Bye bye ENDUSER, welcome DEVELOPER


After lots and lots and lots of impatient requests to make the plugin to switch from ENDUSER mode to DEVELOPER mode, it is now available on the “Applications” menu of your Fonera 2.0. Yes I put it there… one by one… I got into your houses and hacked your foneras!!! muahahahaha!!!!

What does this plugin do? It will basically change one configuration file (/etc/config/registered) so the “dev” option is changed from 0 to 1. That is all. Simple huh?

The effect is nice…

  • the interface color will change,
  • the ssh access will be available after 2 reboots (don’t ask why…)

There’s one more thing the plugin will do (please don’t be paranoid): it will connect to and tell us your MAC address. Why? Because we want to know how many people switched to developer mode. We promise not to tell anybody what you did, ok? Actually we’re not even storing this info in a database, but a simple log.
What are we working on?

  • New torrent application -> we hope it will fix the issues we’re having now
  • Fix RapidShare bug: some files could not be downloaded. It’ fixed and will be pushed in the next upgrade.
  • Improved audio plugin to listen to shoutcast streams… etc.

16 Responses to “Bye bye ENDUSER, welcome DEVELOPER”

  1. steven Says:

    any timetable on ?

  2. monossido Says:


  3. sorthak Says:

    Great work guys!!

    How about bridge routing between LAN and WAN on same network!!

  4. Country Says:

    Yes, please had the bridge support :)

  5. Alan Says:


  6. RHarmsen Says:

    Any change we will see the bridge function any time soon?

  7. ggerard Says:

    And is there any news with redboot, will it be enabled in the future?

  8. Tiago Janz Says:

    bridge, please!

  9. tazthe Says:

    Great, thanks a lot for this plugin

  10. Vieira Says:

    Nice to know that some work is being done to improve the torrent functionality.
    Is there any good to reason to be using ctorrent instead of rtorrent which is more modular, newer and certainly more stable?

  11. Kackhupe Says:

    Hello, nice work for quick changing the firmware mode!
    How do i activate the audio plugin?

  12. Kackhupe Says:

    i found it :)
    its in the addons menu now

  13. Gandhi Says:

    This might sound stupid, but… is that the only difference? ssh access after 2 reboots and a green background?
    I thought we would be able to do more things like install extra file format support (HFS, HFS+…) and stuff like that…

  14. Peter Says:

    Folks, great, this might allow me to install Mac OS X support on the fileserver.
    But I’m struggeling cause even SSH is running on my Mac as well as on the Fonera, I receive the message: port 22: Connection refused.

    Any idea how to overcome it?


  15. burton-ng Says:

    Hi! what about fixing webcam through WAN? it is not working, and it used to do

  16. tom Says:


    What’s the instructions for the Fonera 2.On ?
    no plug-ins like this in the Applications menu…


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