Elan the Elk is coming soon for Fonera 2.0g. Meanwhile, test RC1


After a looooooong time of silence (forced silence… we were working, not playing XD) We’re coming with great news for you. The version of the firmware will be soon available for your foneras 2.0g!!

No, we haven’t forgot or let down our loyal fonera 2.0g users. We want to make them as happy as possible and we’re doing 2 things for them:
1) Improve the firmware as much as possible. This has all the improvements we’ve developed during these months. The Fonera 2.0g will have as much as possible the same firmware as the Fonera 2.0n.
2) Give discounts for those who are willing to upgrade their 2.0g to 2.0n. We know you spent money on the 2.0g and now we have a new device that is more powerful (and also more expensive). This is not common in all companies, but hey, we try to make you happy, you help us with the feedback too, after all. So we have announced great discounts (we mean great, not small) for those who have bought a Fonera 2.0g and are willing to upgrade it! Please stay tuned to your mail!
New features:

  • The web interface over WAN has been moved to port 443 for security
  • Transmission has been integrated into the FON WebUI. You can still access it in the traditional way!
  • Added QoS support!! Make sure you set realistic up and download values of your line on the configuration. Otherwise it doesn’t work…
  • Twitter!!! Yes, your fonera will tell you when it has finished uploading videos or someone connects to your signal and much more! (Not available for Torrents yet, sorry)

So, what is the bugfix list for this RC1? Here it goes (hold to your chair):

  • Optional Manual DNS server on DHCP mode.
  • Pop up to prevent unwilling reset/rebooting on the systems menu.
  • ALL configurations are saved now from upgrade to upgrade (except for firewall, coming in the next!).
  • Sending files to the correct folder over samba triggers the upload to the corresponding service.
  • Samba works fine now on Windows XP.
  • NTFS is handled slightly better now. Actions won’t happen till the disk is properly mounted (source of many bugs).
  • More robust upload management.
  • Filenames starting with ‘.’ are ignored by the service uploades (picasa, flickr etc). Good for Macs ;)
  • Both \\fonera\Media and \\fonera\disc-a1 work now (better use the first)
  • Many, many, many, many more bug fixing. All boring and internal, but will improve the overall experience!

Please, test it and report back. We are only looking for compatibility bugs.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* This is a Release Candidate. It is not an stable firmware. Most of the things should work fine and it’s probably safe to install. But if you are not very skillful or feel not confident about it… please wait for the release or until you read enough feedback from other users. We are happy to help everybody with any problems they experience but sometimes are overloaded of work… ;)

*ANOTHER ONE* After upgrading, the torrent application might be broken. This is due to changes in the very interior of the fonera. The way to fix it is to remove the “FoneraApps” from the disc where it is installed and reinstall.

Web upgrade image (do NOT uncompress):

RedBoot / Ssh upgrade image:

Md5sum: 5d43a2ba405627975f09741e3d506681


31 Responses to “Elan the Elk is coming soon for Fonera 2.0g. Meanwhile, test RC1”

  1. Kabamaru Says:

    Good Work Team!!! Thanks.

  2. RHarmsen Says:

    Any news on when the bridge mode could be available?

  3. Yagüe Says:

    I looooove you guys!! :O

  4. Jiulmur Says:

    And……what about the webcam support…..have you made working it??

    It’s a very popular demand….DON’T FORGET US…..!!!

    If you don’t know how make works your plugin….install Oldman Transmision plugin(Thanks Oldman)

  5. Yagüe Says:

    Is it me or my Fonera is working faster with this new firmware? Have you made any improvement in this field?

  6. David Says:

    After Web upgrade i cannot connect to the private signal, but the public signal is working good. The internet works great using the public signal….

    Any idea???

  7. Yagüe Says:

    Torrent is not working for me, it doesn’t install properly or something. I’ve alredy removed FoneraApps folder, it appears again but in the Transmission menu only appears the install option.

  8. David Says:

    And what about make wifi repeater more stable?

    Many people need conect fonera with router by wireless

  9. Boris Says:

    what is going to be special price for 2.0n?

  10. Avenger Says:

    How do I enable developer mode to gain ssh access? No plugins visible and not able to install manually.

  11. steven Says:

    I used latest trunk… (1424)
    banner : Cheeky monkey for fon20n
    fon_revision was stil at 2.2.6
    fon_svn was still at 1417
    fon_version was 2.30

    applications : empty

    I’ve set network range to
    manually set dns to

    although settings were made directly… poower led was still orange;
    was okay after reboot

    web (HTTP)/ftp/samba : only user “fonero” allowed
    ssh : user “root” allowed

    still got to attach usb hub/stick for torrent & other hardware …

  12. David Nielsen Says:

    I have to admit that I was pretty miffed when I preordered the 2.0g to get this new exciting device and what seemed like mere weeks after I received it the 2.0n came out and development seemed to shift away from it.. That did I admit feel like a kind of douchy move to pull on people who fell for the preorder hype.

    but now I am happy to see there will be a discount, perhaps that will mandate a further investment on my part.

  13. Gandhi Says:

    @Yagüe Same thing here! Any progress with the Torrent application?

  14. cicciokio Says:

    tnx, very good! how will get their discount 2.0g buyers who already ordered their brand new la fonera 2.0n?

  15. cicciokio Says:

    tnx, very good! how will get their discount 2.0g buyers who already ordered their brand new la fonera 2.0n? (i reposted it because of not seeing my comment / no answer)

  16. Azdec Says:

    J’ai acheté, séduit par les fonctions annoncés, la fonera2.0… Pas de chance pour moi, j’apprends que je l’ai payé le prix fort, et que le modèle n’est même plus commercialisé, remplacé par le 2.0N la même semaine: a aucun moment on m’a communiqué la sortie du nouveau produit!!!
    Bref, réception du produit impeccable, mis en œuvre un peut plus délicate: manuel d’installation rapide en anglais (produit annoncé multilingue)…
    Support web en anglais aussi… à part le Wiki qui répond aux questions très simples.
    Donc, à la première utilisation, on s’aperçoit que le firmware est obsolète, qu’il nécessite de fréquente mise à jour puisque le consommateur est le cobaye des programmeurs… heureusement qu’ils ne commercialisent pas des voitures, les morts joncheraient les routes…
    Revenons à nos moutons: le dernier firmware… on s’imagine un aboutissement, mais pas du tout!!! des fonctions ne fonctionnent même plus!
    Ce que l’on accepte d’un programme Linux en développement open source et GRATUIT, on ne l’accepte pas pour des produits payants et c’est normal puisqu’on a acheté le service!
    Pour conclure, patience aux consommateurs, courage aux programmateurs, en espérant qu’un jour ils arriveront à fournir ce qu’ils ont vendu.

    I bought, attracted by the advertised functions, the fonera2.0 … No luck for me, I learn that I paid a heavy price, and that the model is no market, replaced by 2.0N the same week at no time I was leaving the news New Product!
    In short, receiving the polished product, implemented a bit more delicate: Quick Installation Guide in English (multilingual product announcement) …
    Web support in English as … to share the Wiki who answered questions very simple.
    So, the first use, we see that the firmware is outdated, it requires frequent updating as the consumer is the guinea pig programmers … Fortunately they do not sell cars, the dead littered the roads …
    Back on topic: the latest firmware … we imagine an outcome, but not at all! functions do not work even more!
    What we accept a program in Linux open source development and free, we do not accept pay for goods and this is normal since we bought the service!
    Finally, consumer patience, courage programmers, hoping that one day they come to provide what they sold.

  17. snyfear Says:

    Previously, they were both _DEV.tar.gz and _USER.tar.gz but for this new release there is no more _DEV.tar.gz version on http://download.fonosfera.org/RC/

    Can I install it safely even if my fonera 2 is in Developper mode?

    Thanks in advance.


  18. Barbon Says:

    1) What is the prince for the new fonera for the 2220 fon owner?
    2) Hamachi 2.0 dont work good with Fon2 playing with fastweb user…. (need that faxing bridge mode!) i think if that will be implemented, fonera will be the world seller! xD

  19. igadgetman Says:

    After initial installing problems of RC1 on my 2.0g, I managed installing the original firmware it came with. After that a 2nd attempt got me RC1 working. Alas. I was hoping my Icon225 WebnWalk T-Mobile stick would finally work. Maybe next time.

  20. Ivan Says:

    I noticed this problem after some hours with Trasmission

    No activity from the Fonera and when I try to access to WEB interface:
    ?:0: attempt to call a nil value
    stack traceback:
    ?: in function ‘createindex_plain’
    ?: in function ‘createindex’
    ?: in function ‘createtree’
    ?: in function ‘dispatch’
    ?: in function

  21. Marcus Says:

    Hi there,
    I didn’t find anything about it in the wiki or anywhere else – is it possible to set up the Fonera 2.0 (g) as a WDS-Repeater?

    Thanks in advance

  22. marc Says:

    I’m trying to install the _DEV image, because I already have the developer version of the previous RC5, and I’m getting my fonera into failsafe mode. When trying to update with this _DEV tar, says the image is not valid. I have to update to previous version (RC5) from failsafe. After restoring, trying again to upgrade put my fonera into failsafe mode again. Is the _DEV tar correctly build?


  23. iGadgetman Says:

    @marc, had the same problem. Connect in failsafe mode with login:password admin:serialnumber of your fonera2.0. I installed the original firmware my fonera2.0 came with. 20090421_FON2202_2.2.5.0_Flipper_DEVELOPER. After this succesful downgrade installed 20090922_FON2202_2.3.0.1_RC1_DEV.

  24. snyfear Says:

    Hi Marc, I had the same problem this weekend with the

    I had to install from failsafe to retreive a workable fornera. After that I tried again the after download it again from fonera web site and everything is OK now.

    I don’t know what happened the first time.

  25. pmo Says:

    Hmm i have been testing the RC1 firmware for 12 hours no.. checked everything out.. i have no issues with the RC what so ever, and to be honest it does run more stable than the latest stable firmware for the fon 2.0g.. And in my opinion this firmware is awesome, it kept me from selling the 2.0g now that i have the 2.0n, so thank you for your great work on the firmware :)

  26. pmo Says:

    now* btw.. and yea i little hint *wink* *wink*
    You guys should intergrate a iptables user conf to the luci interface, this would be pretty neat.. atleast add it in dev mode ;)

  27. pmo Says:

    ah a little add to my lines.. transmission seem to work when connection to it via https ;) (didnt test http before now)

  28. Eric Says:

    I am a bit disappointed. Being one of the first to buy a 2.0g and seeing a major upgrade to 2.0n, I am wondering why this was not announced to be in the pipeline at the time of buying. Moreover, little progress with the firmware at the moment. Still at 2.3beta…..

  29. pedro Says:

    great job!! i just want to ask if you can put mac filtering, its a great help. thanks

  30. aid85 Says:

    news for 2.0g firmware ???????

  31. snyfear Says:

    yes, almost one year that we are expecting a finalized version. Please think about all your buyers.

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