Platero… the silvery donkey is here, bringing his bags full of goodies…

Let us introduce you to Platero, fon-ng version This will be the firmware our users will get when they buy a Fonera 2.0.

Platero the Donkey

Platero is a donkey. It has taken long time to come, but it finally arrived and his side-bags are full of new features. First of all, and before anyone starts asking about it: TORRENT DOWNLOAD IS HERE. Yes, yes! and this is not all… This is the nice list:

  • Installation wizard. Some questions will be asked the first time you connect to the fonera 2.0 and type “fonera” on your browser.
  • Youtube Uploader. Take a pen drive, put all your videos in a folder named “youtube” and plug it to the fonera. Your videos will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account! This is a real 2.0 router.
  • Torrent downloader. Get some torrent files, upload them to the fonera and this will download them for you. You can turn your computer off and go to bed. Platero will do the work :)
  • MegaUpload and RapidShare downloads. Yes, we never announced this. How does it sound? Configure your RS or MU account, copy a big lot of MU or RS links from the Internet and paste them on the fonera interface. The fonera will download the. But wait… you don’t want to download stuff while you surf? no worries, tell Platero to download things at a certain time frame, while you sleep for instance!
  • 3G provider list. Have a 3G USB dongle and don’t know your configuration settings? No worries, tell the fonera your country and your 3G provider… Platero knows the rest (except for your PIN, of course :P)
  • Need help? check our videos. Every page in the fonera GUI now has a help button. It will take you to a video where our lovely colleague Martina will tell you how to use that page. Ain’t it sweet? More videos and improvements are coming!
  • More to come… we’re already developing new features (improved interface), new applications (VPN, advanced networking, Picasa uploader, iStremer for iTunes…), fixing bugs, etc.

Please, all our niceand beloved Betatesters… Install Platero and let us know how you like it. It’s a lovely sweet donkey.

Poor Platero is not perfect though. We noticed some NDS games don’t work properly with it. Well… we will fix it, don’t worry gamers!

And finally, the big question… When will we sell Foneras 2.0 for everybody? Hmmm I won’t give you a date, just in case the Foneras are stolen (once, in the very begging, a boat with our linksyses was burned in the far ocean…), but let’s say it will be in the beginning of April :P

So, you all that have been watching this creature evolve and grow… go tell your friends to stay tuned to buy it!

I know I always thank a lot of people. I don’t want this to sound repetitive but this is a special release. The Fonera 2.0 has come to life after long discussions, arguments, fights, work, decisions, changes… Thanks to all that helped at FON:

  • Martin and Alex for believing in the project and let us work our way
  • Martina, Inouk, Luis, Javi, Pablo, Cyrus, Rico, Iban etc for their key work on certain fields.
  • John Crispin… he is the real guy behind the fon-ng firmware. No need to explain anything else.

I want to finish the post with a nice sentence by John… “Thanks for letting me build the best firmware in the market” – Now, it’s on your hands, enjoy it!


P.S.: The firmwares :P

29 Responses to “Platero… the silvery donkey is here, bringing his bags full of goodies…”

  1. buha Says:


  2. RHarmsen Says:

    Woow!!! NICE work!!!

    To bad I won’t have access to my Forena 2.0 until Sunday.
    Love to give it a try, especially with my 1TB external disk, and bittorent.

  3. Boris Says:

    I didn’t have time to check it yet, but as it seen from the youtube video torrent download has been available already in the past. Or at least for Martin.

    can someone gives any tech details about this new feature?

  4. giuseppeg88 Says:

    I am very happy for the added functionality in this firmware. La fonera 2.0 is becoming increasingly full and appetitosa (today, 2 of my friends have decided to buy it).
    But there are still some features that would be very useful for the management of the fon-spot:

    * Email service – be informed when someone connects to your FONspot, if the fonera needs an attended firmware upgrade or has made an unexpected reboot.

    * Enhanced Status page – Tells you in realtime who is connected on the Private & Public networks.

    * Network Bridge – Use your Internet Broadband dhcp server in your private wireless network (no 192.168.10.x anymore).

    * MAC-Blocking – Disallow certain users on your hotspot

    * Improved Shared Bandwidth limit configuration.

    * View/verify and add more than the default 5 Family- & Friends on your foneras

    * Edit additional Free websites that people can visit

    * DHCP Lease by MAC address

  5. torrentman Says:

    God bless ! Great job!

  6. LamaBleu Says:

    First tried to flash (developer .image) from SSH (using mtd command) crashed my fonera2, fonera2 rebooting failsafe-mode….
    Was OK after reflashing directly from Redboot ;-)

    3G worked directly after choosing country and provider

    Bitorrent seems to work, actually downloading. Juste an error for the size on BT dashboard : it’s not the size of the download but free size of the USB volume…

    Looks promising ! Congratulations !

  7. aid85 Says:

    I hope all bug is fixed…


  8. madrioso Says:

    My fonera has oktopussy (2.2.2) installed. I downloaded Platero and check m5sum for the developers image::
    $ md5sum 20090318_FON2202_2.2.4.0_Platero_DEVELOPER.image
    c31e190820581d3102501aca4da9ee8b 20090318_FON2202_2.2.4.0_Platero_DEVELOPER.image

    It seems correct. However, when trying to update it via web interface, an “Invalid image” error results.
    What am I missing?

  9. madrioso Says:

    oh, I apologize for my previous message. I messed up web image with command line one. Sorry.

  10. plop Says:

    hello, where i can find the src, with what you build your .image, and can i extract this format ?

  11. exFonero Says:

    offering software, without necessary hardware. only Varsavsky can play this game. it´s ridiculous ! really! nobody cares any longer about fon, access is shinking heavy and no constant progress as necessary in terms of new routers – and yesterday died. as prognosed. fon will follow soon! sure!

  12. Juno Says:

    Great! Torrents run kina slow but its stiil awesome. I look forward to 2 add ons;

    1. a media server which would work with ps3/xbox
    2. Aircrack-ng

  13. buha Says:

    well, which version has ssh access?

  14. iurgi Says:

    buha: the developer version has ssh access

    aid85: no, sorry, not all bugs are gone. that’s impossible. Fortunately we can fix them and offer upgrades to the users ;)


  15. Edwin Says:

    I tried to upload the web images via the GUI. Error:
    Firmware Update
    Invalid image

    Any idea? Current version is

  16. Simon Says:

    Yeah me to GUI update = Invalid Image, but after looking closely at what was downloaded, Make sure file is .tar and not tar.gz should extract to single file

    i.e. 20090318_FON2202_2.2.4.0_Platero_DEVELOPER.tar (not .tar.gz)

    should extract to 20090318_FON2202_2.2.4.0_Platero_DEVELOPER (no file extension)

    Hope this helps

    (looks like new style GUI doesn’t use .fon files anymore)

  17. aid85 Says:

    I suggest you to use fonera2.0 forum

    edwin: do you load the tar.gz file or the unzippe one ??

  18. landoo Says:

    I don’t need the YouTube, the Megaupload/Rapidshare download and the built in Torrent plugins.

    How can I remove them?

    It would be very useful, if the LA Fonera 2.0 have a built in/plugin DLNA support.

  19. buha Says:

    iurgi: well, I installed web developer and no ssh for me

  20. iurgi Says:


    reboot. It doesn’t work on first boot :)

  21. plop Says:

    i don’t have a respond, it’s possible to have the source (src) for building your firmware?

    (or extract your firmware with witch tool) ?

    thank you

  22. eddie303 Says:

    Anybody having problems with Samba? Does not work for me, I cannot find where to configure it on control panel, tried to change fonero’s pass with smbpasswd, but does not let me in :(

  23. eddie303 Says:

    Some corrections, does not work on Vista Home Premium, on the other lappy with XP works flawlessly….

  24. jordisala Says:

    Can i flash a wrt54g with this firmware?

  25. jordis Says:

    Hi, can I use this firmware on a wrt54g?

  26. iurgi Says:

    the sources are in or

    no, you can’t sorry

    yes, smaba on vista doesn’t work even with windows samba networks. lol

    sorry, can’t be removed. Just don’t use them :P

    Where did you get that from? it’s TOTALLY incorrect. It doesn’t work like that. Don’t need to unzip the tar. Just send it to the fonera web interface AS IS

    if I remember right, web images are NOT compatible with software previous to, so you need to do it manually

  27. Inouk Says:

    Edwin: to flash from web interface you need to use the .tar.gz file
    do not untar it, i guess it was your problem.


    eddie30: vista has trouble with samba, follow this howto:

    jordisala: no it’s for the Fonera 2.0

  28. Luis Says:

    Bueno, les cuento, estaba al pedo sin nada que hacer, y decido buscar en Google imágenes de Platero. Salen un montón, pero la que más me gustó fue la de acá, muy buena. Si supiera inglés fluidamente, leería los comentarios a ver con que programa lo hicieron y todo eso, pero no tengo ganas de ponerme a traducir.

    Platero es pequeño, peludo, suave ……

    Greetings from the oppressed Latinoamérica

  29. jalkapuu Says:

    so do this latest version allow to use 3G dongle AND other USB devices ?

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