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Problems with Gari the Hummingbird

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Since the release of firmware two months ago, we’ve received reports of a number of new problems. A few of these are quite serious and really need to be fixed soon. We’re considering releasing a very small update (which will probably be, containing just a handful of bugfixes, to get these issues fixed. After that, we’ll focus on getting a bigger release out, which should also be available for 2.0g again.

The following issues have been found and will (hopefully) be fixed in the bugfix release.

  • Configuration changes made through and Family & Friends accounts are not working. Due to an issue with the changed MAC addresses in the last update, the Fonera does not identify correctly with and no longer receives any configuration updates. We have found a fix for this issue, see ticket #620 for details and a preview of the fix.
  • Registration is broken. When you click the “Register” button in the dashboard, registration will not work. This issue is also caused by the changed MAC address. We have found a fix for this issue, see ticket #830 for details and a preview of the fix.
  • The message “Your internet is misconfigured” frequently appears when browsing the internet. Quite some users have been reporting this problem, but it is unclear what is causing it right now. We haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this problem, so we haven’t been able to fix this one either. If you are seeing this problem as well and want to help out debugging it, see ticket #669 for the latest status and instructions. Especially if you can (somewhat) reliably trigger the problem (by using some application, changing a setting, etc.) we would like to know.