Fonera 2.0: A home automation device

Miguel Ángel Díaz, Daniel Dionne and David Martín are enthusiasts computer engineering students from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. As a year project they are working on the integration of a home automation protocol for the La Fonera 2.0

They can already control the lights of their home connected to La Fonera 2.0 wireless signal! They have a neat interface for the iphone and ipod-touch to do this:

It can actually work with any electrical device. They are using this X10 USB controller: CM11 marmitek

Their system will be totally modular, so it will be simple to add new functionalities and hardware support. They are also about to launch an independent web site for their project. It isn’t available as a plugin yet, but we will be will keep you updated on the progress.

Congratulations guys for what you have already achieved!

11 Responses to “Fonera 2.0: A home automation device”

  1. ERT Says:

    its super!!

    but newest Fw isnt in .fon format for web interface

  2. octogenario Says:

    “its super!!

    but newest Fw isnt in .fon format for web interface”


  3. pepe Says:

    A long time ago the fonera worked with domotics:

  4. FonHome Says:

    I don’t understand what you’re trying to do, going from one forum to the other posting that message. I would appreciate that you first enter our website to learn what we’re working on, and then criticise.

    Those ARE NOT domotic projects. They are mere switching relays controlled by RS232.
    · They are not bidirectional (no feedback).
    · You have to replace all your wiring installation
    · Your current light switches would be useless

    Are you trying to tell me you would install that in your house?

  5. ring0 Says:

    i’ve seen this on hack5.
    not using a fonera, but pc’s serial ports.

    anyway, is the fonera capable of downloads torrents without restarting over and over again?

  6. pepe Says:

    -Most X10 circuits are not bidirectional and they still being domotics. Even the state is controlled by the central system instead of each module.
    -Of course, like other professional domotics solutions.
    -Obviously you can add more staff like voice recognition managed by the central system and you’ll never need the switches anymore.

    Whatever you say, it is domotics too.

  7. isy99 Says:

    There are a few interfaces for the iphone and other technologies like Insteon or z-wave too – The isy99 can be viewed via a web interface and the smartlinc is designed for the small screen. I suppose this is a few months after the fonera came out though…

  8. tullio Says:

    how this project is going on?
    i’m very interested on it, i’ve a fonera and some x10 parts, but i can’t find web information about this project. There is somebody nice to help me?
    thanks a lot

  9. Jaimie Says:

    Wow this sounds really cool. I don’t own X10 stuff yet, cause I didn’t want my computer to be online all day long. This would be great for the electricity bills :-)

  10. steven Says:

    it seems this project is abandoned…the website gone
    I made a backup once and put it online for those that want to continue the project :

    you can buy these X10 stuff on and others

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