Long time without updates…

Hi all,

First of all, my personal apologies for not having posted anything in such a looooooooooooong (not enough ‘o’-s, I know). I know many are expectant, many angry and some bored. I can’t blame them.

It’s been a huge load of work since my last post in December. Out of a sudden, everything had to be restructured and rescheduled due to an upcoming new product. Whatever the reason for the decision was, I could do nothing but follow it. I do understand the feeling many might have, of being left behind, especially for the lack of comunication: I want to say that it was 90% because of lack of time (informing is not only posting an entry but following up on it and IRC and forums etc) and 10% because I could not talk about why a new firmware was being delayed and I didn’t want to lie. So I thought it was to better shut up than liying.
As many of you know, we are launching a new product soonish and we need to work a lot on it. However we have not stopped developing for the Fonera 2.0n. The new product is based on the same Ralink chipset family, so some of the fixed bugs and improvements we have done for the new device will also be present on the next firmware release for the Fonera 2.0n.

We have been working on the Fonera 2.0n on a best effort basis and we expect to very soon be able to focus on it with the following target in mind: release a stable firmware that does all the WiFi router funcitonalities well. We are now reschedulling projects but I can already say we are aiming to release it on mid March. We mostly want to make sure we do proper QA this time and not rush, it just doesn’t pay.

This is our short term aim. For the long term, we expect to merge both firmwares, the one of the Fonera 2.0n and that of the new Fonera SIMPL, with the hope that it will be a robust and stable, feature-rich firmware.

Please, accept my apologies, again, and try the new firmware when we release it: I believe it will satisfy most of you.



PS: there are some unpublished comments on the previous posts and some on this one might remain unpublished too. It’s not censorship (which I’m not against in some cases): you can see we publish very critizicing comments. It’s lack of time to go over all of them to see if they cross the line or not. Somee good ones are unpublished as well. Sorry about that :( They might eventually be published.

47 Responses to “Long time without updates…”

  1. Ace731 Says:

    an update? whats this?

  2. tman Says:

    SIMPL ? What’s that ? Simple then F2N or better ? A link please !

  3. TheUntouchable Says:

    The Link is in the post..

  4. n3m0 Says:

    Fon hase also released a new version of the Firefox Plugin Fonera Downloader:


  5. eddie303 Says:

    So you consider end-of-life for Fonera 2.0g ?

  6. Jordi Says:

    Exactly, what a bout Fonerar 2.0. Are you going to give me back my money? Because it doesn’t work as it should.

  7. burton-ng Says:

    wtf! am i the only one who doesn’t see any line about fonera G ? yeah great
    good bye

  8. Joel Says:

    Be hurry! left everything you’re working on to work on this new router. Barcelona’s WMC is just in a few days, and you could lose a great chance to make a big pile of money. The thing that you can’t lose by this is users, because we (the users, i’ve bot 2.0 y 2.0n, i’ve been fooled two times) are so disapointed by you, that we don’t care anymore if you release in march or in march 2015.

    The thing of 2.0g is unvelieveble

  9. Nick Says:

    I will not buy another product from FON.

  10. Okrok Says:

    So you announce now, that the Fonera 2.0N will get a firmware update on mid March, meaning April at the earliest.

    FON actually expects us to wait more than half a year before we get what we paid for. It seems the 2.0N owners are in the same boat as the 2.0G owners. The only thing we will ever get is empty promises.

    You promised us a new firmware in December! And now you are postponing the deadline another month? I am deeply disappointed by FON. I won’t buy anything else from you.
    I’m also thinking about getting my money back from you. Because a lot of the advertised features don’t work.

  11. Marc Says:

    What about the 2.0g? We are a lot of users with this model, but is not working as pretended. Will be any updates? or maybe the owners of the 2g will have to generate police reports for misleading advertising?

  12. Voorstad Says:

    For years I hoped, as a Fon, Fon+ and Fon2.0N owner FON would live up to their promisses. I always disliked AustinTX comments and negative approach. Since the lack of proper firmware, communication and now a new product, I see him as a FON visionary….. It’s a pitty. My next euro’s will only go to a real open router.

    (Hope this comment will not be censored as my previous one……)

  13. tman Says:

    Hmmm… SIMPL is actually the “FON WiFi 2305E” router that is sold in Japan ? The case is for sure the same …

  14. Nkieto Says:

    History repeats itself. No news about F2G, same history like years ago with Linksys and Fonera firmwares. No more updates, no more news.

  15. Kyros Says:

    It seems that we can forget an update for the 2.0g: http://english.martinvarsavsky.net/general/fon-to-unveil-new-fonera-at-mobile-world-congress.html#comment-264657
    –> Support discontinued after less than one year?

    *** shaking the head – shaking the head – shaking the head ****

  16. OldMan Says:

    I think the only solution is if we all unregister those devices.
    No support, no registration!

  17. aid85 Says:

    Is It a joke ??

    WHAT ABOUT FONERA 2.0G G G G ??!??!!?!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!?

  18. simon Says:

    well, at least it´s better than nothing.. mh.. as an owner of the 2.0n, i wait and see at the end of march what this promis is worth.
    i will think twice about buying anything from fon again, ´though.
    but when they make up for their errors and get the little black box up and running smoothly in the near future, i won´t bear them a grudge..

    but i DO feel sorry for you 2.0g users !! you now officially rank only 3rd, after simpl and 2.0n users.
    with a team of 40 @ fon, let´s hope at least 10 of them are programmers…
    how many do you think will work on a 2.0g firmware now? or in the future?
    i think there will be one final update for your router, but mid- to end-year.

    well, at least your wifi connection is stable and works with iphones and so on, isn´t it?

    and, to be honest: @Nkieto – why do the fonera or the linksys need updated firmwares? they were working just as they should. feel free to use any 3rd party firmware to add any feature you need…

  19. Nkieto Says:

    Off course I do, dd-wrt and openwrt. But what I mean is the same as Kyros: “Support discontinued after less than one year?” for Fonera 2.0G.

  20. Kyros Says:

    > But what I mean is the same as Kyros: “Support discontinued after less than one year?” for Fonera 2.0G.

    … and they don’t even seem to feel uncomfortable doing such an impudence.

  21. jubru Says:

    now its happening to you, too, 2.0n buyers: fon is letting you down like us 2.0g owners.

    A: “I need more beta testers for my product”
    B: “Let them buy it unfinished – then let them buy the newer one”

  22. Ace731 Says:

    i dont think the 2.0n will go away anytime soon, they just slacked on the updating fw since they are trying to release a new product to take the place of the fons that only do wireless. just disappointing and frustrating they dont fix the issues known…

  23. aid85 Says:

    Fakeyou fon team…

    1st) you promise me fonera2.0g was a fonera2.0n via mail

    2nd) I buy it as beta tester and help discovering bug\wishlist

    3rd) You thanks me with a promo code of one nanoseconds to buy a new fonera at a not so low price

    4th) You promise a final stable firmware and you let us with an old firmware full of bug

    Never buy more fonera product…

  24. aid85 Says:

    Where is my stable firmaware for fonera 2.0g ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  25. iurgi Says:

    As for the fonera 2.0g, it’s not that we do not care about it. Right now the Fonera 2.0n has more urgency for fixes, especially the iPhone/iPod/MAC WiFi problem.
    We always said that the fonera 2.0g would benefit from the improvements on the fonera 2.0n, except for those issue that are hw or driver specific. If we make any new improvements on non driver parts, we will try that the 2.0g will also get this changes in the tree.

  26. snyfear Says:

    My fonera 2.0G is crashing every two days and however I payed it almost the same price as a 2.0N version released some weeks after.
    I think fonera 2.0G buyers would appreciate a real stable firmware too!!

    Why FON release a new fonera when the 2 last ones are still not finalized?
    Please enroll new developers with our money and give us the product you promised because for the moment, my fonera 2.0G is doing less thing than my old 1.0 as it crashes every time.

    Thank you to communicate, it’s a minimum, but please communicate and work on 2.0G version too!

  27. Walter Says:

    Sorry, Foneros, leave them work…
    If the new firmware works on F2.0n, also the FON Hotspot works, otherwise…
    NOPE (like mine during last 4 months)!!!

  28. kackhupe Says:


    i do own 1 fonera, 2 fonera2.0g, 1 fonera2.0n
    I do expect that 2.0g and 2.0n will run stable with the upcoming release.

    Dont think than any single customer will buy any fon device again if you do not fix BOTH devices now.

  29. OnOffPT Says:

    I have a FON 1.0, another FON 2.0g and almost bought a 2.0n.

    For FON 1.0 the best upgrade was dd-wrt.
    For FON 2.0g the solution was a Timer Switch set to restart every night around 5am while am I sleeping. If you have several computers in your network, FON will brake sooner or later. Restarting it on a daily basis will minimize these problems.

    For both cases.
    If you use anything that opens several hundreds of connections (torrent), reduce the number of simultaneous connections to less than 100. This helped me to keep my fonera running for at least 24h until the next reboot.

    I seriously doubt that anyone will buy the simpl.

  30. Blu Says:

    2.0g is dead… 2.0n is dying… let’s see this new Frankenstein monster in the mind of Vasarvsky… if it’ll go as usual, it will die in few months…


  31. aid85 Says:

    I do not pretend improvements… only fix !!

    see… http://boards.fon.com/viewforum.php?f=33&sid=50213996586ed31f06bcd7fba0e42698

  32. giuse Says:

    I’ve had 4 free foneras when it was possible, by then I decided to support the idea and I bought 2.0g and 2.0N.
    the 4 1.0 foneras work with ddwrt like a charm. The 2.0 hogs are not working well but I’m still breakeven and then I enjoyed openwrt and luci.
    Morever I made a lot of friends of mine (only the braves that tested ddwrt-foneras ) to take one and they’re happy.
    How does your glass looks like? Is it half full or half empty?
    Business is business if you buy a Fonera is like buying an evaluation board, you just add sweat and bugs. The point is: Is the price fair? If you don’t share your bandwidth,maybe yes.
    Somewhat happy waiting for 2.0X improvements.
    Mumble. Silence is an unheard lie.


  33. fulsunder Says:

    How do I change F2G system time?

  34. tman Says:

    # fulsunder Says:
    February 17th, 2010 at 5:22 am
    How do I change F2G system time?

    You can’t. It’s sync’ed on FON’s NTP server.

  35. Diogo Says:

    And where is the stable firmware for fonera 2.0G?

  36. Nuno Rodrigues Says:

    Hi , When you launch the new firmware to fonera 2.0N ?

    Dont forget correct the bug in Cameras and torrents please

    Nuno Rodrigues

  37. Jiulmur Says:

    Y ahora en CASTELLANO…para que todo el mundo lo entienda…..NUNCA MAS COMPRARE UN PRODUCTO DE FON…..y esto repetido un millon de veces….pero como estoy conectado a traves de mi Fonera 2.0G se bloqueara antes de que termine de escribirlo….

    Aviso para navegantes….no piqueis….son todo cantos de sirena…luego ni la mitad de lo prometido….y encima en menos de un año sereis descatalogados….

  38. Rui Says:


    For all 2.0g users my best advice is to install other firmare (dd-wrt). This opensource firmware is faster, better and updated frequently.

    Best regards.

  39. tman Says:


  40. jmarcma Says:

    Totalmente de acuerdo con Jiulmur, ¡Nunca mas pienso comprar nada a FON!
    Menos mal que la Fonera 2.0 esta soportada por DD-WRT y algo de porvecho podré sacar de este trasto.

  41. Ben Says:

    Hi all, sign the petition list on http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fon/ to get things done properly and stop FON from dwindling other people into buying their wireless routers which plainly do NOT work. Including my 2.0n which considering the rate at which firmware is being released, the next one will be called Apocalypse!

  42. schunz Says:

    So “long time without updates” actually means “even more time without updates”. :(

  43. myeyre Says:

    Glad to hear another Fon model is on its way, hope the firmware is stable. But no, I’m not going to buy it. –a Heartbreaking 2.0G Owner.

  44. Lyubo Says:

    Unfortunatelly noone else will bait anymore, you can’t sell these junks forever.

  45. MikeG Says:

    I am getting tired of this.. Give us what was promised! My 2.0N isn’t stable and now a new one? What the hell is Fon thinking? I am so disappointed in this whole affair. While Fon is collecting millions of dollars by investors we are the suckers who bought the faulty products. Honestly, how long do you think we should wait until we get a device that works as advertised?

  46. Fabian Says:

    I consider a program for 2.0n owners to get your _working_ new device for free / really cheap to be appropriate after the hassle with bugs we experienced for the last six month.

  47. jahlive2 Says:

    i hope the new firmware will be “working”
    i’ve been cursing this router to hell cuz it’s failing more thn what it’s supposed to do.
    I just can’t expect a company like fon to release a product that just hardly works..i could expect it when it has the sign “beta” to it but i felt really angry when the 2.0n was dissapointing me every single day

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