Paco Jr: small bugfix release

While we keep working on revamed 3G support for the next feature release, we also found some small but important bugs or regressions. To make sure you have the most stable firmware possible, we’ve collected the most important bugfixes and put them in the Paco Jr. release.

What changed?
Here’s the (exhaustive) list of changes:

  • Prevent a brute-force attack on the private wifi signal when WPS is enabled.
  • Make the “Media” share work again.
  • Make file sharing on 2.0g work with Windows Vista and up without having to change the LMCompatibilityLevel registry setting.
  • Update the Twitter to the most recent Twitter API.

Overall, we recommend all users to install this update.

So, how do I upgrade?

Download the web upgrade tarball below, navigate to your Fonera’s dashboard through “Settings” and then “System” and upload the tarball there (under “Firmware update”). Note that you should not unpack the file you download (and make sure your browser doesn’t automatically unzip the file either, it should remain a .tgz file).

Note: On 2.0g, the firmware update might fail due to insufficient memory. If you upload the firmware through the webinterface, but that page keeps loading indefinitely (and you do not get the updating countdown), you’re probably seeing this issue as well. As a workaround, you can disable windows file sharing (“Settings” -> “Fileserver” -> “Windows Network Shares”) and/or the public Fonspot (“Settings” -> “FONSpot”) to free up some memory. This should allow the 2.0g to successfully unpack the firmware and start flashing it.

In the coming weeks, we will also offer this firmware upgrade directly from the dashboard, making the upgrade even easier, but this procedure needs a bit of testing before we enable it.

This firmware is available for the following hardware. Be sure to pick the version for your hardware. If you pick the wrong one, the firmware update will silently bail out and no upgrade will happen (no error will appear either).

The above links point to the end user’s versions of the firmware. For different versions, like the developer’s version (which allows SSH access and custom plugins) and the .img version (which can be installed through SSH), you can look in the PacoJr directory on the download server.

If the upgrade somehow fails and you need to recover, the FAQ section has recovery instructions.

Have fun!

42 Responses to “Paco Jr: small bugfix release”

  1. Effiov Says:

    Thanks for your work over Xmas – this firmware seems fine although changes appear mainly “under the bonnet” and are not evident in the GUI.
    Happy new year!

  2. Ton Says:

    Thanks for this update.
    Happy New Year to all.

  3. Senpa Says:

    Thanks for the update and happy new year.

    I have an issue with torrent in this release.
    The torrent page does not load completely and the transmission’s webui don’t start.

  4. Sergey Says:

    I have the same issue with torrent

  5. Matthijs Says:

    @Senpa & Sergey, what hardware are you using? I’m sure I tested the torrent application on 2.0n on a clean USB stick when doing the final release. I think I didn’t test 2.0g with the final release, so perhaps you are using that one?

    The symptom that the page does not load completely usually means Transmission isn’t starting properly. Perhaps you could check the output of the “logread” command to see if there is any error message in there?

  6. Sergey Says:

    Hi, Matthijs!

    I used FON2303_2.3.7.1_DEV.tgz, and upgrade was done from my portable hard drive ( filesystem EXT3 ) connected to Fonera 2.0n.

    Now I use FON2303_2.3.7.0_DEV.tgz again and there is no issue with torrent.

  7. Senpa Says:

    Hi Matthijs,
    i have the same configuration of Sergey.
    I have updated only my Fonera 2.0n with FON2303_2.3.7.1_DEV.tgz.
    I use a portable hard drive with EXT3 filesystem.

    Now I have re-install DEV but torrent don’t work again.

  8. Sergey Says:

    Hi Senpa,

    Is there transmission WebUI’ icon in Dashboard>>Torrent after you reinstalled

  9. Senpa Says:

    Hi Sergey,
    no there is no icon

    I tried to install it again, deleting the files in the folder FoneraApps but the problem remains

  10. Sergey Says:

    Try to install FON2303_2.3.7.0.tgz and after FON2303_2.3.7.0_DEV.tgz,
    may be this can help you.

  11. Senpa Says:

    I tried but nothing changes.

  12. Sergey Says:

    Try to disconnect portable hard drive from Fonera 2.0n. and use computer to install and after installation connect portable hard drive to Fonera 2.0n. again.

  13. Sergey Says:

    turn off and than turn on Fonera 2.0n before connect portable hard drive to Fonera 2.0n.

  14. Sergey Says:

    I offer to reload computer too before connect portable hard drive

  15. Senpa Says:

    In the next few days I’ll try again.
    Meanwhile, I wish you happy new year.

  16. Sergey Says:

    Happy New Year!

  17. Matthijs Says:

    @Sergey, Senpa: I tried to reproduce your problem, but the torrent plugin is working properly for me. We’ll have to dig in deeper to find the problem, so I want to move the discussion regarding the torrent plugin to the ticket I just created: I added some instructions to that ticket on how to collect useful debugging information, so please head over there.

    Thanks, and a happy new year! :-)

  18. Senpa Says:

    @Matthijs, Sergey
    I wrote of the issue on trac.fonosfera as required.

    I solved the problem.
    The Fonera 2.0N could not successfully download the plugin from Fonosfera.

    root@Fonera:~# wget
    Connecting to (
    torrent. 100% |*************************************************************|  2255  --:--:-- ETA

    And as a consequence when try to mount the .fmg there is no file inside.

    So I downloaded the file manually and after I copied via samba in the FoneraApps Folder. I renamed torrent. to torrent. and it’s work.

  19. Sergey Says:

    Senpa, you are right!
    I see you are really skilful user.
    I did as you had wrote. First of all I installed FON2303_2.3.7.1_DEV.tgz then downloaded file torrent., renamed it to torrent. I looked into FoneraApps folder there was file torrent. but it had size only 4 kb. I replaced it on normal file torrent. with 4.5 MB then I looked in Dashboard>>Torrent but there wasn’t transmission WebUI’ icon and other icons. I reloaded router and then all icons appeared.
    Now there is no issue with torrent in FON2303_2.3.7.1_DEV.tgz.

  20. Matthijs Says:

    @senpa & Sergey, Thanks for digging into this, I’ll respond in the ticket!

  21. nono95 Says:

    Hi Mattijs,

    I have an off topic question :
    Do you have the schematic of the fonera 2n ?
    I am trying to repair mine and would need at least some test points.


  22. Matthijs Says:

    @nono95, sorry we don’t have any schematics available. They must exist _somewhere_ of course, but IIRC I’ve asked around before without success…

  23. dllud Says:

    New release working great here.

    You need to update the
    It is still point to

  24. Matthijs Says:

    @dllud, excellent point, I totally forgot about that. Fixed now, thanks!

  25. Ace Says:

    Guys the register button is not working again in this release.

  26. Matthijs Says:

    @Ace, the register button seems ok to me, though I don’t have an unregistered Fonera here to see if it really works. What is the url that the Register button links to for you? When you click it, what happens exactly?

  27. Ace Says:

    Matthijs it moves back to the login page of the dashboard. Does this over and over again.

  28. Matthijs Says:

    @Ace, weird. Could you try removing all cookies for the fonera (or easier, open up your browser in private browsing mode) and see if it still doesn’t work?

    Also, could you paste the link for the register button here? You can get it by right-clicking the register button and clicking “copy link location” (or something equivalent for your browser).

  29. Deco Says:

    Just a hint for all those upgrading to . This upgrade means you have to install torrent again. Erase file in the Foneraapps folder and install torrent again from WebGUI.

  30. Deco Says:

    By the way. Thanks for keeping good support of this great device called Fonera 2.0n.

  31. Ace Says:

    Matthijs it redirects back to the login page when i browse to the dashboard in incognito mode on chrome, hence the same issue. The url with the updated firmware for the registration page is http://fonera/luci/fon_dashboard on the previous firmware this was the url

    where xxxx is the mac id..

  32. Senpa Says:

    After restoring the Fonera I have the same issue with the register button.
    I solved using this procedure from the old wiki:

    Mark La Fonera 2.0 icon as registered
    launch a SSH session to 192.168.*.*
    uci set registered.fonreg.registered=1
    uci commit registered

  33. Ariel Says:


    I’ve upgraded to both the release and the dev version and I can’t manage to get my OpenVPN working. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I’d appreciate any input on this.

    Thanks guys,


  34. Matthijs Says:

    @Ariel, I see you created a ticket on our trac, thanks. I’ve posted a reply there.

  35. Javier Says:

    The last release was a long time ago. Are you still working in this firmware?
    Since December 2013 a lot of things has changed, but the most important are: DynDNS is not free anymore and Chromecast. Are you thinking something about this to the new firmware (If it were to exist at any time)?

  36. Matthijs Says:

    It has been harder to find time for this firmware recently, but I plan to continue with development still. I just pushed out a few commits that I have created locally over the past time and will continue in the coming weeks.

    As for DynDNS, the current trunk contains more options for dynamic DNS, also using alternative providers. This will be available in the release.

    As for Chromecast, I supect you mean to stream music from the Fonera through the Chromecast dongle? I don’t think we’ll be supporting that anytime soon, though it seems Chromecast really just uses UPNP media sharing, so you might be able to get this to work using minidlna or mediatomb.

  37. Mario Says:


    When will be available the version

  38. kasi Says:

    transmission 2.52

    i cant load the torrent for the FON2202_2.3.7.0_beta3_DEV.tgz. i get always the torrent. and this is transmission 2.71.

    it locks like there only 2 versions (torrent. is 1.72), the new torrent. is also the 2.71 …

    has anyone a link for the old torrent. or an idea how can i downgrade the transmission to 2.52 ?

  39. Jeroensky Says:

    Hello Matthijs (& others).

    I have a question: What happened to Fonera2.0n fonosfera beta images?
    Is it stopped? The last autobuild firmware is from 5 monthsago (3-jan.-2014).

    Is Fonosfera dead because of FON provider takeover in many countries (like KPN in Netherlands).

    What alternative do you offer that has as much updates/apps as the fonera2.0n has? What openwrt wirelessrouter hardware do you advise if the fonera gets broken.

    Anyway sorry to see that their are no new autobuild firmwares for fonera2.0n, but thanks a lot for all your work that you and others did. It was a great time.

  40. OldMan Says:

    Hello, since a couple of day’s my Flickr up-loader is not working anymore.
    Can someone please conform Flickr up-loader is working or not?

  41. Matthijs Says:

    @Mario, I’ve done a bit more work for the release this week, but can’t make any promises yet.

    @Kasi, why do you need that old Transmission version? If you really need it, it might be available in the autobuilds. Looking at the SVN log, 2.52 was the current version from r2060 to r2198, so it is available here.

    @Jeroensky, there was some problem with the SSH logins on the fonosfera server that went unnoticed for a while. The systeam fixed those a few weeks ago and I just triggered a new build yesterday, which has been published as normal again. Thanks for pointing this out.

    @Oldman, thanks for reporting, it indeed seems something broke in the Flickr authentication. I’ll have a look!

  42. Matthijs Says:

    @Oldman, turns out the Flickr API only works using HTTPS now, we were still using HTTP. This is fixed in svn trunk, in a few hours you should be able to download the autobuild of that version if you want.

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