Last post!

Hi all,

This is the last post on the fonosfera… before the next release!

We are right now (while I write these lines here), fixing the last bugs in the list for this release. They all seem to be under control. This has been possible thanks to the testers Alexandre, Marco, Juan Manuel, Cristian and others. And of course all the others that have been reporting bugs. Thanks a lot to all.

So, please, stay tuned, we will very very very soon have a new firmware for you guys. Only remember, we’ve been focusing on connectivity: making the router work as a router. Other bugs will be fixed in coming releases.

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  1. Josemi Says:


    We will stay tuned.Please, have a look at the ticket #615


  2. iurgi Says:

    Hi Josemi,


    As for ticket #615, sorry but that is low priority right now… :( you can probably edit it yourself without much difficulty… ask in the forums or IRC, I’m sure someone can point you to the correct language file where you can edit that, but I’m not sure.

  3. SuperMAt Says:

    And what it becomes last firmware for fonera 2g

  4. Josemi Says:

    @iurgi Ok, no problem.But I expect it for future firmwares ^^

    I´m seen that you are cleaning the trac now, please use it more and adjust the roadmaps, so we can see fastly how goes the development. ;)

    You´re doing a great work :-)

  5. Josemi Says:

    BTW, What is the meaning of worksforme? I don´t find it in the translator :P

  6. iurgi Says:

    yes, I’m cleaning up trac a bit. But can’t promise to have it all cleaned up in the short term. However I want to clean the most recent bugs.

    Some bugs I am closing are difficult to answer now, I hope people don’t get angry if I make some bugs “invalid”…

  7. iurgi Says:

    josemi, it means: “I have tested it and it worked for me… I can’t reproduce it”

  8. tman Says:

    #615 Twitter notifications ? com’on, who cares ? We want a working wireless router, not a tweeting shit !

  9. iurgi Says:

    tman, that’s why it’s been moved to low prio… no need to be aggressive about it…

  10. Freestate Says:

    ah please,wifi-wan could be the first for the next release!

  11. hertzel Says:

    What about support for huawei E166 ?

  12. tman Says:

    ok, sorry josemi. forgot that everybody has his own particular needs. i just wanted to point at the fact that if it doesn’t work as a router it’s useless to tweet ;-)

  13. Josemi Says:

    @tman Don´t worry ;)


  14. mnl Says:

    the problem with 3G modem working connected to a usb hub was solved? Ihope so :-)

  15. Piter Says:

    Wow… “Last post” before the next FW release…
    Another 12 days and you’ll write “It’s almost neaaaaar…”
    And in 30 days from today the post “There it is… behind the corner!”

    Guys, please, don’t mock us… you would do a better figure releasing the FW after 2 months of silence!

    Save you these useless alerts…

  16. steven Says:

    Those that want to test it themselves

    just download & put it on an usb stick uncompressed…
    ssh to your fonera
    and follow the ssh firmware upgrade procedure

    Disclaimers :
    Flash on your own risk offcoarse.
    FON/Fonosfera will not support any firmware downloaded from 3rd party sites (like

  17. steven Says:

    Btw “Alexandre, Marco, Juan Manuel, Cristian”…did they blog/twit about their tests as you asked them to in a previous post?
    I haven’t seen them on IRC/Boards/blogs/facebook … Do they have internet connectivity? :-)

  18. jesusin Says:

    Vodafone Huawei k3765 compatible this firm?

  19. Josemi Says:

    For when the release?

    You said that it will be very very soon, and in the trac roadmap appear “Due in 17 hours” :-/

  20. miguel Says:

    Hi, and thanks for the good news….

    Any advances/corrections on the wifi-bridge mode for 2.0n (and 2.0g)? I think i’m not the only one needing this…

  21. sunni Says:

    is 2-3 days ago, is it now out? Where can I download?

  22. Conny Says:

    “fixing the last bugs in the list for this release. They all seem to be under control” – oh, I see. It’s the 1st of April.

  23. Jack0 Says:

    Give it to me please!!!
    I’ll send you an “conejo de Pascua” with a lot of sweet things.

  24. sunni Says:

    same game like the last 5 month?? very very very soon. like befor christmas?

  25. Rene Says:

    I´ll think it will be come first in 3 Month! The last time that i have hear that it will come “Soon” was in Dezember 2009!

  26. Magnus Akselvoll Says:

    My guess is that there will be new posts on this blog before there is a relase version published of the firmware…

  27. cristian Says:

    hey guys…
    my internet connectivity is bak! :)
    i’m still having disconnections with my macbook pro…

  28. Josemi Says:

    A week has passed since you published this “last post” and any news….
    Is that “very very very soon”? :( When will it be released? The fonosfera Trac RoadMap says that you should released it at least 6 days a go :/

    Please, say something!

  29. iurgi Says:

    Hi Josemi,

    you are totally right. We’ve spent most of the day testing the firmware and preparing the release: testing the plugins, the installation etc.
    Only the upgrade is missing, so as soon as I feel comfortable with the upgrade process, it will be up.

  30. Josemi Says:

    @iurgi O.o Thanks for the fast answer, I think I will not recieve it today.
    I see that you have made a change in the SVN for Gari the Hummingbird :-)
    For when can we wait the upgrade?


  31. iurgi Says:

    Well, I don’t want to close a date yet… I already had too many changes :D
    but my best hopes are for this week.

  32. Ben10 Says:

    Hi guys,

    Nice to read there’s a fresh new release coming. Will there be a detailed changelog where fixed and non fixed things/features are detailed?
    That would help a lot avoiding reports about bugs or absence of features that are intentionaly not included in the release.

    I’ll stay tuned.

  33. Carsten Says:

    Will the release include OpenVPN, or must I build my own firmware again? ;-)

  34. iurgi Says:

    Ben10: I will try to make a detailed changelog. Also, you can see some of the bugs we already closed on the trac ticket system.

  35. iurgi Says:

    Carsten, the developer mode will have it, but it’s not very tested.

  36. venturi Says:

    i conect fonera to wifi option , this feature its in new release? thanks for your answer

  37. Jesusin Says:

    Hi all
    Vodafone Huawei K3765 incompatibility is solved in this firm?
    is my second post. Hope you published this?
    sorry my bad English.

  38. Chris Says:

    Thanks in advance for the new release with OpenVPN. Looking forward to upgrading :D

  39. Crim Says:

    Will this new version be automatically pushed to all the fonera 2.0 routers connected to the internet ?

  40. Andre Says:

    please fix the connectivity for ZTE AC2726 EVDO USB Modem dongle..

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