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New official plugin: Wake-on-LAN

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

As of this week, the Fonosfera repository contains an brand new plugin: The Wake-on-LAN plugin, which can be used to remotely power on Wake-on-LAN capable machines on your local network, using the Fonera webinterface.

This plugin was inspired by a previous Wake-on-LAN plugin, created by one of our users and amended by a few others. Due to technical reasons (the user interface code did not use cbi), this plugin does not share any code with the original plugin, but it did inspire us to create this new plugin.

Wake-on-LAN interface

This is still a first version of this plugin, so we welcome people testing it and providing feedback. The plugin can be installed by downloading it from our firmware autobuilder and uploading it again through the Applications page of the Fonera webinterface. The plugin can be downloaded here:

Installing an application like this requires a DEV firmware. This plugin has been tested on rc2, but I expect it will work on 2.3.6.x as well. After the final release is out and this plugin is tested well enough, it will become available on the Applications page for a one-click install, just like the other official plugins.

Note that the plugin is still missing a proper icon, so it now has a temporary (ugly) icon instead.

Update 2013.03.13: Version 1.0.2 adds a proper icon and is now listed in the “Applications” page of the Fonera 2.0 dashboard and can be installed automatically by just clicking the “plus” icon. You’ll need at least firmware for this, but it should work both in DEV and normal mode.

Setting up computers
To wake up a computer, it needs to support Wake-on-LAN (also known as “Magic Packet”) and have it enabled as well. Most modern computers support WOL, but it is often disabled by default. Often, a BIOS option named “Wake-on-LAN”, “Magic Packet”, or “PCI device wakeup” needs to be enabled, but usually you’ll also need to change some settings within your operating system. See this posting for some details on what to change. Rumour has it that Windows 7 needs some additional changes, see this posting for details.

Setting up the Fonera
After installing the application through the Applications page, you can access the WOL interface through the icon on the dashboard. To power on a computer, you’ll need to know its MAC address. You can add the MAC address to the top list, choose an arbitrary name so you can keep the various MAC addresses apart and click “Power On” to send the Magic Packet. If you already set up a static (DHCP) address assignment for the computer, you can directly click “Power on” in the bottom list (go to Settings -> Network to edit the bottom list).

If you test this plugin, let me know if it works for you, or if you have problems!

Update: I’ve updated the links above to point to version 1.0.1 of this plugin. This version should now also work on 2.0g and fixes a bug where your list of MAC addresses would be deleted when uninstalling the plugin or overwritten during plugin install. If you have the first version (1.0) installed and have a big list of MAC addresses that you want to preserve, you should make a backup of the /etc/config/luci_wol file manually before upgrading to this new version.

Wanna hack the Fonera SIMPL?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Fonera SIMPL Japanese hacker Hot Tuna did quite some work since past summer on our latest Fonera. He has just re-hosted his work on this brand new google site.

Of course Fon won’t support these changes, and they’ll void product warranty. The Fonera SIMPL is an end-user oriented product. So do it at your own risk!

Happy hacking!

Cleaning up the fonosfera

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

This is my first post here, I’m Matthijs Kooijman and I’ve been doing some work for Fon in the last few weeks. Fon has a very cool community surrounding their Fonera firmware, but it hasn’t been investing nearly enough time in communicating with this community recently. There is a lot of useful feedback that hasn’t received the attention it deserves. My (part-time) work is now to get the fonosfera, the Fon community, back on track. Let’s look at a few things I’ve done or am still doing.

There were a lot of comments on this blog that needed to be moderated. Partly because everybody was busy and partly because there wasn’t a single person responsible for comment moderation, this list had accumulated to nearly 300 comments. In the last few days, I’ve gone through the list, deleting half of the comments since they were autogenerated spam and approving the other ones. Just for the record, every real comment has been approved, with the exception of a handful of comments that were plainly offensive and contained swearing. You might have gotten the impression recently that we didn’t publish criticizing comments, but we just haven’t been publishing any comments… We might become a bit more strict in our moderation, though, more about that soon. For now, please keep to on-topic comments, and use the proper channels (forums, IRC, trac) for other things you want to share.

There’s also the trac, which is full of tickets. Some of these address very real bugs, a lot more suggest very useful features, but there is also a lot of duplication and some (spam) polution in there. To turn the trac into a useful development tool again, I’ve started reviewing tickets. The first goal is to filter out duplicate issues, remove useless tickets (that need more information but have not contact information, or that are really configuration problems instead of real bugs), sort the issues into different components, firmware versions, etc. and sometimes even try to confirm the bug or even fix it. So far, I’ve looked at over 150 tickets and there’s still over 250 to go.

To improve the quality of (new) tickets, we’ve also cleaned up the ticket metadata a bit. There is now a hardware field to choose either 2.0n or 2.0g, the list of versions and components is more complete and some useless fields have been removed or hidden from anonymous users.

We have also enabled anonymous commenting for tickets. If you report a problem, you can now supply additional information, or answer our questions in a comment. To improve communication, we have also enabled email notifications of tickets: You will now get notified about all changes and comments to tickets you’ve reported (but only if you filled in your email address in the reporter field). So, if you’ve created a ticket in the past and didn’t fill in your email address, feel free to leave your address in a comment so we can contact you with questions and updates. Note that trac will not make your address public, even when it’s a comment.

This option for feedback on the trac has already payed off: A lot of bug reporters have been supplying extra information and we even managed to nail a few bugs because of that. Thanks for that, reporters!

Finally, I’ve also been doing some early testing with the most recent firmware on 2.0g hardware. There has been a focus on getting 2.0n stable in the last few firmware releases, but now it is really time to get 2.0g up to speed again. I hope to have the next release support 2.0g again (though there might be one more bugfix release for 2.0n first, to fix some import bugs, more about that soon). Note that the next 2.0g release will probably not have bridge mode yet, due to different hardware capabilities…).

Elan the Elk is coming soon for Fonera 2.0g. Meanwhile, test RC1

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


After a looooooong time of silence (forced silence… we were working, not playing XD) We’re coming with great news for you. The version of the firmware will be soon available for your foneras 2.0g!!

No, we haven’t forgot or let down our loyal fonera 2.0g users. We want to make them as happy as possible and we’re doing 2 things for them:
1) Improve the firmware as much as possible. This has all the improvements we’ve developed during these months. The Fonera 2.0g will have as much as possible the same firmware as the Fonera 2.0n.
2) Give discounts for those who are willing to upgrade their 2.0g to 2.0n. We know you spent money on the 2.0g and now we have a new device that is more powerful (and also more expensive). This is not common in all companies, but hey, we try to make you happy, you help us with the feedback too, after all. So we have announced great discounts (we mean great, not small) for those who have bought a Fonera 2.0g and are willing to upgrade it! Please stay tuned to your mail!
New features:

  • The web interface over WAN has been moved to port 443 for security
  • Transmission has been integrated into the FON WebUI. You can still access it in the traditional way!
  • Added QoS support!! Make sure you set realistic up and download values of your line on the configuration. Otherwise it doesn’t work…
  • Twitter!!! Yes, your fonera will tell you when it has finished uploading videos or someone connects to your signal and much more! (Not available for Torrents yet, sorry)

So, what is the bugfix list for this RC1? Here it goes (hold to your chair):

  • Optional Manual DNS server on DHCP mode.
  • Pop up to prevent unwilling reset/rebooting on the systems menu.
  • ALL configurations are saved now from upgrade to upgrade (except for firewall, coming in the next!).
  • Sending files to the correct folder over samba triggers the upload to the corresponding service.
  • Samba works fine now on Windows XP.
  • NTFS is handled slightly better now. Actions won’t happen till the disk is properly mounted (source of many bugs).
  • More robust upload management.
  • Filenames starting with ‘.’ are ignored by the service uploades (picasa, flickr etc). Good for Macs ;)
  • Both \\fonera\Media and \\fonera\disc-a1 work now (better use the first)
  • Many, many, many, many more bug fixing. All boring and internal, but will improve the overall experience!

Please, test it and report back. We are only looking for compatibility bugs.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* This is a Release Candidate. It is not an stable firmware. Most of the things should work fine and it’s probably safe to install. But if you are not very skillful or feel not confident about it… please wait for the release or until you read enough feedback from other users. We are happy to help everybody with any problems they experience but sometimes are overloaded of work… ;)

*ANOTHER ONE* After upgrading, the torrent application might be broken. This is due to changes in the very interior of the fonera. The way to fix it is to remove the “FoneraApps” from the disc where it is installed and reinstall.

Web upgrade image (do NOT uncompress):

RedBoot / Ssh upgrade image:

Md5sum: 5d43a2ba405627975f09741e3d506681

Use your webcam as a security camera with Motion4fon

Monday, September 7th, 2009

OldMan released a pre-beta version of his plugin. He ported Motion software to the Fonera 2.0!

With the application installed and a webcam connected to your Fonera 2.0, you will be able to trigger events when motion is detected. A built in functionality is for example to save the images captured by the webcam when motion occurs. Needless to say with a bit of scripting the possibilities are endless.

Download the plugin Motion4fon_0.1beta.tar.gz
Draft version of the manual page on FON Wiki


Motion4fon screenshot

Here it is! the long awaited RC3… Ehr… RC4!!!!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Hello all!

after a veeeeeery long time, we’re happy to announce a new Release Candidate: RC4! Yes, we know the 3 comes after the 2 and not the 4, but RC3 was an internal release :P

Why did it take us so long to make a new release? Phew… LOTS OF CHANGES!!! Really, L O T S. And we hope this is going to be all for the good.

This is not a stable release or better said, not an official release, just a Release Candidate, but we think it’s much more stable and usable than previous versions. We’re closer and closer to the perfect device! LOL

Ok, no more boring info, here’s the Changelog:

  • Upload service queuing: if you plug a disk with media to upload to different services (YouTube, Flickr, Picasa or Facebook) they will now be queued and uploaded serially and not in parallel (which caused the fonera to run out of memmory and crash).
  • Applications know when another upload is in progress: if you’re uploading videos to Youtube and there are queued pictures for Flickr, the Flickr page will tell you: “Waiting for YouTube to finish the upload”. How about that? ;)
  • Send files from samba and they will be uploaded to your applications. No need to unplug and replug the disk! More and more user friendly every time :P
  • Prorgess bars for uploaders: so you konw when it’s gonna be finished. It also helps show that the fonera is working on something ;)
  • Save configuration from flash to flash: no need to reconfigure all the settings again! Well, WPA password will be lost and the plugins you installed too… sorry. We’re working on it. But it’s already good progress, isn’t it? (this feature only works on web upgrade)
  • Save and restore configuration: what’s this? well, some users like to have backups of their configuration. Now you can download it from the fonera and upload it again if you want to restore safe values… It’s not very tested yet, test it and let us know if it works fine!
  • Better memmory management (processes stopped if unnecessary, less services running by default etc): ok ok, this is not a feature but an enhancement, but it’s important!
  • More image and video types supported. every application is aware of what it can upload. They even check filesizes depending on the service. If a picture is too big for Picasa it will tell you ;)
  • Videos are now supported on picasa and flickr too!
  • Classic youtube accounts should work now: those without the – it’s not valid to have a like account and just ommit it in the user field! Please, someone test it…
  • Additional info on the dashboard: shows uptime, shows release candidate number…
  • Disable FONSpot: yes… you can now disable the FON service. Why, you wonder. Well, we want to build the biggest wireless community in the world, but well, everybody is free to do whatever they want with their fonera, they payed for it after all. So, you don’t want to share? don’t share… but you are evil! mwahahahaha!
  • And much more…

And let me finish with the most awaited the most critisized, the most conflictive, the most difficult bug we ever had… (NO IT IS NOT BRIDGING! LOL)… TORRENTS!!!

We removed the unworkable (thanks unworkable folks, it was a good try but didn’t fit our needs) and it’s been replaced with… TRANSMISSION! Transmission is the best torrent client out there and it’s opensource! It works really well and it’s been veeeery smooth to integrate in the fonera.

Thanks to pablo and john form FON and Charles from transmission and others, we have our first Transmission plugin for you guys to enjoy! It’s still the first version, we are already working on some improvements that will come in the future, but for now, it’s usable.

Don’t abuse… the Fonera 2.0 is still a limited device in memory and CPU. Please follow this recommendations:

  • We suggest to limit download speed to 150KB/s-200KB/s for stability and responssiveness of the interface. This is the values we set by default, we know it’s not very high, but it’s kind of stable.
  • Also, sometimes the interface seems to be freezed… it’s not common but sometimes it takes up to 30min to give a response, still it’s working in the background. If Transmission has proved something is that it’s very stable and very reliable, so just be patient. Really, be patient. Especially when starting or connecting while it’s been downloading for a long while.
  • Do not add many torrents. Transmission right now does not support queueing. All torrents you upload to it will be added for parallel download and this kills la fonera. Well, it doesn’t kill it, just makes it totally unresponssive. IMPORTANT: adding torrents and pausing them does ALSO freeze the fonera, Transmission uses these files in background for something.
  • Also, be aware that it does NOT work with NTFS so… windows users, use FAT32, linux users… you don’t need advice ;)
  • DO NOT use it with a pendrive. The fonera uses the pendrive as RAM memmory (swap) and pendrives are too slow for that plus they deteriorate faster.
  • DO NOT remove the disk before “shutting down torrent” from the fonera web UI. This is very important or you will have to uninstall and reinstall transmission. To extract a disk, you need to reboot (sotfware reboot) the fonera if you ran transmission first. This is a bug that will be fixed soon.

We are already trying to work with the Transmission guys to improve these problems, so stay tuned and ready for improvements in the future. Still, this is something already usable :P
I don’t want to extend on the incredible opportunities Transmission is bringing to the fonera (bandwidth control, seeding, access from other devices – Android, iPhone, Firefox plugins). You will get to know them by yourselves :)

I also want to thank the small betatesting team we’ve built. They are in great extent responsible of many of the improvements you see now and will see in the future. A big applause for them.
Ok, I think this has been the longes release candidate post I ever wrote so now I shut up.

Web upgrade: 20090708_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc4.tar.gz

Web upgrade – developer mode: 20090708_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc4_DEV.tar.gz
Console upgrade: 20090708_FON2202_2.2.6.0_rc4.image – md5sum f53f98adeeac9b9b5426d8a53cbd9db3

Here is the foneradownloader Firefox plugin!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Yesterday we announced it, today, we release it!

In order to use foneradownloader-0.0.9 you need firmware or later.

What you can do with is:

  • click on a torrent and select to send it to the fonera 2.0 for download, instead of downloading it with the PC and then upload it to the fonera. Cool huh?
  • select a set of plain text links (direct links or RS and MU links) and right click on them -> “Download with the Fonera”. YAY!!!! And you can select even normal text, it’s a smart plugin that will strip out only the proper links!!
  • See the status of all your downloads in realtime on firefox, without needing to go to the fonera UI. You can see it all in a table like this (sorry about the Spanish):
Download status
In order to install it, you need to Drag & Drop the .xpi file into a firefox window, or directly install instead of downloading. This is not a Firefox approved plugin so you will need to tell Firefox to allow the installation. Works both with firefox 3.0 and 3.5beta
Download or install it here.

Long time no see, rc2 is here!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


we’ve been quite busy lately. We are working on lots of things right now and soon you will know about some of them. But today, here you have a new release candidate for you to test.

As always, give us your feedback, it is very much appreciated.

Most of the changes are cleanups for the not-so-well working applications like torrent and rapidshare. So you, heavy-downloader… test it and let us know if it improved at all.  But there is a very nice new feature… the firefox plugin!!!!
You can expect

  • a better handling of the RS and MU links: links are loaded without checking so it’s faster and are checked at download time so there’s no possible variation of temporary links. Summary: should work better and fail less :P
  • torrent cleaned up: the torrent application is handled slightly differently and the different status are managed somehow better. even though the downloads won’t be perfect, it seems like you can now download some big files from time to time :)
  • other cleanups…

OK, ok, you want to know about the firefox plugin. What does it do? well, it’s in beta state (lol) but the target is to detect whether you are connected to the fonera 2.0 and if so, it helps you send tasks to it. For instance, you can:

  • click on a torrent and select to send it to the fonera 2.0 for download, instead of downloading it with the PC and then upload it to the fonera. Cool huh?
  • select a set of plain text links (direct links or RS and MU links) and right click on them -> “Download with the Fonera”. YAY!!!! And you can select even normal text, it’s a smart plugin that will strip out only the proper links!!
  • See the status of all your downloads in realtime on firefox, without needing to go to the fonera UI. You can see it all in a table like this (sorry about the Spanish):
Download status

Thanks Javier for the very good work and Steven for supporting with the APIs!

How do you install it? Unfortunately you need to wait till tomorrow so we can fix a small last minute bug :P
Enjoy and thanks!

The Firmware Team

An update on the FonHome project

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Just got an update from our friends of the FonHome project. They made quite a lot of progress and expect to release a beta version before the end of the summer. The driver of the X10 USB controller they are using still needs a few fixes. But guess what, they have a google code repository, so you can give a hand or provide your expertise if you’d like to.

Dashboard with FonHome's icon

FonHome's control panel

FonHome Testing panel

FonHome Fonera

Noticed that they are good graphic artists too? I especially like the FonHome branded Fonera 2.0!

Bye bye ENDUSER, welcome DEVELOPER

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009


After lots and lots and lots of impatient requests to make the plugin to switch from ENDUSER mode to DEVELOPER mode, it is now available on the “Applications” menu of your Fonera 2.0. Yes I put it there… one by one… I got into your houses and hacked your foneras!!! muahahahaha!!!!

What does this plugin do? It will basically change one configuration file (/etc/config/registered) so the “dev” option is changed from 0 to 1. That is all. Simple huh?

The effect is nice…

  • the interface color will change,
  • the ssh access will be available after 2 reboots (don’t ask why…)

There’s one more thing the plugin will do (please don’t be paranoid): it will connect to and tell us your MAC address. Why? Because we want to know how many people switched to developer mode. We promise not to tell anybody what you did, ok? Actually we’re not even storing this info in a database, but a simple log.
What are we working on?

  • New torrent application -> we hope it will fix the issues we’re having now
  • Fix RapidShare bug: some files could not be downloaded. It’ fixed and will be pushed in the next upgrade.
  • Improved audio plugin to listen to shoutcast streams… etc.