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Hotfix to make Flickr work again

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

A while ago, Flickr changed their API to require HTTPS connections to be made. This causes the Flickr uploader in the Fonera firmware to break.

As of today, there is a hotfix available for firmware that fixes this problem and makes the Flickr uploader work again. Installing it is simple: Just head over to the “Applications” page on the Fonera dashboard and install the hotfix that’s listed there. It should work right away.

Note that this fix is only available for the latest released stable firmware version, If you’re running an older version, you’ll have to upgrade first. Furthermore, if you ever do a factory reset, you’ll have to reinstall the hotfix (which is also the only way to uninstall the hotfix).

Bridge mode security bug in 2.0n – Please install the hotfix

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Recently a problem was discovered with the firewall on the Fonera 2.0n: When it is running in “bridge mode” (by selecting “bridge” in the internet settings screen), users can access the LAN network from the public wifi network (FON_FREE_INTERNET signal).

Because of the severity of this problem, we’ve provided a hotfix that fixes just this issue. We recommend all users to install this hotfix, though it should only affect users running in bridge mode.

This issue does not affect the Fonera 2.0g or SIMPL, which do not support bridge mode yet.

The hotfix is available for the firmware. To install it, go to the “Applications” page on the dashboard of your Fonera and click the “plus” icon next to “Hotfix: Firewall in bridge mode”.

Alternatively, you can download the hotfix manually and upload it again at the the “Applications” page on the Fonera dashboard. This might also work on firmwares older than, but this has not been tested. If you are still running an older firmware, we recommend that you upgrade and then install the hotfix.

Note that if you ever do a factory reset, you will need to install the hotfix again.

Also note that right now, version 2 of this hotfix is available. If you already installed version 1, it is not possible to upgrade (because the hotfix cannot be uninstalled). However, version 1 offers the same protection, but might break the public signal in some very specific cases (which should not normally occur). If you really want to upgrade to version 2, you’ll need to do a factory reset to remove the hotfix.