Invalid certificate while using the Fonera Downloader addon

Hi all,

If you’re using the fonera downloader addon from wan and Firefox show this error message:


we have a solution for you.

Log into the fonera via it’s WAN IP address using https. In this example I’ll use as the fonera WAN IP Address, so log into:

Then an error should appear saying that the site has a self-signed certificate and should ask you if you understand the risks and add an exception:


This next window will show, click on Confirm security exception and double check that the option Permanently store this exception is checked.


Once you’ve added the exception the error should no longer occur.

In case you want to check the certificate go to Firefox’s preferences, select the Advanced tab, go to encryption and click on view certificates.


You will see the certificate manager, go to the server‘s tab and you can see the fonera’s certificate.


This issue has already been reported in our support forums.

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9 Responses to “Invalid certificate while using the Fonera Downloader addon”

  1. jos meijer Says:

    great, but how do I find the WAN ip-adress?
    I tried HTTPS:// and all ip adresses that show in the status window plus the default adress ( but get only “page not found” errors instead of invalid certificate so I obviously give the wrong adress…..

  2. torrentman Says:

    Thanks, it works.

  3. javier Says:

    jos, you should see the wan ip address of your fonera in the main dashboard page of the router. You can try to connect to it through LAN to see that ip address.

  4. bruce Says:

    Hi, similar problem with my F2.0n – have downloaded the Firefox (ver.3.5.5) add-on and now have Fonera Download Manager box appear with message under ‘downloads’ tab saying “Authentication failed – please check your settings”. Checked my Firefox browser Advanced/Encryption/view certificates – and no Fonera certificate shown. Any help gratefully recieved to enable my objective of downloading via torrents.

  5. javier Says:

    bruce: you need to follow the procedure of accesing your fonera from wan in order to trigger the https authentication and save the certificate or else you’ll never get it. This is only needed if your accesing from WAN (i.e. not connected directly to your fonera via cable/wifi)

  6. bruce Says:

    javier, done as requested and although I can ‘see’ the certificate now, added it as an exception, etc., I still have the authentication error message “secure connection failed – fonera: 443 uses an invalid security certificate – not self signed” (Error code: sec_error_ca_cert_invalid). More annoyingly is the repeated pop-ups when on web browser showing me the same error box.

  7. javiermon Says:

    @bruce: mmmm so you’ve added the certificate, closed firefox and when restarted the browser and still? The certificate shows up in the certificate manager on the server tab? Weird, I’ve done this a couple of times and after restarting firefox with the certificate installed everything works.

  8. bruce Says:

    javier, its as you say. Could it be any config issue at my dashbord end? If I access internet via my BT Homehub, no pop-up appears but obviously I cannot access the Fonera dashboard and I still have the error message on Firefox page. The pop-up of invalid certificate occurs when using Fon ‘MyPlace’ access. This wifi access does enable all dashboard access and via the IP address 192.168 etc.

  9. jakerue Says:

    bruce, I hacked at this all morning and finally got it. I originally followed the directions by javiermon and added my ssl cert by going to https://my.WAN.ip.add and confirming the exception. Restarted ffox and got the same error.

    What I realized was that it’s actually asking for fonero:443…which it doesn’t recognize as https://my.WAN.ip.whatever

    so under preferences I chose to Add Exception and input fonera:443 as the server. Now I have the http://my.WAN.ip.whatever and fonep:443 added to the exception list. Restarted ffox and it works fine now.

    This is all from my LAN, haven’t tried it outside my network yet.

    Good luck with this and let me know if it works for you

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