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RC2 is here and is better than RC1

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Your feedback was so useful and that’s why we’re releasing fon-ng RC2. It’s gonna be, very likely, the last release candidate. But this time we want to make sure it works as good as it can, because the Endusers are coming! yes, Arpil 21st is the date!

This is the bugfix / new features list:

  • Facebook uploader is here! You can now add as many pictures as you want to facebook. I used it 2 and I’m already the biggest image uploader of all my friends!
  •  Picasa uploader fixed! it used to crash with many pictures to upload. Not any more!
  • Static DHCP leases…
  • All icons are now alligned and look better :P We also like design ;)
  • 3G connectivity has been reworked and has more options now.
  • Picasa and Youtube applications now check your password and let you know if it’s wrong
  • The FONBackup page has been redesigned. Now you can browse the content of your backup to make sure it’s all in there!
  • The password bug has been fixed, yes.
  • Added nice icons on the File browser to directly upload pictures and videos to picasa, flickr, facebook and youtube. Nice hack
  • WiFi-WAN now works better. It didn’t work with some routers before…

Give us any feedback you can think of: we’re happy to get more than we need and filter it ;)

We hope you enjoy this image during easter!

The images

P.S.: once again, thanks to all the team, especially John ;)

Hi Betatesters! rc1 is here

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Yes, we are faster and faster! This is just a release candidate launch, we want you to test all the bugs you reported and let us know if they’ve been fixed. But John, almighty John, has been busy with new stuff too!

(sorry, no pic this time, it’s not a release, hehe ;))

BIG DISCLAIMER: even thought the configuration wizard tells you to use a password of more than 8 characters, IGNORE IT. It has a bug so use a password of 7 chars MAX!
This is the bugfix and new feature list. Test and report, my friends:

  • Added flickr functionality: works as the youtube one. Put pictures on the pendrive on a “flickr” folder and they’re uploaded when plugged!
  • Added picasa functionality: exactly the same way but on a “picasa” folder.
  • Nintendo DS now works fine with this firmware!!! (more than one will be happy in Japan…).
  • Freed space for more plugins! We now have 1,5MB instead of 1,19MB :)
  • Samba and FONBackup have a separated firewall option.
  • Fixed IE visualization of the Wizard (yes, IE users, now it works… dunno why we fixed it though, lol).
  • Fixed Torrent crashing problem with files that have many seeds.
  • Torrent downloader now lets you chose the port and will be automatically opened on the firewall.
  • The partitions on multi-partition disks can be now labeled as well.
  • And more I can’t remember right now :)

And this is the missing bits:

  • Translations for all new stuff are not ready yet.
  • And more I can’t remember right now :) LOL

The images (only developer mode):

Where’s that sound coming from? Geez! it’s a Fonera 2.0!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Beethoven is playing a nice piano sonata somewhere he would have never expected! The Fonera 2.0 keeps growing and showing new abilities: now it’s a jukebox!

What do you need?

  • Fonera 2.0
  • USB 2.0 HUB
  • Cheap USB audio card – or any similar model (the cheaper the better: they don’t lack quality)
  • USB hard drive or Pendrive
  • Speakers
  • mp3 music

What do you get? A device able to play your music. either single songs, full directories or m3u playlists (yes, we used a standard) from your hard drive. You can let it playing and turn off your laptop.

Here you have a screenshot :)

Audiocli the audio player in the Fonera 2.0
This is nice, isn’t it? But we don’t think it’s enough… we have nice plans for the future. Some people is already thinking of controlling their F2 audio player with bluetooth devices. Another good idea that will come soon playing streams from the Internet: Jamendo has already made a great progress and have a plugin almost ready and Egon Zastler also started working on

And then what? How about streaming music from the Fonra 2.0 to another device? You store the music on your HardDrive in the fonera and it sends it to any laptop you want to listen to it from (sounds like an Apple application… hehehe)

So, here you have the first release of audiocli and also a short and small tutorial on how to use it. We will improve it for sure!

And this is only audio… More to come!

Download audiocli here: audiocli_0.1_fonera2_unsigned.tgz md5sum 0bb40eaff47e125706c3f8b22d7f5738

Fonera 2.0: A home automation device

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Miguel Ángel Díaz, Daniel Dionne and David Martín are enthusiasts computer engineering students from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. As a year project they are working on the integration of a home automation protocol for the La Fonera 2.0

They can already control the lights of their home connected to La Fonera 2.0 wireless signal! They have a neat interface for the iphone and ipod-touch to do this:

It can actually work with any electrical device. They are using this X10 USB controller: CM11 marmitek

Their system will be totally modular, so it will be simple to add new functionalities and hardware support. They are also about to launch an independent web site for their project. It isn’t available as a plugin yet, but we will be will keep you updated on the progress.

Congratulations guys for what you have already achieved!

Hey dudes, there’s WiP in the fon firmware team!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Hi all,

There’s already a lot of people, mostly by mail, that contacted us for developing applications for the fonera 2.0. We expect to have the first Community developed applications soon, but… what’s the firmware team busy with?

Well, as you can imagine, we don’t only work on the fonera 2.0… we have other things in hands (implementing FON in other devices, improving compatibility with other partner’s devices etc etc) but we now have a permanent team working on the Fonera 2.0.

Some are working in future stuff we can’t talk much about… (Martin, did you already mention anything? lol) but others are doing fonera 2.0 development on a daily basis. And we’re soon giving you the results of this work. Wanna know what I’m talking about? How does this sound?

  • We already fixed the bug that limited WAN traffic to 1MB/s. Actually, we improved it quite a lot: whereas the fonera+ is only able to do 1,8MB/s, the fonera2.0 is now able to reach 2,4MB/s! Good work huh?
  • UMTS/HSPDA, as Martin and John already confirmed is already working. We want to support more devices, but for that, we will need people to test it!! We expect your feedback as soon as we make it available.
  • My favorite: WE ARE MAKING A BRAND NEW WEB INTERFACE for the fonera 2.0. As some of you already ‘guessed’ it will be based on lua. It’s an adaptation of the LuCI technology. The look and feel will be much nicer (thanks Rico!), the HTML code cleaner (thanks Iban) and the usability much better (thanks Eloy, Martin, Jordi etc etc). But the best of all: making web pages for the applications inside the fonera 2.0 won’t be a nightmare anymore (thanks John and Cyrus!) :D
  • Your favorite: well… even if some doubted it… YES! BitTorrent support and YouTube support are on their way. Soon? You can bet on it.

I know you’re all expecting some dates now… right. But I’m keeping them for myself, even if it’s only to annoy a few ones.

Ok, just as a present for those who deserve it: I dare say it will be before the last month of the current year comes. lol

Mobile fon2.0

Monday, October 20th, 2008

My first blog ever :)

I have a small screenshot, i want to share. I am mainly writing this entry, because i needed something to do online, whilst doing the testing of the huawei E220 usb umts dongle attached to my fon2.0 :-)

So what is missing ? The web interface does not not prompt you yet, if you enter an incorrect pin. But the new web interface will have that feature. (oh and some way of showing signal strength ….)