Some said it’s better… let’s see if all think the same!

Hi guys, new firmware around the corner.

But we need more testing now. We have done tests with some volunteers that we are so thankful for, but now we need more feedback. We are releasing a Release Candidate for soon.

It is not a final image: We don’t consider it stable and it has bugs that we expect to fix when the final is released. However we feel it is now ready for some field testing.

So, what should you expect from this test firmware?

  • The FON Hotspot feature has been fixed. You can share your WiFi again at your will.
  • We have fixed the WiFi issues that the Fonera was having with the BCM4325 chipset from broadcom. This WiFi chipset is used by the iPhone 3Gs, many last generation iPods, some Apple laptops and desktops and other brands (Dell etc).
  • We have been in close touch with RaLink, our chipset vendor, to make sure the WiFi configuration is the best possible. In previous versions we had a couple of values that were not completely optimized. Now the WiFi conf should be the best.
  • Improvements in the 3G system: we have made some internal cleanups so the 3G configuration is cleaner. For instance, you can now reset the 3G configuration when it’s dialing, in case it seems to be stuck.
  • We have replaced the software that controlled the 3G dongles with “usb_modeswitch”: a software that will allow us support many more 3G dongles and will make it easier as well. This doesn’t mean all units will work out of the box but many will and others will be easy to fix in the near future.

These are the things you might miss:

  • We have removed the “Repeater Mode” or WiFi-WAN mode. It was unstable and until we find out why, if ever, it will be switched off.
  • Torrent, DLManager, Samba etc. have had no changes. As we said many times, we will first try to make the base system (mainly connectivity) as stable and reliable as possible.

These are things we know are wrong:

  • MAC OSX 10.6 seems to have issues with the 802.11d protocol (country code exchange protocol) over 802.11n. What does it entail: when WiFi is enabled in OSX, it will listen to any APs around. The first one that sends a message containing a country code, will determine the country selection of OSX. Once a country is selected, OSX will refuse to connect to APs advertising different country codes.
    How does this affect users? The Fonera is broadcasting US as the country code. If you live in Europe and your OSX gets a frame from a different AP saying it’s in Spain, for instance, then it will refuse to connect to the Fonera since it is in a different country (US).
    This bug is not Fonera exclusive, (see it happens to OSX with any AP that has a ‘wrong’ country code. We will very likely add a dropdown menu so the user can chose what country the AP is in.
  • MAC OSX (other OSes not confirmed yet) seems to get micro-disconnections from time to time. We are still studying this issue.

When can you expect to test this new test firmware?

Well… we are aiming for next week. Can’t promise yet but it looks like we might be able to have it cleaned up and ready for you guys to test. Please, bear in mind it will be a test version and only those who feel confident (or desperate enough) should try it :)

Thanks for reading all the way down to here!

51 Responses to “Some said it’s better… let’s see if all think the same!”

  1. tman Says:

    Bridge is included? Transmission which version? Thanks for the update!

  2. iurgi Says:

    – bridge is included and tested.
    – Transmission is still the same version but will be updated when the rest is stabilized.

  3. Freestate Says:

    ohhhh wifi-wan it´s an amazing feature! don´t drop it!

  4. Marco Says:

    Can’t wait to try it :)

    Any updates on the usb hub -> 3G dongle issue?

  5. UNIX4ALL Says:

    Can we login trought ssh on the final version or we will use developer images ?


  6. Norman Says:

    Those micro-disconnects in OS X sound bad because a fast fix doesn’t seem very likely :/

    The rest sounds good!

  7. Piter Says:

    >MAC OSX (other OSes not confirmed yet) seems to get micro-disconnections >from time to time. We are still studying this issue.

    Thi is MY worst issue… on Windows Vista and 7 I’m experiencing micro-disconnections (about every 2 hours) since I bought Fonera 2.0n (8 months ago). Bad thing, beacuse I often need to have stable connections for hours, due to applications that use data streaming.

    I got some improvement since installed Rudolph firmware (still there are disconnection issues), for that I really don’t understand why you retired it…

    The Fonera 2.0n is a troubled product, with a neverending story of bugs and fixes. I hope you will find a stable FW version… finally.


  8. David Says:

    Gradually we see the light!

    I think we all feel much better to know news from around …
    We are greatly relieved and we hope to enhance our funds and everything
    which meant the project.

    I am glad to hear his words Iurgi!


  9. Bad news for me : I mainly bought the fonera 2.0n thinking i could use it as a repeater. Is there any chance the wifi drivers will handle it? What kind of issues did you got with it? ThanksLaurent Says:

    Bad news for me : I mainly bought the fonera 2.0n thinking i could use it as a repeater. Is there any chance the wifi drivers will handle it? What kind of issues did you got with it? Thanks.

  10. Josemi Says:

    I expect that the final firmware will be very good, so you can start adding new features for next firmware ;)

    BTB, What happen with Fonera Downloader Extension for Firefox?

    The last buid was released at the begging of December

    PS: I hope that you bring us the present of JDownloader for the Fonera2.0n in the next Firmware 2.3.7 xD


  11. mike Says:

    I find the DLManager very limited. I agree with Josemi and wish Fonera could add something like jdownloader so I don’t have to leave my computer on over night.

  12. Piter Says:

    Why don’t you publish my previous comment?!?!?

    Your policy is awful!!!! You don’t accept any crtitical suggestion nor bug alerts.


  13. TheUntouchable Says:

    Yeah, JDownloader features like DLC support would be very nice ;)

  14. myeyre Says:

    Remove of repeater mode is a bad news to me:( Hope to see it in final release.

  15. Phil Says:

    Is this SW update compatible also with the Fonera 2.0g?

  16. Bioflops Says:

    Well thats great news guys!

    Did you also fix the bug about port 80 forwarding on the fon2.0n? it is incredibly annoying!

    Hope to hear from u guys!

  17. l1q1d Says:

    what about the ipv6 support?

  18. takahar Says:

    I also waiting new firmware, though my iPod touch connection with fonera 2.0n is not better than with la-fonera 1.0.

  19. javier Says:

    @josemi: The lastest version is 0.1.6 and it’s hosted in mozilla addons website:

    I didn’t post anything here about that release mainly because some people (‘trolls’) didn’t seem to care much about it.

  20. Josemi Says:


    Thanks for the answer! Is there any site where I can see the changelog for 0.1.6? It is a great extension and I think that the updates should continue been published here in the fonosfera, because some of theme really care about it.

  21. Phil Says:

    hi, this new FW has any chance to support also the 2.0g foneras?

  22. javier Says:

    @josemi: Thanks for the compliments! You can see a basic changelog at the mozilla website, down in the release notes section:

    Version 0.1.6 — February 11, 2010 — 94 KB

    – use login manager to store password securely
    – add migration code for password in login manager
    – remove unbounded variables so they dont pollute the global namespace

    and the changes with previous releases here:

    If you have any suggestions feel free to open a whishlist ticket at our trac system: Be sure to refere to the firefox plugin.

  23. Alfie Says:

    Hi Javier,

    Your Firefox extension is like a fresh air breath for the Fon community.

    Keep updating, please. :D

    Great job

  24. Josemi Says:

    For when the firmware? The entry was published the 18th.

    Im desperate

  25. inubu Says:

    No WIFI WAN Mode is really bad. I don’t want a cable through my rooms, otherwise i can’t close the doors.
    I hope this mode will come back in the release candidate.
    Apart from that excellent work. I have had no important problems with the last test firmware.

  26. Alfie Says:

    C’mon Fon guys

    time to post the release candidate!

    Don’t fail the Fon community again!!

  27. Tilman Says:

    The repeater mode is essential to me! If you need to remove it, can you please document somewhere the state of debugging and background material such that the community can take it up?

  28. phraktle Says:

    it’s about time for a release. the disconnects with mac os x are frequent (multiple times a day) and very annoying.

  29. lukas alberts Says:

    Nice to hear progress are going on..
    but i will definitevely miss the wan-wifi, repeater or wlan-client-bridge mode.

    what did the Ralink AP SoC SDK Version bring?


  30. Jos Meijer Says:

    dear iurgi,

    i think it’s a southern European habit to ignore questions you don’t like and hope they’ll go away then ;-)
    But really, just like the other guy that asked this question before Iam really curious: will the hub-problem be solved?
    And as I suppose that I am not “comprehensive” enough to be chosen to test the pre-pre candidate, is a shame.
    I also have other (less dark ;-) sides, like being completely dependent on 3G, constantly moving through Europe, switching providers and networks on a daily/hourly base, having half a dozen modems here etc.
    And though not a Linux-geek, I do know something about computers (I started when monitors were still green) and a quick learner, and willing to invest time and effort to interact and get the 33G thing up and going.

    I am still at your service, in the improbable case that you think emotions are a problem of a lower order than making the perfect firmware…..

  31. Anthony Says:

    Jos, I’m not sure that being provacative and selfish is the best way to help. Why can’t you just write a simple message without all these arrogant sentences? :/

  32. iurgi Says:

    Jos… well I appreciate your offering and is really welcome. We did not leave people outside because of any emotions, we just chose a group that seemed reasonably representative for the most common bugs.
    However I wonder why this unnecessary racism for southern Europeans… I guess northern Europeans think they are better than others or something similar… history has often proved that :D

  33. Norman Says:

    Since i seemed to have all kinds of bugs and Martin mailed me personally and told me to mail the support, and i posted my bugs here like 5 times? … i also got the feeling it was an emotional decission. Well. I don’t care. I just want a working firmware soon.

  34. iurgi Says:

    The 3G dongles seem not to work with an unpowered hub. However they seem to work well with powered ones.

  35. Marco Says:

    @iurgi: I don’t think that’s correct. All my trials were done with powered usb hubs.

  36. Marco Says:

    @iurgi: What happens is that on the 3G side everything seems to work just fine. I’m using a Huawei E220 and the 3G light gets on as it usually does.

    And the Fonera seems to detect it correctly. The thing is that the Fonera doesn’t even try to connect. I’ve posted the log here: on Mar 12, 2010.


  37. iurgi Says:

    Hi Marco,

    I see, then your bug is not related to the hub. The powered hub seems to work for you as well. Your problem seems to be related to the 3G managing logic. We’ve made changes there, so it will hopefully be fixed this time.
    Drop me a mail and I will send you the image for testing if you are available now for it.

  38. Marco Says:

    @iurgi: marco.j @ gmail . com

  39. Martin Says:

    “micro-disconnects in OS X” can be solved by turning off the fonSpot with the firmware. After finding this out, my fonera 2.0n with all the apps works as it should.

  40. Decodecoding Says:

    Hi fonosfera!

    I’m looking forward to this new release even though the one I’m using RC4 fulfills my needs.

    Please don’t forget checking WiFi issues with Android phones or Wii wich I reported in disapeared 2.3.5 !

    I’d also love torrent managers could remember it’s DL/UL limit settings between reboots.

    Keep the good work!

  41. Josemi Says:

    For when the release?

    You said that it will keep you 1 week, but today is 29 and the entry was posted the 18 >.

  42. iurgi Says:

    Hi Josemi,

    well, unfortunately we found some issues. A new image with some fixes is being tested by the betatesters at this moment, but we preferred to test it a bit more other than release it with bugs we consider we should have fixed.
    Sorry, we hope to have it within this week :o

  43. Josemi Says:

    Ok, is a good choice to test it more ^^

    Thanks for the fast answer, you´re been more trasparent with the customers.

    Keep our good job, guys!


  44. iurgi Says:

    Hi Josemi,

    Thanks for the support. The fonosfera always used to be as transparent and communicative or even more than now. Unfortunately since December 2009 till March 2010 it was hard times for my team in terms of workload and priorities.

    Fortunately we have now some more time to spend on the fonosfera, which is what we really enjoy ;) plus it’s worth the effort.

    Thanks again

  45. Tony Says:

    To Decodecoding,

    I’ve tested the 2.3.6 and the wifi issue for android devices and wii is still present.
    The private signal is not detectable by my HTC Magic (= MyTouch 3g).

    I hope this issue will be corrected soon…

  46. schunz Says:

    I don’t mind waiting a bit more if that means less bugs. At least you’re working on it again.

  47. joepienl Says:

    Looking forward to the update !!!

  48. jos meijer Says:

    to get back on the racism: it wasn’t meant to judge over inferiority/superiority amongst you southern guys and us northerns.
    In fact I just signalled it with a wink.
    I do spend the most of my time in France, and I know what I am talking about.
    And in fact, I usually do like the far from direct way you approach things and people and more and more dislike the rude way my fellow Dutch act.
    But to us it sometimes is a little hard to catch.
    For Example, Michael Montignac (the diet guy) spends a whole 20-page-chapter on how to deal with the foods you should not eat/drink when they are offered to you on a dinner. (dispose of in plant, do if you drink but don’t, swap glasses wit thirsty neighbour etc).
    We would just say ” sorry, I am not allowed to eat that” and no-one would be offended.

  49. Jose Miguel Says:

    I don’t think the man you’re talking about, Michael Montignac, is a good sample of a southern guy. He’s just a good sample of bad education and behaviour and he probably pretends to be funny. But I don’t think that’s the southern way at all. I feel sorry for those of your friends you attach the label of “southern guy”.
    You look to me too young to know.., but I agree with Iurgi you should look a little bit more into history to see who southern guys were. Other people in your country can’t forget.

    However, opening a dispute or a claim referring to the nationality or the origin of the disputed doesn’t look to be the right thing. You can ask your friend to add this to his 20 pages of misbehaving. Or you can start your own first page.

  50. elect Says:


    It seems much more reactive :)

    Btw, which are the limitation for transmission? I mean, how many torrents you suggest at the maximum? Download speed limit?


  51. mkpuig Says:

    3G Dongle is switched by usb_modeswitch to somethig like a modem,the light blinks in blue instead of green, but still not /dev/ttyUSB

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