Gari jr. bringing small but important fixes

You’ve been waiting on this release for a while (and again it took longer than expected, partly because the orange page turned out to be hard to debug, partly because the method of building the firmware was made a bit more reliable, partly because of the holiday season), but it’s finally here: Gari jr. (or, less poetically, It fixes the most important bugs that had snuck into (so this release is still just for the 2.0n).

Here’s the (exhaustive) list of changes:

  • The “Your internet is misconfigured” page will not show up so quickly anymore. With a lot of people were seeing this “orange page”, even when their internet was configured just fine. This happened in particular when their internet connection was loaded and some packets got lost. Now, the Fonera rechecks a few times if the connection is really broken before showing the orange page (so it might still show up when (over)loading the internet connection occasionally. In the future, we might remove the orange page altogether. See ticket #669 for more details.
  • Friends & Family accounts and configuration on has been fixed. To get existing F&F accounts working again, you’ll have to go to the F&F page on and click the save button (no need to make actual changes, but it could take a bit more than 2 minutes to take effect). See ticket #620 for details.
  • Registration should work again. In, the registration link on the dashboard was wrong, but this has been corrected. If you have bought your new Fonera and updated the firmware before registering, you should now update it again so you can register it. See ticket #830 for details.
  • WPS was disabled. It seems it got broken in, and in its broken state it caused problems with some Android and Blackberry phones not detecting the private signal. See ticket #540 for details.
  • Rapidshare premium accounts are working again in the download manager. Rapidshare had changed their login procedure, so the downloadmanager needed an update as well. Note that the firmware upgrade (still) does not preserve your login details, so you’ll have to re-add both your Megaupload and Rapidshare account after the upgrade. See ticket #872 for details.
  • The default (and only) SSL library is now openssl. Previously, some parts of luci still used cyassl, but having both caused build failures. This shouldn’t have any visible changes, though.
  • In DEV mode, the Fonera no longer forgets the password strength on upgrades. Previously, this would cause SSH WAN access to become disabled in an undetectable way. Note that the upgrade still forgets the application firewall settings, so you’ll still have to re-enable all services to allow access on the WAN side. See ticket #633 for details.

Note that this update does not fix ticket #874, which causes the public signal to flicker off and on for some people. This issue can also prevent registration from working! If our diagnosis about this issue is correct, we should be able to fix this on the server side somewhere in the coming week.

Due to changes in the buildprocess, most of the lua code has been precompiled as well (which somehow didn’t happen with This might cause the web interface to respond a bit faster as well.

Overall, we recommend all users to install this update.

To install the new firmware, download the web upgrade tarball here (NO NEED to extract them, just upload them to the Settings->System page). If you don’t know which version to pick, you’ll want the Enduser version.

For me personally, preparing this release has allowed me to find out how things work exactly at Fon and in the firmware itself. Turns out things are pretty complicated ;-) Anyway, the firmware release process has been improved a bit already and documented, but we will probably automate it even further for the next release. Hopefully all of this means the next firmware release will be smoother than this one.

Speaking about that next release, it will be versioned The major release goal for that release is to support 2.0g again: In the past we’ve been hard pressed to get the 2.0n firmware stable (especially the wifi driver side), but we hadn’t got the time to give 2.0g the proper attention. Now we’ll try to make up for that and have a release for both 2.0g and 2.0n again, which should include some extra updates and bugfixes as well. I’ll try to publish a bit more detailed post about this in the coming weeks.

Update: We’ve found the first minor regression in When you do a factory reset and go through the welcome wizard, you’ll get a lua error: “attempt to index field ‘spot’ (a nil value)”. For more info and a workaround, see ticket #894. We’ll probably not release a separate fix for this, but instead make sure this is fixed in

Update: There’s a second minor regression in Again in the wizard, you can enter your Rapidshare account details. However, the code that processes those details has not been updated to reflect the new Rapidshare login method, so entering your details in the wizard will (silently) fail. Entering your details in the download manager settings normally should work.

90 Responses to “Gari jr. bringing small but important fixes”

  1. giuseppeg88 Says:

    Congratulations for the excellent work! Now, that finally there is a fw stable, you can work on features such as wifi-wan mode (repeater mode) and the mediacenter…

  2. Matthijs Says:

    Yup, now it’s time for other updates, but more about that in an upcoming post ;-)

  3. Berndt Liljeroth Says:

    Excellent work!
    It feels like a different router.

  4. Josemi Says:


    Thanks for the awesome work, Matthijs! :)


  5. Marco Says:

    Congrats on the new release. Upgrade made and running smoothly.
    I’m just hoping you guys have time to check the USB Hub -> 3G Dongle issue this time…

  6. Jack0 Says:

    Thank you!!!
    Now i look forward for the mediaserver.

  7. Matthijs Says:

    I’ll allow myself to get slightly off-topic for this :-)

    We’ve been trying to get the HUB + 3G issue fixed for a while now, but we haven’t been able to repoduce this with any of the 3G dongles we have. Also, a recent request for more information in the ticket (#867) has not been responded to yet. So, if you want to see this ticket fixed, please help us out by keeping an eye on that ticket!

    Also, please keep further discussion about the 3G + HUB bug in that ticket, this blog post is not the right place for them.

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  9. skynetbbs Says:

    Great Fixes! Registration & Family&friends were needed!

  10. Olivier Says:

    Thanks for this update,
    I installed it, and unfortunately, registration still doesn’t work for me… when I click on the register button, nothing happens, it just goes back on the current page…

  11. Matthijs Says:

    I suspect that #874 is affecting you (are you using a 3G modem or PPPoE?), which can also prevent registration. We’re working on fixing this right now!

  12. Olivier Says:

    I’m not using a 3G Modem, nor PPPoE… but I can live without this feature until the next firmware release ;-)
    I’am already very glad to see that Torrent functionality is now fully working…

  13. tman Says:

    Thanks, great work, but a bit slow. Should hire more people, this device is not for a 3 person team :-(

    Transmission 2.04 update ? Motion4fon officially included ? Media server ? I’m waiting for all these in

    Thanks !

  14. João Oliveirinha Says:

    Yeah.. Registration button is still not working.. I am using bridge mode.

  15. Tigroz Says:

    Hi upgraded , bridge mode, registration not working

  16. Morgan Says:

    I’ve upgraded from to but register button appeared and I don’t know how to remove.
    I’ve registered fonera 2.0n some months ago, when I purchased and configured first time.
    May you help me to remove register button?

  17. Matthijs Says:

    The Fonera doesn’t always know that it’s already registered, but you can just ignore the Register button in that case. See The Fonera does not do anything differently depending on whether the button is present or not (it’s only the servers that do things differently, but those know you’ve previously registered, so don’t worry).

  18. SkyNETbbs Says:

    You can fix the “registration” issue using this plugin:
    you need to have the “development” firmware installed to accept 3rd party plugins!

  19. t031 Says:

    so far so good, the new firmware seems to be more stable and quicker. I am still testing and will let you know about any issues.

  20. Matthijs Says:

    Unfortunately, we’ve already found two minor regressions in the release, both regarding the welcome wizard. I’ve put some info about those in the post. Shouldn’t affect most people, unless they do a factory reset. The bugs are easy to work around, fortunately.

  21. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    Register is still broken… But thanks for this new firmware! ;)

  22. nolonger Says:

    still no quality management… as usual

  23. Monzi_sez Says:

    I just bought the Fonera 2.0n.

    The original Firmware version is Elan the Elk. Fonera recommends me to upgrade to the latest version BUT, I read that the repeater mode is NOT available in these versions.

    The version that appears in this post has repeater mode? Please respond, It is quite urgent, I CAN repeat the signal now, but I want to fix the “Your internet is misconfigured” problem.

  24. Matthijs Says:

    Monzi, the release does not contain the repeater mode (we’re still working to get it stable in all setups). However, mostly fixes problems from, so if you’re happy with and need the repeater mode, you can probably stay with for now (the misconfigured internet problem shouldn’t occur (often) on either).

    Regarding registration being still broken: This seems to apply for some people due to some issue with maximum packet size. This issue seems to have started about two months ago, but we haven’t been able te determine what changed then. The problem here is completely external to the Fonera: The Fon servers send a (big) packet to the Fonera, which gets dropped somewhere along the way to the Fonera, proably due to a combination of the packet size, fragmentation and a tunnel in between that limits the maximum packet size. We’re looking for a temporary solution to this problem next week, and find a more permanent solution after that. So, hold in there.

  25. geaplanet Says:

    If I try install the new firmware I get “Falló la verificación del archivo” (in spanish), something like “Verification file has failed”. What’s the problem?

  26. introlinux Says:

    I can’t update it. I got the .tgz file for end users and then I clicked in upgrade. I got this:

  27. Danilo Schembri Says:

    Please, don’t forget Fonera 2.0g.

    Thank you.
    Dany :)

  28. Mattias Says:

    Thanks for the upgrade, now my Fonera 2.0n is working just fine! (I was affected by the Orange Page of Death before).

    As for people asking for a media sever: What functions are you missing that you can’t get by just using the SAMBA-function and get access to the files on your computer? Do you want to connect your Fonera directly to a TV? Is it even possible to play videos on such a “weak” processor?

  29. Matthijs Says:

    For those of you that can’t upgrade because of the “verification failed” error: Double-check that you haven’t decompressed the image. It is a .tgz file, which is a .tar file compressed with gzip compression. Perhaps you, or your browser, have decompressed it, leaving you with just a .tar file? Perhaps you can try downloading it with a different browser?

    As for 2.0g, it’s the #1 priority for the release!

  30. Anjo Says:

    Dear Matthijs;

    I have just bought a fonera 2.0n and it was working quite well since I decided to upgrade it. Then my fonera has virtualy died. Only the power led is on. No wan led and of course no wifi at all.

    I have tried to follow the instructions of the wiki ( but I get lost in the steps 7 and 8. I am quite new in all these and do not understand about tftp protocols. Could you help me? What should I do to Set factory defaults again?

    I use a Mac with the Snow Leopard OS.

    Thanks a lot for your help

  31. Matthijs Says:

    To do a factory reset, see

    As for the firmware restore procedure, step 7 asks you to configure a static IP address for the network interface on your Mac. I’m not exactly sure how this works on a Mac, but you should look for the TCP/IP settings for your ethernet (network) connection, and configure “” as the IP address and “” as the netmask. DNS servers and default gateway can be left empty. Don’t forget to change the settings back to automatic after you’ve succesfully done the tftp flash.

    As for running the actual tftp command, it’s probably similar to the Ubuntu command (since OSX uses a lot of common UNIX commands as well). There might be variations, though.

    Please see if you can get it to work with these instructions. If you continue to have problems, please post on the forum or contact Fon support.

    Please don’t reply on the blog here, since this isn’t really the proper place for this sort of questions.

  32. t031 Says:

    Ok I got the new firmware running now for 5 days and I have to say it works stable and flaw less so far.
    Good job!
    Hopefully you guys will manage to come up with the essential improvements like the FTP config so often discussed, the media server etc… in order to get the fonera 2.0n to the level we actually paid for.
    Keep up the good work.

  33. jos Says:

    I have used the 2.0n for months now. I use firmware and I am fairly happy since the -solved- issue of the wifi drops. Now wifi private works perfect; no drops. I stream to my ASUS OPlayer (which plays about anything brilliantly) and that works perfectly as well.
    My MacBook has a speedy and constant wifi connection to the fonera ; although a higher speed would be nice; at the moment my wifi tops at 4MB/sec which is kind of slow right ?

    All in all I like it but I just wished Fon would be more modest; the Fonera 2.0n is a nice router for the money but certainly no top notch router. Do not start 20 torrents and expect fast performance in streaming and downloading. Also the apps are very few.

    But the basic functions work fine after some updates so I am happy with this shiny thing. Now add high speed wifi (external ??) and I am very happy !

    Oh and please fix the website config page slider for download speed for friends and family; add more options please !!! In the Netherlands sharing 4mb (bits) is a bit shitty but the only higher option is unlimited…

    And please delete the fon site part where you configure the router and make that a local thing; this is a bit confusing.

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  35. Matthijs Says:

    For those of you having problems registering: We’ve made some configuration changes in our radius servers, which should prevent issues for most people. Testing has shown that in some cases, ADSL modems still mess up packet reassembly, so we’re still working on some other changes to prevent problems alltogether (by preventing packet fragmentation in the first place).

    So, if you were having problems registering, it’s likely that it will work now (you might need to reboot your Fonera and wait a few minutes first, though).

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I have upgraded to version but in the dashboard it still says version… Is that normnal, or respectively why is that so??

  37. Matthijs Says:

    Nope, that’s not normal. Apparently something went wrong during the update. DId you get a timer counting down for the upgrade to complete, or perhaps an error message?

    You should probably try the upgrade again.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, there was a countdown from 5 minutes to zero and then finished with 100%. I will try it again and tell you if it worked then or not.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I did the update again and this time it worked, thank you for the suggestion to try it again

  40. Olivier Says:


    I’ve (re-)tried registering (version, when I click the register button on my Fonera, I’m redirected to website asking me to log me in… I enter my credentials and then I don’t know if my fonera is registered or not. I’m still an alien and can’t change my profile…
    I rebooted my fonera, but it does exactly the same.
    How can I know if it worked ? Must the icon still be visible to register once registration is done ?


  41. Matthijs Says:

    If registration worked, your FON spot should be shown in your profile (i.e., go to this page after logging in at You should also have been asked for details about the location of your FON spot.

    Please also recheck if you’re really running, perhaps the upgrade didn’t work?

    If you continue to have problems, please create a topic on the forums so we can keep things organized a bit :-).

  42. Michele Mascolo Says:

    is possible in future release to add an support to downloader?

  43. Matthijs Says:

    Please create a ticket on for that, this is not the proper place for such requests.

  44. Ernest Says:

    And now for the 2.0. Where is that long promised update?

  45. Fredius Says:

    The family&friends not work for me.

  46. Matthijs Says:

    Fredius, please contact FON support, make a topic on or create a ticket on, so we can find out what is causing your issue. Don’t forget to include your Fonera MAC address there.

  47. Martin Brée Says:

    It’s a shame !
    This update solved nothing for me once again. I get the orange page every 5 minutes and the router keeps rebooting over and over again when connected to my Mac running OS X. When I use bootcamp to run Windows on it, the Fonera is almost perfect !

    I want my money back !!!!!!!!!

  48. Matthijs Says:

    That doesn’t sound like any issue I’ve seen or heard about before. Could it be that under OSX there is some application that is heavily using the network (e.g., bittorrent) or uses it in some weird way (creating a lot of connections in short time or something)? Does it also happen when you connect trhough a LAN cable?

    If you want to invest some time debugging this, please create a ticket so we can discuss the issue there. We’d like to fix as many issues as possible, but we can’t magically fix a problem we can’t debug…

  49. Marco Says:

    @Martin that’s weird. I use an iMac and a macbook (both previously with tiger and now with snow leopard) and I don’t have any problems of fonera rebooting or with the orange page.

  50. jos Says:

    @Martin in the beginning after the update I had the orange page problem but it went away; MacBook with Snow Leopard installed.

  51. Nicolae Ghimbovschi Says:

    The most stable fon firmware ever !!! 16 days uptime already :)

  52. Jos Says:

    The orange screen is back ! Reboot has no effect ! Solutions please !!
    So yet another problem; I guess I will have to flash the firmware with open source alternatives to get it up and running decently ! Frinds and Family still not working !!!

  53. steven Says:

    there are no “other” opensource alternatives… contains the sourcecode…if you can fix it you’ll be our hero :)

  54. Jos Says:


    external hard drive inaccessible; orange screen… reattach hard drive has no effect. Is there ANY firmware version bugfree ? I really don’t care for youtube, uploading pictures, rapidshare, webcam and so forth: a router with attached accessible hard drive would do for me. Even the reason for buying this (friends and family) does not bother me anymore: just a basic router.

    Oh great; now I cannot even access my Fon router local configuration page (luci). And the power light keeps on blinking… since more than 30 miinutes… MacBook system restart no success. And my ip address on my laptop is not local but wan…. I should be getting 192.168. xxxxx

    Bugger ! I have no idea how to fix codes; don’t understand a single word of it.

  55. Jos Says:

    http://fonera/luci/fon_dashboard : problem loading page. So how do I get into my router again ? Rebooted several times; no response…

  56. Jos Says:

    Now I have access again after unplugging power several times.

  57. Voorstad Says:

    Hi Jos, good to read you’re back online with your Fonera. When you have any problems or tweaking questions regarding your Fonera, please join the IRC channel or to post your issues. This blog is not the perfect to spot to request for help. Especially the IRC channel has already helped me a lot.

  58. Jos Says:

    Thanks for your advice; I still think this blog is the most public and accessible place though.

  59. Fredius Says:

    Where I find the IRC channel?

  60. Voorstad Says:

    Especially the webchat is very easy to access.

  61. Monzi_sez Says:

    I have two Ideas and I especially hope the first one is available on the new firmware.

    1. Please, PLEASE, please, PLEASE, put back REPEATER mode :O Dd-wrt firmware is not available yet so I would LOVE to get the mode back.

    2. When downloading torrents, it would be very helpfull to setup the times in wich the fonera can download, just like when downloading from megaupload …
    I don’t understand why this hasn’t been made this way yet… you can pause and restart a torrent, with megaupload and other services you have to download it all in one piece.


  62. Matthijs Says:

    I guess I should really get around to posting about plans in a bit more detail :-)

    Anyway, as for 1., I hope to enable repeater mde again, so we can debug the stability issues that were occurring before. Probably only in the DEV firmware initially, though.

    As for 2., this is implemented in a new version of Transmission, which has already been committed (technically, you can set special bandwith limits on given hours, but you can probably disable entirely by setting 0Kbps).

  63. Monzi_sez Says:

    @Maththijs: I don’t understand :O

    Are you saying that you can already set the torrent download on given hours in this firmware verison, ore are you saying that you can just limit bandwith?

  64. Matthijs Says:

    I’m saying that, in the next version (which is not yet released), you will be able to enable “turtle mode” on scheduled hours, which has configurable (low) bandwidth limits. But that’s not in any current version yet.

  65. Rui Barbosa Says:


    Thanks for the update :)

    It would be great though if you could allow QoS configurations to go until 20Mbps Upload. Also, when I configure QoS to 100Mbps download it only allows a speed up to 25Mbps…

    Thanks :)

  66. Matthijs Says:

    Rui, if you want to see these issues fixed, please create two separate tickets for them at See and for more info. In this blog comment, the issues will get lost and are unlikely to be ever fixed.

  67. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    I think that download manager don’t work with Megaupload. I have a premium account but I get this error:

    Imposible descargar fichero ‘here comes the megaupload link': Se ha recibido una página web en lugar de un fichero. Esto puede deberse a que el fichero haya sido borrado del servidor o que necesite una cuenta de descarga válida para recibir este fichero.

    But I can download from the browser with no problem. Somebody can try?

  68. TheUntouchable Says:

    “I guess I should really get around to posting about plans in a bit more detail :-)”

    Where are the details? ;)

  69. Michele Mascolo Says:

    login on megaupload site, go on “my account” on “transfert settings” uncheck “direct download”.

    should go like this


  70. Miguel Says:

    Any news on the release date?

  71. Dave K Says:

    My opkg.conf file in the Gari jr load, refers to “” That link does not exist. What should the link be

  72. Matthijs Says:

    It should be for 2.0n and for 2.0g.

    Don’t forget to add “option force_space” to the config file as well.

    I’ll try to get this fixed out of the box in the next release.

  73. Fredius Says:

    Sería muy interesante para mí el poder acceder al disco duro conectado al USB de la fonera2.0n a través de SAMBA pero sin necesidad de tener que introducir un nombre de usuario (fonero) y una contraseña. Sería posible hacer esto? Quizá poder activa o desactivar la autenticación en conexiones SAMBA desde el panel de control de la fonera?

    It would be very interesting for me to access the hard drive connected to fonera2.0n USB via SAMBA but without having to enter a user name (fonero) and a password. It would be possible to do this? Perhaps to enable or disable authentication on SAMBA connections from the control panel of the fonera?

  74. Matthijs Says:

    Nope, it’s not currently possible to disable authentication. You can create a ticket for this, if you want. See

  75. t031 Says:

    the link you mentioned earlier: for 2.0n
    Are these all packages which may be installed to the fonera 2n?
    Does the package ftp Topfield provide with the FTP server with the user right management we are looking for?

  76. Matthijs Says:

    Most packages can be installed, with the notable exception of kernel modules. Not all other packages will work, though, you’ll have to try.

    As for an FTP server with user management, the builtin ftp server can do multiple users just fine, but there is mostly no web management available for it.

  77. t031 Says:

    Thanks, is there any manual for the command line setup of the build in ftp server available?

  78. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    @Michele Mascolo

    Thanks you very much ;)

  79. Javi Says:

    Twiter login must use OAuth, but this firmware don’t use it, so, Twitter dont’t work :(

  80. Matthijs Says:

    The twitter issue was also reported here:

    We hope to get this fixed in

  81. t031 Says:

    so how is that firmware coming along, is there any ETA yet?

  82. Jack0 Says:

    Be careful with the word “ETA” in Spain.

  83. t031 Says:

    you got it, its equally PIA as a half finished firmware, lol

  84. Panos Says:

    Dear sirs,
    i would like to know what is really happening with the update fot the g version. It seems that you are only interested on the n version. But this is not fair.

  85. 6izmo Says:

    Are you gonna implement some kind of dlna compatibility for USB conected devices to fonera 2.0?

  86. Matthijs Says:

    As for 2.0g, as I indicated in the post, the next update should support 2.0g again. A lot of work has been done for 2.0g already, more about that soon.

    As for DLNA, I guess you mean a DLNA server that shares media files from connected USB disks? We used to have ushare, and the minidlna server was also suggested. We’ll probably include one of these in the future, see ticket #869. However, remember that the Fonera does not have a powerful CPU, so it will only be able to stream media as is (e.g., it won’t be able to do on-the-fly transcoding, as required by the DLNA standard and some media renderers like Bravia TV’s).

  87. Olivier Says:

    Regarding resgitration of Fonera, is it possible to register it if it has already been registered ? I’m not the first owner of my Fonera, and I can’t register it… I’m asking me if the problem could be due to “multiple” registration ?

  88. Matthijs Says:

    Yes, I think that is possible. You should contact FON support and send them the MAC address and serial of your Fonera (which should be on a sticker), I think they can unregister it for you.

  89. Olivier Says:

    Thanks for your feedback, email has just been sent to support.
    Have a nice day.

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