The Fonera 2.0 ENDUSER is here! Buy it now!


Me and all the firmware team, all FON in general, are very proud to announce the Fonera 2.0 is finally here!

Buy it now for 49,95€ in the FON Shop

Fonera 2.0

Want to know more about it? Search in this blog’s history or google for it. In the short, it’s a router that will let you turn off your PC while it keeps doing a lot of things for you.

The Fonera 2.0 will upload images from a pendrive to your account in either picasa, flickr or Facebook. It can also upload videos to your YouTube account while you are in the bar having a beer and recording even more videos.

It can not only upload things for you but also download them. It can take torrent files for download (please always download material that you can legally do) or you can add a bunch of RapidShare or Megaupload links to the queue and th eFonera 2.0 will download them.

It will make backups of your hard drive and much more. Many new features can be installed with a single click, features we develop here in the fonosfera!

Buy, buy, buy, buy!! LOL

4 Responses to “The Fonera 2.0 ENDUSER is here! Buy it now!”

  1. switzerland Says:

    One question, I was looking for a router that soportora on the torrent and not be locked, and I recommend the Linksys WRT54GL, which would be better? Linksys fon or 2.0?

    Thank you very much

  2. Jagermo Says:

    Just one question: Does the bittorent client support RSS-Feeds? If so, i get my fonera 2.0 today.

  3. Dirk Says:

    can the Routers new Webfuctions like tourent download be controled from the WAN side or only from the LAN side?
    WOuld be nice to start a download from work and have it done when you are home…

  4. Nino Says:

    Hi, no more Fonera v2.o in FON Shop , only Fonera 2.0n ???

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