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The young Rudolph

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Hi all,

I would like to kindly remind you that “rudolph”, this is, is only a “release candidate”. We know it has bugs and we DO NOT recommend it for anyone that doesn’t like testing and reporting bugs.
We know it is a long waited firmware: it has very nice functionalities that many of you asked for (bridge, wlan client etc) but please be patient. There have been MAJOR changes on the firmware, including a completely new WiFi driver, so don’t expect it to work perfectly on the first run.

I am sure you all understand this is not an easy task. We are a small team and really appreciate your feedback and support, but also suffer your impatience and unhappiness. So please, try to be comprehensive and give usgood feedback so we can make Rudolph grow into a nice firmware from the little young reindeer it is now :)

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding ;) RC2 for Fonera 20n

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho, …..

its been nearly 3 months since the last update, but it was worth waiting.
Just intime for xmas, Santa has sent us a new update called Rudolph (



Santa gave Rudolph a lot of presents for us. The main ones are :
– adds new wifi driver (fixes 11n only, iphone, powersave,…)
– adds openvpn server
– adds upnp mediaAV in DEV-only image
– adds wifi-wan mode
– adds bridge mode
– adds wps support
– fixes cache problems that cause errors after 24 hours
– fixes ntp server pool, we now use openwrt pool
– qos was not enabled even if selected in webui due to a typo
– fixes column header in torrent app
– open torrent port and allow client to register as active on tracker
– disabe snr graph on fon_status page as it was not working as expected
– fixes wpa validation 8-63 chars with special chars are no supported
– small fix to SimpleForm template
– fixes “onsucess” logic of firewall app
– allow anonymous login for ftp (and make it configurable on webui
– onlined now only checks the fon server
– typo in italian translation, openvpn, qos pages
– fixes coova for NEC cell phones
– disable tcp_ecn in sysctl
– adds port allocation logic of switch when in bridge mode
– fixes lucid when ip changes
– fixes lan netmask
– fixes mac override for wan port
– fixes large file download in fonbrowser

This is RC2, a few translations are still missing but if everything goes well, we will release final next week.

Enjoy !!

Developer image:

Short update

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Hi all,

We know you’ve been expectant to receive a new firmware image both for the fonera 2.0g and 2.0n. It has taken us longer than expected and many are by know starting to feel impatient and annoyed.

I want to let you know that we are now getting closer to a new release. We have had a couple of ugly bugs that we’ve had trouble to fix but fortunately, it looks like they are under control now. If everything goes well, we might have a beta version for you to test likely next week.

You can expect the connectivity problem with some iTouch (3rd generation), iPhone 3Gs, Macs, and other Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset based devices to be gone. Some stability issues and other will also be fixed.

Thanks a lot for your patience!

Invalid certificate while using the Fonera Downloader addon

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Hi all,

If you’re using the fonera downloader addon from wan and Firefox show this error message:


we have a solution for you.

Log into the fonera via it’s WAN IP address using https. In this example I’ll use as the fonera WAN IP Address, so log into:

Then an error should appear saying that the site has a self-signed certificate and should ask you if you understand the risks and add an exception:


This next window will show, click on Confirm security exception and double check that the option Permanently store this exception is checked.


Once you’ve added the exception the error should no longer occur.

In case you want to check the certificate go to Firefox’s preferences, select the Advanced tab, go to encryption and click on view certificates.


You will see the certificate manager, go to the server‘s tab and you can see the fonera’s certificate.


This issue has already been reported in our support forums.

Hope this helps,


Transmission bug on Fonera 2.0g – FIXED

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Yes, now it works.

Anyone who had problems installing it or after upgrading from flipper:

1) Remove the FoneraApps from the disk where transmission was installed (the one plugged to the fonera ;D)
2) Reinstall
3) download and enjoy!!

yes, john is fast ;)

RC1, first impressions and important notice

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


After one day on display… we already have a lot of feedback from you guys about the of the fonera 2.0g.

There is one big bug: Transmission will NOT install!!!!
OH MY!!!!! This is a huge problem (no kidding). And we apologize. We will fix it as soon as possible and let you know when it’s ready.

We also received a few more bugs, like the disks to unmount (or seem to unmount) unnecessarily… that we already know the cause of. So we will fix that soon too. It’s a problem with the kernel version, tricky stuff for our master developer, blogic ;)

Hey, but we also got veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery (a long ‘very’) possitive feedback and that makes us happy. Let’s see if we keep up!


Damn!! We’re FAST!!! RC5 is here. Some nice fixes

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Hi all,

This time we’ve done things very fast! huh?

We got a lot possitive feedback and some bugs that we considered worth fixing soon. So here you go. We released RC5 for your delight.

Enjoy it! Here’s the Changelog:

  • DHCP issues fixed: some users had no DNS on DHCP mode.
  • WAN access control on the firewall is fixed.
  • FONSpot always enabled by default.
  • Transmission is now accessible from WAN.
  • Samba on Windows accepts all filesizes and allows you to create folders properly (thanks for the hint deco!)

Additionally we updated the webcam plugin: now it allows WAN access!!! ;)

Web upgrade – enduser: 20090713_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc5_USER

Web upgrade – developer: 20090713_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc5_DEV

Just to keep you updated

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Hi all

There’s been a loooooong inactivity in the blog. We’ve been working on very cool fixes and improvements for the fonera that you will soon be able to test. I just wanted to send you this message so you get ready for the news ;)

Sooner than later we will make another release candidate and this time it will be the good one. We expect to be a very stable and improved firmware!

Please stay tuned ;)
PS: there’s no bridge functionality yet…

Platero… the silvery donkey is here, bringing his bags full of goodies…

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Let us introduce you to Platero, fon-ng version This will be the firmware our users will get when they buy a Fonera 2.0.

Platero the Donkey

Platero is a donkey. It has taken long time to come, but it finally arrived and his side-bags are full of new features. First of all, and before anyone starts asking about it: TORRENT DOWNLOAD IS HERE. Yes, yes! and this is not all… This is the nice list:

  • Installation wizard. Some questions will be asked the first time you connect to the fonera 2.0 and type “fonera” on your browser.
  • Youtube Uploader. Take a pen drive, put all your videos in a folder named “youtube” and plug it to the fonera. Your videos will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account! This is a real 2.0 router.
  • Torrent downloader. Get some torrent files, upload them to the fonera and this will download them for you. You can turn your computer off and go to bed. Platero will do the work :)
  • MegaUpload and RapidShare downloads. Yes, we never announced this. How does it sound? Configure your RS or MU account, copy a big lot of MU or RS links from the Internet and paste them on the fonera interface. The fonera will download the. But wait… you don’t want to download stuff while you surf? no worries, tell Platero to download things at a certain time frame, while you sleep for instance!
  • 3G provider list. Have a 3G USB dongle and don’t know your configuration settings? No worries, tell the fonera your country and your 3G provider… Platero knows the rest (except for your PIN, of course :P)
  • Need help? check our videos. Every page in the fonera GUI now has a help button. It will take you to a video where our lovely colleague Martina will tell you how to use that page. Ain’t it sweet? More videos and improvements are coming!
  • More to come… we’re already developing new features (improved interface), new applications (VPN, advanced networking, Picasa uploader, iStremer for iTunes…), fixing bugs, etc.

Please, all our niceand beloved Betatesters… Install Platero and let us know how you like it. It’s a lovely sweet donkey.

Poor Platero is not perfect though. We noticed some NDS games don’t work properly with it. Well… we will fix it, don’t worry gamers!

And finally, the big question… When will we sell Foneras 2.0 for everybody? Hmmm I won’t give you a date, just in case the Foneras are stolen (once, in the very begging, a boat with our linksyses was burned in the far ocean…), but let’s say it will be in the beginning of April :P

So, you all that have been watching this creature evolve and grow… go tell your friends to stay tuned to buy it!

I know I always thank a lot of people. I don’t want this to sound repetitive but this is a special release. The Fonera 2.0 has come to life after long discussions, arguments, fights, work, decisions, changes… Thanks to all that helped at FON:

  • Martin and Alex for believing in the project and let us work our way
  • Martina, Inouk, Luis, Javi, Pablo, Cyrus, Rico, Iban etc for their key work on certain fields.
  • John Crispin… he is the real guy behind the fon-ng firmware. No need to explain anything else.

I want to finish the post with a nice sentence by John… “Thanks for letting me build the best firmware in the market” – Now, it’s on your hands, enjoy it!


P.S.: The firmwares :P

Fonera 2.0 Failsafe image

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Hi all,

This post is only to publish the failsafe image for your foneras 2.0. The failsafe image you have now (identified as image2) is broken. We recommend to replace it just in case you need it in the future.

These are the steps to flash it using ssh

  • Connect to the Fonera using ssh.
  • root@Fonera:/# cd /tmp
  • root@Fonera:/# wget
  • mtd -r write 20090206_FON2202_failsafe.image image2

The process might show some errors while flashing but they are probably not critical. Just MAKE SURE you don’t make any activity during this process.

The file is located here, if you want to download it and use a different method. The md5sum of the file is: d29e07bdcb6df04209cafafce8f3bc5f