problem I have.
    I bought a Fonera 2.0 n a month ago and it never worked ! I can only use it over ethernet, but that’s not why I bought it for !!!

  11. Fabien Says:

    I wish Young Rudolph a prompt recovery! Maybe it wasn’t a good RC but anyway keep going… The next one will be better. Thank’s for using free software!

  12. myeyre Says:

    GREAT GREAT thanks for a 2.0g release. And Merry Christmas!!

  13. Swissglider Says:

    Your right. I’m also leading a big developer team, and if we would leave the customers for months with a buggy sold system, we can go home…

    But realy I’m still hopping because I belevie in the community…..
    See how long…
    Hopefully I can use my fonra 2n onetime, because today, I can not use it (100s of reboot every day..)

    With Rudolph I was even not able to get a ip from my isp.

    Anyway happy chrismas and hopfully we are happy in 2009 and can work with a wunderfull working fonera, like it is promised on the add mail we get from fon…

  14. buha Says:

    when will the voip restart bug be addressed on 2.0n?

  15. n3m0 Says:

    Keep up the good work on you innovative product. More functionality needs more work and can bring some bugs. And as you all have seen, is a release candidate (RC) and not a official version

  16. UNIX4ALL Says:

    When will be have WDS support on 2.0n ??? Is a MUST HAVE feature !!

  17. Simon Says:

    sorry to hear that,
    but as i understand it, rudolph was already born badly wounded… so it´s for his best i think.
    if i had the time to dig into this, i would compile my own fimware just to get rid of those annoying “picasa etc” uploader buttons ;) i will never ever use those..

    please – when compiling – think of those who just want to have a stable router.
    if you can add funktions via the build-in downloader, why don´t you offer a basic / almost naked firmware and let the people install just those things they want via this installer ?
    please give it a thought!
    keep up the (most of the time) good work, make the 2n´s wlan stable and everyone happy – don´t let us wait ´til 2011!

  18. veljo Says:

    I agree. If I would choose what’s important then:
    1) working wifi router (incl. private wlan)
    2) torrent client, that does not clog 1)
    Happy new year and all the best in future development.

  19. myeyre Says:


    I like the idea that all extra functions available as plugins. But currently the plugins folder is badly organized, hope a better organization if the idea comes true.


  20. Norman Says:

    How is the developement of a firmware that makes my router usable going? 2.0n with not losing connectons? Plz keep us informed! More posts on your status! Many people are waiting for their router to work properly!

  21. lemonadesoda Says:

    Yes, I agree. Please focus on stable basic router first. A stable router with a few buggy add-ins is better than an unstable router with a multitude of unwanted fancy features.

  22. Blu Says:

    I’ve noticed on fon knowledge base all serious issues about conflicts between fonera 2.0n and my USR9111 modem/router. Never, never obtained an answer, even a “we’re working on it, be patient”. The ticket is still open. The “n” mode never worked with my PC, the connection is slow and unstable, so I’m forced to use the “g” mode.

    Don’t call it Fonera 2.0n call it Fonera 2.0g-alpha-n!!!

    The Rudolph fw is still lack about wifi issues, and we all understand that you decided to retire it.

    We even understand you’re a small dev community, but FON is a BIG firm, with more than a million fonspots sold out… they MUST invest money in strong development!!!

    Hope something will be fixed soon…

  23. Mats Says:

    I have given up. I’ve have two useless fonera routers. I don’t think they ever will be any good firmware for these devices. I ditched them in the garbage today so I don’t care if there will be any new firmware or not. No more fonera for me =(.

  24. Kyros Says:

    Hi friends!

    Are there any news about an uptdated Young Rudolph firmware version?

    Regards, Kyros

  25. Fabian Says:

    Where’s the new firmware?
    With version the Fonera 2.0n is not fit for its purpose.

    It’s like an airplane that can’t fly, but you can drive around the airfield.

  26. Simon Says:

    hey there,

    i just wanted to let you know that for 2 days now, my fonera 2n (with the rudolph RC firmware) has a stable wlan-signal. but i can´t connect to the GUI when typing “fonera” in my browser anymore :D the gui seems to have crashed somehow when i plugged in a usb-stick … i don´t care, surfing works great and no disconnects with icq anymore, i take this as a good bargain for now.
    hopefully, the router doesn´t reboot until the new firmware is out…

  27. Norman the Norman Says:

    This is so embarrassing for FON. Now their customers are even glad, their expensive product does ONE of the things they bought it for.

    Get off your lazy asses already and deliver on your promises. Rudolf is already a month later than you promised in december. I bet there won’t be a stable release until march.

    I won’t buy any more FON products. I’ve had enough.

  28. MrZeroo00 Says:

    News about the new firmware?

  29. Thomas Wieske Says:


    Would it be possible to work in the next version NETLINK again?
    Under 2.0g could be “ip rule add ..” its setting rules. Among replaced 2.0n
    If the error message “RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument”.

    I use my fonera in the car (air Viano), and would be happy fonera +
    against the fonera 2.0n due to low consumption, exchange.

    Thank you,

  30. Norman Says:

    I have the same problem, i have to type in the IP to connect to the fonera, the only thing i changed was plug in a harddisk. UPNP doesn’t work anymore, with nothing changed. It just stopped after a week or two. Had the harddisk with me over christmas so maybe if you reconnect the same disk after a long time its a problem? I don’t know. Since i turned OFF the FON Spot, the other wlan works without problems.

  31. kackhupe Says:

    - media sever shows up on LAN side (private wlan)
    – but no files inside
    – not from wlan (no policy setting)

  32. Norman Says:

    What did ASAP mean when you said that you would even work at christmas? When can we expect a working WLAN router software?

  33. Mike Says:

    Has anybody still got an image of the RC2 Firmware? I missed the download while it was available and need the bridging functionality desperately. If somebody could send me the image to mike at kellyburger dot com, I’d be very grateful!

  34. Claudio Says:

    Good work! :))

  35. burton-ng Says:

    LOL ^

  36. Norman Says:

    Since young rudolph still has problems, where can i get the original non-release-candidate firmware to download and set back my fonera 2.0n?

  37. Mic Says:

    @Norman: pls. follow, the reflash should be made by the book. Find latest image at (choose correct F2 model)

  38. javier Says:

  39. Norman Says:

    Thnx a lot

  40. DarkFader Says:

    |\ .
    ‘,\_, |\_/._
    \.’ _ //–\’–
    _\\/ \//_
    ‘-.\, ,/.-‘
    \\ //
    ,-‘-‘ _ _ ‘-‘-,
    ‘–\ X X /’-‘
    | |
    | |
    / \
    | \_/ |
    \ _|_ /
    I’m running Rudolph… half-dead I don’t care as long it runs with my iPhone.

  41. benoit Says:

    Ok, just bought fonera 2.0n had it setup to discover that base kernel and functionnalities are far from those promised (nothing stable, samba a pity on macs, openvpn not here). This is back in the box it came out, waste of money until a descent developpement is done (i’m still dreaming that the guys of dd-wrt, look at it crack and fix it for good…)

    until then i gonna use my neufbox.

    give your fonera 2.0n away for almost free like you did for the previous foneras, because this is even less stable than the 2 others i already have…..

    in developpement timetable, program mgt and ETA are a must expecially within a small team.

  42. Fabian Says:

    Any update? I’ve finally managed to find a copy of Rudolf online, this makes the router almost usable, as opposed to totally toast with the version.

    There are still some major bugs, some already reported by others, others not. But with a few restarts a day it kind of works.

    I’m reluctant to report any bugs for a firmware that’s almost impossible to download. There’s clearly no point reporting bugs for as it’s totally useless (more bugs than features).

    Where’s the promised new version? Happy to contribute in reporting (minor) bugs for any supported RC.

    And please stop censoring these comments!

  43. Swissglider Says:

    why you do not post my comments?

  44. Jaimie Says:

    Hope this release will soon be back again and stable. Now running 2.3.0 and the fonera keeps resetting itself when trying to use sip/voip.

  45. burton-ng Says:

    are you on a strike?

  46. Norman Says:

    They strike on answering ;)

  47. myeyre Says:

    Any news on the new version??

  48. Ace731 Says:


  49. niklas Says:

    What is happening? I really want to know. No firmware of ALL i have tried is stable, either it is this or that part of the functionality that wont work properly.

    Do you have any money to buy in competense? If so maybe you should think about it so that we can get our paid for routers to work properly at least in the basic parts.

    Thanks in advance


  50. t00dy Says:

    ok this has gone far enough!
    i’m using firmware without FON spot, because otherwise i cannot use my router properly with!

    do you guys wanna get really bad reputation? or what? it has been a month since u published latest RC!! u have resources (our money from sales) why dont u do something…or is it something more, is company on a verge of ruin because of the crisis!?

    i am seriously considering of selling my 2.0n and get sth else, but it will be a tough one…who would like to buy unusable router???

  51. mojca Says:

    talking about bad publicity!!

    check other favorite freatures and comments!

  52. Skype Says:

    Any news on the new version??

  53. Wolf Says:

    I am saddened by the fact that I thought I was buying a well-supported product, which turned out to be developed by a group of non-paid open source developers. I can not grasp that a company like FON can get away with selling a product they do not support, but rather leave the developing work to a bunch of people doing it for free instead. I don’t blame the developers for anything apart from agreeing with this scheme.

    The fact that people are paying for this creates a precedent under which one expects the product to actually be supported actively, something which is not happening at the moment. This mix of open source and commerciality is a bad one, and should never have happened.

  54. Esky Says:

    I’ve got two 2.0n routers that have been lying useless for a while now, I’d really really like the new firmware, so please please please let us in on how the development is comming along…..

  55. Norman Says:

    zzzZZZzzz the world waiting and FON not caring … zzzZZZzzz

  56. Simon Says:

    i´d rather have one functioning firmware in the near (!) future than constant comments on how well they are doing ;) let´s just assume they have every available person working on it, re-checking and re-working every line of code three times before releasing it; I assume this, because they failed big time with their last (beta) fw release and do not want this to happen again.

  57. t00dy Says:

    thx a lot my comment is still: Your comment is awaiting moderation. !!!!!!!!!!1

  58. Jordy Says:

    any clue, when next stable fw will be released?

  59. Kyros Says:

    Hi Fon devs!

    Now it’s one whole month since you finished Young Rudolph off.
    Please at least keep us informed how you’re gonna proceed.
    Did you all completely retire from public life?

    Regards, Kyros

  60. Charbax Says:

    I downloaded 65GB of stuff on BitTorrent using the Fonera 2.0n during the past couple of months. So it certainly works. I love using Transdroid on Android to remote control this. I can click on any .torrent file in the Android browser and it automatically ads it to my Fonera 2.0n for download. Fantastic.

    Now there are a few things I would hope would be added/fixed:

    – It’d be nice with less random crashing (that the yellow fonera FON Router GUI page somehow shows up and only 1-2 minutes later Internet works again) This seems to happen 2-3 times a week, I wonder why.

    – It’d be really nice if the BitTorrent client had options like “Maximum amount of active torrents”, “Unseed completed torrents after __ ratio” (one could put 0 in there if they want instant automatic unseed after complete), or “Only seed until __ ratio after all queued downloads have completed”. I don’t know if FON is able to change in the way transmission works on these things. I guess an Android app could also handle this remotely but that wouldn’t be as efficient as those being built-in settings.

    – When I have active torrents, Samba movie streaming just doesn’t really work, so I have to pause all downloads when I want to stream my videos. It would be nice if there was an automatic way to detect how much torrent activity can be supported without disrupting live streams and that the full speed automatically is restarted when the local video streaming or other file transfer is finished. I guess this won’t happen though. Manually pausing all downloads using Transdroid before playing a video I guess will be good enough then.

    – Sometimes the hard drive shows up as B1 instead of A1 (I guess only after I reconnect the USB hard drive when it was turned off for a while) and I need to reboot the router and USB hard drive for Transmission to work again. I am not sure why.

    – Sometimes it just keeps blinking thus does not permit to safely disconnect the USB hard drive. Would be nice with somekind of force stop all activity to allow of safe USB hard drive disconnect.

  61. Jos meijer Says:

    Maybe a nice occasion to look at the 3G/UMTS that won’t work either if you connect a hub? (and is, by lack of storage useless without one….)

    Happy 24th january! ;-)

  62. igadgetman Says:

    While it seems a new firmware is still not available please add a huawei 1552 to the 3G/UMTS code. Hub-less.

  63. pablo Says:

    the strike thing was funny

  64. M. Machado Says:

    @Pablo, did you read this comment on the page you pointed?
    Posted by Martin Varsavsky – January 22, 2010 4:09 pm – #

    I use foneras all the time and everywhere. I also see the customer care reports and wrote in my blog that our first software releases were buggy and apologized for them. But now I don’t see any major bugs. Can you elaborate?

    Does anyone know where this nice, new firmware is?

  65. pablo Says:

    you can ask him :)

  66. Norman Says:

    Here some offical FON guy also tried to tell me that the last firmware has no bugs:

    but after some time i see internet dropping sometimes, and media server doesn’t work at all

  67. el corrobito Says:

    The firmware is still broken. I will just sell my Fonera and get a new router from a company with better quality.

  68. El Barto Says:

    Is there a release date for the new firmware, I am waiting for it so I can use finally my fonera

  69. kackhupe Says:

    its gotten quiet…

    anyone knows where to announce bugs?

    e.g. when torrent is shut down, after awhile the USB-HDD is shutting down to and you have to restart the router

  70. Norman Says:

    Guys come on, tell your bosses that this is no way of treating customers. we want information at least if we dont get working products!

  71. Kyros Says:

    @ Norman

    Unfortunately that’s a misunderstanding which a lot of us Foneros make:
    Foneros are no customers – we don’t pay to FON for services. Thus customers are aliens, ISPs who are paying partners, companies who are paying for having their services whitelisted on the La Fonera hotpspot network and so on…
    But Foneros are no FON-members as well (we are not employees of the companies) so there is no reason to share internal information with us Foneros and to include us into their decisions – that’s why they don’t.
    We are provider of infrastructure in the last meaning of our functoin and there is only as much attraction and information provided into our direction so that we keep the infrastruction up and running which they need to make their business.

    To follow the meaning of the words above this says that as long the missing frmware does not influence the infrastructure (which in reality is almost gone ;-) ) they will not move just because we have no proper uptodate firmware.

  72. giuseppeg88 Says:

    @ Kyros

    So why Fon deludes us into thinking that they can create a community where we can join in building a better fw?

    If there are misunderstandings, I think it is only because of Fon: that first promises and then disappears (and / or forgets the promises).

  73. Norman Says:

    As long as this goes on i ask all of you to shut down the FON_ signal of the router to show that we don’t accept this kind of treatment! This is not a call to arms but a sound democratic suggestion.

  74. burton-ng Says:

    that’s what i did…. 2 months ago

  75. giuseppeg88 Says:

    I disabled the hot-spot in my fonera 2.0n 10 days after that they have withdrawn the fw (without giving any other upgrade): for my use this fw is the most stable of all.

  76. Kyros Says:

    @ giuseppeg88
    > … why Fon … create a community where we can join in building a better fw?

    one comment above:
    >> … there is only as much attraction … so that we keep the infrastruction up and running which they need to make their business.

    ;-) Kyros

  77. Kyros Says:

    @ Norman

    I agree – my FON_FREE_INTERNET extinguished a few minutes ago as well.
    Maybe it will live again when the new working firmware arrives.

    Regards, Kyros

  78. UNIX4ALL Says:

    the development tree at the SVN is stuck at revision 1626 since 2 weeks ago … Bad news, the development is stopped.

  79. WhXtreme Says:

    Fon 2.0g was bad because it had slow hardware, now fon 2.0n is even worse because there is no stable firmware. Feels like I’ve been alpha/beta testing for 2 years now with fonera.

    Just release some stable firmware soon please. If this is not going to improve I will have to abandon fonera…

  80. Austintx Says:

    It’s been my observation that both Foneros and Aliens are customers of Fon. Aliens arrive at a hotspot that identifies itself as Fon, and Aliens give their money to Fon through Paypal. Some may be aware that the hotspot is maintained by a Fonero volunteer behind the scenes, but Fon has gone to great lengths to isolate the two parties.

    Foneros purchase Fon’s hotspot merchandise, provide the locations, utilities and acquire Internet backhauls for the Fon Network. Foneros are directly paying for the privilege of deploying Fon’s network, mostly due to Fon’s sales pitch that they are joining a robust and widespread network, with plentiful opportunity to make profit. This is how Foneros are directly customers of Fon.

    In addition to that, Foneros surrender over 60% of sales made at their hotspots, as well as ALL rights to decide how to run the network, for little more than the convenience of having Fon authenticate Aliens and manage money at Fon’s pleasure. In this sense, Foneros are really *franchisers*, who pay Fon and obey their rules in order to obtain the right to use Fon’s brand.

    Fon’s offerings to Aliens is good-to-mediocre (except for the fake-email for free-Internet leeches, whom Fon still makes no attempt to eliminate after 3 years), and Fon’s offerings to Foneros is no deal at all.

    At one time, I would have naively said that Aliens were the most important part of this food pyramid, because they were presumably the ones who were pouring money into it. Of course, I have since realized that Fon really doesn’t make much money from wifi sales, despite the fact that they get their Internet connections and hotspot locations for free. For 3 years, Fon has been all about “buy our rooter”, “buy our fonteena”, “buy buy buy – you could make some moneeey”.

    But there is no mighty Fon Network. There are no millions of loyal Aliens. There are only router sales, and empty promises. And Fon encourages us to disable the public hotspot whenever our torrents run like crap. Foneros and their pocketbooks are what Fon depends on these days. Fon has spent 4 years rolling their eyes at the Fonero Community. I hear money has become “speech” in the USA… If Fon will not hear our spoken words, then perhaps they will hear the sound of our wallets closing?

    Don’t be chumps. Pull the plug today!

  81. Supposed Name Says:

    As long as this goes on I ask all of you to stop posting comments to this blog to show that we don’t accept this kind of treatment! This is not a call to arms but a sound democratic suggestion. Don’t be a chimp!

  82. schunz Says:

    I turned off my FON_Hotspot signal today.

  83. Dude Says:

    Guys – Let’s reply to Martin’s twitter about needed new stable firmware –

  84. c. Says:

    I was running 3 fon hotspots and turned them all off last week. I am going to sell them on ebay.

  85. Jiulmur Says:

    +1 I turned off my FON_Hotspot three months ago…

  86. jos meijer Says:

    well, I didn’t have to turn off mine, as it is turned off by default when you use 3G modems (even if they don’t work)
    And it also is turned off by default if you don’t have an internet connection.
    And I don’t, as I gave up and use my HTC diamond as modem for my netbook. You just plug it in with Ubuntu and it works. (just like any huawei modem) Quite a relief after struggling a month or three with the lafonera 2N.Should be easy for a linux developer to use the same modules I guess. It’s all open source. They probably have other priorities….

    If one day someone writes firmware that does what router firmware should do, I might trie again.

  87. steven Says:

    It doesn’t help to simply turn off your Fonera… actually 80% allready did that so those few extra’s won’t matter as in the meanwhile hundreds of “bt fon” or “neuf fon” have been added anyway who have no squirrels with fon firmware …

    perhaps we should reintroduce the “throw your fonera in the lake” again?
    which would be easier to count how many are currently frustated…

    instead of removing a firmware they should offer “hotfix plugin” that fixes the small tasks like voip reboot issue; the Ntpclient config that they haven’t touched in 2 years but never worked untill Rudolphe came… and some other small fixes…
    now they just threw away all the hard work that was done between september and december… and we’re back in the middle ages…

    I’m also “frustrated” on this openwrt sdk… but I only look at it in my spare time (and when eager to work on it)…. there are people paid by fon working at fon that have to give “results” … now where are these results?

  88. Kyros Says:

    … seems they don’t see it as their duty anymore?
    … seems it’s their own decision to “waste” time for this?
    … seems their boss martin didn’t check anything since months?
    … seems they don’t feel unconfortable at all delivering buggy work?
    All togehter a well formed image of the dev-space@FON!

  89. simon Says:

    well, i´m getting a little bit desillusioned, too :/
    it´s not that i do not LIKE fon(era), or i don´t want to use their hardware anymore. the hardware seems okay, yet it suffers “featuritis”
    offering hardware / software with “soon to come” features is (sadly enough!) not unheard of in the hardware/software business.
    BUT: stopping to communicate their current state of progress or concearning their “roadmap” to a near-to-perfect firmware is quite dumb, plainly spoken.

    @ fon @ m.v.
    if you do not want to ruin your connection to “the community” (any more than you already did), DO COMMUNICATE !

    hey, c´mon, as m.v. stated awhile ago, they´ve sold thousands of fonera 2.0n. USE this money to FORCE a firmware a.s.a.p.

    i´m even thinking of a way to return my fonera 2.0N when there is nothing to keep me hoping for. like this, it´s not worth that much money. i would be interested if german law sees this as a (hidden) defect.

    but, for now, i wait. because i WANT this to go the easy way: good firmware = everyone happy !

  90. Really Nhow Says:

    Why oh why didn’t I just get a wireless router that supported DD-WRT??? After constant reboots, crappy-to-none WiFi on new iPhone, MacBook Pros *and* Windows laptops I’ve had it with dealing with this thing and trolling FON and fonosfera for updates. Is there any legal standing for a class-action law suit in the states if they don’t provide a *working* firmware soon that includes the advertised features? New or used, we could have gotten much better, *stable* products for cheaper than this POS model.

  91. Marcos Says:

    Joder sois unos inutiles!
    Lo digo de corazon!

  92. Dude Says:

    so, any updates? who killed the Rudolph?

  93. LeTouriste Says:

    Dear all,

    my fonera is currently off power; because it is irrational to prefer an ailing system over a reliable one in this use case.

    What a pity such a great piece of hardware can’t “flower out”!

    Let’s change that; two calls:

    1. FON: Do you need developers? A lot of capable people is out there… Firmware development is hard but doable, given enough manpower and proper organisation/management.

    2. Users: What keeps me from assembling a firmware based on the SVN head revision cut down to the core functionality? Who’s in?

    so long

  94. jubru Says:

    Can someone please point me to a good open-wrt firmware for a fonera 2.0g?

  95. Rubik2k Says:

    Toc toc?

  96. HumbleDestroyer Says:

    =( This makes me sad. I would like to support the Dev’s, but we have been sitting on for a while. Wouldn’t it be nice to just iron out some minor things, and release a minor update? I would click my heals in joy if I saw tomorrow morning. Then I would at least know someone was there.

    And, not to take the gloves off, but I was just looking at this-

    When I purchased my F2N, I didn’t think I was going to use half the features. Instead, I use none. I do this out of pure hope my router won’t crash so I don’t get chewed out by my wife again about “that stupid thing you just had to have.” It breaks my heart a little.

  97. Mark Says:

    Yeah my public wifi went offline today, and must say an added benefit is that the thing seems to run a lot more stable now. I downgraded to 2.3 and only use the torrent function with an external HD.

    What annoyes me is that my iPhone has connection problems with the wifi, some apps stall and fail to connect.

    Seriously thinking about rewriting the firmware myself, but really don’t have the time.

  98. Martin Says:

    I’m tired of waiting !
    My Fonera has been OFF for ages. I NEVER could use it, because of the simple fact that it reboots every single time I try to connect to it with my MacBook over Wifi (it’s ok when using ethernet)!
    Right now I concider that Fon has STOLEN my money selling me a nice little box made of plastic that do NOTHING for 79 € !
    Wait for the next firmware they told me … that was mounths agos I want a refund !

  99. Lantuin Says:

    toc tooooc

  100. wouter Says:

    this is !really! getting shamefull for FON and MV!

    If they choose not to communicate the develope problem, it means that the problem is much worser then when they would communicate the problem.
    So I expect the worst scenario and allready sold the crappy device.

  101. samuel Says:

    I have switched to openwrt firmware. My fonera2g works very well now.

  102. myeyre Says:

    It has been a great while since this post, any news??

  103. jos meijer Says:

    I’m affraid the developers don’t like us anymore….

  104. jos meijer Says:

    BTW, is there anyone who knows where I can get older firmware images for the fonera 2g?
    When I just started with that it worked flawlessly with my huawei modem, it even recognised the SD-card inside that modem and mouned it.
    But after some firmware upgrades I somehow lost the SD card.

  105. Tiago Janz Says:

    The last update on the firmware was in last september, did the developers gave up?

  106. steven Says:

    during 2009 they worked on the firmware with the fonera 2.0g as test object and us as testers…
    in september it got ported to the fonera 2.0n which then got launched and replaced the fonera 2.0g worldwide…

    there are now over 500bugs reported… there was a small moment in december when they tried to fix some (wifi for iphone/touch/broadcom); add some more features (bridge, dlna) but it only added more instability to it so it seems
    at the moment they are working hard to deliver 400.000 foneras…?

  107. Ace731 Says:

    anyone up for paypaling ddwrt to get one of these and flash it that way we can run dd-wrt on the fon2n? if we get enough of us to pay pal a few bucks to send the router to the ddwrt team then we wont be forced to suffer this agony anymore.

  108. marco Says:

    Everytime i read the title of this post i think “maybe young rudolph was the single developer working on the project… we’re doomed”

    And it’s not funny.

  109. David Says:

    I kill my fonera… because for one reason only one, the firmware is very very bad and de developers don’t do anything!
    The big project Fon was died….

  110. Krasti Says:

    Please one sign of life! Just a commit on svn or something.

  111. Jack0 Says:

    R.I.P. Fon

  112. steven Says:

    RIP FON 2303…..
    Long Live FON 2305E

  113. jubru Says:

    BTW: No SVN activity in trunk since 5 weeks.
    And, oh, BTW: Asking for non-fon-firmware in these comments will kepp your comment waiting for moderation for ever.

  114. Lukas Says:

    Hmm .. at least a little update on the status would be nice .. otherwise I guess there is no other interpretation than that the project is current dead.

  115. t00dy Says:

    more than 73 comments….if i was FON i would seriously think about it!

  116. Norman Says:

    Reply to every twitter comment that they send out and to every page that talks about their products. If potential costumers see how they will be treated, FON will have to change something.

    Start commenting your personal opinion on this article:

    and follow twitter … and reply to everything.

  117. steven Says: and add it to the 500+ bugs
    let’s hope they find the time to fix them all…
    currently they are working on the “Fonera SIMPL” device so it seems…

  118. steven Says: contains a copy of the RC2

  119. t00dy Says:

    since when RC3 is out??
    fonera2n-2.3.5-RC3.tar.gz on the site

  120. steven Says:

    RC3 never came out…but it’s the last svn build;
    but I believe I haven’t yet refigured out how to create a valid .tar.gz that is accepted by the gui… (I thought only the .FON needs to be digitally signed but I could be mistaken)

  121. steven Says:

    on other people are working on the firmware as we speak with light (no openvpn/ldaap/ushare) & full versions (with latest transmission torrent client)

  122. nomorefon Says:

    fon is crappy hard-soft-and-firmware. fon idea failed. so no longer blog and community will exist. they all are money-driven, not community-driven, as amatter of fact. thats all.

  123. aid85 Says:

    hm hm ….

    What about firmware update of fonera 2.0 (not 2.0n but 2.0g) ….. ????……….

  124. steven Says:

    officially an RC was released in september;
    unofficially it has been build with the latest source changes from december… adding instability as well to this device (dyndns support, fon hotspot support)

  125. burton-ng Says:

    it is always the same…. if device doesnt behave… lets forget it and get another one to con other new users…
    This policy won’t always work… one day this company will dissapear. People don’t forget

  126. Filipe Says:

    Hey guys!

    Can someone send a link for finding the “dead” firmware RC1 ?

    I whould like to try it


    Mail :

  127. Der Barde Says:

    i know its off topic, but i just sent 5 bucks (eur) to dd-wrt.
    Maybe they will make my fonera2n working.

    However, i cannot really believe the fonera developers are not paid? Its all about “open source community” thing and “some one will fix it”?

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