Fly baby, fly! Gari the Hummingbird is born

Hi all,

Well, here it is: Gari the Hummingbird firmware version for the Fonera 2.0n.

Gari the Hummingbird

I have not much time to make a long post and I’m sure you all want to just flash it and test it, better than reading my silly comments. Just let me point out the changes we’ve made and what is missing yet. And please, have in mind that only the router functionalities have been improved; the web 2.0 and torrent and downloader applications remain the same (hoping to update soon).

Changelog (mixture from previous stable version Elan and beta version Rudolph

  • WiFi driver fixed: we have updated to the latest WiFi driver from RaLink. This fixes most, if not all, the WiFi issues we had. Especially those affecting Broadcom chipsets (some iPhones, iPods, iMacs etc)
  • WiFi Country region selection: the WiFi is configured for Spain, but some MAC OS X devices seem to have trouble with this, so now you can chose your country in the WiFi configuration menu.
  • Many fixes in the 3G support:
    • added support for many more devices (anything on THIS list should be supported or ‘almost’, many others not in the list should also work)
    • improved the controls.
    • Japanese networks should work now.
    • Fixed the 3G / GPRS mode selection
  • The FONSpot feature has been fixed (it didn’t work on the beta Rudolph
  • WiFi-WAN mode (WiFi repeater) has been removed for sanity (sorry for those who used it, but it was not very stable yet).
  • Easier upgrade process: only one click from your “Applications” interface.
  • Bridge mode has been added: this means the fonera can work as an AP on your network and you can use your main ADSL router to give IPs, so anything connected to the LAN or WAN of the Fonera will be in the same network. The only limitation is you need to set a static IP address on the Fonera so you know how to reach it. IMPORTANT: when you set bridged mode, you need to reboot so the private WiFi (MyPlace) works. (thanks blathijs)
  • Many other fixes that I can’t even remember now, but many can be seen in the tickets we’ve closed on
Known issues:
  • When configuring 3G, we recommend to reboot after changing the settings, just in case. Especially if you’ve made any mistakes on the first try or have been testing different dongles.
  • On bridged mode, private WiFi does not work until you reboot.
  • Some 3G operators are not on the list. You will need to set them manually (Masmovil in Spain and others in other countries). We hope to update that list some day, but it’s already pretty good.
  • If you put so much stress on the Fonera (many torrents, downloads, uploads etc) it gets unresponsive (although it’s working on background) and some applications might not work as expected. Remember it’s a router, not a PC.
  • IF you are using static leases on your home router, beware: we have changed the internal MAC assignation of the Fonera 2.0n, so you need to reconfigure your leases.
  • Other bugs…  yes, there are! ;)
And finally, how to upgrade!
  • If you have firmware version or (Elan and Rudolph), please go to the Applications page and you will see a button to upgrade. NOTE: Type in your password and be patient, it takes some time to start!
  • If you have an older firmware or just want to do it manually, here the web upgrade tarballs (NO NEED to extract them, just upload them to the Configuration->Systems page):
  • If you’re a developer and don’t mind losing your setting and flashing it using ssh, you have all the possible files here.

One last thing: THANKS A LOT to all that reported bugs, that complained, that helped, that contacted us, that asked questions, that answered to other users’ questions etc. but, many special thanks to those who have been involved in testing pre-releases of this firmware and have taking a lot of time and effort in reproducing and reporting bugs so we could fix them. Seriously, THANK YOU ALL!

PS: thanks also to the FON team (martín, john, alex etc.)

134 Responses to “Fly baby, fly! Gari the Hummingbird is born”

  1. korbe Says:

    Thank you very much for this new release.

    I have a question: Printer plug-in became compatible with Zeroconf?

  2. Azdec Says:

    And for fonera 2G… ????????????????????????

  3. Norman Says:

    First off: Thanks for a working router (i hope so ;P) what about UPNP? No word on that? Does it work now?

  4. pablo Says:


  5. Ricardo Says:

    Great work! I just got my 2.0n yesterday, and played with Rudolph mostly because I needed the bridge mode.

    Just one questions, the upnp media server went away (was working fine on Rudolph, and was a joy to use it with the PS3), any plans to add it on a next version?

  6. OldMan Says:


    When they start investigating the repeater mode please take notice of the following:
    I experienced that it is acting different when I use different encryption mode’s for the MyPlace signal. Also when the encryption of then repeater link is changed it reacts different. This go’s form working, working sometimes until rebooting of the router. Let them check if the encryption part is recurrent, en that the port process uses the right encryption instance.
    Regards, OldMan.

  7. RHarmsen Says:

    Any chance a G version will be out soon to?
    Would love to have bridge function on a G edition!

  8. Carsten Says:

    Whoops.. I just updated my fonera. It now allows access to every web page when I connect to FON_FREE_INTERNET hotspot. Shouldn’t the fon login page be displayed?!

  9. Carsten Says:

    Ok, sorry, my fault. Was connected to WLAN and LAN… ;-)

  10. giuseppeg88 Says:

    THANKS!!! I install it immediately!

  11. crim Says:

    My pirelli voip phone still can’t connect to the private wlan with this new version . Any of my other (non fon) wifi networks gives no problems .

    Secondly the friends and family option -which i use a lot- does not work . Keeps saying user_not_found .

  12. n3m0 Says:

    Great! Thank you. Installed it and it works fine.

  13. Josemi Says:

    Oh yeah!! You´re doing a great job.Lets keep on it!

    I´m going to do a suggestion: I have seen that now you use the trac much more, but I think that how a great tool that is it you should use it a little more and get ir organized so we can see how is the development roadmap easily.


  14. seb Says:

    wooooo hooooo it all works like it should do Finally ! thank you :)

    PLEASE PLEASE keep up the development and help us fall in love with your routers again.

    im starting to believe again :)

  15. Adrian Gonzalez Says:

    Thanks, the new firmware it’s up and running and seems more robust.
    Just a quick note though, you might want to mention that we lost the audio player.

  16. n3m0 Says:

    Can it be, that the plugins like torrent client are not updated to

  17. partisano Says:

    It doesn’t work :( I got “Firmware not valid” error message :(

  18. Josemi Says:

    BTW, Where can I set MyPlace as Private SSID? I found in the trac that this has been added now as I request a year ago.

    What is the difference between 11N Mode HT20 and 11N Mode HT20/HT40? What should I choose?


  19. Josemi Says:

    I also see you disabled Media Server :( For when will it be again with us?

  20. tman Says:

    Upgrade is NOT on the applications list. I have rudy.

  21. Norman Says:

    Hm i installed it 2 times now via the upload button, i used the .tar file for normal users. Didn’t work, my Fonera still says Rudolph :/ can s1 help? Maybe that’s why upnp didn’t work i didn’t realize that i’m still on the old firmware until now ;)

  22. Norman Says:

    PS: i also dont get it on the list with thats why i tried the .tar upload, which fails.

  23. Norman Says:

    Installation works if you don’t use the TAR file but the extracted one!

  24. Fredius Says:

    It’s possible in future to connect to USB hard disk connected to the fonera 2.0n throught Samba in anonymous mode (whitout username and password)?

  25. Pidgeon Says:

    Great! My iphone goes way faster now. Well done Fon crew!

  26. Andrea Grandi Says:

    Same problem for me: I cannot find an upgrade in Applications (and I’m using fw, the one you retired because FON signal wasn’t working) and I cannot upgrade it with in Dashboard >> Settings >> System

  27. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @Norman: I’ve tried the .img file too, it says “image not valid”.

  28. Decodecoding Says:

    For those trying to upgrade to 2.3.6 from 2.3.5:

    First downgrade to 2.3.0 RC4 using web interface and file .tgz from

    Once you have downgraded to 2.3.0, you’ll see the update to Hummingbird in the Applications section.

    A friend of mine had this problem and solved it doing this.

  29. TheUntouchable Says:

    For me the problem was fixed with a simple reboot and trying again..

  30. Decodecoding Says:

    Ah! And all those trying to upgrade/downgrade using the .tgz file make sure doing it from Settings >> System and not from Applications !!

  31. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @Decodecoding: I’ve tried exactly as you say, but nothing happens :(
    I expected more than 50 minutes after starting the upgrade and the firmware is still

  32. myeyre Says:

    And the 2202G version will be available at??

  33. alexsc Says:

    Thanks you guys for your good work! I’m really happy about the bridging mode, so I don’t have to use 2 DHCP Servers in my network and every device is reachable.

    Thank you!

  34. criminala Says:

    Since my reply seems to have been removed , again ..

    1- my Pirelli VOIP phone is not able to find the private wifi and can not connect to it at all . Connecting to non fon routers is no issue , and the private lan shows up and works on my laptop .

    2- Friends and familiy , an option which i use all the time is still not working .

  35. Pepe Says:

    Good Job! I have a proposal for a feature.
    Is it possible to make the fonera more family friendly?
    So to have filters for content and access time for children. Just to make it a bit useful for families.

  36. snyfear Says:

    Cool!! Developers will now have time to also focus on fonera 2.0G for which the last official firmware is just ONE YEAR OLD.

  37. Decodecoding Says:

    While we wait for a final version for Fonera 2.0g I suggest using 2.3.0 Rc1 ( ) which works fairly well imho.

  38. Gari The Hummingbird (2.3.6) Says:

    […] laatste eventueel al een testversie halen op. De officiele uitleg over deze release kun je op de Fonosfera website […]

  39. jos meijer Says:


    I just flashed it and tested it and as I expected (as no-one from the people who reported 3G bugs was included in the beta-test)
    3G still doesn’t work with a hub…….

  40. steven Says:

    Perhaps the official FON QA team could update this page then with their 10+ successfull tests using 2.3.6 firmware?

  41. jos meijer Says:

    no flashing problems straight from Rudolph (I was to lazy to revert to the RC1) if you use the flash option from the system tag in Luci GUI.
    SSH opening screen reports I am using “Hummingbird” now.

  42. iurgi Says:


    there was a typo on the upgrade file for Rudolph on the download server. I have fixed it and apparently (according to Jos Meijer, thanks) it works.

  43. txurdi Says:

    I will upgrade it tomorrow.
    Is there any project to install a DLNA server at the fonera? It would be great for new TVs that have access to it…

  44. Yoo Says:

    Guys, for the 2.0G Simply go with dd-wrt. Ok you lose the USB but anyhow, it’s much better.

  45. Marco Says:

    @jos meijer: I have reported that issue, and I was one of the beta testers. The issue is not resolved, but it’s not forgotten at all.
    I think there was simply no time to get it fixed without delaying the release any further.
    We’ll have to wait a little more time to get our 2.0n on full steam…

  46. Diego Says:

    Hi at all. Any comments about the 3G support? Does this release really solves the usb-mode-switch problem with hauwei modems?

  47. giuseppeg88 Says:

    But the WPS has been removed?

  48. Luis Says:

    @Josemi Here you will find some information on the (new) advanced settings for the private signal:

    Hope it helps explaining the difference between 11N Mode HT20 and 11N Mode HT20/HT40 or at least which one to choose :)

  49. jawnypants Says:

    I’m trying to upgrade specifically because my FON2 router can’t connect to the internet. From >settings>system, it will not accept any of the downloaded tarballs or img’s suggested so far. They are either “Invalid Images” or it seems to need to connect to the web, but it can’t (that’s the problem—unless I could hook it up through my old router which DOES work).
    I’m using a Mac, and my ISP is comcast cable. Whenever my FON2 loses the internet connection, the public wireless signal disappears. Strangely, Macintosh Diagnostics then checks and tells me I am connected to the internet.

  50. jawnypants Says:

    I upgraded from 2.3.0 (Elan) and now it says that the firmware version is 2.3.6 but I still can’t connect to the internet. Or more exactly, Safari can’t connect to the internet. Macintosh Diagnostics tells me I am connected to the internet, so it can’t help me; I see the green lights go on as it checks its way all the way to the server, but if I try to load a page in Safari, I get “the orange page”.
    I’ve had this problem before, (Public Wifi disappears, and even though the private Wifi is there, the only thing I get is the orange screen. but eventually, through repeated trying, it connects. It seems very stubborn now and I’ve had to go back to my old router.
    Help. I’ve rebooted them in every imaginable order, and done all my upgrades.


  51. tman Says:

    Upgrade by Applications now works. Thanks Iurgi!

  52. Wil Says:

    Thanks a lot :-) Now my LG GW620 Android phone no longer crashes the Fonera router when contacting via Wifi.

  53. joen Says:

    All i need now is a working 2.0g with usb support for my printer … thats why i bought it :(

  54. Norman Says:

    Today i got the “your internet is misconfigured” thing for about 30 seconds to 1 minute which nearly cost me my ship in eve-online. I hope those instabilities are not part again of the new firmware :/

  55. crim Says:

    Norman ,
    the “internet misconfigured” also bugged me on one of my fon 2.0 routers after the upgrade to the latest version .

  56. Slagendish Says:

    That’s great! It works fine. Thanks!

  57. CoyáN Says:

    In web GUI on top are a link called “Ayuda” (Help) witch paint is a TV with an interrogation “?”, since few months the link [] doesn’t work, and with Hummingbird doesn’t solved.

  58. igadgetman Says:

    Installed the iPhone 4.0beta, seems not to be working with this new firmware. Unable to connect. Even after resetting the 2.0n to default and restarting the iPhone.

  59. Jos Says:

    Update seems to be working; OS X SL Mac keeps in touch with router ! Nice !

  60. Ulrich Says:

    Same here for the Android 1.6. After upgrade no connection to wifi anymore possible. Fon spot appears from time to time and connects for a few seconds. MyPlace does even not show up. Tried many config settings, including WPA, WPA2, AES, TKIP, mixed etc.. No success so far. Also factory reset did not help. Seems a bit unstable this new firmware hummingbird Hope you will be able to figure things out soon. Previous formware was much more stable here…

  61. tuvoc Says:

    Anyone know were to point me to show me how to use this as a bridge?

  62. igadgetman Says:

    iPhone running 3.1.3 firmware has no problems.

  63. Epsi Says:

    Gari is working properly !
    Great job done here. Thanks.

    I’ve juste some trouble to access to the ftp from the internet in bridge mode. I will try further later…

  64. Bioflops Says:

    Not a word about port 80 forwarding? damn bug. really annoying!

  65. sunni Says:

    Thank you all.
    I have a problem. I get no ip adress from the ISP. I have modus to DHCP and DNS to automaticely like it was before. Before this was running ok but after the upgrade it gets no IP Adress any longer from the ISP

    Any idea?

  66. lapo Says:

    Tried with iPhone 4.0 beta and i could not connect until I changed the Advanced Wireless Settings -> Bitrate from mixed mode b/g/n to b/g. All the settings containing the ‘n’ mode do not work.

  67. hertzel Says:

    huawei E166 still not working out of the box :'(, modifying ‘cmd’ to ttyUSB2 and now I can pass the “dialing” screen and get the network info but other than that no internet at all (and it disconnects itself every 20 seconds or so)

    I had high hopes

  68. theo Says:


    Have you planned to publish a firmware with only router + 3g fonctionnalities? And users install only needed modules

  69. Juanjo Says:

    Thanks. The update was successfull, and a reboot to all works ok. I have to test it hard.

    But i loss all the static dhcp assignations, all the ports fordwarding……. :(

  70. Michelangelo Says:

    @sunni: firmware changes the wan port mac address (see changelog) so your issue may be related to that?

  71. NoName Says:

    @sunni Try disconnecting/connecting your Fonera by unplugging/plugging the power cord.

    I’ve had the same issue several times and the only way to make it work was like that.

  72. Wil Says:

    The public signal (Fon_free..) transmits intermittently after the upgrade and reset (via button).
    Furthermore in Vista you get a request to configure the Ralink router…

  73. leolo Says:

    Fonspot signal is very unstable and does not allow connections anymore. MyPlace signal does not appear for some devices, such as Android 1.6 and also seems quite unstable in strength. Tried many combinations of authentication, encryption and signal strengths. But no success. With firmware there was no problem. Any idea what could be the reason? Other people experiencing same problems?

  74. iurgi Says:

    Hi Sunni,

    the blog is no place for bug reporting… I would suggest you go to the forums, the mailing list or IRC.

    However, your issue might be related to the fact that the MAC address of the fonera has changed. Does it make sense?

  75. ace Says:

    The new firmware has made my download speeds through wifi so much more faster. Thanks guys.

  76. nikoko13 Says:



    where is the aunp av ?

    i stay this since 1 year :(:(

    please make un new version quickli with this fonctionnality :):)

  77. GenBon Says:

    And Fonera 2G?

  78. calin Says:

    I get a lot of “your internet is misconfigured” with, well, it didn’t happen with

    I guess you did something wrong.

  79. Mark Says:

    @iurgi – Ohh why on gods green earth would a firmware upgrade change the mac address of the 2.0N – You are right of course, but I spent the better part of my evening trying to figure out why it wouldn’t connect to my ISP.

    The new mac address does not match the sticker on the side of the Fonera 2.0N ohh but why!!!

  80. e7tor Says:

    Will there be support for Sony Ericsson MD400 3g modem soon?
    I was recently thrown out of the fon community because the 2.0n won’t connect through this 3g modem :(

  81. bunam Says:

    that update remove port forwarding and fixed ip in dhcp (like all the other update) and also if you try to backup you didn’t backup this points.

  82. Lyubo Lyubenov Says:

    @ igadgetman – try to disable the n function of the Fonera, this basicly solves issues with iphones/pods.

  83. Nouveau firmware pour la Fonera 2.0n Says:

    […] Un nouveau firmware estampillé pour la Fonera 2.0n est disponible ! Pour l’installer, allez simplement dans les pages de gestion des applications, dans l’interface de gestion de la Fonera 2.0n, et vous devriez y trouver la mise à jour. Cliquez pour l’installer, indiquez votre mot de passe, et soyez patients ! Vous pouvez aussi installer la mise à jour à la main, en la téléchargeant via cette page. […]

  84. Fredius Says:

    With the new firmware I have a lot of “Your Internet is misconfigured : Configure Internet Connection” browser navigatio error.

  85. Nuno Rodrigues Says:

    Hello , good work , so the webcam now work ?


  86. dt3ft Says:

    root@Fonera:~# uptime
    23:52:41 up 7 days, 3:54, load average: 0.62, 0.54, 0.49

    thanks Gari ;)

  87. t031 Says:

    How about you guys keep going with the development, I see a firmware which is more or less stable and I think you’ve done a good job with it.
    But there are still really important things missing such as a proper FTP configuration…

  88. David Says:

    I think….
    Yes is a good work but…
    Now is 22 April!


  89. Kegeruneku Says:

    OK, issues with iphone (3.0.1) resolved !

    but the download applet is still nearly unusable …

    Anyway, works pretty well

  90. myeyre Says:

    Any news about final or 2.0G version??

  91. Carsten Says:

    @David: Yes, the same happens again. They did not learn anything.

  92. iurgi Says:

    Hi Carsten,

    what do you mean?

  93. NoName Says:

    Anyone who has tested the latest firmware and tried to connect an XBOX 360 with the WiFi N adapter? I wasn’t able at all and had to downgrade the fonera to


    ¿Alguien que haya probado la última versión del firmware y conectado una XBOX 360 con el adaptador WiFi N? En mi caso me fue absolutamente imposible hasta que reinstalé el firmware

  94. David Says:

    Iurgi, it’s simple.

    The project of fonera 2.0 now is a total silence.
    When in the past be all very beautiful now is dark.
    Nothin person work in new aplications and news for the fonera.
    In two years, we only have one firmware stable and VERY SIMPLE!
    Almost like fonera Simple.

    Fonera Simple = Fonera 2.0 g/n

    It’s very sad.

  95. iurgi Says:


    we are indeed working. Might not have the best communication skills or time for it, but we are indeed working. There’s an overwhelming amount of things we have to do and big part of the time is decisions, organization etc.
    Plus, as you know we have a new device to support and this although not stop, it makes the development slower until we, ideally, merge all developments into one tree.

  96. Carsten Says:

    iurgi, one other thing is that lots of issues have been entered into trac, but nothing seems to happen on them. maybe you thould think about moving to mantis or a different system where users can discuss issues, see working progress and so on. C.

  97. Josemi Says:

    I vote for using Mantis, witch will give a “soplo de aire fresco” as we say in Spain and it can be a better option so we can comment bugs to discover the steps to reproduce it, for example.

    And also is more user-friendly vs trac.
    And it will also give the development team the option to be more comunicative if they discuss on it.


  98. Der Barde Says:


    I just tried to use fonera as speaker-extension, using a streaming-server.

    This updated solved all problems, since fon just REMOVED THE MUSIC-ADDON

    Really great…

  99. schunz Says:

    I had to uninstall all applications and plugins from the fonera before an upgrade would work.

  100. Guillermo Says:

    Hi guys,

    Are you going to release any new firmware for the 2.0g?

    Having the RC and so on is very nice, but we users feel a little forgotten when the 2.0n have new firmware and the 2.0g is still frozen.

    Also, have you considered a DLNA service for the fonera? It would be useful to be able to watch usb videos on the HDTV.

  101. nvdias Says:

    I had a fonera+ and a fonera 2g.
    I have the fonera 2n since the beginning.
    Tired of all the issues I had in the past I was almost going to give-up.

    With this last firmware upgrade and after 3 flawlessly weeks, I can really say that my fonera is stable :)

    I use the fonera as the main router, printer server, torrent downloader, media server (with self installed ushare), webcam server (self installed motion), web server (with an additional httpd service), plus 3 laptops and a ps3 connected.

    Great !

  102. myeyre Says:

    Still no final or 2.0gG version??

  103. sam Says:

    Silence for an answer?

    my 2g goes silent (off) now

  104. Marc Says:

    i think the same say David…

    I think….
    Yes is a good work but…
    Now is 3 Mayo!

  105. Florin Ivan Says:

    1. 3G Romanian Networks?

    Why do not include Romanian mobile networks on that 3G settings? How can i edit that database to inlude all Romanian networks and to send you to include.?

    2. Why this version again support only Huawei 3G Modem 220? i try with Huawei 165 Icon moden and is not working.

    3. I don;t see many bugs fixed, is the same almost bad firmware version as beffore, also the plugins list is incomplete, have only printer and webcam, sound missing from autoinstall list and have to install manual.

    4. Whe will be release a new version? This is also incomplete!

  106. andy Says:

    I only need one deature and it’s the wifi-wan

    Please fix it soon

  107. joen Says:

    Any news on a 2.0g version?

  108. grasp Says:

    Could anyone tell me the version of Ralink AP SoC SDK for the Fon-ng?thanks

  109. Azdec Says:

    Still no final or 2.0gG version??

  110. TheUntouchable Says:

    Any infos?

  111. Peter Andersson Says:

    Is there any release plans for 2.0G?

  112. HereIsTom Says:

    Family&Friends is not working anymore?

  113. HereIsTom Says:

    Since this new update the family&friends is not working any more, when will there be a fix for this?

  114. john Says:

    Still no final or 2.0gG version??

  115. Jan Says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not gonna wait any longer for an hypothetical new firmware for my 2.0g! Its always crashing using VoIP over my Wifi signal and I’m done! I try to flash it today with dd-wrt and if I’m failing than I hope I make a brick out of it and I will be pleased throwing it out! If you can’t finance the development of so many different devices, than play fair and open the development to the public! Fon was such a nice idea but at least from my point of view it failed finally! r.i.p.

  116. Kasi Says:

    just wanted to thank you. My Fon is running since 2 month w/o problems and i wanted just to contribut a positive comment so you know there are people who are satisfied.

  117. Per Says:

    Who are the two?

  118. Tilman Says:

    You should provide an access point package for plain OpenWRT Backfire on the TP-Link WR1043ND. That’s cheaper and better, e.g. client mode actually works. And you could even port your add-on packages for webcam because it features an USB port too.

  119. barbon Says:

    whay still not a reply from moderators? all goes to vacantion?

  120. Peter Andersson Says:

    I have spent several hours trying to get vanilla openwrt on my fon 2.0g (2202) router. Is there anybody that knows howto do do that?

  121. Eddie303 Says:

    Peter Andersson:
    I used this site:
    So far it works, except the power led won’t change back to green when all is done, but hey, this is flashed 10 minutes ago.

  122. jos Says:

    My 2.0n is still working rather nicely ! I say rather because it is not yet behaving professionaly in all aspects but with some getting used to and adaptation of some behaviour on my part it’s working; thanks !

    For a consumer router this is a very nice -but in the beginning troublesome- router. A DECENT manual when you press HELP in the routers gui has to be supplied ! And please warn people this machine will NOT work flawlessly in modern day use without some tweaking of other attached machines (e.a. mediaplayers and Mac computers) and modest use of the minimal torrent application…


  123. HereIsTom Says:

    Still no Family&Friends?

  124. Piter Says: RULES!!!
    Hope they will release a version that works with 2.0n

  125. Piter Says:

    Nice to see Fonera guys have removed comments moderation >:|
    There’s been plenty of negative comments published all together on this blog… not so correct people huh?

  126. Fredius Says:

    Bugs I found on
    – The megaupload download not work anymore.
    – The “family and friends” not work anymore.

  127. HereIsTom Says:

    When Will there be a new update with the Family&Friends working for the 2.0n?

  128. jalkapuu Says:

    hey whatkind hub will work with fon2.0n … tested 3 different hubs and nada

  129. jabss Says:

    Have anyone tried the internet speed after upgrading to v2.3.6.0 (Gari the Hummingbird)?

    I have contracted a minimum of 10mbps internet connection and I have been noticing the speed was kind of slow since my last upgrade… So yesterday I did an internet connection test and the result was around 2mbps!

    Then, I tried again connecting my PC directly to the cable modem (without the Fon2N in the midle) and the result was 14mbps!

    So I assume my fonera 2N is making me loosing around 12mpbs!

    Is anyone experiencing the same problem?


  130. Jos Says:

    jabss my speed is unchanged; no difference between fon on or off. 35mbps. My friends and family cannot connect however.

  131. Nuno Says:

    jabss: validate you qos configuration.

  132. Matthijs Says:

    As for Family & Friends, see today’s post about bugs.

    As for hubs, all of them should work, but we get some reports of problems with some hubs. I can’t tell you which ones work best.

    As for the internet speed, I’ve just tested my Fonera 2.0n, which can handle up to 90Mbit/s between the LAN and a PC directly on the WAN (so no ADSL modem involved). When downloading from the internet, I’m getting a solid 5Mbit (out of my 6Mibt connection, so that’s pretty much ok). Thus it seems it’s not a hardware limitation of the Fonera.

    If your modem is also a (NAT) router, then you could try enabling bridge mode to remove one step of NATing. If the problem persists, please open a ticket on the trac and provide as much details as possible (configuration, speed test used, perhaps results with different firmware versions, ec.). Please don’t reply to this ticket with details, drop by on IRC or the mailing list if you have more questions (see also this post on getting help).

  133. Install OpenWRT on LaFonera 2.0G router, FON2202 | An It-Slave in the digital saltmine Says:

    […] waiting for the Hummingbird release for the LaFonera 2.0G a long time and discussed with the Fon support team when […]

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