Access Webcam Stream from the Internet

Since firmware you can watch the stream of a webcam connected to the Fonera from the internet. It’s not that difficult to set:

1. Install the Webcam Plugin, and plug your webcam.
2. Enable WebGUI access from WAN in Settings >> Firewall >> Application.
3. Redirect the https port (443) to the WAN IP of your Fonera within your broadband router interface.

Check out this page of FON Wiki for more detailed instructions.

Webcam auth

18 Responses to “Access Webcam Stream from the Internet”

  1. Paco Ros Says:

    Please, consider adding at least a compatible webcam in your online shop stock.

  2. Azdec Says:

    I’m looking for 2.0g support and I don’t see it…. Have you seen it?

  3. miguel Says:

    no piensan vender la fonera en chile o en sudamerica en un futuro cercano?
    o dar la posibilidad de importarla desde aca?

  4. Streaming con la webcam anche per la Fonera 2.0n | Giovanni Raco Says:

    […] alla versione 2.0g sono più che fondati — oltre che condivisi dai lettori che commentano il blog ufficiale della Fonosfera; le feature più apprezzate della versione precedente del router di Fon sono già approdate sulla […]

  5. david Says:

    Please more webcam compatible for fonera!!

  6. burton-ng Says:

    what about fonera 2g?

  7. OnOffPT Says:

    Fonera 2.0g ? What is it ?
    Ohhh, you should be talking about this paperweight that I have over my desk.

    I believe that a new ersion should be release in thext few months.

  8. myeyre Says:

    what about fonera 2g?

  9. Jos Meijer Says:


    As soon an you fix the bug that keeps me from using a Hub between my (supported) 3G dongle I might trie, just as all the other whistles and bells that we mobile users can’t use…… (we have no harddisk, you see)…

    and my wife asks when she wil have a router that does not require logging in to the wireless network every 5 minutes (Ubuntu netbook remix)
    (funny enough my windows 7 on the same type of netbook doesn’t suffer this inconvenience).

    What have you changed anyway in the “new” firmware?

    Developing firm/softwar for a single platform/single hardware gizmo is every developer’s wet dream.
    Nothing inexpected, nothing can possibly go wrong.
    Yet you did succeed to turn it o a nightmare!
    you are geinious (and I’ll just buy another router)

  10. Panos Says:

    Please give us a feedback regarding the firmware for the fonera g. Many people stood next to you when you were looking to expand. The 2g roadmap was very short since afte a very short time you developed fonera n and asked us to participate on this new project by giving extra money to upgrade. do you feel it is fair? at least you could inform us that a new product was coming very soon.
    sincerely yours

  11. Stephane Says:

    A HueHD camera doesn’t give a stream under fonera 2.0n (in the list, is indicated yes!). It seems that there is a issue about plugin given by Fonera.

  12. Josemi Says:

    Ticket creation has been closed!! Why?

    And…For when can we expect a new firmware for Fonera2.0g? It seems that you have stoped working, no more blog post, no svn updates…..


  13. Stephane Says:

    The plugin from fon deosn’t work with my camera (huehd) but the Motion4fon extra plugin works fine!

  14. burton Says:

    yeah fon is signing a fussion with mercadona ;)

  15. Jos Meijer Says:

    So is the link to forums from
    Apperantly, FON people don’t want to be interupted by dissatisfied customers while inventing more toys for themselfs.

  16. Matthijs Says:

    Josemi, ticket creation has not been closed! On the contrary, I’ve recently enabled commenting on tickets again, as well as email notification to keep people updated.

    It did take a while to get the configuration right, so you might have tried at an unfortunate time when I had screwed up the configuration in some way. It should be working again now anyway! :-)

    As for 2.0g support, we’re looking into making a new release in the near future.

  17. t031 Says:

    guess FON sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. HumbleDestroyer Says:

    Hey guys, at lest they are giving updates. They said they would work on it. I’m not happy with the amount of time it’s taking either, but all of this isn’t going to make it go any faster.

    Really, if your disappointed, be disappointed. Stop attacking the one guy that at is working on it, and I’m sure is very short handed right now. Show him some support, and post on the owner’s blog about your displeasure.

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