An update on the FonHome project

Just got an update from our friends of the FonHome project. They made quite a lot of progress and expect to release a beta version before the end of the summer. The driver of the X10 USB controller they are using still needs a few fixes. But guess what, they have a google code repository, so you can give a hand or provide your expertise if you’d like to.

Dashboard with FonHome's icon

FonHome's control panel

FonHome Testing panel

FonHome Fonera

Noticed that they are good graphic artists too? I especially like the FonHome branded Fonera 2.0!

3 Responses to “An update on the FonHome project”

  1. OnOffPT Says:

    This seems to be an excellent project.
    This is a easy and (once again) energy efifcient way to manage your X10 home devices.
    Very Nice

  2. Anomynus Says:

    We need bridge plugin, not this fancy plugin :/

  3. Henk Kuipers Says:

    I tried the install procedure. After adding space by mounting an ext3 formatted USB disk under /tmp I could download and install the various parts. However, the script in cgi-bin is not executed even though I gave it execute rights (700). Somehow, the webserver is not interpreting the shell file as an executable and so far I haven’t managed to fix this….

    Any ideas?

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