So, what is the status now?

Hi all,

I am here to let you know a little bit about our current status of work, especially regarding the fonera 2.0n but also some other things.
As promised, now that the Fonera Simpl has been announced, we can communicate a bit more about what we’re working on. Sometimes, it might be that we are not working on your specific device, but we hope you will forgive us.

The Fonera 2.0n is already seeing some progress:
– We have reused the wifi driver of the firmware RC1 which made the fonera more stable and also made all throughput problems with broadcom chipsets (some iphones, ipods, macs and other laptops) vanish.
– The FON funcionality that we broke in the RC1 has, of course, been fixed ;)
– We have added the mode_switch driver: this will permit us to support more 3G dongles and do it in a easier way. We expect to test about 10 models by ourselves and probably will support many more out of the box!!!

These are our biggest focus right now. We are still at the firmware team testing process but will soon get into QA and we also plan to get some of you involved in the testing. We already have a list of people that are willing to test it: either to help us or for the hope of having their bug fixed :)

So, stay tuned, we are already moving little by little.

As for the fonera 2.0g, we don’t forget about you, just these changes are fonera 2.0n specific. The only common part is the 3G dongle support and that improvement, we will try to add some day when it is confirmed it works fine in the fonera 2.0n.

In parallel, we are also continuing with the development and testing of the coming fonera Simpl. We will soon make some code public and will publish everything probably before the official launch in Europe. It is a nice and small device, you will see.

Thanks again for your patience and help, we hope to get you a good firmware soon!

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  1. Eneko Says:

    When you say “soon” you don’t mean the same “soon” it was on Christmas when you released RC2, do you?

  2. tman Says:

    Great! FON back on track.

  3. Nuno Rodrigues Says:

    hello , good work :) , so dont forget to resolve a webcam section and torrents..

    So i have another question … when i copy and view some files with cable or wifi … is soo slow ? why ? can resolve this … i would like to share my 1TB HDD in my home to see some videos in another laptop …

    Excuse-me for bad english

    Nuno Rodrigues

  4. molgar Says:

    mode_switch was badly needed, great news.

  5. giuseppeg88 Says:

    excellent! thanks for the news.
    I’m willing to test the new fw.

  6. cronoser Says:

    Thank you very much for the news.
    Muchísimas gracías por tenernos al tanto del trabajo.
    Un saludo

  7. ste Says:

    great job guys!
    i’m still using it with beta (i’ve downloaded while it was online) and it’s for sure working better than before! can’t wait for a new firmware!

  8. Norman Says:

    So are the Wi-Fi fix and FON-spot the only 2 things on the roadmap for the firmware that you promised for mid March and that martin moved to April in his blogpost?

    Or do you have enough time until then to also fix upnp and the problem that macs have with mounting the fonera-disk on the desktop (it’s a snow leopard problem i read, but would still be nice to have a workaround).

    Plz throw out a beta as soon as it’s stable, i won’t flame anyone, it is just that some new guy moved into our house and asked if we can share wifi, so i had to downgrade the router from RUDOLPH to and then to and both firmwares make my internet connection go away twice per hour, it really kills online gaming, videochat etc.

  9. Norman Says:

    Oh, and you do the UMTS, forgot that because it doesn’t affect me, sry.

  10. Denis Says:

    This is really great news! The only issue I had so far is the connection with my iPhone. I’m happy to read that’s been fixed and ready to give the new FW a go :)

  11. myeyre Says:

    Glad to hear 2.0G is not abandoned. Hope to get a new firmware ASAP.

  12. tpp Says:

    Well, that’s good to hear.
    While you are onto it, please take care of the FTP-Server feature. A detailed user and folder setup would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  13. Jack0 Says:

    Please don’t forget the Mediaserver. Because of the Mediaserver, i bought the fonera.

  14. jalkapuu Says:


    how about 3g dongle AND USB hub ?

    are thay going to work together (like 3g dongle with usb hub and other usb devices ? like hdd memorys ..)

  15. jalkapuu Says:

    … i was bying Fon because of 3G + other UBS staff

  16. Nkieto Says:

    Do you know if 3G Novatel MC950D (Vodafone Spain) is going to work on F2G or F2N??


  17. OpnManiac Says:

    Will OpenVpn Server working on F2G ?

  18. Alon Weinstein Says:

    When will there be a reasonably stable firmware for 2.0n? Ever since I purchased this router it’s been mostly unusable. The official firmware could keep the WiFi connection running for more than a couple of hours, and the latest dev RC I found made things a bit better for a while, but it’s hardly in a stage where I can rely on it to be usable. I find myself running two routers just to have something else but the fonera to use when I really need a stable connection.

    I hate to say it, but this is by far the least stable wifi router I ever bought, and it seems like there’s very poor support from the manufacturer to make things stable.

  19. dt3ft Says:

    give us a betta for testing please… i report all errors …

  20. Nuno Rodrigues Says:

    when launch the new firmware ?

  21. crim Says:

    I just bought 2 of these routers and i am VERY diappointed .
    Many things wont work , like the router keeps restarting itself . The management webpage fails to load , trouble connecting to fring etc.

    Unbelievable .

    I even read users are waiting for months to get their problems fixed !
    I wil not easiliy forget this product . I let FON decide wheather this is positive or negative .

  22. tman Says:

    According to wiki it’s not supported. But it was tested by user TENAS , not by FON ! FON is not testig it’s hardware compatibility :-( , but there is the wiki where users add their test results.

  23. tman Says:

    Safer is to buy a Huawei and check before that lists !

  24. Carsten Says:

    I have compiled latest version from SVN, added OpenVPN support, and it works fine so far on 2.0n. No more WLAN problems.

  25. olivier Says:

    Any update soon on fonera 2g?

    thanks for your work.

  26. sunni Says:

    I would also be happy to test it…. Where can I register to be a tester?

    I have:
    – iphone
    – imac
    – macbook
    – mac mini
    – and linux

    best regards

  27. Norman Says:

    Carsten i’m no programmer so i don’t know what SVN is and how you did it, but could you post a link? WLAN problems are killing me.

  28. NoW Says:

    I totally agree with Jack0:

    “Please don’t forget the Mediaserver. Because of the Mediaserver, i bought the fonera.”

  29. Paul Says:

    Quite clear here

    I’im trying to compile… waiting..

  30. Craig Jump Says:

    Can your confirm if the GPRS will work in the new firmware ?

  31. Carsten Says:

    With absolutely no warranty, no support and nothing else:

  32. Norman Says:


  33. Norman Says:

    Can i use the uploader of the fonera or do i need commandline stuff? will install it tomorrow so the guy that uses my fon-spot can find another way to get internet because the FON spot will not work anymore i guess.

  34. PTbig Says:

    This new firmware support meteohub??

  35. wal Says:

    Carsten, I think you left something file system specific when you built that image. I can’t mount it, and get the error “no mountable file systems”

  36. Carsten Says:

    Norman, you need the commandline stuff.

  37. Norman Says:

    Oh. Can’t you provide an uploadable format?

  38. Carsten Says:

    Norman: No.

  39. OpnManiac Says:

    On F2G, will OpenVpn Server working ?

  40. Marco Says:

    What about the USB conflict on Fonera 2.0n? If we use a USB dongle to connect various hardwares (like external hard drive + printer + 3g) it doesn’t connect to the internet (with the 3g modem). Any predictions on that?

  41. iurgi Says:

    Marco: we are trying to reproduce and solve that issue but seems to be difficult :o Let’s hope for the best.
    Nkieto, we don’t have that unit to test… potentially all devices in this list should be supported in the way described:
    Your unit is not listed there but similar ones are and it might work… can’t promise though.

  42. Norman Says:

    Can’t you guys compile some uploadable beta image that doesn’ have the wlan problems like Rudolph? It’s such a pain with the old firmware. It’s ok if the FON spot doesn’t work and all other services don’t work i just need a router that doesn’t disconnect me 3 times per hour :/

    Beta would be ok and i don’t need any apps working :( just a working router.

  43. Norman Says:

    Sorry for my english, i wanted to say the the problem was solved with rudolph, not that rudolph still had the problem. So some firmware where wlan works, LIKE IN rudolph.

  44. OpnManiac Says:

    OpnManiac Says:
    March 1st, 2010 at 1:44 pm
    On F2G, will OpenVpn Server working ?

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”


    iurgi ? Carsten ? Are you working for FON or not ?

    FON you really realy have to external communication !!

  45. tman Says:

    Norman: Why don’t you upgrade to Rudolph? It’s here:

  46. Norman Says:

    Oh i didn’t realize that it was still available they took it down due to the many bugs. Well i will use it again it’s better than the when it comes to wlan stability

  47. wal Says:

    Carsten: Ignore my previous comment, that was ignorant of me.
    Norman: It’s not that hard, instructions are here

  48. Marco Says:

    @iurgi: Thanks for your reply, I hope you guys can fix the USB issue, it’s vital for users with 3g access. If there’s any way I can help just let me know.

    @Norman: I’ve been using DEV RC2 and the wlan works perfectly. No more wlan failings or fonera rebooting.

  49. l1q1d Says:

    Will ipv6 support be added in the kernel?

  50. Norman Says:

    Yes Marco, but now i had to tell the guy liviing next floor that he can not use the FON spot anymore because my wifi-stability is more important then the FON spot working. Well it’s more his and FONs problem than mine, but i’m sad i can not provide free wlan to him anymore.

  51. Carsten Says:

    @Norman: Have you tried my firmware build?

  52. Lantuin Says:

    @Carsten: how can I install your firmware build?

  53. wal Says:

    @carsten: I’m using it right now, sadly the same wifi problems persist, reboots after a day, especially after skype talk sessions

  54. Norman Says:

    No because i’m a normal user and won’t risk killing my router with commandline stuff.

  55. Carsten Says:

    @Norman: Ok, understood. Then IMHO you never should try unofficial or pre-release versions because they all could kill your router and make it neccessary to use commandline stuff to reactivate it…

  56. Norman Says:

    Well Carsten, RCs shouldn’t be THAT unstable. I don’t believe that official Beta-Firmware can damage that much normally, but typing stuff that i don’t know about into the command line most certainly can :)

    PS: The situation isn’t “normal” anyway.

  57. Fabian Says:

    Why is the RC2 build hidden on a .be domain and not available on And why are you mentioning RC2 if there is a RC3?

    I’m just curious if I’m able to make a phone call after six month of rebooting cycles. I never discovered RC2 or RC3 before.

  58. Carsten Says:

    @Norman: I know several companies for which I did some beta testing before, and very othen the RCs have been more unstable than the betas before.

  59. Erriko Says:

    Here there is a firmware recompiled with some improvements: take a look and contact the developer for ask further informations…

  60. maska Says:

    Hi we are all waiting Fon! I have found a discrete firmware for fonera 2.0n at: I’m testing it, wifi driver are good, pubblic fon works and there is IPv6 support.

  61. Darryl Says:

    Then Carsten, those companies DO NOT know the meaning of “Release Candidate (RC) – Plain and simple.
    In COMMON computing parlance:
    Alpha – buggy, for testing in non-production only, very limited audience
    Beta – some bugs, for more widespread testing, limited audience
    RC – few bugs, for a wider audience with feedback, should flesh out a full release version. If those companies don’t know that, it’s a sad state on how they operate. As for people who don’t like working at command lines, they exist – if a company can’t deal with users like that – they will miss a significant segment of any market they are in – and some good beta/RC feedback.
    Opinions such as your are ‘humble’ indeed, especially in this very abnormal situation. If this was a linksys or dlink router, it would have been panned by many, and died as a product, it is the USER BASE that makes FON live and breathe, in spite of premature product releases.

  62. David Says:

    I love fonosfera if fonosfera tells me what is he doing!!
    I need news once time at the week.
    I can not get along without knowing anything!
    This bewilders us all and makes us
    lose patience besides getting
    not trust anything in you!

    Please more information!
    Please more frequently!
    I need you! And the Fonero community too!

    Pd : I was a fan of fon!

  63. Rene Says:

    I thinks also that is time for a new Release!!!

  64. aid85 Says:

    As for the fonera 2.0g, we don’t forget about you, just these changes are fonera 2.0n specific. The only common part is the 3G dongle support and that improvement, we will try to add some day when it is confirmed it works fine in the fonera 2.0n.

    SOME DAY = ????????????????

    100 years …?

  65. fabrizio Says:

    salve a tutti, ho un problema con la fonera2.0n , non riesco ad entrare in ssh anche se ho il FW dev. perché??

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