Fonera Downloader 0.1.0

Hi all,

New relase of the firefox addon. Since there’s been quite a few releases so far and the plugin seem stable enough we’re bumping the versioning number ;)

In this release we’ve tweaked the way the plugin connects to the fonera so it’s a bit more gentle. This will make the plugin behave better, specially when you’re using the plugin from the WAN which appears to be most of you. We’ve also fixed a bug in which some of the downloads weren’t cleared from the manager window when clear completed button was used. Another fix was to be more consistent between the fonera’s downloads status and transmission’s so both use the same wording, hence a more unified UI.

There’s a new feature for massive downloaders, the new list view:


In this view the download manager will show the list of downloads in a simplified list so you can have a better view of more downloads in the same window without the need to keep scrolling down. The start/pause/cancel actions are available when you right click on an item from the list as well as the information tooltips when you hover over a item from the list, so don’t worry there no loss of functionality. :)


Both the view and sorting options are now stored as user preferences so your choice will be preserved when you close your browser. You can toggle between the icon and list view by using the right hand side buttons in the toolbar of the downloader manager window.

The plugin was heavily tested with the latest firmware of the Fonera as well as Firefox 3.5 but if you have any trouble using it, please report your bugs on the fonosfera tracker or Fon’s support forums including the firmware version of your Fonera as well as the Firefox version and operating system you are using.

Get it here,

4 Responses to “Fonera Downloader 0.1.0”

  1. Josemi Says:

    Great! Do you know more or less when is going to be avalaible a new firmware?

  2. eddie303 Says:

    Come on, post a firmware release date. I used to like living on the edge with alpha firmwares, but the glass is already full…

  3. Jack0 Says:

    Can you add an option to paste simple text links like in the Router GUI “Add files”?

    I have another Problem, some Boards are using a referrer like:
    Will the fonera or the addon be able to ignore this? Because i allways get an error.
    The files are legal stuff!!!

  4. javiermon Says:

    @Jack0: add links done ;) The other stuff is a bit tricky…

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