One more short update about the Fonera 2.0n

Hi all,

We have successfully tested some of the fixes today (or so we think so) and have an image almost ready for user testing. We have selected a set of users that have been reporting FON bugs consistently and in a comprehensible way in the last months to us. Also, they have experienced most of the important bugs that have been reported, so are good candidates to represent most of the rest.

Those users will be helping us test the firmware in the field. If you are not in that list, please forgive us and be patient. More users means more feedback (better), we know, but also much more coordination work. So, please understand we wanted a kind of reduced and well selected set of testers.

We still are working on some fixes, so what they will test is not meant to be a pre-final firmware, but an advanced stage firmware, with some important fixes. We can advance there is no major changes, don’t expect a cool super-fancy firmware, but just what we considered the most critical bugs (wifi connectivity, fonspot, stability, some 3g dongles support…) fixed.

How long will they be testing? Well, that depends on how good we made our work till now. Hopefully one week approximately should do it. Meanwhile we will keep working on the still open bugs and hopefully have a ‘final-to-be’ firmware ready for them by next week. Let’s cross fingers!

These users are, of course, free to talk about their findings about this new firmware with the rest of the community. They can blog, post, twit, comment, share on IRC… whatever they want.

Stay tuned and thanks again for your patience and trust!!

32 Responses to “One more short update about the Fonera 2.0n”

  1. schunz Says:

    If you were a little bit more realistic. Call this a beta not a pre-final.

    But thanks for working on it again.

  2. iurgi Says:

    schunz: I am not sure what you mean… I don’t consider it neither a beta nor pre-final. Did I misunderstand what you mean or did you misread? I said it is *not* a pre-final: “We still are working on some fixes, so what they will test is not meant to be a pre-final firmware”

  3. iurgi Says:

    Thanks for the support anyway!!

  4. steven Says:

    I noticed the updates today (9/3)…
    I only just compiled svn1650 yesterday (with changes on 4/3)…
    will do an svn co again tonight…

    for those that like numbers “ – rc4 v2 ”
    or “svn 1654″

    i’m curious about the wifi & 3g :-)

  5. olivier Says:

    it’s great news …. but will you work on the fonera2G again?
    mine is still useless …

  6. Carsten Says:

    checked out, compiling…

  7. moritz Says:

    would it be possible publish a list of the newly supported dongles? maybe someone of the testers can “blog, post, twit, comment, share on IRC”

  8. Ben10 Says:

    I’m building right now revision 1655 :-)

  9. iurgi Says:


    i’m happy to see you guys are actually trying out the very latest changes by yourself!!
    Thanks a lot

  10. steven Says:

    I send it via tftpd but it doesn’t seem to “compute”?
    it stays in “bridge”-mode…
    Does tftpd automatically flashes the device? does it overwrite the existing config?

  11. steven Says:

    people interested to test out the new firmware :
    and do subscribe to the mailinglist or mail your progress/issues on

  12. DeViLoSt Says:

    Hello Steven:
    Sorry but… ┬┐which .img is the correct (1650 or 1655)?
    Thanks for the link.

  13. DeViLoSt Says:

    Firmware not valid at update my fonera in both.
    Sorry for my english.

  14. Carsten Says:

    @steven: tftp will not be enough to flash the fonera. Take a look at

  15. Nuno Rodrigues Says:

    Hi , i have a question, so how upgrade fonera with this files ?

    Nuno Rodrigues

  16. steven Says:

    The failsafe method is mentioned here :
    but at the moment I get a “timeout” when trying to “put” that restore image of 2.3.0 on the F2N;
    I guess I have to file for an RMA…

    it’s currently a dumb switch(?)
    reset button nor failsafe work…

  17. Jack0 Says:

    Thank you steven. But how do i add folders from usb disk to the media server?

  18. steven Says:

    don’t you see the folders of your usb stick on your Xbox360 or PS3 using the uShare instance?

  19. Jack0 Says:

    i do have a noxon iradio, i can see “Fonera: 1″ then “mounts” and after that “empty”. Ithink i have to mount the usb disk. But it ist mounted.

  20. steven Says:

    are nice threads to follow!

  21. Florin Ivan Says:


    Why you don’t add also the Romanian Providers on 3G dongle list? We have Vodafone, Orange, DigiNet Mobile, Cosmote.

    Please take thi suggestion serios and add that providers on list, or if have somebody more details, tell me how to add on that list and after i will send to include on this firmware.

    Thank you

  22. Norman Says:

    Could s1 provide a version of that firmware that is installable via a normal upload in the Fonera webinterface please? I can not upload that .img file

  23. Rene Says:

    This lasts extremely incredibly! I want to test the new version finally, too

  24. Carsten Says:

    Here is my build of svn revision 1655 – again with absolutely no warranty. I have added OpenVPN support (which works fine here). Unfortunately, the tgz file is not accepted by the web update page ( I did not find out why, yet), so you need to use the commandline stuff.


  25. Joan Planas Says:

    Where is WiFi-WAN Mode? I need it.


  26. simon Says:

    nice to see some progress at last. and the community is involved, too. :) good!

  27. steven Says:

    irc channel and mailinglist between FON & Community is fairly empty… in the last 4 months… FON is very occupied with the delivery of 400.000 FON SIMPL and the PEEK FON

  28. David Says:

    Other time…

    I love fonosfera if fonosfera tells me what is he doing!!
    I need news once time at the week.
    I can not get along without knowing anything!
    This bewilders us all and makes us
    lose patience besides getting
    not trust anything in you!

    Please more information!
    Please more frequently!
    I need you! And the Fonero community too!

    Pd : I was a fan of fon!

    I’m feeling very stupid!

  29. Tony Says:

    Do you have an idea now about the date of the release?
    Personaly, I’m waiting the ticket 540 ( to be fixed. I’m using SIP via my Android phone and need to connect to my private signal with it to work properly. It’s my professional phone number so it’s very very important for me.

    Please give me a date!!!

  30. HereIsTom Says:

    Any news yet about the new firmware? ;-)
    I have problems with my Fonera 2.0n and the Wi-Fi connection with my iPod touch / iPhone?

  31. jahlive2 Says:

    anything that makes the fon router actually usefull?
    i have the thing for months by now and i got so angry that i wanted to review the thing and point out every bad aspect of i do with everything.
    but i told myself w8 until the new fw is out. so is it out yet?

  32. Andre Says:

    i can’t connect my evdo modem to fonera 2.0n…can you help me?

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