Long time no see, rc2 is here!


we’ve been quite busy lately. We are working on lots of things right now and soon you will know about some of them. But today, here you have a new release candidate for you to test.

As always, give us your feedback, it is very much appreciated.

Most of the changes are cleanups for the not-so-well working applications like torrent and rapidshare. So you, heavy-downloader… test it and let us know if it improved at all.  But there is a very nice new feature… the firefox plugin!!!!
You can expect

  • a better handling of the RS and MU links: links are loaded without checking so it’s faster and are checked at download time so there’s no possible variation of temporary links. Summary: should work better and fail less :P
  • torrent cleaned up: the torrent application is handled slightly differently and the different status are managed somehow better. even though the downloads won’t be perfect, it seems like you can now download some big files from time to time :)
  • other cleanups…

OK, ok, you want to know about the firefox plugin. What does it do? well, it’s in beta state (lol) but the target is to detect whether you are connected to the fonera 2.0 and if so, it helps you send tasks to it. For instance, you can:

  • click on a torrent and select to send it to the fonera 2.0 for download, instead of downloading it with the PC and then upload it to the fonera. Cool huh?
  • select a set of plain text links (direct links or RS and MU links) and right click on them -> “Download with the Fonera”. YAY!!!! And you can select even normal text, it’s a smart plugin that will strip out only the proper links!!
  • See the status of all your downloads in realtime on firefox, without needing to go to the fonera UI. You can see it all in a table like this (sorry about the Spanish):
Download status

Thanks Javier for the very good work and Steven for supporting with the APIs!

How do you install it? Unfortunately you need to wait till tomorrow so we can fix a small last minute bug :P
Enjoy and thanks!

The Firmware Team

23 Responses to “Long time no see, rc2 is here!”

  1. skynetbbs Says:

    correct url or the Firmware console RC2 image is

  2. monossido Says:

    …bridge… :(

  3. Josemi Says:

    When is going to be avalaible the final firmware?

  4. Alan Says:

    same problem with the torrent downloader, after a while downloading a torrent, the fonera crash, and i dont have access and have to reboot it manualy

  5. jorgesuarezdelis Says:

    Hey, this isn’t a developer image. I can’t connect anymore using my wifi signal, so I going back to rc1 by now :(

  6. jorgesuarezdelis Says:

    Is the link to the ssh image incorrect? It says rc1 in the URL…

  7. nkieto Says:

    Please, modify console image link, it’s wrong, it’s linking to rc1.

  8. Yagüe Says:

    :O Oh my god!! I want it now! Can’t wait till tomorrow!!

  9. Andrea Grandi Says:

    I think there’s a wrong link for Console Image. The correct one should be: http://download.fonosfera.org/RC/20090528_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc2.image
    please confirm this or correct :)

  10. Ben BCN Says:

    Same problem for me. Torrent makes wifi connection crash :-(

  11. Vasiles Says:

    I couldn’t use rapidshare download manager with but I could with rc1. I’ ve upgraded to rc2 and I can’t use rapidshare download manager once again. It’s very frustrating. :(

  12. mbirton Says:

    The console link is wrong, it should be: http://download.fonosfera.org/RC/20090528_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc2.image
    Alan: you installed the right RC2 ?

  13. iurgi Says:

    Thanks to all that alerted us about the wrong image.
    For those who are experiencing problems, please make sure you did not use the “console” image because the link was incorrect (fixed)

    Vasiles: make sure you did not use the “console” image because it was incorrect. RS an dMU works fine to other users, what is the problem? I suggest you come by #fonosfera on irc.freenode.net and ask there.

    Ben BCN: did you use the “console” image? that is old. The link was incorrect.

  14. uripi Says:

    where’s the camera and printer pluguin? And the developer mode?

  15. jorgesuarezdelis Says:

    This is the first version I test :)

    I’m trying to download a torrent. From time to time I’m kicked from the private network and I can’t reassociate until I wait some minutes. When I can finally reconnect, the torrent has been paused. I can unpause it, and the same goes once and another.

    I’ve attached a dmesg output. http://pastebin.com/m7f9998c6 and I’m worried about three things:

    1. That WARNING at line 180.
    2. NETDEV WATCHDOG: wifi0: transmit timed out
    2. Constantly remounting the hard drive?

  16. dramal Says:

    I’m having the same problem with the torrent downloader. After a while downloading a torrent (no more than 30 minutes), the fonera reinitializes itself and the torrent dissapears of the list of downloads.

  17. dramal Says:

    I had my fonera on user mode. I have switched to developer mode and now it’s working ok and it doesn’t crash.

  18. Roberto Says:

    Well, i have problems with torrents downloads too…
    It starts, but after some minutes of activity, it stop, and Fonera2 lose connection from Internet and from internal lan (wired&wireless), i only have to reboot it, reconnect usb-device and re-queue the file.torrent for resume the download…. but another time the problem come again… any ideas? tnks

  19. Alex Says:

    Far better with torretns.

    No problem with big files or torrents with lots of seeds.
    No crash in the last days.

  20. Nuno Dias Says:

    My fonera 2.0 already came with and printer and webcam plug-ins installed.
    Have installed the rc2 and had the printer and webcam plug-ins working with the switch working for developer to user mode.

    Yesterday I’ve made the error of pressing the “restore factory defaults” – no question asked, direct restore !!

    After it, I’ve lost the plug-ins: cannot use the printer and cannot exchange to developer mode.
    What should I do ?
    I’ve already re-flashed RC2, but still no plug-ins …

  21. Jabi Says:

    Kaixo Iurgi:

    After the fonera screwed my brand new USB 8GB pendrive, I thought it would be a good idea to give this RC a try, so I downloaded and installed the new firmware, but, after the process, I still see Firmware bertsioa: Is it OK or the update process failed somewhere? Thanks.

  22. Nuno Dias Says:

    (First of all my previous problem was solved with a hard-reset)

    About the torrent application crashing the fonera 2.0 O.S., I would like to suggest something:

    In the past I had also an issue with a router that hanged when having to many connections – The solution was to limit the maximum number of torrent connections to 35 (in this case in the utorrent application).

    Wouldn’t be possible to have an option in the “torrent downloader / setup” to configure the connection limit ?

  23. snyfear Says:

    I have also wireless issue but in more cases than just torrent. For me, When my laptop is connected to the Internet via the private Wifi of the Fonera, if I download a big file from Firefox which is taking lot of bandwidth, after some time the Wireless LED of the fonera switch off, and I am disconnected from my private network. I have to restart my fonera to be able to connect again. I also have a fonera crash with big download even if I am plugged to fonera wia Ethernet cable. It’s really disappointing as I am not using the download features of the fonera in my case.

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