release plans

I’ve announced this post a long time ago, but I’ve finally gotten around to write a bit about our plans for the next release. I’ll try to be as specific as I can in this post, but of course I’m not 100% sure about how will look or when it will be released either. So, expect some things to change from what I say here :-)

The primary goal for is supporting 2.0g again. It’s been a long while without updates for 2.0g owners. Each time there was some important argument to get out the 2.0n update sooner and leave 2.0g for a while longer, but we really should get the latest fixes and features working for 2.0g again. So the plan is to release for both 2.0g and 2.0n. Having the same version working on both Foneras will also make our life a bit easier, since investigating bugs is easier when we only need to check a single firmware version :-)

In addition to this, we’re trying to squeeze in some actual bugfixes and features as well. A good indication of these plans is the milestone in trac, which lists the tickets we hope to get closed for (or have already closed). Note the word “hope” here: We’d like to close as much of these tickets as possible, but if fixing them takes too much time, we might release without them.

Some highlights:

  • Updating some upstream software: Transmission, usb_modeswitch and OpenVPN.
  • Fixing the twitter plugin (which is broken because Twitter changed its authentication scheme).
  • Some fixes related to special characters in filenames on USB disks.
  • Some improvements for developers (more usable opkg, easier plugin building, etc.)
  • Fixing the music plugin again
  • Enabling wifi repeater / wifi-wan mode again. This needs an update to the wifi driver for 2.0n so it hopefully becomes stable enough to enable in the non-dev as well.
  • Bridge mode for 2.0g. This wasn’t actually planned, but when thinking about it a bit more closely a few weeks back, this appeared to be easier to implement than I had originally thought. I’ve since worked on this and found out that it wasn’t so easy after all, but it is nearly working now, so will probably be included after all.

To get an idea of the fixes committed already, you can look at the closed tickets above, but also at the
revision log for trunk. Anything that is commited to trunk right now, will be included in th release (though we might create a 2.3.7 branch later on).

One issue that needs some attention as well is firmware size: The main firmware has slowly grown a bit over the last year (mainly due to the addition of OpenVPN and OpenSSL). This works fine on 2.0n, but 2.0g has slightly less Flash space available, leaving only a few hundred KiB for plugins. Perhaps we can save some space here and there, or perhaps we’ll release a firmware version without OpenVPN included. We’re not sure yet.

As for the actual release process: There will probably be a beta release first. Since there’s quite some changes, particularly for 2.0g, I expect some new problems to emerge when people start testing. After the issues in the beta release are fixed, there will be one or more release candidates (RC) and finally the actual release.

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  1. Josemi Says:

    Thanks for the info. Any shedule for the beta?


  2. korbe Says:

    Thanks for these information.

    But the 3 features, than I expect, are not here. :(
    – Using Zeroconf for Printer Plugin.
    – Multi-Users (with an admin user) for all services (FTP, Torrent, etc.).
    – Add SFTP, WebDav ans NFS file sharing.

  3. Matthijs Says:

    There’s no fixed date yet, but this time I really hope to have the beta ready in a few weeks.

    Korbe, there’s only so many hours in a day, choices have to be made :-) However, I don’t think there are actually tickets in the trac for all of your suggestions. If you really want to see those features in, you should search the tickets to see if they are already reported, and if not report them. That won’t mean they’ll get fixed right way, but at least we won’t forget about them.

  4. snyfear Says:

    Good news!! More than one year that 2.0g users are waiting for updates.
    I am raring to be part of the beta testing.


  5. skynetbbs Says:

    Perhaps “openvpn” should become a plugin and perhaps one should be able to install on “internal memory” or “usb memory” just like smartphones like Nokia/android can?

    Not everybody requires a “vpn” solution…. even DD-Wrt has this in a seperate version

  6. Matthijs Says:

    Having OpenVPN separately would indeed be an option. However, keep in mind that installing something into internal memory separately takes up more space than including it in the base firmware (because compression is better in the base firmware). Also, installing it on an USB disk isn’t trivial: That would require quite some work (and I’d rather not delay for that). We’ll keep this in mind, though!

  7. Marco Says:

    So is it possible that we’ll see a 2.3.7.x release with the USB Hub -> 3G Dongle issue fixed?
    The ticket’s activity has come to a halt, but I suppose something is being done, right?

  8. Matthijs Says:

    Good point! We are still looking into this issue, but haven’t come up with a solution so far. I’d like to release a fix for that as soon as we have it, but I won’t be delaying the release for it.

  9. korbe Says:

    – Printer + Zeroconf: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/585
    – Multi-Users: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/586

  10. Ben Says:

    In order to have more space available in 2.0g I’d let Youtube, Picassa, Twitter, Facebook plugins as external Ones. I don’t believe anybody uses the four of them simultaneusly…

  11. Matthijs Says:

    That would make sense, but those plugins are relatively tiny (not even 100K all of them together). Compare that to, for example the music plugin which is around 1MB to install…

  12. Ben Says:

    Wow, yes, it really doesn’t make much difference…

  13. giuseppeg88 Says:

    Great job!!! Primarily to: Matthijs and Blogic!!!

    I’m looking forward to trying this firmware… in both my Foneras (g&n).

  14. simon Says:

    Hey there !
    I agree with skynetbbs; you already have the “plugin” option – so make more use of it. Let the (advanced) user choose witch features he wants to install by offering a “basic fw” with only the most basic features and the option to install all other features via plugins.

    You can offer a “standard fw” at the same time, which would be like the fw is now.

    That would be really great. If this is – for some reason – not an option… please consider making it easier for the users to compile their own fw with your components.

  15. Danilo Schembri Says:

    I want to thank you for your hard work.

    I’m rushing RSS feed for beta release! :)

  16. Monzi_sez Says:


    I’m so happy that you are putting repeater mode again !

    One small issue: Will the “orange page” be removed?

  17. Matthijs Says:

    Putting more stuff in plugins is indeed something we’ll consider. However, it is not always trivial: Particularly when a plugin should be installed on an USB disk. This works for Transmission, but would need some work for other plugins. So, we’ll keep this in mind, but probably not for yet.

    As for the orange page, I haven’t looked at removing it yet. That is something that will need a bit more thought and testing, so I expect that for after

  18. Decodecoding Says:

    Congrats to the team for your work. It is good to hear 2.0g will get a new firm.

    You can count on me for testing beta of 2.3.7 on my 2.0g wich I have ready for that purpose.

  19. t031 Says:

    first of, thanks for keeping us informed.
    But I have the impression that you guys are slowing down already, just check the frequency of your posts. One post per month would be a good idea and reflect the effort behind it.

    I think there are some issues here about the importance of tasks, I don’t know what people are doing with there foneras, but I absolutely have to agree with Korbe, that it is of significant importance to get the user rights management and bound to that the ftp server running.
    As you Matthijs mentioned already the Tickets do exist, but I do not see them on the Tasklist for 2.3.7 is that a joke?

    It is time to get the basic functions of this thing running!

  20. Jack0 Says:

    Where is the Mediaserver?
    I bought this thing only fpr the Mediaserver.
    I have a 2g and 2n, but still no Mediaserver.

  21. ilvalle Says:

    Hi Matthijs, what about the kernel updates?
    ticket: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/928
    Have you tried it?

  22. Matthijs Says:

    We’ll probably update the 2.0n kernel at the same time we update the wifi driver, so I expect that to be in

  23. skynetbbs Says:

    Will it also contain a newer Openwrt version?
    If i’m not mistaken you are still using a “beta” of 8.09 Kamikaze
    while the Final (March 2009) and SP1 (Aug 2009) & SP2 (Jan 2010) are out.
    Eg latest is 8.09.02 (jan 2010)

    In the meanwhile Openwrt is working on BackFire 10.03which was finalised on august 2010…work is currently done on SP1

    Fon-NG is a “copy” of openwrt 8.09 beta 23 months ago (dec 2008?) I believe???

    results that eg Python can not be compiled for fon-ng because Openwrt 8.09sp2 has a newer Tool Build-chain incompatible with the one still used by FON-NG…

    A lot of Fuse(?) issues if someone wants to get “bluetooth” usb dongle working on FON-NG … while it compiles good on Openwrt 8.09sp2?

  24. Matthijs Says:

    Upgrading the OpenWRT base version used will not happen for this release and probably not anytime soon either. There has been a lot of customization that would need to be identified and ported over, which will probably be a huge task. Additionally, newer OpenWRT versions have newer kernels, which we can’t use because of the out-of-tree drivers for 2.0n.

    Having said that: We have backported some build system changes in the past, so if you have a specific issue with the buildsystem, please bring it up on the mailing list or create a ticket. Perhaps we can backport something to make things work for you as well.

  25. t031 Says:

    you will probably understand that words like “not soon” mentioned by one of you scare us to death since “soon” in FON terms already seems to be somewhat “eternal”

  26. Jack0 Says:

    Mediaserver *soon* since 2008?

  27. Cronoser Says:

    Thank you very much for the new update, especially for the update for the fonera 2.0G, and put another time the repeater mode for both foneras.

    I agree with Ben that put the plugins outside would be better although the size of them are small, especially in la fonera 2.0G which has lower memory and would be faster without that applications.

  28. Fredius Says:

    Mediaserver, please!

  29. fernando Says:

    Please fix dyndns and port forward

  30. Decodecoding Says:

    What’s wrong with dyndns and port forward? I have them working fine…

  31. Alexander Roll Says:


    whats with a Wake On Lan plugin? this is the most thing i miss on actual fw and the plugin doesn´t work.

  32. Miguel Says:

    that looks to me personally as very good news: update on 2.0G, and with wifi bridge. that could make me, and probably others, buy some extra 2.0g foneras…

    i will, at least


  33. Ricardo Silva Says:


    I hope my 2.0n can finally be used. Right now, it’s possible to connect to my private Wireless network, but connection to the FON hotspot is impossible. Not even myself, with the PC just 5 meters away from the Fonera 2.0n router, can connect to it.

    A bit ridiculous, ain’t it?

  34. fernando Says:

    every time i reboot fonera and internet gateway change ip address, i need to go to dyndns site to update manualy the ip address.

    portforward only works with fonera ip, if i forward to other local network it dont work.

  35. t031 Says:

    no worries, they’ll be back soon with an almost finished firmware…

  36. jos meijer Says:

    What can be so hard about fixing the hub-bug?
    (formerly 3g-bug but I just found out it equally strikes my multifunction printer that also presents itself as hub)
    For a real linux programmer, I mean. (not me though)

  37. Matthijs Says:

    Ricardo, we will be including a new wifi driver, which might improve your issue. However, if you really can’t ever connect, then there is perhaps another problem. It’s certainly not a general problem, the public signal is working just fine for a lot of people (including the developers, so it’s a bit hard to debug…).

    As for the hub bug, we only recently got a 3G modem that actually showed the problem (apparently the problem does not occur on all modems of the same type…), but we haven’t gotten around to looking real closely into it. And, the theory that the problem is caused because some 3G modems would “embed an USB hub”, is not correct, since I doubt any 3G modems actually embed a hub, and it happens on 3G modems that certainly do not either.

  38. Forky Says:

    Any news?

  39. skynetbbs Says:

    FON is hiring developers…as soon as they found some… we might expect
    stable & better firmware … from a discussion 18 hours ago:

    @martinvars revenue X8 that’s optimistic! Can we finally expect the foneras dev team to be big enough to make firmwares stable and better?

    @bigfatbball2 we are hiring at Fon, we need developers, interested candidates can contact me and I refer them to right person
    about 16 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to bigfatbball2

  40. Voorstad Says:

    @skynetbbs: hiring at Fon? I’d vote for JazzyJ!

  41. T031 Says:

    sometimes I do feel like in China….

    If someone is out there and reading this, we are still waiting for a new Firmware!

  42. Nuno Rodrigues Says:

    Hello good work for all, so … can you fix the Camera ( cambozola java ) , i use another plugin ( Motion ) … if you want more information , so contact me on email ….


  43. Alfie Says:

    Where is Matthijs?? Is still a Fon developer??

    Any news??

  44. skynetbbs Says:

    @alfie please check this Fonosfera IRC log to have the latest status update on 2.3.7 : http://logs.nslu2-linux.org/livelogs/fonosfera/fonosfera.20101110.txt

  45. Matthijs Says:

    I’m still here, and still working on the firmware (though not full-time, so it’s not as fast as we’d like…) :-)

    It’s a bit silent on the subversion repository lately, but there’s a whole bunch of changes queued in my local git repository. They’ll need a bit more testing before I can push them to the subversion repository, though.

  46. Fonuser456 Says:

    I’m afraid we’ll still have to wait somo more months to see out 2.0gs wearing a final release… :-(

  47. Dariusz W. Says:

    What about have a good solution to configure correct Time Zone and have a npt client to update the date/time? It is realy bad, and is a must it feacture, more for people that have settings for sheduled downloads (RS, MU, Torrents)


  48. theo Says:

    What about using the fonera as openvpn client? and redirecting all the traffic through the vpn? Actually i can connect the fonera to my vpn but i don’t know how to redirect all the traffic through it.


  49. Matthijs Says:

    I agree on the timezone, but that’s probably something for later. I couldn’t find a ticket on the trac, so feel free to create one for the timezone selection. Note that there is already an ntp client on the Fonera, IIRC it syncs the time at boot and once per day.

    As for using the Fonera as an OpenVPN client, there has been some internal talk about that as well. I’ll likely investigate this after we release

  50. Dariusz W. Says:

    Matthisjs, thanks a lot for the ansver (realy!). My point is, I’m in Venezuela and I change the TZ content, but at boot time the Fon 2.0n change again it to UTC and the time is bad after that. I think that it make it using some sequence in the /etc/init.d/boot file. Other is that after the boot time it return to August 23 (if I remember good).

    Is possible you help me to change the time zone to my country (the international is Americas/Caracas GMT -4:30) that it is mantained after a boot of the fonera and that it make the time sync?

    Thanks in advance,


  51. Matthijs Says:

    Darius, please create a topic on the forums about this, then I (or perhaps someone else) can have a look around for this. Also, please create a ticket on the trac for the timezone selection. This blog is not the right place to keep track of these things :-)

  52. MR Says:

    Ok, but the QoS module is actully poor.
    Is very important priorize individuals IPs and services.

  53. t031 Says:

    Will there be finally a user right management for the FTP server in 2.3.7?
    This is a very basic and very important feature and I highly urge to resolve this issue.

  54. claudio m Says:

    i ‘d like this feature:
    scheduling the power on and off of wifi connection.

  55. Matthijs Says:

    Please remember that this is not the place for bug reports or feature requests, report those at the trac!

    As for user right management for the FTP server, that won’t be in Ticket #850 is about this.

  56. Jack0 Says:

    …………..as time goes by

  57. herb Says:

    Jack0: I tried uShare as a mediaserver but it’s a too powerful app for these processors. I guess that mediaserver will never be done on Foneras.

  58. skynetbbs Says:

    DLNA can be used to “offer” the contents of your NAS to television sets that do not support “samba”…

    Personally I use XBMC, Woxter, Netgear, PopCorn Hour… they all support SAMBA;

    but people with a XBOX360, PS3, Samsung/Sony or other network capable device are limited to DLNA…. While these televisions can do mpeg4 via USB they can only do mpeg1/2 via DLNA; and none of these can do subtitles

    Software like TVersity,mediatomb can do transcoding from divx to mpeg1/2; and insert the subtitles in the videostream; but as you say this can not be done on a mere router… only devices with eg Atom or Marvell processors can do this kind of things … personally i’d wait on these televisions that can perform transcoding with a H264chip

  59. t031 Says:

    and then there was silence again….

  60. jellona Says:

    “Connect a USB hub (not included) to the Fonera 2.0n and get wireless access to multiple USB devices like webcams and printers, _or__ convert a 3G dongle into a WiFi signal. ”

    when this __OR__ is going to be __AND__ so that i can start using it as 3G dongle to WLAN plus with other USB devices

    is there ANY plans

  61. tman Says:

    When for 2.0g? 2010 or later? I have a 2.0g unused for a very long time :-(

  62. Jack0 Says:

    The answer is blowing in the wind……..

  63. thejoshua3 Says:

    devolepers are engaged with the new Fonera SIMPL… http://www.fon.com

  64. tman Says:

    I hope this will not be the 3rd black Christmas for the poor orphaned 2.0g :-( Nobody wants to give him a nice present :-( Santa, please put him on your list this year, he deserves it !

  65. Ricardo Says:

    “devolepers are engaged with the new Fonera SIMPL”

    Does that mean I’ve just threw away 80€ in the stupid and almost useless Fonera 2.0n!? How great is it to buy something so crappy!? Damn!!!

  66. Matthijs Says:

    Actually, some developers have been working on the SIMPL for quite some time, which is partly why the releases for the 2.0 hardware haven’t been frequent. However, I’m not working on the SIMPL at all right now (heck, I don’t even _have_ one :-), so I’m working on the firmware only (but due to some personal circumstances, I’m not able to devote full weeks to the firmware right now, so I’m not making as much progress as I’d hoped…)

    Anyway, the 2.0n and 2.0g are definately not useless!

  67. Monzi_sez Says:

    I hope it comes out before christmas :-)

  68. t031 Says:

    which one 2020 or 2021???
    this is beginning to be ridiculous!

  69. Andrea Ghirardini Says:

    I tried to use OpenVPN function in Fonera 2.0n to connect a remote LAN. But at the present doing this is a nightmare since the system is projected only to connect single computers with OpenVPN.

    Should be a good thing to improve the OpenVPN interface to permit a LAN-to-LAN config.

  70. skynetbbs Says:

    openvpn lan2lan is explained on wiki.fon.com
    the openvpn is “opensource” so people could improve it with eg custom vpn services on the net…or lan2lan connectivity

  71. tman Says:

    So quiet here …. What’s happening ?????

  72. Marco Says:

    “There’s no fixed date yet, but this time I really hope to have the beta ready in a few weeks.” – Matthijs 13/10

    it’s been 8 weeks now, so I ask, is there any other way we (users and testers) can help to make this process less painful?

  73. skynetbbs Says:

    ask him via IRC…
    he has committed his changes…
    there is still no automated build server/service
    but you can create a 2.3.7 version using his changes…

    last “work” was performed 7 days ago…

    on the other hand you can look at the tickets…
    test & report back on existing or create new tickets…

  74. Jordi Says:

    Any update about that? It’s a long time since I bought my unusable Fonera 2.0g…

  75. simon Says:

    Nah, I wouldn´t call it unusable.. it is, without any of the additional features a mediocre router which (at last) works. But due to weak hardware (I think) the wpa2 encryption makes the connection a little unstable, and if you are using the torrent-option, the router becomes slower and slower. So, not unusable, but … perhaps not all the way we´ve hoped it would be.
    But since FON uses a kind of pyramid-scheme, let´s hope they´ve earned enough money on the simpl to hire some more personnel instead of spending it all on a new pair of diamond-coated retroshorts for M.V ;)

  76. Jordi Says:

    I bought it to have a secure network at home (wpa2) and download torrents, despite other things. So how would you call it if it doesn’t do what it’s designed for, but unusable?

  77. simon Says:

    I was merely trying to bring in a little irony.. perhaps it was too subtle ;)

    Actually, I do use the fonera 2.0n but only with wpa and no other function, since I just refuse to buy another router and the network is stable, after all. But this is of course FAR from the functionality I was promised the router would have and that I´ve paid for real money some time ago.
    I do not like FONs policy of throwing routers in BETA status onto the retail-market and I took a mental note not to buy something from them ever again if they do not fix their firmware and make updates more regularly.

    The 2.0n is my 3rd FON-router but I really wonder how they plan to survive if their newer routers are worse than their predecessors and with out ANY noticeable customer care, perhaps without any personnel at all..


  78. krist Says:

    i could really use the wifi – wan thing.


  79. t031 Says:

    Simon, thank you for this post, you just expressed what all of us, who are posting in this forum, are thinking.
    NO MORE FON products ever, there are nicer ways to waist our money…

  80. Ricardo Silva Says:

    “NO MORE FON products ever, there are nicer ways to waste our money…”

    I’m reaching the same conclusion. :-(

    FON had a great idea… but they seem to be unable to execute it properly… and that will surely kill the idea! Sad, but true.

  81. burton-ng Says:

    …So you Matthijs are the one hired to pay the paper. It must be difficult to keep us in Bay with such lateness and disappointment involved.

  82. tman Says:

    I’m wondering how many F2N’s were sold after all. I see on forums and blog at most 10…20 people commenting about problems they have with this device. That means 1600 Euros income, but to hire 3 developers for 2 years could cost Fon at least 150.000 Euros… I think that’s the reason why this product is sustained by only one guy hired part-time.

  83. t031 Says:

    They shouldn’t have brought an unfinished product on the market in the first place. I think most of us who own a F2N would have decided to by a product from a different company if we would have know that 50% of its features are not working!!!!
    Expressing our sadness here is a way to let them know that they have unsatisfied clients!!!

  84. n3m0 Says:

    Am I the only one who is happy with the F2n? I don’t think so. Look at it from this side: you guys compared to the rest and quiet F2n useres – looks like 99% are happy with the product.

  85. t031 Says:

    sorry to say that, but only a noob or a lowprofile user can be rally happy with it or may have nothing to complain.
    I guess for the rest of us we not only have the right to complain, I think it is our duty in order avoid scams like that in future!

  86. Ricardo Silva Says:

    Yes, t031, you’re right. It’s so well-built that it barely works. Ehehh!
    I bet 99% of the users are happy… because that thing is a great paperweight!!! Even if it’s a bit expensive, it works like a charm…

    PS: It’s impossible to change the Antennas for better ones. What a crap.

  87. skynetbbs Says:

    it is mentioned in the shop.fon.com: “Fixed antennas”
    whereas the other modells have “detacheable” antenna

    under fontenna you can clearly read “can not be used on fonera 2.0n”

    and you can explictly read the FCC report of the Fonera 2.0n and read it was on the FCC’s request that they were made “fixed”

    Imho other brands like Dlink with 2/3 antennas are also Fixed?
    only when it’s 1T/1R they can be detached but then we’re talking about 150mbps

  88. Ricardo Silva Says:

    skynetbbs Says: “Imho other brands like Dlink with 2/3 antennas are also Fixed?”

    Yes, but those products are not focused on creating a network like FON… are they?

    If you’re just going to use the router for yourself and don’t need much range, that’s perfectly fine… but if the main goal is to share internet with the neighbourhood… it would made a lot of sense to allow changing the antennas to increase the range.
    I have the router on the living room of my parent’s house… and in the 1st floor, with a regular wireless card, the most signal I get is a ridiculously low… 29%.
    Of course my neighbours can’t even see the network. :-(

    So… what’s the point of sharing internet, if no one else can connect to it?

  89. skynetbbs Says:

    to be “legal” and within FCC regulations… they can’t allow to go beyond 100mWatt…

    If you would install 3 million foneras and they all broadcast at >100mWatt… then you will see more than 20 accesspoints BUT you wouldn’t be able to use 1 single one of them

    The problem with wifi is : only 3 channels are not overlapping : 1,6 and 11;
    most devices on the market don’t even work very well on 12-14 as they have limited exposure (france?japan?)

    but when you are using wifi-N…then you can even use channels of 40mhz instead of 20mhz…. so with only 2 fonera 2.0n/simpl’s you can seriously “bomb” your neighbours wifi…. (so they can only connect to your wifi and not theirs)… but if he buys a fonera simpl as well…then you would be both without any working wifi…

    that’s the major problem when installing wifi “professionally”… the 2.4ghz band is used by anyone… not only for wifi…

  90. simon Says:

    skynet is right. instead of whining about specs that were known from the beginning or complaining about fcc-regulations, you should concentrate on what’s fons fault and what not.

    instead of trying the “brute force” method, you should test and finetune your existing signal with the power the f2n provides.
    think of wireless lan as “music” ! you wouldnt listen to music next to an “autobahn” , would you? or would you buy even larger speakers to counter the cars’ noise?? i feel sorry for your ears! instead you should try to get rid of the cars’ noise. you get my meaning?
    installing a well working wlan is difficult, but your problem is, for once, not fons fault. (if you are using wpa1(!) encryption and don’t use any other function like torrentloader or the qos, the signal and the speed should be fine)

  91. skynetbbs Says:

    I believe you even have to switch to WPA2/AES to get the wifi-n 300mbps connectivity to work… seems some requirement for some wifi-n cards…preferably those of Apple’s latest Airbook
    Even FON’s CEO has pointed this out on his Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/martinvars/statuses/13722896966881280

    but you can also read this on Apple’s website

  92. simon Says:

    I am using wifi-n 300mbps right now at full speed with a fritz!Wlan-stick and windows7 – and WPA1.
    Activating WPA2, no matter what protcol I use, be it tkip or aes, leads to a unstable connection. Aes might be slitghtly more stable, but still it drops every minute or so when I transfer some data ie put load on the network. This leads me to the conclusion, that the hardware / software implementation of the f2n is not optimised, because TECHNICALLY, the hardware should be able to handle it…
    So, because stability comes first, I use WPA1 and leave the rest. Works.

  93. skynetbbs Says:


    are you using the latest firmware of f2n ( with latest wifi drivers (2.3.5+) of april 2010 ?

    Did you enter a ticket on trac.fonosfera.org so they should ask for better drivers at Ralink?

    Did you check the country settings of your wifi?
    by default it’s set on spain

  94. Ricardo Silva Says:

    Ok, Simon, let’s focus on what the 2.0n does right, then…

    It’s a brilliant paperweight!

    Apart from that, it totally sucks.

    1) I have to reboot it constantly, because it freezes with no particular reason. (Yes, even with the latest firmware)
    2) Connecting to the private network always works… but connecting to the Free network gives me… Nothing At All: web browsers try to connect to http://www.fon.com for the login form… but the page never loads! Brilliant stuff! And I’m just 3 meters away from the router, not more than that… it’s not exactly long range, is it?

    So… what was the point of the router, again? Simply to provide a private network, but not to share the Internet connection with other Foneros… was it? I don’t think so. (I already had that feature with my old router, no need to spend 80€ on a new Fon router for that.)

    So, seeing that the main feature doesn’t work properly… I guess you’re right: No point in discussing about ALL the other features which also don’t work.

    Let’s just wait a few more decades… to have this working like it should.

  95. Matthijs Says:

    Hey guys, let’s prevent this blog from turning into a finger-pointing shouting match. I can understand that people are disappointed regarding the 2.0 Fonera’s, but I think you are exaggerating by saying it’s no more useful than a paper weight.

    In particular, I haven’t seen the two issues that Ricardo mentions (random freezes and public network not working) myself and I haven’t seen any complaints about them either (I haven’t read all trac tickets yet, but I don’t think these issues have been reported recently. So, I don’t think the problems Ricardo is talking about are really occuring for anyone. So perhaps there is something specific in the way Ricardo uses his Fonera, in his network setup (some bad interaction with the modem perhaps) or perhaps his hardware is somehow faulty. I can’t tell for sure right now (and I’m not planning to debug these issues here on the blog. The trac is the proper place for this).

    Note that I’m not saying that the Fonera has no problems at all, since it has (and quite a few). But I don’t think it is as bad as you think (or are making other people think).

    Now, regarding the removable antenna: I can’t give you an official statement on why the 2.0n doesn’t have detachable antennas, since I simply don’t know. Perhaps SkynetBBS is right regarding FCC regulations, I’m not sure. What I can tell you, is that the new Fonera SIMPL does have a detachable antenna again.

    On the topic of release planning, I have not much to tell yet: due to all kinds of circumstances (mostly not Fon related) there hasn’t been much progress in the last few weeks. I’ll probably go ahead with a beta without the wifi-wan feature for 2.0n (since I need some stuff from other developers who are too busy working on the SIMPL and other things rignt now). I do hope to get that in the final version, though.

  96. simon Says:

    Yes, I am using the latest FW ( Gary jr.).
    I did not enter a ticket. Why ? I don´t know… Maybe I will do this today. But honestly I thought that this was so obvious an error that they already know of it.
    Country set to germany. 11n mode set to 20. What does the country-setting do again?

    I can not reproduce your errors. I can connect to the FON_Free_Internet of my 2.0 via my Iphone from outside the house and the FONpage is loading.
    My f2n has an Uptime of almost a month without any errors. The last error, with made me reboot the f2n was when I tried to use the torrent loader with more than 2 torrents..

    So, honestly. your errors might be caused by three things:
    1) A software error while flashing the device with the newest fw. (
    2) A hardware error, during the production, the transport, whatsoever. You might consider returning it for a newer one.
    3) The device is overheating. The couse might be one of no.2) or a bad placing of the device.

    And, please, spare me the “this device is a total software/ hardware error” comments. I am a frustrated user myself (read my other posts) but your errors I cannot reproduce, they should not occour.

  97. Ricardo Silva Says:

    Matthijs Says: “I don’t think the problems Ricardo is talking about are really occuring for anyone.”

    So… now I’m… no one!?
    Great! Thanks for that.

    One thing is certain. I’ve waited far too much already and I have lost all hope on you guys.

    From the way this subject is evolving, I don’t have any hope that thing will ever do what I’ve bought it for… specially now, after having the confirmation that the issues I have… don’t even exist.

    Maybe it’s better to get a regular router from any other brand and crack the wifi of a neighbour, instead of waiting 5 more years so I can connect to another Fonero… right?

    So… since the router is so damn perfect, why don’t you buy it back from me? Give me my 80€ and I’ll buy some other router to crack my neighbours non-Fon Internet. It will be simpler, for sure.

    Can I have my money back?

  98. skynetbbs Says:

    @Ricardo I & several others don’t have those issues…
    please start an RMA request with FON support… your device probably is defective…bad RAM chips

    but first try a reflash preferably via SSH and not via webgui to be sure it’s successfull… get the latest image and make sure it’s not tampered with (a few bytes on the wrong place can be a problem.
    FON used to give MD5 hashes… but this seems to be stopped since they moved to the Fonera 2.0n

    2) I do connect regularly to the fon_Free_internet of my Fonera 2.0n which is running in Bridge mode… and it works…
    The only issue here… is that FON “last visits” doesn’t show any sign of these visits since i moved from to their upgrade in april when they switched mac adresses for some reason

  99. skynetbbs Says:

    FCC : http://tinyurl.com/ydmz6l9

    Read this in “Test Report 11n Dipole”

    the fonera 2.0n has been made by Edimax…
    and 2 models exist…one with removable antennas…one without…
    FON is selling those without removable antenna’s…

    under section “3.7” you will read that it is prohibited to install removable antennas… to disable the possibility to add a fontenna to this device!

  100. Ricardo Silva Says:

    “I and several others don’t have those issues…”

    Well… that excuse won’t do any good.

    You’re starting to sound like the Toyota specialists… which said: “several other drivers don’t have the issue, so it must be own driver’s fault. there’s nothing wrong with our cars… for sure!”

    Yeah, right. We saw how that worked for them. Haven’t we?

    At least, I’m glad this is just a gadget, a piece of hardware, not critical at all for my life… or else I’d be in trouble.

    Still… it would be good if it did what I bought it for, but I’m feeling like that’s an utopia.

  101. herb Says:

    If I would know that it’s a rebranded Edimax I never thinked about buying it. Nowadays I could buy a Cisco-Linksys for comparable price, with usb, media server and gigabit included.
    About the sharing…I think very few people use this feature, maybe 0,00001% . If you cannot place your router at 10 meters to a Starbucks there is no chance to share anything. Asked other foneros, all say that they never see anybody connecting to them.

  102. skynetbbs Says:

    There are “bills” that make quiet a profit
    please use this technique to point your fonera 2.0n to a starbucks :
    only scissors are required… no solder equipment :-)

  103. Matthijs Says:

    > Matthijs Says: “I don’t think the problems Ricardo is talking about are really occuring for anyone.”
    > So… now I’m… no one!?

    I guess I misphrased that one. I intended to say “everyone” there, to point out that this is not something that is completely broken for everyone, but apparently just in some specific case.

    > “I and several others don’t have those issues…”
    > Well… that excuse won’t do any good.

    Again, this does point out that the product itself is not totally broken as you suggest. It does not say that your particular device in your particular environment is not totally broken. It does not say nobody wants to help you get things working again, but since these issues are not occuring for us, or anyone else who is actually spoken up and reported them, we just haven’t known about these issues.

  104. Tim Says:

    Just ended up here after receiving the FON newsletter announcing the new SIMPL. I just thought “Oh my, I’ll never get a working firmware for my 2.0g”.

    I have installed the latest release but I still have random problems: sometimes I have the signal but can’t connect (need to switch off and on again the wifi on my laptop – occurs with other laptops and devices as well). Random freezes from time to time. My FON connects to a LAN which is connected to Internet, so I can’t even access LAN machines from the wifi signal when the “Internet” is down (including the next hop, the router actually connected to Internet). All this kind of stuff. And I just use it for routing and NAT.
    Why didn’t I report it? Because I’ve seen so many tickets open and not resolved about the 2.0g that I did not bother – when my Fonera will stop working or become totally unusable, I’ll just buy a cheap crappy access point which will do the same (but probably better). And from what I hear from friends who also happen to have Foneras… they’ll do the same (more or less for the same reasons). Does not look like an exception to me. Note that I don’t complain – I am a Bill and I earned something like 15 euros so far (well, in 5 years). It’s not too bad after all.

    Good luck with the project though – nice idea :)

  105. Voorstad Says:

    Seems that the community is getting impatient… or disappointed. Just came accross FONleaks…:


    Anyways, I am enjoying my MPD and Torrent enabled 2.0N. I will take bridge offline until security issue is fixed. Just wait and see which direction FON will go….

  106. Calvin Uijlen Says:

    I hope that FON will hire more developers, because it goes so slow…
    I am happy with my Fonera 2.0n, but there are so much bugs and there is no media server…

  107. Seth Says:

    Has anyone built a firmware from the latest SVN and tried running it on thier 2.0g 2202?

    I haven’t messed with mine in over a year, I’ve pretty much written off Fon.

    Only reason I popped onto the blog today is because my 2202 running firmware Version: Release Candidate: 1 has crapped out several times today and I was hoping against all odds that they had released an update.

    So it looks like yes another very long delay between the promise and the delivery of said firmware, if it ever arrives at all.

    That’s ok, my expectations from Fon are very low at this point so I can’t say it’s really a disappointment.

  108. Paul Says:

    13th of october…
    and no news since…

    My Fonera (G version – FON2202) is lying in the closet for almost a year now…
    Still not a good functioning machine…
    3G in Sweden with Ice.net (C-Motech D-50) still does’t work…

    Looks like a waste of money now…
    And I can’t even sell it for a decent price.
    Because there is a better one out now, the N version.
    People offered me 20 euro’s for my Fon…
    I paid 90 euro’s for it, with a directional antennae!
    And only used it twice, to see if it works with the C-Motech D-50!

  109. Ricardo Silva Says:

    Fon = Great marketing team, which can sell products that don’t even do 10% of what they promise. Fon 2.0n is worth 8€, not 80€! You guys are genious. I have to give you credit for that. Making money out of nowhere.

  110. Tim Says:

    And now that I have seen that the fon.com website redirects to corp.fon.com, and only mentions “Fontenna”, “2.0n” and “SIMPL” in the Products section… I am certainly disappointed, and I am now sure that I lost the 100+ euros I invested in FON products so far. Damn… :(

  111. Hubba Says:

    Looks like I will be flashing my 2.0G with OpenWRT soon to make it more useful to me!

  112. steven Says:

    you’re late…the NSLU2-Linux community did this 2 years ago when it allready came clear development was on a standstill-track while Openwrt is allready at “Backfire” edition.
    Upgrade to OpenWrt and get Bluetooth support on your Fonera 2.0g; impossible with Fon-NG due to Fuse issues

  113. n3m0 Says:

    Looks like the two files Plugins_fonera20n_2.3.6.1.lua and hotfix_bridge_firewall_1_fonera20n_2.3.6.1_fon.tar.gz on the download server have been changed/added.
    Are there any release-notes or other information about them?

  114. steven Says:

    check forum.fon.com

  115. Matthijs Says:

    n3m0, there will be an announcement, but the Fonosfera server was having some problems yesterday, so I didn’t get to post it yet. Expect something today.

  116. Jack0 Says:

    The 2g and 2n routers are not in the fon shop anymore. Is this the dead of these routers?

  117. Marco Says:

    @Jack0 I see the 2n on the shop

  118. Seth Says:

    I just successfully built and flashed SVN rev 1809 on my Fonera 2.0g 2202. If anyone wants a copy of the .img I’m probably going to post it in the forums.

  119. Jack0 Says:

    @Marco: There is just the SIMPL. Maybe it depends on the country.

  120. Marco Says:

    @Jack0: Well in Portugal I can see SIMPL – €39, 2.0n – 79€ and the fontenna – 19€

    oh, and a happy new year to everyone

  121. Jack0 Says:

    How many developers are working on it?
    Its a long time now.

  122. alexb Says:

    Well according to the headline “ release plans”
    you are planning to release the version of the fonera 2.0n router.
    Does there is a timeline from which someone can actually see when
    the remaining tickets are expected to be started and finised ?
    It seems like that Trac only shows the tickets itself but does not show
    a timeline or an expected release date.

  123. Rodge Says:

    Dear Matthijs,

    for a couple of years now i have been following this blog and checked in regularly to see if there (finally) is new firmware, for my fon 2.0g.
    Three months ago, you posted this post announcing there will be a firmware update. However there still is no update.

    In the meantime my fonera is gathering dust. I understand that you company management sucks and all, but can you tell us what plans you now have. Preferably with a date accompanied. So I know when to check back in. It would also be nice if you could tell that it won’t arrive this month, so we’re not dissapointed every time we open the page.

    Thank you!

  124. Paul Says:

    Heey Rodge,

    .my guess…
    The update will not come this month, because we would have heard something by now…
    They would be so proud, they would announce it when they know a date…

    The update will come, somewhere between now and the end of time ;)

    I think there is like one person working on the firmware and 500 people working in Marketing, but all are sleeping…

  125. Seth Says:

    You guys might want to try out the firmware I compiled from a recent version SVN build for the Fonera 2.0g 2202 here: http://forum.fon.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=718

  126. TheUntouchable Says:

    Sad, again everything dead in here..

  127. t031 Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, FON has left the building….

  128. burton-ng Says:

    Fon is good at hit and run
    Anyway they still fool people with new products
    Nowadays who puts expectations on a wireless router which is no longer cheap nor reliable…

  129. Calvin Uijlen Says:

    Wi-Fi Everywhere is a cool idea, but the FON devices are too buggy…

  130. t031 Says:

    What can I say Matthjis, we don’t hear anything from you, from FON and we feel abandoned with a half finished product.
    Can I get my cash back?
    I would like to buy a different product!

  131. Berndt Says:

    Reply to FON has left the building…. And now the help pages on 2.0N dissapear… Web page not found…. Is it legal to do like this?

  132. Matthijs Says:

    Hey folks,

    it’s been a while since I’ve replied, but I’ve not sat still in the meanwhile. If you want to get an idea what’s happening for the firmware development, the trac is always a good place. The milestone provides an idea of what we want to get fixed for (though there’s also plenty of fixes without a ticket that won’t show up there). Note that the milestone lists all the tickets we’d like to get fixed in the release, but in the end we’ll probably postpone a few to the next release.

    Another useful page is the trac timeline, which lists all ticket changes but also SVN commits. As you can see there, I finally finished testing a big bunch of changes that I had queued up from the previous months, so those are in SVN trunk now. Right now, I’m rounding up the last couple of changes for the beta, which should look pretty close to what SVN trunk is now.

    On the area of blog comments: I’ve recently deleted a few of those for being off-topic or inappropriate. In some cases, the emailaddress for the comment was not correct, so my explaination to the author got bounced. So if your comment magically disappeared from this blog: that is probably wahy.

    For all others: Please try to stay on topic with your comments, and don’t forget about the comment policy.

    Finally, regarding the hell pages for the 2.0n (and 2.0g as well I think) disappearing: This was previously reported on the trac, but I don’t remember if I forwarded it to the proper place. So thanks for your reminder, I’ve forwarded the problem to the proper people now. Keep an eye on that ticket if you want to know the progress.

    I can’t comment on getting any cash back for products, perhaps FON support can help you with that.

  133. Rodge Says:

    Dear Matthijs,

    thanks for giving another update. However we still don’t know when to expect the firmware update you promissed. Could you please tell us when you expect to finish it? Even if it’s only an educated guess. For we are now in the dark on when to expect it.
    The milestone roadmap for firmware 2.3.7 has no date set, could you please fix that?

    Yours sincerely,


  134. Matthijs Says:

    I’m hesitant to make real guesses, since the past has shown that tends to disappoint people… Anyway, looking at the open tickets on the milestone, most of those will wait until after the beta (or even after the release). I expect to release the beta within a few weeks now. Depending on how many problems we find in the beta, the first RC is probably one or two months after that.

  135. Voorstad Says:

    “….For all others: Please try to stay on topic with your comments, and don’t forget about the comment policy…..”

    For Fon: please try to live up your promisses and don’t forget about your 2.0g and 2.0N customers.

  136. Seth Says:

    For those interested I’ve just posted a compiled firmware for the 1860 SVN build in the fon forums: http://forum.fon.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=718

  137. Rene Wiedemann Says:

    This must be the best firmware of the century. We are waiting already from “This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 at 1:02 pm” on it…

  138. Jack0 Says:

    I think they will only do some fixes.

  139. jellona Says:

    so is there coming support to 3G dongle AND other devices ?

    any day ?

  140. skynetbbs Says:

    Currently Matthijs (not on the payroll of FON as far as we know!) was working on “bugfixes” (there were more than 600bugs reported on trac.fonosfera.org)…

    He has all “patches” on the public sourcecode server upto changeset 1870 (10 feb 2011)

    upto 1860 have been compiled by the community and made available here :
    2.0N : http://www.fonera.be/flash/FON2303/fonera-2303n-svn1860.bin
    2.0G : http://www.fonera.be/flash/FON2202/fonera-2202g-svn1860.bin

    FON’s firmware developer “Blogic” has been working for a full year on new firmware for the Fonera Simpl… latest status was that everything was handed over to FON and that it’s QA team was testing everything…that info is now 2 months old… it would add a lot of bugfixes (FON SIMPL bugs are not mentioned publicly… let’s hope people will be able to disable the Private wifi signal; be able to change the public wifi signal; change the speed shared of the public wifi signal like all other foneras); a new feature would be “wireless repeater”… perhaps even “network bridging”

    feedback about these bugfixes are welcome!
    No mentioning on fon’s irc log about any “public” build by FON

  141. Matthijs Says:

    For the record: I am a paid developer from FON, but it’s not the only job I have, so I’m not able to work on the firmware full-time.

    As for the release, the build bot is working again for the 2.0g and 2.0n firmwares, so that’s one less hurdle for a release. It still needs a bit of polishing before we can actually try to make its builds public, but I do intend do arrange for that to happen.

    I’m also steadily wrapping up the changes for the beta release, so expect news soon.

  142. skynetbbs Says:

    Thnx for the info Matthijs!
    I’ve updated my records and await the first public “buildbot” release work :-)
    Do you have any feedback from FON QA about Blogic’s work?

  143. Brutus Says:

    2.0N : http://www.fonera.be/flash/FON2303/fonera-2303n-svn1860.bin invalid image???

  144. Matthijs Says:

    No updates about the SIMPL, I’m not involved with the SMPL firmware development or FON QA.

  145. skynetbbs Says:

    Brutus…are you running a “developer” firmware?
    Did you try via the “gui” instead of ssh?

    also this firmware is “beta”… compiled using the guidelines followed on http://www.fonosfera.org

    it’s not “signed” by FON… only Iurgi which was responsible for firmware a year and 6 months ago as “head of firmware” could do this…

  146. Matthijs Says:

    Brutus, that file is an firmware image, not a firmware tarball. This means you can’t upload it through the WebGUI, but you’ll need to do a flash through SSH. See this page for instructions.

    As a sidenote: As of it should be possible to upload unsigned firmware tarballs through the WebGUI in DEV mode, just like application tarballs. That would enable people to distribute custom firmware images that can be installed through the WebGUI, instead of requiring SSH.

  147. Seth Says:

    Matthijs, what’s the process for creating fonera firmware tarballs? Anything more than zipping it up?

  148. Matthijs Says:

    Seth, it seems there’s no official documentation for it on the trac right now. However, the format is quite simple. I think the only requirement is that it contains a script called “upgrade” that does the upgrade. This is customarily a lua script, but could be anything. You can just have a look at an official tarball to see what it looks like inside.

  149. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    Still no releasedate?

  150. skynetbbs Says:

    There are no new bug reports in a while on trac.fonosfera.org
    and no one is commenting on the current beta releases so everybody happy with the old firmware?

  151. Marco Says:

    @skynetbbs http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/857 – until this one is fixed, I’m not happy with any firmware…

  152. Brutus Says:

    Ok, I tried to use the so called beta, install worked fine and the router is working fine for me, but there is a problem with my internet connection I only have 3G with Huawei E1820 and that is impossible to connect to Fonera 2.0n when that issue is fixed I will return to test the fonera router, now I have TPlink MR3420 and it works like a dream, but I miss all the features that Fonera 2.0n have. If anybody can give me a list of 3G dongles that work on 2.0n I try to buy one and start test again.

  153. Marco Says:

    Brutus, did the Huawei E1820 work with the previous firmware?

  154. Seth Says:

    This is the only list of Fon compatible 3G dongles that I’m aware of:


  155. Brutus Says:

    Sorry I miss something there, the Huawei E1820 had never work on Fonera 2.0n, a strange thing is that if I put in a memory card to the Huawei E1820 then I get an usb disc but still no modem.

  156. Matthijs Says:

    Hey Brutus, not sure which beta you tried, since it’s not released yet (but it’s still in the making). Perhaps that’s the custom version built by a user from SVN trunk?

    At any rate, will not contain any significant 3G fixes (only usb-modeswitch was updated, which might help a bit for some modems). As for a modem that I know to work: The Huawei E220 is a simple device which works, I have one of those myself.

  157. skynetbbs Says:

    I don’t call that strange… a lot of 3G modems also get indentified as “storage” devices…mostly to keep windows 3G connection software/drivers; these are “problematic” devices and that’s what’ usb modeswitch for…to detect and switch them back to the “modem” part

    best is to use the wiki and use the ones reported as working…
    FON has mentioned they have tested a lot of dongles..;even bought thesame dongles twice because they vary a lot as well (source : irc chat!)
    But they have never updated the wiki to reflect their internal testing…

  158. Marco Says:

    @Matthijs – I have that same 3G device. Yes if connected directly to the fonera it works like a charm. But once you connect it through a usb hub it no longer works.

  159. Brutus Says:

    SVN trunk is installed in my 2.0n, E220 works but not with usb disk and the speed is slow on that modem 2Mb down 0,7Mb up, E1820 3,5Mb down 1,8Mb up. I played need for speed world on that modem a couple of weeks now, no problems.

  160. Fredius Says:

    In my case the Fonera2.0n works perfectly and meets all the objectives for which I bought:

    – Internet connection stable.
    – Access point for all computers at home (Ethernet & Wifi).
    – Sharing the hard drive attached to the Fonera2.0n accessible from any computer on the network. I can even play games on the Playstation2 that I have stored on the hard disk (Ps2 Open loader software).
    – Wifi powerful and fast.
    – Downloads of torrent files.

    I’m happy with it. :)

  161. skynetbbs Says:

    * no working 3G support;
    * No logging on fon.com of FON_xxx access; (hotspot access works…albeit I don’t know it is used unless I test myself)
    * Dyndns services doesn’t “keep” working unless you reboot the device daily
    * Twitter doesn’t work anymore
    * “soon” mediaserver? (I use samba as well for my xbmc frontends in the meanwhile)

  162. Fredius Says:


    > * no working 3G support;

    I don’t use it.

    > * No logging on fon.com of FON_xxx access; (hotspot access works…albeit I don’t know it is used unless I test myself)

    This is true.

    > * Dyndns services doesn’t “keep” working unless you reboot the device daily

    I use for it a option of the Thomson SpeedTouch 530 router.

    > * Twitter doesn’t work anymore

    I don’t use it.

    > * “soon” mediaserver? (I use samba as well for my xbmc frontends in the meanwhile)

    This would be very interesting and is what most would wish for that for me the router was perfect.

  163. skynetbbs Says:

    Well I mention stuff that is inside…which once worked…or worked on the 2.0g but not anymore on the 2.0n … and FON is trying to break a Microsoft record in fixing stuff…

    I don’t have dyndns on the “isp” devices… I do have them on linksys/dlink but mostly they require the “internet wan ip”… so I have to “bridge” my isp device… but then I lose other features like voip/digital tv and in the last docsis 3.0 I believe bridging isn’t even an option anymore

    Mediaserver was “ushare” and it was manual work and it was “or” xbox369 or “ps3″.. i have none of these;
    there was another fonero user who tried 3 other “mediaserver” functionalities which worked better or didn’t require a restart of the fonera to refresh the filelist to share for instance… or which worked with more “devices”… still it will not transcode subtitles or transcode to mpeg2 for those that only support mpeg4 via usb; but expect mpeg2 via lan; but then again it’s a 400mhz router… we can’t expect it to be as powerfull as a 1ghz android phone or sheeva Pogoplug or a Seagate Dockstar or a Netgear wnd3700 with gigabit ports

    twitter -> oauth required

    logging -> it’s a public hotspot…I share…I want to know I’m sharing :-/
    They say it’s a server issue… time to have some servers installed?
    idem with heartbeat/maps.fon.com; they are working years on it….

  164. tman Says:

    skynetbbs Says:
    February 25th, 2011 at 1:07 pm
    > * Dyndns services doesn’t “keep” working unless you reboot the device daily

    To be more accurate: DynDNS does not work at all. I’m using F2N in bridge mode.

  165. SkyNETbbs Says:

    by default it doesn’t work in bridge as there is no “wan” interface… wan=lan
    in the “bug” issue i’ve mentioned how to remove this check so it runs… Matthijs has made a patch in the sourcecode as well..
    but the service that regularly checks if your ip changes (which isn’t necessarly when there is a disconnect/dhcp release on the so called “wan” dies within 24h
    so every 36h my ppoe session is renewed…. the dyndns service isn’t running anymore :(

    also they should move over to dns-o-matic which supports much more services then dyndns (opendns and others come to mind)

  166. aalmenar Says:

    I would like to add a couple of thing to the list:

    – Have DHCP Server even on Bridge mode.
    – Have IPV6 Supporton the web UI (My provider offers ipv6)

  167. Matthijs Says:

    Regarding the issues / suggestions you guys offered:
    – DynDNS in bridge mode is reported in #998, I have a fix ready to include in
    – DHCP server in bridge mode is suggested in #516, this will probably end up in the release after
    – ipv6 support is suggested in #524, it’s on the list, but needs some invasive changes, so it’s not coming soon…

  168. pete Says:


    any news or updates? Let me guess …..NO! ;-)

  169. t031 Says:

    sooooon, mate, definitely within the next 10 years, lol

  170. Tim Says:

    This is just funny – I receive email notifications when comments are posted. Every once in a while I receive an email about someone unhappy with FON, and that makes me feel better. I am not the only one!

    This being said, just spread the word: don’t buy a FON product. I used to be a FON evangelist, I am now a FON ‘satanist’. :)

    Matthijs, you are the community manager for FON, right? This must be one of the toughest jobs ever. Even looking at the ‘comment policy’ link there are comments from users complaining about the FON products. I can’t help but chuckle :)

  171. t031 Says:

    They always do that, in my opinion they are censoring too much. Instead of standing up to the criticism they just erase it.

    Everyone out there should know how they failed to support us and how they ripped us off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guess we should create a facebook group.

  172. Jack0 Says:

    If i had not bought 3! FON Routers i would laugh about fon.com, about there product support.
    But i bought 3 of them and i am sad,angry, dissapointet etc. etc.

  173. tman Says:

    :-) It’s starting again ! I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show :-)
    (luckily my fonera works almost acceptable, for the purpose I use it)

  174. Ricardo Says:

    Tim says “I used to be a FON evangelist, I am now a FON ’satanist’.”

    Eehheh! Maybe we should create a Facebook group under that name? FON Stanists

    Sadly, after 3 years waiting, waiting… waiting for a miracle, my feeling is that we are already quite a big group… and we don’t even know it.

  175. Ricardo Says:

    Matthijs: I hope you don’t delete my previous post, since I don’t even complain anymore, since nothing (good or bad) ever comes out of it. It’s just useless.

  176. t031 Says:

    Sorry to say that, but I guess they buried us. Looks like the FON board has abandoned the sinking ship…

  177. Jack0 Says:

    You are right. Its sad but true.

    “t031 Says:
    Sorry to say that, but I guess they buried us. Looks like the FON board has abandoned the sinking ship…”

  178. Karma Says:

    Latest firmwares released:
    Fonera 2.0g: August 21, 2009
    Fonera 2.0n: August 30, 2010
    Fonera Simpl: never (August, 2011???)
    PS. about Fonera Simple: source code not yet released

  179. Matthijs Says:

    Hey folks,

    I’ve been very lenient with the comment policy recently. I’ve only deleted a handful of blatantly offensive or trolling comments and left the rest alone. Please return the favour by keeping discussion constructive (and don’t comment if there is nothing constructive to be said).

    As for the 2.0 release status: Work is still progressing, but very slowly at this moment. I can’t comment on the SIMPL firmware, since I’m not involved there.


  180. Ricardo Says:

    Very slow…!? Uhhhh… Boooo!!!

    An extra developer seems to be needed, urgently… right?
    Well, in case you’re hiring… I’m a software developer, most experienced in PHP/Javascript/MySQL. :-P

  181. afrinc Says:

    What about disconnect all fonera on June 8 2011 ?
    It will be the IPv6 day, Fonera 2.0n don’t support IPv6, so no FON propaganda on this day.

  182. Paul van der Wal Says:

    Good Idea!

    I’ll switch both my fonera 2.0N’s off!

  183. Matthijs Says:

    We expect to support ipv6 on Fonera’s in the future, but it’s unlikely that will be before ipv6 day :-)

    If you want to switch off your Fonera’s, they’re yours so go ahead. You might also want to express your interest in ipv6 support in ticket #524, which tracks the feature request.

  184. t031 Says:

    I am going to kick my Fonera 2.0n into the bin,
    if anyone got a good recommendation for an alternative product please let me know.

  185. Paul van der Wal Says:

    Well, is the update coming before June 8th this year?
    that’s information we can use.

    As you stated that would b a beta before the release, do you have an eta on that?

    Do you have any idea how much time you need?
    Because this is taking so long….
    I have 2 Fonera 2.0N’s which i can’t use.
    I’ve put in a ticket a really long time ago, Ticketnumber #324.
    NEVER any answer…
    Somebody else does the same (see ticket #870) and does get an answer.
    Are you serious?
    You only read the most recent tickets and answer them?
    And do nothing to the old ones?

    I still am waiting for the support, or a message that you wont fix it.

    At least than i would know to toss the fonera’s with the garbage!

  186. Matthijs Says:

    Paul, there are indeed a lot of old tickets that still need a response. There has been some time where ticket processing didn’t happen enough, resulting in a lot of unprocessed and unsorted tickets. Since last year, I’ve made sure to at least always process new tickets. A number of older tickets has been processed as well, and I intend to process them all after is released (since a lot of bugs for 2.0g will probably be fixed by this release, so I can ask ticket submitters to retest in the latest version).

    As for your specific ticket, I’ll reply right now. (Note that I’m deleting the newer version, #870, since that is really a sneaky spam ticket that copied your text to make it look real. Even fooled me…)

  187. burton-ng Says:

    I sold my fonera.
    I have no more patience.

    good bye and good luck guys!

  188. Jack0 Says:

    Do you have an alternative? I am looking for a router with usb, rapidshare downloader and mediaserver and with a good cpu.

  189. Marco Says:

    yeah, is there a good alternative that supports simultaneous 3G + external disk and transmission?

  190. t031 Says:

    Hey please let us know what device you are going to get, will dump mine too pretty soon. Since there is no movement at all on the firmware front: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/roadmap
    I finally decided to take the final step and ditch their faulty device ASAP…

  191. Paul van der Wal Says:

    is there any news…?

    Or is FON really dead?

    I looked at a lot of newspapers didn’t see a bankruptcy message anywhere.

  192. Ricardo Says:

    NO, FON is not Dead! It’s just in a very prolonged Coma!
    Who knows if it will ever awake!? Let us pray to the God of Technology, Google!

    If Google ever decides to by FON, then development will start again… ’cause Google assigns enough developers to each project… while FON seems to think a single person is enough to do all development / debugging and he will still find time to answer Bug Reports! That’s insane! :-O

  193. t031 Says:

    won’t happen, Google invests into a lot of garbage but never into beguilement…

  194. Jack0 Says:

    Fon will be dead. Who needs open Wlan Spots? Everyone can get LTE/3G much easier and you don’t have to buy that piece of garbage.
    Google is not that stupid to buy Fon.

  195. Calvin Uijlen Says:

    Open WLAN is a great idea, but FON does not understand that Software is an important piece of a product…

  196. Tiago Says:

    Is Fon dead to the World!?
    Why have I spent 85€ on such a lousy product? Boy, am I dumb or what!? :-/

  197. Kurt Says:

    We are all dumb. But fon is it too. They are loosing customers.

  198. Jack0 Says:

    OK. I got an wrt54gl and a dockstar. they are much better then the fonera.
    Now i will sell my 2n and 2g on ebay. i think i won’t get much money.
    But it even better to throw them away.

  199. steven Says:

    dockstar offers no printer subscription, a yearly fee of 30$ …
    personally I use FBreader on my ipad to access the (s)ftp of my fonera from outside to access the several terabyte discs…
    when jailbroken I can use XBMC to view movies on it as well;
    just like on my Woxter, PopCornHour,XboxClassicXBMC

  200. Jack0 Says:

    What the the hell is a printer subscription? I never have paid a fee.
    I just put debian on it.

  201. JazzyJ Says:

    I’m kinda happy with my fonera :)

  202. Jack0 Says:

    There is a plan………?

  203. Paul van der Wal Says:

    Nobody has heard anything…
    I think someone should check on Matthijs, is he still alive?
    Or did he died in shock after discovering how many mad people are out here…

    Some dude over at the Dutch FONBlog told me they hired 5 people and that they are going to hire another 5.
    But to my question as to where these people are going to work (Marketing probably), it stayed really silent…

  204. Paul van der Wal Says:

    THe dude’s name is Steven Leeman, his email adress is info-nl@fon.com.
    Looks to me he’s doing damage control.

    I’ve send him another email, to which he doesn’t reply.

  205. Ricardo Says:

    I believe FON team is playing safe. They’ll wait for December 2012… and if the world doesn’t end… they’ll resume developing.
    You guys must surely understand that if the Mayan Prophecy is true… FON developers will be working … for nothing. Right!?

  206. steven Says:


  207. Paul van der Wal Says:




    And still nobody that does the REAL work, like programming.

    More bosses for Matthijs!
    So if he fails, 10 people say to him “BOE! you did a bad job!”.

    When is FON going to see the light and hire some REAL programmers instead of more people who get money for saying nothing?

  208. Marco Says:

    I’m starting to think you’ve got a point there Ricardo…

  209. Matthijs Says:

    Hey folks,

    in contrast to common belief, I’m not quite dead at all :-) I’ve not been responding so much here lately, since there hasn’t been much significant to tell. However, anyone who has kept an eye on the Trac timeline has seen that there are still things happening (but I usually queue a bunch of patches locally to commit them all at the same time after a while, so there’s also long periods without any commits).

    As for the release, unless things break horribly in a way I’ve not foreseen yet, it will include the wifi-client (also called wifi-wan or wifi-repeater) feature (The code is finished, just needs some more testing). This includes both 2.0g and 2.0n.

    As for FON hiring more managers: I’ve not heard about any new bosses for me (nor any other new employees), so not sure where this comes from (I can’t find the article on the Dutch FON blog either)…

  210. Paul van der Wal Says:

    and… the big question…

    do you have an ETA?

  211. Jack0 Says:


  212. Marco Says:

    seems like they have the wrong one… lol

  213. giuseppeg88 Says:

    ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

  214. Jack0 Says:

    Yes he has:
    “Matthijs Says:
    October 13th, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    There’s no fixed date yet, but this time I really hope to have the beta ready in a few weeks.”

    Few weeks…..

  215. Tim Says:

    @Barbon: you don’t understand! Everything is done and ready but there are “only a few tickets to close to be able to release”. Hopefully it’s going to be ready in a “few” weeks, as promised last year :)
    They are doing the product2.0 life cycle: release the alpha, make customers pay for it, test it and fix it, and then sell the updated version again (2.0g, 2.0n, SIMPL)…

    And yes – tsunami in Japan, political problems in Middle East and stuff – FON has more important problems to deal with than a tedious firmware update, obviously!

  216. burton-ng Says:

    @tim you should use glasses to see what is happening, well what is not happening actually

  217. Jack0 Says:

    This is the end, beautiful friend
    This is the end, my only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes

  218. Gzx Says:

    Beautiful poetry! I prefer the truth… it is less painful than the lies.

    I mentioned you on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fon.wifi/posts/193456664035969

  219. tom Says:

    there are only two weeks before entering the summer… Do you think we will see some new firmware (for 2.0g/n or simpl) before that?

    …honestly, please…

  220. Jack0 Says:

    Sorry, its not my text. its from the doors.

  221. Gzx Says:

    lol ;-) however… it is very relevant about the development of the fonera 2.0g/n..

    Unfortunately, the link I included in my previous post is no longer working because today FON has deleted all my messages (even old ones) from its page of Facebook.

    I understand them: it isn’t nice to have in its page uncomfortable questions to which they can not answer, such as: “When will be released the next fw?” or quotations taken from the logs of irc channel #fonosfera: “There are only three weeks before entering the summer… Do you think we will see some new firmware (for 2.0g / n or simple)”

    Thanks for having blocked me on your Facebook page -.-

  222. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    8 months later…

  223. Gzx Says:

    Today began the summer… and after more than 8 months, everything remains silent.

  224. t031 Says:

    Matthijs are you still in there?

  225. Bascioto Says:

    “Today began the summer…”

    But only in this part of the Planet… eehhehe! :-P
    Should we wait for a different Summer!?

  226. Jack0 Says:

    Two weeks ago Duke Nukem came. Just 10 years of waiting.
    Its the same here. But in ten years no one needs this crappy hardware.

  227. lev3lx Says:

    is the FONERA dead ??? any news ?

    kind regards.

  228. BT Says:

    This is by far the most dormant “active developer” I’ve seen.
    Usually one just honestly announces the death of the project instead of posting nonsense minor updates every few months.

  229. Juhku Says:

    Merry July for you all! Just give up, don’t push the river :)

    In case someone wants to fiddle around, there IS a strangely familiar wireless router sold by Clas Ohlson. It’s called the DOVADO 3GN
    Wireless-N 4G/LTE USB Router. You can apparently even share your 3G to WiFi!! Firmware is available from the internets, too.

    Maybe someone got the energy to check/verify if works perfectly on the 2.0n and let the rest of us know? Take care! ;)

  230. Trincowski Says:

    “Usually one just honestly announces the death of the project instead of posting nonsense minor updates every few months.”

    Maybe the developer had an accident and is in a coma somewhere…?

  231. Matthijs Says:

    Nope, I’m still here :-)

    Haven’t had much time to work on the firmware recently (moving houses), but we’re getting there. People keeping an eye on the SVN commit log have seen that wifi client mode (including wifi client + bridge mode) has made it into trunk (for both 2.0g and 2.0n), together with a bunch of other fixes. I’d like to get Twitter authentication working again (already halfway there), perhaps make one or two more networking fixes (like re-enabling WPS, which was debugged by giusseppeg88) and then release the beta.

  232. Paul van der Wal Says:

    We only want to know one thing…


  233. Paul van der Wal Says:

    And again… Silence…

  234. Jack0 Says:

    I sold my fonera 2g.
    Now i will sell my 2n.

  235. Indiana Says:

    Indiana Fones and the Quest for the Lost Fonware! :-O

  236. Jack0 Says:

    Where have all the foneros gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the foneros gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the foneros gone?
    Fon.com has scared them every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

  237. Jack0 Says:

    2n sold too. Goodbye Foneros.

  238. Paul van der Wal Says:

    I sold both of my fonera 2.0N’s.
    Lost a lot of money on it,
    They are almost worthless now…

    Back to my reliable Linksys WRT300N…

    At least that one always works…

  239. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    If Fonera is not going to keep in development, at least they could make a tutorial for hack it with tomato firmware or similar. Community will keep Fonera alive…

  240. Matthijs Says:

    So far, I’ve not given any real ETA’s yet. The reason for that is simple: an ETA is only useful if it’s actually accurate, instead of just a wild guess.

    Now, I can finally provide an accurate ETA: The beta1 release will happen next week!

    All of the features are in SVN, so now there’s only some more testing and release preparation to be done. Hopefully, it will be early next week, but it should happen next week in any case. Stay tuned to this blog for more news.

  241. Marco Says:

    Finally! The Fon is back!

  242. Paul van der Wal Says:

    In Dutch we have a saying,

    “Eerst zien, dan Geloven…”

    First we see it, then we believe it…

    I’ve lost all of my trust in Fonera…
    We were promised a beta in a few weeks, which is almost or already a year ago.

    Dear Matthijs,
    A lot of people like me don’t believe there will be a Beta,
    at least not before we are seeing it running on our FON Spots…

  243. niklas Says:

    Will the new firmware support more USB 3G Modems? I have a Huawei E367 that has antenna connector and good reception but i cannot connect with it now. I have 3.61 FW. It just says “dialing in”. My old E220 works good with the same settings so i guess it is the modem that is not supported though it is in some part recognized.

  244. Matthijs Says:

    There are no signficant changes to the 3G modem support. The usb_modeswitch tool has been updated, which could cause some modems to be supported, but I don’t expect much. I intend to improve the 3G modem support in a future release, but not in yet.

  245. tman Says:

    Transmission will be updated ?

  246. GG Says:

    ANy updates on release ? I was looking forward to get an update for the Twitter authentication support…. anyone? Any date?

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