The young Rudolph

Hi all,

I would like to kindly remind you that “rudolph”, this is, is only a “release candidate”. We know it has bugs and we DO NOT recommend it for anyone that doesn’t like testing and reporting bugs.
We know it is a long waited firmware: it has very nice functionalities that many of you asked for (bridge, wlan client etc) but please be patient. There have been MAJOR changes on the firmware, including a completely new WiFi driver, so don’t expect it to work perfectly on the first run.

I am sure you all understand this is not an easy task. We are a small team and really appreciate your feedback and support, but also suffer your impatience and unhappiness. So please, try to be comprehensive and give usgood feedback so we can make Rudolph grow into a nice firmware from the little young reindeer it is now :)

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding ;)

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  1. schunz Says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t call it a RC if you know it still has too many bugs. That’s what betas are for. A release candidate should be without known showstopper bugs.

    We all paid our good money for a Fonera 2.0n a while ago. Now I want it to work reliably with the functionality you promised. So don’t complain to us. You have to deliver what you promise.
    The constant WiFi disconnects are just not acceptable for a product like the Fonera. A WiFi Router is part of the infrastructure and should “just work”. As of now I wouldn’t recommend the Fonera to anyone, because of the poor software quality.

    > We are a small team
    Maybe FON should hire additional developers, with all our money.

  2. schunz Says:

    From your last blogpost: “This is RC2, a few translations are still missing but if everything goes well, we will release final next week.”

    This didn’t sound like unstable and not ready for use. It says: it’s done, just the translations aren’t finished.

  3. Norman Says:

    I understand it’s not you deveopers fault, but it IS FONs wrongdoing. So i understand both sides.

    For the productive part:

    wifi drops often, if i connect via LAN internet works flawlessly so its a wlan problem not a router software/ router restart problem.

    The media seever now works quite well, only sometimes xmbc ( or xbmc?) client somwtimes needs 30 seconds to find the files in a subfolder.

    I cached the library to the client and now the problem is very seldome, i not completely gone.

    My upnp client doesn’t find id3 tags, isn’t that integrates yet?

    FTP doesnt seem to work on the mac ( i tried because of the snow leopaed smb not working, is this fixable or a pure apple problem that you can not offer a solution for?)

    i have the right user + pw, but often i get the message 2 users already locked in. Even without that message ftp never works, even though i didn’t connect to the fonera for an hour or ao via vriwser or else.

    You guys should ave a wiki for the latest firmware only and the one in developement where you talk about such details ( id3 integrated yet or not, is lower QOS minimum upload on the to-do list etc.) then we guys wouldn’t have to ask such details.

  4. Jiulmur Says:

    And again….what about the firmware for Fonera 2.0 G…..??? We must wait..and wait….and no one fron FON says anything……

    Came on…..Make happy to all!! It’s Cristhmas!!!!

  5. tman Says:

    Jiulmur: F2N had many bugs that needed an urgent correction. But in F2G most were already fixed with the FW that came out some months ago. I don’t think G is a priority right now, the final F2N must be released first.

  6. Norman Says:

    Right, first make both routers WORK. Then the fonera G can also be taken care of. First we need a wireless router that is able to route wirelessly ;)

  7. Michele Mascolo Says:

    Someone knows witch ports use the mediaplayer? i need to open it on wan side



  8. Kackhupe Says:

    hello there,

    1. thanks your your work.
    2. a stable release should have high priority (i updated because wifi-client did not work, then i updated because usb-storage did not work, a bit annoying)
    3. thanks for the openVPN-implentation! Anyway – is there a way to implent an openvpn CLIENT-configuration on the router per default? I wanna use this on my UMTS-Stick to bypass the forced UMTS-proxy.

    Greetings and happy christmas!

  9. Veskina Says:

    I am having troubles with the Fonera 2.0 since I bought it when it was released. I am using it as an access point and DOESN’T WORK via wi-fi. Just can use it connected with the cable (which is useless).

    I don’t think the La Fonera 2.0 is fixed with the old firmware.

    Please don’t sell more stuff which is still in developement.

  10. Pablo Says:

    Release Candidates are, just as the name implies, candidates, not the final thing. Just like Candidates for an election, they are not the final thing, regardless of what it is done in other software projects. The Fonosfera blog is mainly oriented for people who like to fiddle with things and do not mind breaking their machines/routers once in a while.

    There are two things to note here. First, when reporting something that does not work, the most productive thing is saying whether it did not work also on previous releases or if it is related to the new (RC or whatever) version tested. Second, that reports are better issued in the mailing list or as a trac ticket than in comments to a blog post.

    The second is that dumping hyperbolic snark where and when when it could have been useful criticism is just not fair nor useful. We are all users of foneras and involved on the development. This is, after all, a free software project.

  11. Norman Says:

    Since FON has a wiki, a mailing list, several blogs, tickets and what not (didn’t know o some of that stuff) it’s hard to be involved everywhere. We have lifes! And you’re incorrect, this is not free software, we payed for our routers, FON gets money from bills and us.

    This is not like open office or something, so just stop that comparrison, FON is a capitalistic company like all the others, just with a service so bad i’ve necer had such alpha products sold for full price ever by any cheap noname company.

    I imagine you sitting in a car that cost you a normal car price but can not drive. I will then tell you that it’s al about the fantastic ideas and plans and that the engeneers are nice guys. sure , that will help *irony off*

  12. Pablo Says:

    Oh my,

    Linksys is a capitalist company like all others wich sold some hardware, hardware that happen to be the first running instance of OpenWRT. Thousands of people bought their hardware, even if they did not move a thumb to improve their software, because of that alone. And Openwrt developers were not seeing anything of what linksys make of their routers. Hardware is hardware and software is software. You buy your laptop from Lenovo or HP and you do not held Lenovo or HP responsible of bugs in the software, being it Open Source and Free Software, if you run Debian.

    This Fonosfera is about certain software, wich is LIKE YOU IT OR NOT Free Software JUST LIKE OPENOFFICE, and about certain hardware which a certain capitalistic software buys and distributes and sells — at lower prices than others — hardware that costs that ‘capitalistic’ enterprise also real money.

    Most of the Open Software out there is fostered by enterprises, and enterprises wich are not start-ups like fon, but big vendors like Intel and IBM. The debate of us not been free software because we are an enterprise is sterile and long ago dated.

    And since we are Free Software, everyone is called to contribute and entitled to fix what fix wrong. I can’t imagine sitting in a car that i can not drive, nor even one i can drive, since I go by bike, a bike that happens I can build and fix. See, not every discussion can be made up by demagogic images, because it can be turned down by demagogic images
    as well. I am not suing Shimano if i crash my bike, but am I going to sue the cycling community? C’mon

    FON as an enterprise wants people buy their routers. Of course. As Linksys as an enterprise wants people buy theirs. Do have Linksys a mailing list, a forum, a trac, or anything like that?. Now answer in your demagogic line, which one is more FREE SOFTWARE? Which one makes more money?

  13. Pablo Says:

    And OpenOffice was first made by a bloody private and capitalistic enterprise, called Sun Microsystems.

    Would you have written as an counteriexample Emacs, the Linux Kernel or TeX I would have felt guilty of answering, but Open Office? C’mon

  14. TIm Says:

    I have not had a chance to setup my new 2.0n FON yet, but bridged mode is a requirement that I have which is working great on my 1st gen FON. I think that people are getting a little out of line. I didn’t see anywhere in the specifications or documentation for my 2.0n that it supports bridged mode. From what I can tell, everything it reports to be features work. Sure there are requests, but that doesn’t mean that you paid for your requests to be honored. You paid for a device that functioned as it was advertised. Now like I said I haven’t actually gotten my 2.0n setup yet so maybe I am off. Give these guys a break, be happy that they are working to give you features that you want without you having to pay any additional $$. Wouldn’t it be nice if Apple and MS gave you all of the new features of their OSs for free.

  15. myeyre Says:

    It is not easy as a Fon developer, and users more harder. Would you please keep 2.0g going??

  16. Tiago Janz Says:

    When the torrent is working its still hard to browse in the the disk.
    In the previous version I could allways log in ftp from the internet even when torrent was working, but now only works when torrent its not working.
    Overall everything is working as expected.

  17. Jiulmur Says:

    According TMAN, now the priority is 2.0N Fonera FON … !!!BRAVO!!!! ….

    In less than a year since… we have been relegated to the second row …

    According to your reasoning….we have to wait ….and… wait until the firmware for the Fonera 2.0N is ok and then if they still have free time …then will make a new firmware for 2.0G Fonera …

    !!!SPECTACULAR!! ….

    !!!beware!!! Fonera 2.0N holders… if FON decide to release a new model, they will abandon you like 2.0G owners …

    I promise never to buy anything from FON ……

  18. Simon Says:

    I am quite happy with the new firmware-RC. The wifi-signal is now almost as stable as it should be and the router seems to be more stable overall.
    After several weeks of having to listen to my roommate constantly complaining about why there was no stable signal and why I was not able to fix this… the silence is golden.
    But I think the torrent-client is the main issue. It creates a workload the router is not able to handle, resulting in router-crashes or an unstable signal. Perhaps the torrent-client should be limited to ONE torrent at a time and a maximum of 100kb down 10kb up or something… Or there should be a sticker next to the USB-port saying: Use an active hub with a real usb-harddrive NO usb stick ;)

    And a more detailed status-page would be appreciated, for example a “workload” statistic of the processor, an overall traffic-counter… etc..

  19. Inouk Says:

    For imac and macbook users having wireless issues: can’t connect in 11n mode or are disconnected from time to time.

    They can give a try to

  20. burton-ng Says:

    When they consider that foneraN won0t reach a decent firmware, they will blame hardware again, and then get another model to toy with.
    And so the community grows..

  21. speke-ng Says:

    We did not reach the Nile’s sources, Burton, even if we thought so

  22. schunz Says:

    >”And since we are Free Software, everyone is called to contribute and entitled to fix what fix wrong.”

    I’m sure Norman meant “free as in beer” not “free as in Richard Stallman”. I buy a product from a company so I don’t have to fix it myself. That is your job.

    The issue here really is, that FON sold a product and promised it to have certain features. So FON has to deliver on said features or give the customers their money back.

    Also: don’t waste your development time on media servers, webcams and other toys, before you get the basic functionality working!

  23. Claudio Says:

    good work:)

  24. Pablo Says:

  25. chirag Says:

    Will Wait to see the firmware… It seems that current firmware leaves very little memory for apps. Not sure if the hardware is undersized deliberately or firmware is oversized?

    Fonera could have thrown in additional 16MB with a little fee.

  26. homaa Says:

    I have a problem with the Music application, get
    ?:0: attempt to index a nil value
    stack traceback:
    ?: in function ‘?’
    ?: in function ‘?’
    ?: in function ‘?’
    ?: in function
    (tail call): ?
    ?: in function ‘dispatch’
    ?: in function
    when i try to stram an internet radio station

  27. elkaribou Says:

    En español:

    Gracias por vuestras explicaciones (esto es lo que marca la diferencia con otras empresas).

    Tienes toda la razón, esto es sólo para gente que quiere probar, pero tal vez, como bien han comentado anteriormente, deberíais llamarle a estas versiones de firmware versiones beta (para curaros en salud ante posible críticas).

    Yo personalmente os agradezco vuestra transparencia y os animo a seguir trabajando como hasta ahora. Yo pienso que esto es un pastel muy grande que os ha tocado comeros a unos pocos desarrolladores, pero cucharada a cucharada estáis haciendo que esto funcione mejor (en general) cada día.

    Como todo en la vida (y especialmente en el tema del software) cuando arreglas algo corres el riesgo de que otra cosa deje de funcionar. Lo importante aquí es la comunidad compuesta por vosotros y nosostros. Nosotros reportando fallos y vosotros tratando de solucionarlos.

    Si aceptáis un consejo os diré que sería mejor que cosas como las continuas desconexiones WIFI se arreglasen por esto es algo primordial para algunos usuarios, antes que otras como puede ser el servidor multimedia.


  28. eddie303 Says:

    People, get a life, buy instead an Asus WL500GP V2, and you can make whatever you want on that, you don’t need to wait for these lazy suckers to reborn. You can have a package manager and even run a LAMP server on your router. And nooo, I’m not working for Asus (Heh, it’d be goood), I am just another WL500GP V2 owner, who just grew tired of this gipsy war.

  29. Norman Says:

    Could i get answers on what i asked? Like are id3 tags integrated? I don’t want to be trying to fix a problem the whole day just to find out it wasn’t possible in the first place.

  30. Smurf Says:

    Yesterday I installed this RC and I see is very very better than! Transmission is very fast and not only that.
    I’m very happy of this release!

  31. Jimmy Says:

    Not better with this firmware and sometimes the torrent app just hang and I can not list and check what I am downloading! More over I have still this very annoying WIFI issue which disconnect every 2 minutes… I am very upset and I wonder how I can get back my money !

  32. maska Says:

    Drivers wifi seems to go better than previous version. I
    noted however that it is impossible to enter from the public.

  33. steven Says:

    It seems Rudolphe has been removed from the site…
    any reason why? at least the wifi problems were solved!

  34. Norman Says:

    Which Rudolf? Was there a new Post? The Release Candidate didn’t solve any wi-fi problems here, if youre talking about the RC. Or was there a new Post which was deleted? Since FON doesn’t talk to us i have to ask here inthe comments.

  35. Tim Says:

    I read of a critical bug in IRC, so they withdrawn it. Bad communication, as nothing in this blog ie. Anyway there are some friendly people sharing it –>, if you are fearless what the bug might be…

  36. steven Says:

    2.3.5RC2 did solve the wireless… and you haven’t stated otherwise in the past.

    but you are only talking about having more than 2 ftp connections (It seems Snow Leopard is greedy) and id3 support in ushare…

    As far as I know ushare doesn’t do id3 support and development of that package isn’t very active… perhaps there are other mediaserver packages that can be looked at that do suit your need?

    for your ftp:
    get the “development” version installed (not difficult….. just press upload button and select development file which you have stored locally)

    get ssh connectivity (command line)

    uci show pureftpd
    -> shows maxclientsperip=2
    -> shows maxclientsnumber=2
    let’s change that?

    uci set pureftpd.pureftpd.maxclientsperip=10
    uci set pureftpd.pureftpd.maxclientsnumber=10
    uci commit


    -> now please try again… and report back

  37. Norman Says: RC2 DIDN’T solve wireless problems. my roommate hates our new router since we both lose internet connection about 20-50 times a day, as i posted in detail in the “ RC2″ post. If i connect via ethernet, i don’t get any connection drops (as i also stated in the “ RC2″ post).

    Since i’m a normal user who just wants his router to WORK, i’m not THAT good with Terminal stuff. I connected to my iPhone once to change the SSH root password, but i don’t know how to connect to the fonera. If you want to, you could tell me that.

    I wonder if other people still have the wireless problem. In the thread of the release candidate, was i the only one that said he still has the problems? Didn’t read that the problem was solved for other users.

  38. steven Says:

    do check
    which indicate the wifi problems are solved with the new wifi driver…

    although there are other bugs now…

    Btw disconnects could you please check if they aren’t generally wifi related?
    have you set your fonera on a fixed wifi channel which is not interfered by others?
    have you set your fonera on only-G or will it switch between G & N connections?

  39. Simon Says:

    The RC2 almost (!) did it concearning wlan stability. i do get disconnects, but they happen not half as often. once every 2 hours or so, it varies…
    and my iphone now works with the router most of the time.

    it´s annoying, but i really DO HOPE that they give this wlan-signal-problem TOP priority, above all other playthings (like like the torrent uploder / mediaserver etc) they are working on.
    i do not think the router is bad hardware.. but it might be a little bit “overloaded” with all the additional functions!?

  40. Kackhupe Says:


    the QoS-Upload/Download does not fit my conenction.
    i have 16MBit Download.

    Maybe just let the user enter the value himself.
    Plus, you cannot change Torrent-bandwith afterwards.

    Maybe let the user limit the whole torrent bandwidth himself, optional time-controlled.

  41. Fabian Says:

    This firmware does not exists anymore (links broken). How can I get the latest version? really does not work for me.

    Please provide working link for Rudolf DEV version. Thanks!

  42. Lucazto Says:

    Is it possible to include a button in the GUI to connect or disconnect a UMTS connection?

    Thanks, Luca

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