Transmission updated to 2.52 for beta

I’ve just committed an update for Transmission, the Foneras torrent software, to the SVN repository, it now includes the latest version, 2.52. But since the Transmission plugin isn’t really part of the firmware itself, but downloaded from the Fon servers upon installation and because all the (beta) versions use the same version of the plugin on the server, it seemed like a nice plan to upload the new version right away, as a sneak preview of the upcoming beta3 release.

So, if you want to get started with Transmission 2.52, make sure you have a beta1 or beta2 firmware, remove the Transmission plugin if you have it installed already (by removing the torrent.* files from the FoneraApps directory on the USB stick/disk) and then install the plugin normally, you should get the 2.52 version.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to comment here and if you find bugs, please open a ticket on our trac.

For a list of changes in this and previous versions of Transmission, check out their release notes.

Have fun!

14 Responses to “Transmission updated to 2.52 for beta”

  1. ShareAir Says:

    Great! Well done. Nice to see the work is going on.

  2. tman Says:

    Works fine, + a couple of new features. Thanks for updating !

  3. TJovian Says:

    After enabling QoS it seemed to kill all network activity including gaming and video streaming. I assumed it would throttle generic usage, such as P2P file sharing, and prioritize real time applications, but it made everything pretty much useless until I disabled it completely.
    I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it just doesn’t know what sort of usage to prioritize, so it could be all my own fault.

    Firmware Version:
    Beta 2
    Developer’s version

  4. Matthijs Says:

    @TJovian, what speed did you set in the QoS settings dialog? You should enter the speed of your actual internet connection there. Your understanding of what QoS does is correct, it should indeed prioritize traffic like SSH, DNS, HTTP, e-mail, etc. This normally results in a slightly reduced overall throughput, but shouldn’t kill connectivity completely.

    If my above comments don’t help to resolve your situation, could you please open up a ticket on the trac describing your problem, your network layout and the exact behaviour you are seeing? Then we can investigate this issue a bit further and keep all info in a central place. Thanks!

  5. TJovian Says:

    Ah! Thanks for clarifying. My QoS problem is simply user error.

  6. Charlie Says:

    Could someone please guide me to install this plug-in………. newbie.

    thank you.


  7. tman Says:

    Charlie: go to dashboard, torrent, install on disc-a1. Then refres the browser in 3 minutes, start torrent.

  8. Charlie Says:

    Thanks tman, but looks like I am more dumber than you thought. I still could not get it to install.

    Just thought , If someone could list it point wise, would be great.

    I could not be understand the meaning of the word update , with respect to SVN Repo. I don’t I could only find some make files there.

    I could just be another lazy bum if I could not find , how to do this, if it was mentioned elsewhere on this site.

    I tried , but I could not.


  9. Matthijs Says:

    Hey Charlie, could you detail a bit what you tried and in what way it didn’t work? That helps us to give you more detailed instructions for installing the plugin.

  10. Charlie Says:

    With a limited knowledge and first experience of how to update this Hi-Tech Gadget , I did –
    1. I downloaded the 3 files at on my computer
    2. I shut down the Torrent.
    3. I deleted all the files on the PenDrive (I use PenDrive) in the torrents directory
    4. I did not know what to do with the 3 files I downloaded from the Repo. Or were they the right file.
    5. I restarted the Torent and the same version came thru.

    Firmware Version: Beta 2

    Please help, I am Novice and eager to learn.

    Thank you Matthijs …..

  11. Matthijs Says:

    Charlie, there’s no need to download any files manually: the Fonera will download them for you (also, you were downloading source files, not the built torrent application).

    So, your step 2 and 3 were right, this deletes the old version of the plugin.

    Then, you need to go to the Fonera’s dashboard (e.g., or http://fonera by default). There, you click the “Torrent” icon and then the “Install on Disc-A1″ icon. After a few minutes, the application should be installed and ready.

  12. Charlie Says:

    Hello Matthijs,

    I had done that and I did not know if it had upgraded it to the new version. There is no Indication , whatsoever to find out if it has Upgraded to the newer version. Sorry, for having taken up your time. I could not find any difference in the Inbuilt GUI Interface , nor does it show anywhere which version is installed. My Transmission GUI , showed me the version of Transmission , some where in a remote corner. It was not easy to find though

  13. Matthijs Says:

    The built-in interface for Transmission is indeed very basic and should probably be improved a bit in the future. The “About” dialog in the regular Transmission interface should show the version, though.

    Good to hear it’s working for you now!

  14. Charlie Says:

    Thank you , Matthijs for having patience in dealing with a novice. really appreciate that. I hope my stupid experience would help someone. LoL

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