Here it is! the long awaited RC3… Ehr… RC4!!!!

Hello all!

after a veeeeeery long time, we’re happy to announce a new Release Candidate: RC4! Yes, we know the 3 comes after the 2 and not the 4, but RC3 was an internal release :P

Why did it take us so long to make a new release? Phew… LOTS OF CHANGES!!! Really, L O T S. And we hope this is going to be all for the good.

This is not a stable release or better said, not an official release, just a Release Candidate, but we think it’s much more stable and usable than previous versions. We’re closer and closer to the perfect device! LOL

Ok, no more boring info, here’s the Changelog:

  • Upload service queuing: if you plug a disk with media to upload to different services (YouTube, Flickr, Picasa or Facebook) they will now be queued and uploaded serially and not in parallel (which caused the fonera to run out of memmory and crash).
  • Applications know when another upload is in progress: if you’re uploading videos to Youtube and there are queued pictures for Flickr, the Flickr page will tell you: “Waiting for YouTube to finish the upload”. How about that? ;)
  • Send files from samba and they will be uploaded to your applications. No need to unplug and replug the disk! More and more user friendly every time :P
  • Prorgess bars for uploaders: so you konw when it’s gonna be finished. It also helps show that the fonera is working on something ;)
  • Save configuration from flash to flash: no need to reconfigure all the settings again! Well, WPA password will be lost and the plugins you installed too… sorry. We’re working on it. But it’s already good progress, isn’t it? (this feature only works on web upgrade)
  • Save and restore configuration: what’s this? well, some users like to have backups of their configuration. Now you can download it from the fonera and upload it again if you want to restore safe values… It’s not very tested yet, test it and let us know if it works fine!
  • Better memmory management (processes stopped if unnecessary, less services running by default etc): ok ok, this is not a feature but an enhancement, but it’s important!
  • More image and video types supported. every application is aware of what it can upload. They even check filesizes depending on the service. If a picture is too big for Picasa it will tell you ;)
  • Videos are now supported on picasa and flickr too!
  • Classic youtube accounts should work now: those without the – it’s not valid to have a like account and just ommit it in the user field! Please, someone test it…
  • Additional info on the dashboard: shows uptime, shows release candidate number…
  • Disable FONSpot: yes… you can now disable the FON service. Why, you wonder. Well, we want to build the biggest wireless community in the world, but well, everybody is free to do whatever they want with their fonera, they payed for it after all. So, you don’t want to share? don’t share… but you are evil! mwahahahaha!
  • And much more…

And let me finish with the most awaited the most critisized, the most conflictive, the most difficult bug we ever had… (NO IT IS NOT BRIDGING! LOL)… TORRENTS!!!

We removed the unworkable (thanks unworkable folks, it was a good try but didn’t fit our needs) and it’s been replaced with… TRANSMISSION! Transmission is the best torrent client out there and it’s opensource! It works really well and it’s been veeeery smooth to integrate in the fonera.

Thanks to pablo and john form FON and Charles from transmission and others, we have our first Transmission plugin for you guys to enjoy! It’s still the first version, we are already working on some improvements that will come in the future, but for now, it’s usable.

Don’t abuse… the Fonera 2.0 is still a limited device in memory and CPU. Please follow this recommendations:

  • We suggest to limit download speed to 150KB/s-200KB/s for stability and responssiveness of the interface. This is the values we set by default, we know it’s not very high, but it’s kind of stable.
  • Also, sometimes the interface seems to be freezed… it’s not common but sometimes it takes up to 30min to give a response, still it’s working in the background. If Transmission has proved something is that it’s very stable and very reliable, so just be patient. Really, be patient. Especially when starting or connecting while it’s been downloading for a long while.
  • Do not add many torrents. Transmission right now does not support queueing. All torrents you upload to it will be added for parallel download and this kills la fonera. Well, it doesn’t kill it, just makes it totally unresponssive. IMPORTANT: adding torrents and pausing them does ALSO freeze the fonera, Transmission uses these files in background for something.
  • Also, be aware that it does NOT work with NTFS so… windows users, use FAT32, linux users… you don’t need advice ;)
  • DO NOT use it with a pendrive. The fonera uses the pendrive as RAM memmory (swap) and pendrives are too slow for that plus they deteriorate faster.
  • DO NOT remove the disk before “shutting down torrent” from the fonera web UI. This is very important or you will have to uninstall and reinstall transmission. To extract a disk, you need to reboot (sotfware reboot) the fonera if you ran transmission first. This is a bug that will be fixed soon.

We are already trying to work with the Transmission guys to improve these problems, so stay tuned and ready for improvements in the future. Still, this is something already usable :P
I don’t want to extend on the incredible opportunities Transmission is bringing to the fonera (bandwidth control, seeding, access from other devices – Android, iPhone, Firefox plugins). You will get to know them by yourselves :)

I also want to thank the small betatesting team we’ve built. They are in great extent responsible of many of the improvements you see now and will see in the future. A big applause for them.
Ok, I think this has been the longes release candidate post I ever wrote so now I shut up.

Web upgrade: 20090708_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc4.tar.gz

Web upgrade – developer mode: 20090708_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc4_DEV.tar.gz
Console upgrade: 20090708_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc4.image – md5sum f53f98adeeac9b9b5426d8a53cbd9db3

58 Responses to “Here it is! the long awaited RC3… Ehr… RC4!!!!”

  1. FONJudge Says:

    FON is strictly forbidden in Germany now. Other european countries will follow by high court decision! Note this and just have a look for a new job! Thats the end of FON now, as promised more often

  2. skynetbbs Says:

    I’ll soon report about “classic youtube upload test”; I have both accounts…

  3. Muaddib03 Says:

    Thank you guys !
    I will be testing it this evening :)

  4. Jiulmur Says:

    And the Webcam support??…’s ok?….I think that is interesting :-)

  5. torrentman Says:

    Ok, let’s rock ! I mean … let’s seed folks! hope it works ;-)

  6. iurgi Says:

    torrentman, I hope so too! :P
    It works ;) just read the information/warnings about it

  7. torrentman Says:

    There is some external GUI for transmission? What port is used? Can forward this port from wan?

  8. Alan Says:

    i’m having problems to add the aplications in the firewall to be acessible from wan, it’s not working for me.

  9. monossido Says:

    I use transmission for my first try, very time ago

    i just say LOL :)

  10. iurgi Says:

    torrentman, yes, theres a guy for transmission, you have a button to access it after setting transmission
    alan:yes, bug reported. will be fixedon
    mobossido: hehe. good try, visionary! thanks!

  11. m4ss1 Says:

    Greate work guys ;)
    Please add also usb_modeswitch with web settings because most internet keys huawei doesn’t work and automatic disconnection for 3G connection.


  12. Yagüe Says:

    YEEEEES!! I LOVE YOU!! (I hope to still love you after trying it).

    I will be back to say you how the experience was.

    And sorry if my english is bad… xD

  13. barbon Says:

    this firmware rock!!, is really stable and never crash! :), torrent working at 100% tested and approved by Iurgi!

  14. David Says:

    I have just installed this RC4, a had the RC2. After the flash the fonera was unable to get the power led set to green. In the dashboard i saw “DNS Server: N/A” rebooted the fonera 1 or 2 times but still the same.

    Solution found (after 5min of sadness XD): Settings > Internet > DHCP Auomatic

    I think this setting wasn´t available in the RC2, i dont know. If anyone experience the same problem with the DHCP server try this (it worked for me ;) )

    Let´s make heavy downloads and some fried eggs in the top of the f2 !!!

  15. Lore! Says:

    Trasmission as the default torrent application? Good!

    Well.. now there only one functionality that keeps me from buying the fonera 2.0: the lack of the BRIDGE functionality.

  16. Alex Says:

    hi all, thies Transmission WebUi requires user and password. it fits nothing. Please what should I do to enter? Sorry for my english ;)

  17. iurgi Says:

    Alex: fonero / fonera_password

    Lore! It will come in the future :)

    David: Notes, thanks. Will check it.

    FONJudge: Really? Thanks for warning! LOL

  18. Nino Says:


    Can anyone explain me how to use transmission? When I open it, it says that I have to install it into a non-flash harddisk… can anyone say how to do it?


  19. iurgi Says:

    Hi Nino,

    1) plug a disc
    2) Go to transmission page
    3) Clink on install
    4) Select the disk/partition you want to install in
    5) wait
    6) Start transmission (on that same page)
    7) Connect to transmission (on that same page)

    Good luck!

  20. Nino Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the answer irugi!

    That’s what I tried, select the partition, and click on install but nothing happens. If I try to reinstall or refresh, it always says that there is already an installation in progress… then get back to the control panel, select transmission, and the same again…

    Anyway, I’ll try to do it once again when I arrive at home.

    Thanks and sorry for my english, I’m from spain.

  21. Josemi Says:


    @ Iurgi

    Why dont you bring the posibility to hide the private ssid of la Fonera?

  22. Viper Says:

    I like that you now can disable the fonspot. Why? Because I already have a fonera 1.0 with fontenna for sharing internet and want to use the new fonera 2.0 just for myself. Thanks very much for making this possible!

  23. Ronron Says:

    And what about bridge function ? ;-)

  24. marc Says:

    i’m also having problems to add the aplications in the firewall to be acessible from wan, I use it to connect via internet to the fonera to check the download status.
    As the web control panel does’nt work as expected, there’s any way to enable this options via ssh?


  25. Stone Says:

    To enable http from wan do:

    iptables -A input_daemon -p tcp –dport 80 -j zone_wan_ACCEPT

  26. Nino Says:


    Finally my transmission is working! There was a problem with my hdd.

    Anyone can tell me how to enable de ssh access?


  27. Richard Says:

    Just installed rc4. The dashboard and everything works fine but I can’t access internet anymore. Fonera keeps telling me that my internet connection needs to be configured. My internet connection works (I use my cable dhcp modem right now). Anyone having same problem?

  28. torrentman Says:

    Nino: try to switch to developer mode from the application menu. Or install the DEV version.

  29. torrentman Says:

    # Josemi Says:
    July 9th, 2009 at 12:15 pm


    @ Iurgi

    Why dont you bring the posibility to hide the private ssid of la Fonera?

    >> ticket opened on trac

  30. Tsuneo Says:

    About “Disable FONSpot”…
    1) Is only disable public signal? How about private signal?
    2) If disable public signal, user status will change “Alien”?

  31. Inouk Says:

    Richard: Go to internet settings, set to static IP, save, and set back to DHCP using the default DNS. It’s a workaround, but the bug will be fix soon.

  32. rotrin Says:

    I reflashed fonera 2.0 to 2.0.6 but it still on 2.0.5 but the “desktop” on green, is it possible??

    Actualizo con la imagen y me sigue en 2.0.5 pero en verde el fondo (developer) no entiendo nada jejeje aunq bien es cierto q aún no he probado transmission

  33. abdulet Says:

    I’v upgrade to version 2.2.6 rc4 and all went nice and the upgrade is done, but the web interface say that its running version 2.2.5 rc4 that doesnt exists. Its not important but just to report… One think that doesnt work is the firewall, i cant change any value, when the page reload it lose changes and the firefox extension not work also

    does anyone eperience this things?

  34. Alessandro Says:

    Sorry guys. Do you know this problem?

    bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function ‘pairs’
    ?: in function ‘dispatch’
    ?: in function

    After i’ve installed RC4 when I try to go in fonera.

  35. Nuno Dias Says:

    Trasmission installed, but cannot acces via WAN.
    The wan ip (from which I access the dashboard) is
    But when I select the transmission webui in the dashboard it tries to open the lan ip

    Manually accessing, gives a failed to connect error.

    Note: WAN is “opened”: I’ve edited /etc/config/firewall and changed th input wan zone to acces (to avoid having to open a port each time I try to access fon services via wan) – fon wan is in fact my home lan.

  36. Nuno Dias Says:

    update: it gives the same error when accessing via LAN – transmission is installed but the webui refuses to work :(

  37. iurgi Says:

    Hi all,

    please IRC and the forums or development mailing list for support. The blog is not a support page :P it’s only for announcements.

    Nuno: what error? can you explain in more detail (on the channels mentioned above, please :P)

    Alessandro: I’m not sure but I think this happen when you extract the disk without properly umounting it. Because there’s a swap partition on the disk and it can’t find it if you remove it.

    Rotrin: yes, it’s correct. Si, es correcto :P

  38. hombrelobo Says:

    Is there any reason for Transmission to require a non-flash drive ? Too many accesses ? Anything else ? I use a big USB drive for my fonera, and I’d really prefer not to buy another HDD …

  39. torrentman Says:

    iurgi, please put the command line (wget) DEV version in downloads. thanks.

  40. iurgi Says:

    Hi torrentman,

    I can’t :( but if you do this before flashing, it works the same:


  41. Yagüe Says:


    I had the same problem with the internet and the problem was that UPnP was disabled. I enabled it and then it work perfectly.

  42. José Miguel Says:

    What about RedBoot access on fonera 2.0 (2202)? I can’t load firmware Openwrt via ethernet cable.
    Why it works on fonera and fonera+ but it doesn’t works on fonera 2.0?
    Isn’t that a firmware priority?
    I’m disappointed….

  43. giuseppeg88 Says:

    Will be implemented in the status page the list of users currently logged into the public signal (saying its type: bill/linus or alien) and the list of computers connected in signal private? These are tools that I, like many other Foneros, used in the old Fonera (thanks to freewlan) and feels much the lack of them in the fonera 2.0.

  44. Carsten Says:

    @FONjudge: You’re wrong, FON itself is not forbidden. Read the articles at heise carefully. It’s not forbidden to use or run FON routers for end users. Carsten.

  45. Dhaker Says:

    I’m trying this relase for fonera 2.0, I think is better than older the Transmission is very good, but I can not connected to ftp with this reales with others I have not problem. The problem is with filezilla, this say “530 Login authentication failed”, but I’m logged with fonero and passwor of fonera, can you help me?

    Estoy probando esta relase para la fonera 2.0, en mi opinión es mejor que las anteriores y el cliente de Transmission es muy bueno, pero tengo un problema y es que con los firmwares no tenia problema para conectarme por ftp, pero con estoy soy incapaz. Me sigo conectando como fonero y la clave de la fonera, pero todo el rato desde filezilla me da error, y el error que me da es de login “530 Login authentication failed”. ¿ Podéis ayudarme?

  46. torrentman Says:

    [quote]Do not add many torrents. Transmission right now does not support queueing. All torrents you upload to it will be added for parallel download and this kills la fonera. Well, it doesn’t kill it, just makes it totally unresponssive[/quote]
    Transmission works very nice on my F2. Already downloaded 10 torrents, my F2 is still up and running. It can easily download 3..4 parallel torrents and the interface is not locking.
    Thanks Iurgi, keep up the good work ! :-)

  47. torrentman Says:

    Bug: transmission is passive. Not possible to set the incoming port for connection with the tracker.

  48. Coen Says:

    I also tried the RC4, but discovered some problems:

    – I only have macs so all my external hdds are hfs+ (with journaling but I disabled that for the f2). Detection and access is fine, but when I see the free disk space it says 14MB instead of the nearly 230GB. I haven’t tried it on ftp yet, but that’s not what I want anyway, I want it on a network share. Can this be fixed? Also journaling support would be nice.

    – After the upgrade I could not enter ssh again. I followed the instructions to reboot it twice to let it regenerate the ssh keys again, but to no avail. I am reflashing the f2 as we speak to see if it helps anything.

    – And last but not least, since I couldn’t flash via ssh anymore, I had to do it in the web interface. It took me a while before I understood you had to throw in the tarball and not the image file itself, because that gave a Invalid image error. Would be good if it didn’t matter what you submitted, the image or the actual tarball. I understand there are some other files in the tarball that are used during upgrade, but consider it to integrate it in the image or place a note on the page that says throw in the tarball, not the .image.

  49. Alessandro Says:

    Hi guys, now work all correctly. 3 torrent in download…One of this is 8Gb.
    The problem was that I used a USB Pen Drive.
    Now with my HardDisk of 160Gb with indipendent power work very good.

  50. Ninuzzo Says:

    Hi all!
    I had the same problem of Mark:

    # marc Says:
    July 9th, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    i’m also having problems to add the aplications in the firewall to be acessible from wan, I use it to connect via internet to the fonera to check the download status.
    As the web control panel does’nt work as expected, there’s any way to enable this options via ssh?

    I’ve solved this problem using google chrome browser, i’ve activate all option and it’s work fine!

    Bye bye!!

  51. Dhaker Says:

    Hi, I’m dhaker, do your fonera correctly connect with ftp? I think that the password or username change, beause I’m trying connect ftp with fonero and pass the fonera or root and pass the fonera, but filezilla says “530 Login authentication failed”
    Can you help me please?
    Thanks for all;

  52. Alessandro Says:

    I need the video upload in Facebook!

  53. iurgi Says:

    Hombrelobo: well, the disk is used as swap and flash is so slow for that purpose. I strongly recommend using a disk, but it’s not a real limitation.

    Jose Miguel: I don’t understand why you’re disappointed. afaik, you don’t need redboot to flash openwrt…

    Alessandro: I think that walready works… give it a try, Otherwise we can add it in the future.

    Dhaker and all that have problems with FTP: I believe this is due to the new feature that saves your old passwords when reflashing. It only happens whne you reflash via web, I guess that’s your case. The password is either “admin” or the one you had before reflashing, not sure since I couldn’t check the code. Anyway, it should be fixed if you change the global password again.

    Coen, sorry about the image format. I already noted that before on previous releases and thoguht I did it on this one too… I will make sure to note it in the coming ones.

    giuseppeg88: hmmm maybe in the future. We have it in mind.

  54. José Miguel Says:

    Hi iurgi. You said “you don’t need redboot to flash openwrt…”. I read a lot of forums and everybody tells there’s no way to flash Openwrt (Kamikaze) via ethernet cable on Fonera 2.0, because RedBoot does’nt listen the ethernet interface during startup.

    Do you have a way to flash it? I’ll be very pleased if you bring that information.
    I want to check repeater and client mode, aircrack and ponte2 on fonera 2.0.

    Thank you! ¡Muchas gracias!

  55. Akuma Says:

    Hi iurgi,

    I’ve been working with the Fonera 2.0 as a NAS for my home and it worked well. The bad point I see now is that Transmission doesn’t support NTFS. Do you know if it will be supported in the future?, because for the NAS, I need to establish permissions to folders for each user that can’t be achieved with FAT32, for not to mention the so far good that NTFS is compared with FAT32 and its limits.


  56. giuseppeg88 Says:

    # iurgi Says:

    giuseppeg88: hmmm maybe in the future. We have it in mind.

    This is good news! I can not wait to see this.
    Congratulations on the excellent work done so far.

  57. Dhaker Says:

    iurgi a lot of thanks, I tried connected with password admin a connect perfectly. But now I want change this password, where i can do this? The password in general of fonera that the same before the reflashing.
    Thanks for all, now we try the new release.

  58. Grzegorz Says:

    > Disable FONSpot: yes… you can now disable the FON service. […] So, you
    > don’t want to share? don’t share… but you are evil! mwahahahaha!

    Thanks a lot. It is not because I am evil. My internet provider don’t allow me to share the signal and could disconnect me if I broke the terms of agreement.

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