Flipper is your friend!

Hi all freaks!

We’ve got a new animal in our very own personal zoo: Flipper! < -- Check it, it's fun!

And here is the last pic you took of it:

Flipper the Dolphin
As you can see it’s a Dolphin (yeah, I know you guessed by the name, smartass!) and is here to help you and play with you. Flipper does already include all the features we want in the Fonera 2.0 (for now :D). Here is the list of the new features compared to old good Platero:

  • Facebook Uploader: wanna share the pics of the weekend with all your mates? Put them in a pendrive, “facebook” folder and plug it in the Fonera 2.0. Everybody will see you drunk! (No, no, calm down. All the pics and videos are always uploaded in PRIVATE mode :D)
  • Flickr Uploader and Picasa Uploader were already added in the Release Candidates.
  • Install new versions from the Applications menu! From now on, a single click will separate your Fonera 2.0 from the next firmware… no need to visit blog.fonosfera.org anymore :( But please, come back or we will be sad!
  • Nintendo DS works.
  • Freed space for more plugins! We now have 1,5MB instead of 1,19MB :)
  • Samba and FONBackup have a separated firewall option.
  • Fixed IE visualization of the Wizard (yes, IE users, now it works… dunno why we fixed it though, lol).
  • Fixed Torrent crashing problem with files that have many seeds.
  • Torrent downloader now lets you chose the port and will be automatically opened on the firewall.
  • The partitions on multi-partition disks can be now labeled as well.
  • Polish has been added (thanks Łukasz!).
  • You can now assign static DHCP leases and domain names inside your local network.
  • 3G connectivity reworked: a long list of providers is preloaded so you need not to configure any value.
  • And many more things… if you’re interested, check previous posts. I’m not writing all we did again :D

Bugs: yeah… as always. We will fix them, please report them!

Once again, and after having released the HW to the public, thanks to all involved! Martin, Jordi, John, Pablo, Javi, Steven, Alex etc etc etc etc etc etc etc (yeah, lots of people :D)


39 Responses to “Flipper is your friend!”

  1. Santi Says:

    The link for Firmware image: DEVELOPER Version (includes ssh access) – md5sum bf12bbd3a006ff6f22fec6cdeb69a15f don´t work

  2. iurgi Says:

    Fixed, thanks!

  3. switzerland Says:

    One question, I was looking for a router that soportora on the torrent and not be locked, and I recommend the Linksys WRT54GL, which would be better? Linksys fon or 2.0?

    Thank you very much

  4. Salvador Says:

    I really think that if new firmware will support the option of connect to it a USB Skype gateway it would be the BEST ROUTER OVER THE EARTH for home users :)

    Best regards

  5. GuiToon Says:

    bug with registration, the Fonera think it is not registered.
    need vi /etc/config/registered and replace 0 by 1 ?

  6. Eddie303 Says:

    Please, if you can, add a feature to the torrent client to be able to seed for a certain amount of time or until a specified ratio is met.

  7. Kyros Says:

    Please, if you can, add a feature to relese one directory on the USB-stick to host simple HTML-content to the web. This should be able without either enabling web-GUI access or unveiling the system’s directory structure (e.g.: http://usersIPaddressorDynDNSlink/foneraweb/). the possibility to enable dedicated password protection if needed (differ from the router’s password) would ne nice as well.

    Thus now after being able to managing and providing so much third-party content service types the La Fonera 2.0 would be able as well to finally publish the Fonero’s very own plain content to the web as well.

    Thank you and regards,

  8. iurgi Says:


    sorry Kyros, this feature will not come in the short future. There are other features of higher priority. Feel free to develop it yourself or ask for assistance in the IRC. There are some developers doing other applications and this is certainly not the most difficult one.

    Sorry and thanks for the suggestions.

  9. Kyros Says:

    Hi Iurgi,

    Thank you for your fast answering but I guess you know that I’m not a programmer or developer. So I will follow your advice and ask inside the IRC channel. If it’s really not the most difficult one there could be a posivite responce, coundn’it?

    Looking forward for the great other features of higher priority…
    You and the team did a good job with la Fonera 2.0 until now!

    Regards, Kyros

  10. iurgi Says:

    Thanks, we’re really happy with the result. We still need to add more things and will soon be overloaded with feedback from end-users.
    I know you’re not a developer, but maybe you got some hints or enough to do a “home-made” proof test.
    Thanks again!

  11. Kyros Says:

    Hi Iurgi,

    Seems that it _is_ a difficult one if you want to:

    – not expose your whole router’s directory structure toward the webpage viewers and make the router’s directories browsable.

    – not expose your router’s system password toward the webpage viewers and provide an access independable from the main system access.

    But I guess not ensuring this will make such a service quite risky for the router’s security, isn’t it?
    Perhaps this can help: freetz firmware for fritzbox routers offers a plugin for apache webserver and PHP support on the router: http://www.freetz.org/wiki/packages/apache

    Regards, Kyros

  12. dani Says:

    seria posible que en futuras revisiones pudierais poner algun “sistema” para que cuando un torrent terminara de bajar la fonera te mandara un mail para avisarte,que te parece la idea???

  13. wifiguy Says:

    is fonera 2.o auto-updating ?

  14. Nuno Ferro Says:


    I love the La Fonera 2, but why did I had to change /etc/firewall.fon in order to be able to access the SSH and HTTP from WAN?

    Also I can’t access FTP, the login is never accepted.

    Can you help?


    Kind regards,


  15. Inouk Says:

    GuiToon: yes in /etc/config/registered you have the registered and dev/enduser settings (careful enduser mode closes ssh access)

    dani: we would like to do that, though it’s not planned yet
    please next time write in English

    wifiguy: no

    Nuno: it should not be the case; join irc or mailing list so we can help

  16. Inouk Says:

    switzerland: WRT54GL as no USB port, so the two product can’t be compared

    Salvador: i’m not sure that i get it, can you give a use case of a Fonera 2.0 as a USB Skype gateway?

  17. iurgi Says:

    wifiguy: kind of… everytime ther is an upgrade, a button will show in your interface saying “upgrade now”. Maybe wemight push some critical upgrades in the future or let the user chose to always do it automatically, we will see.

    Nuno Ferro: that only happened in very old versions. In the current ones you can set it up in the firewall section of the graphical interface.

  18. Nuno Ferro Says:

    I installed flipper yesterday and spent a lot of time trying to access to SSH and Web Interface remotely, then I just went and set the iptables rules on the file.

    Also, the support for NTFS is not very good, sometimes all folders desappear, and everytime I access the disk ntfs-3g consumes about 30% of CPU and file transfers are very slow (samba or SCP, for some reason I cannot login in FTP).

  19. iurgi Says:

    Nuno Ferro

    Well, enabling ssh and web access for the WAN is a 1 click action. Go to System->Firewall and there’s the option you need to change.

    NTFS is a crappy filesystem. I wish the fonera had a more powerfull to handle a filesystem (lol) but it’s like that. ntfs-3g is CPU consuming… the implementation works perfectly, since it has been developed and approved by ntfs-3g.org and they do VERY thorough testing:

    If you don’t see certain folders etc is probably due to speed. Since the moment the fonera gets a request to show something from a NTFS disc till it is able to display it, it can take a bit long depending on the size of the disc, for instance. Usually waiating a bit and refreshing does the trick.

    Still, I’d recommend to use any other filesystem

    FTP username is “fonero”


  20. Nuno Ferro Says:

    I’ll reinstall the firmware again later today and see if the issues I talked about get solved.

    As for the filesystem, the problem is that I need to support files bigger than 2GB, so FAT32 is not an option, and I also need to use that external harddrive with my Windows computer every once in a while, so EXT2 is also not an option. :(

  21. Salvador Says:

    I only can give you a theorical case.
    You connect the USB Skype gateway (for example a VoSky or something else) to the USB port of La Fonera 2.0 and then You will get a skype line without using a PC.

  22. iurgi Says:

    Nuno, ok, then you need NTFS :) sorry.

    Don’t reinstall, it will not help.Actually, if you want to ‘reset’ it, just go to “Configuration->System>reset to factory defaults”

    don’t you see the firewall section I mentioned?

  23. Nuno Ferro Says:

    I see it and I tried to use it, but with no avail, I had to set iptables rules on the file.

    I’ll try the reset to factory defaults.

  24. iurgi Says:

    Hmmm, ssh does not work on 1st boot (will not work after reset), so reset, wait till it totally boots and reboot.

    As for ssh and web not working from the interface settings… sounds like you added them but didn’t click on “Save” can you make sure you do?


  25. Nuno Ferro Says:

    I’m pretty sure I did. But I’ll try it all again from the start. ;)

  26. michele Says:

    I have platero, and on the wiki it is written that is possible to have wireless repeater feature, but I can’t find it. In Dolphin is it active this feature?

  27. Mickael Says:


    Someone know how to switch between enduser and developper mode ?


  28. Inouk Says:

    michele: WiFi as WAN feature is available in both release, but only in developer mode

    Mickael: flash with the developer image

  29. Mickael Says:

    That’s what i did but still no ssh after several reboot…

    note : i’m already in enduser without ssh.

  30. gerard Says:

    I’m in the same case than Mickael, I received the new fonera2 last week and the firmware is already the enduser version. And I can’t “upgrade” to the developer version.

    Now I’m returing to the “original state” of the router, but I’m afraid that it means returning to the enduser version.

    So, I want the developer version, what can we do?? Thanks!

  31. gerard Says:

    Finally (after some IRC help :) the firmware to be used is the .gz file, without uncompressing it, and then it can be upgraded.

    However, after being flahsed the device with the developer version, after 4-5 reboots, ssh is not enabled (or at least, I cannot connect to 22 port in

    Any suggestion?? Thanks!

  32. iurgi Says:

    Mickael: ssh is only available in developer mode. You need to switch to developer mode but right now there’s only 1 way to do it: reflash your fonera. We are adding a button in the fon userzone to switch to the developer mode but it will take a few more weeks.

  33. Timo Says:

    do you know if it would be complicated to connect the current cost power meter with the usb interface of the router.

    Here some more infos about the current cost “API”

    would be great if a connection beetween the two items could be realized so that the power meter with a fonera plugin in beetween would update a online database (e.g. MySQL) with live power consumption.

    unfortunately i am not a developer.

    anyone interested in realizing that??

  34. Mickael Says:

    Ho, ok, so it’s not possible to flash a enduser fonera to developer, so i have to wait .. that’s right ?


  35. Gjjjj Says:

    Hey Guys! Anyone can help me to open the port fort torrent downloader!
    There are three box: “source port” “ip” ecc ecc
    What ip i can insert into the box??

    And in my netgear router in the firewall option what kind of ip should i insert??

  36. lucaz Says:

    Why torrent not start?
    My fonera show the message “waiting” and not download..

  37. radem Says:

    Hi! Why my pendrive usb doesn’t work on USB hub but works when directly connected at the fonera 2.0???
    And more why sometime this pendrive works on la fonera and other times no…i’m shocked!!

  38. Kyros Says:

    Hi all,

    the following feedback from my side after 3x verifying each issue:

    1) When new installing a La Fonera 2.0 image (last one current: Flipper) if you directly choose a dedicated WiFi channel (I chose channel 6) after first reboot to setup your WiFi the private WiFi disappears and does not appear with the new dedicated channel settings. It needs an additional manually reboot to get the pirvate WiFi again and see the setup applied.

    2) When using a HUWAEI E169 UMTS USB stick (which has a working:YES in the Wiki: http://wiki.fon.com/wiki/3G_compatibility) it is not possible to get it working choosing Austris/Mobilkom from the 3G settings in the GUI and it is not possible to get it working with inserting all values customized in the GUI. The La Fonera 2.0 always replies that there is no 3G device connected. This stays the same if you enable/disable all fileserver, Web-GUI or FTP settings in the GUI and if you reboot with connected HUWAEI E169 UMTS USB stick.

    After all these issues from my side the 3G feature is working at the best in beta status and shall not be announced as standard feature for the La Fonera 2.0. You need to have advanced skills and a lot of time available to get this running – no customer can mange this.

    3) After removing the HUWAEI E169 UMTS USB stick the USB-data-stick does not work anymore (neither FTP nor Fileserver). You need to reboot to get it working again.

    Regards, Kyros

  39. xg Says:

    I have got a fon2202 today,update to developer version, But I don’t know the username and password of the webgui or ssh.
    Can any guys do me a fervor?help please

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