Hotfix to make Flickr work again

A while ago, Flickr changed their API to require HTTPS connections to be made. This causes the Flickr uploader in the Fonera firmware to break.

As of today, there is a hotfix available for firmware that fixes this problem and makes the Flickr uploader work again. Installing it is simple: Just head over to the “Applications” page on the Fonera dashboard and install the hotfix that’s listed there. It should work right away.

Note that this fix is only available for the latest released stable firmware version, If you’re running an older version, you’ll have to upgrade first. Furthermore, if you ever do a factory reset, you’ll have to reinstall the hotfix (which is also the only way to uninstall the hotfix).

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  1. Akuma Says:

    Near 1 year passed only to get this update… I’m sure (or at least I hope) you are working on many other things for the Fonera… but meanwhile, why don’t you make a W.I.P. thread so the Fonera’s customers like me (and sure the rest) could check the amazings things that’re going to come to our router?

    Thanks and cheers.

  2. steven Says:

    As FON has stopped selling this device..I guess the “fonosfera” is dead?
    They only see a Fonera Simpl, Gramofon and a Fon Business…the latter has a usb port which is not available :(

    what are the best locations to get a “fonera 2.0n” compliant repository of openwrt builds?

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