Here is the foneradownloader Firefox plugin!

Yesterday we announced it, today, we release it!

In order to use foneradownloader-0.0.9 you need firmware or later.

What you can do with is:

  • click on a torrent and select to send it to the fonera 2.0 for download, instead of downloading it with the PC and then upload it to the fonera. Cool huh?
  • select a set of plain text links (direct links or RS and MU links) and right click on them -> “Download with the Fonera”. YAY!!!! And you can select even normal text, it’s a smart plugin that will strip out only the proper links!!
  • See the status of all your downloads in realtime on firefox, without needing to go to the fonera UI. You can see it all in a table like this (sorry about the Spanish):
Download status
In order to install it, you need to Drag & Drop the .xpi file into a firefox window, or directly install instead of downloading. This is not a Firefox approved plugin so you will need to tell Firefox to allow the installation. Works both with firefox 3.0 and 3.5beta
Download or install it here.

16 Responses to “Here is the foneradownloader Firefox plugin!”

  1. jorgesuarezdelis Says:

    This ABSOLUTELY rocks!! Keep up the good work :)

  2. OnOffPT Says:

    This sounds very nice. I will test it very soon.
    You doing remarkable improvements and functionality add-ons to this project.

    Keep going guys.

  3. jorgesuarezdelis Says:

    A suggestion here. It would be great if it could use the filename specified in the HTTP headers, instead of the original filename. Firefox seems to read that headers, and then ask you to download “Fancy title.torrent”. But instead, “download.torrent” is added. Look forward the Content-disposition entry in the HTTP headers.

  4. iurgi Says:

    jorge, thanks for the suggestion. We will check it.

    Jorge – OnOffPT: Thanks!! we look forward to improving all features and adding new ones! Your support helps us a lot!

  5. marc Says:

    After configuring the extension with user root, the password I use to enter the GUI and the IP Address (, in the status bar shows a info icon (a white ‘i’ on a blue circle) on the side of the text “Fonera Downloads”. When I click it, opens the window ‘Fonera downloads manager’ but there doesn’t appear anything.
    I use ubuntu as my OS, may be the extension only work correctly under firefox on windows?


  6. scarbunny Says:

    Thats a pretty cool plugin, is there any chance it can be ported for use with Safari?

  7. nkieto Says:

    It would be great if we could use it from PC, not only from laptop. I usually conect to fonera2.0 from my PC using network, not wifi.

  8. Emmanuel Says:

    Could you please tell me what username and password i have to put in the dashboard settings?

    The ones of my Router or the ones to connect to the Fon site?

    I can’t manage to have that thing working… a pitty as I believe it’s a great tool.


  9. Roberto Says:

    Torrent requests are queued correctly, but and old problem with torrent-client is not solved. Download starts, but after some minutes it hangs and fonera2 lose Internet, Wan and Wifi connections, no way to reconnect to it… have to reset F2 and reboot…

  10. Pablo Says:

    En este blog se habla castellano? he actualizado a la e instalado el plug in de firefox y encuentro algunos problemas.

  11. Alex Says:

    Pues a mi no me funciona. En la consola de errores del Firefox me sale:
    Authenticating to URL : http://fonera/luci/fon_rpc/ff/auth
    POST : {“method”:”plain”,”params”:[“fonero”,”oviedo”]}
    Not authenticated
    Response :{“id”:null,”result”:null,”error”:{“message”:”Invalid params.”,”data”:”not enough salt”,”code”:-32602}}
    Authentication FAILED
    Checking URL : http://fonera/luci
    Not authenticated

    Firefox versión 3.0.10
    Fonera con la versión

    Dentro de las opciones del plugin de la Fonera he metido todas las combinaciones de claves, usuarios, dirección de fonera…

  12. Alex Says:

    Perdon, arreglado reinstalando todo. Gracias por el trabajo. :-)

  13. Jordi Says:

    I have the fonera 2.0 working as an access point, and internet is only working through the ethernet wire. When I connect via wireless, it reboots itself every 2 minutes, and sometimes it needs to be manually rebooted. I tried with the finished firmwares and with the Release Candidates, and it fails with any firmware.

    It is impossible to download any torrent.

    The Fonera 2.0 firmware is still not finished. I thought it was going to be a good purchase, but 50 € is too much for an unfinished product. Please, finish the firmare, I now it can become a good product after all.

  14. Marc Says:

    Hi, just tested the Download-Plugin. Seems to work, but I wonder about the time contraints (download during a specific time frame). This doesn’t seem to work (tried last night).
    And: I can’t see the actual time (maybe F2 is thinking in EST ? ).
    Now, I can’t wait for the IE plugin :)
    Best regards, and thanks for the great F2 !

  15. David Says:

    does anyone translated the fonera 2.0 firmware to Portuguese? I just want to know, if anyone had start the translation i would make it.
    Keep the good work and the improvements ;)

  16. Kabamaru Says:

    This plugin works with firmware tested!!!!

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