Use your webcam as a security camera with Motion4fon

OldMan released a pre-beta version of his plugin. He ported Motion software to the Fonera 2.0!

With the application installed and a webcam connected to your Fonera 2.0, you will be able to trigger events when motion is detected. A built in functionality is for example to save the images captured by the webcam when motion occurs. Needless to say with a bit of scripting the possibilities are endless.

Download the plugin Motion4fon_0.1beta.tar.gz
Draft version of the manual page on FON Wiki


Motion4fon screenshot

7 Responses to “Use your webcam as a security camera with Motion4fon”

  1. bmpeter Says:

    i’ll try!

  2. Kyros Says:

    Unfortunately using your webcam as a security camera is only possible from iside your LAN. Direct webcam access from internet side is still blocked by the La Fonera’s internal firewall. So you can not monitor anything from outside your home which limits the security camera abilities… !
    The only possibility to connect via SSH and VPN to your La Fonera and them access the camera because you are “virtually” inside your LAN again.

    So from my point of view there is an important FON-development job left to help and liberate router+webcam for finally offering suitable security camera posibilities.

    Regards, Kyros

  3. eddie303 Says:

    When will come out a _stable_ firmware ? I grow tired of unstable stuff…

  4. Viper Says:

    When will we see new firmware? Wep and firewall are broken in all last images :(

  5. Rebecca R. Frazier Says:

    define cctv

  6. Alexandra Says:

    I generally keep away from dvr equipment that have too much wiring

  7. Toronto Security Cameras Says:

    Keep in mind you can access your PC remotely to view recordings, either through Windows itself or through something like VNC.

    Definitely a cheaper solution than a whole DVR system, especially if you’re just looking for minimal coverage.

    – BP

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