release candidate released!

We’re nearly there! The first release candidate is available, which contains all the changes we’ve planned for the final release. We’ll now enter a period of more extensive testing, to find any remaining critical bugs or regressions. In the best case, we’ll not find any and the final release will be identical to to this release candidate.

What changed?
This release brings mostly bugfixes and a pile of Here’s a few highlights:

  • The Transmission torrent client was updated to version 2.71.
  • Wifi channels 12 and 13 are now available in countries they are allowed in
  • OpenVPN is a lot more configurable (many thanks to Jon Spriggs for contributing patches for most of these changes!).
  • USB audio devices work again (this got broken in beta3).
  • USB disk support improvements

For the complete list of changes, see the changelog.

What about my feedback?
We welcome more feedback about this release, so go ahead and comment or post away. This does not just mean issues or problems: If you test a new or fixed feature and it works for you, we’d like to know as well. Feedback is welcome through various channels: comments on this blogpost, the development mailing list, IRC or by creating a ticket on our trac.

Note that at this point, we might not fix all bugs reported, but limit to critical bugs or regressions that were introduced by the recent releases. The goal here is to make as few changes as possible, to minimize the chance of introducing new bugs again.

So, how do I upgrade?
To install this release candidate, download the web upgrade tarball here, navigate to your Fonera’s dashboard through “Settings” and then “System” and upload the downloaded file there (under “Firmware update”). Note that you should not unpack the file you download (and make sure your browser doesn’t automatically unzip the file either, it should remain a .tgz file).

The following versions are available. Note that because this is release candidate, only the developer’s version is available, not the end user’s version (but you can freely switch between versions without problems). Be sure to pick the version for your hardware. If you pick the wrong one, the firmware update will silently bail out and no upgrade will happen (no error will appear either).

It seems that in some cases, the 2.0g fails to flash a new firmware through the webinterface due to insufficient free RAM. If you upload the firmware through the webinterface, but that page keeps loading indefinitely (and you do not get the updating countdown), you’re probably seeing this issue as well. As a workaround, you can disable windows file sharing (“Settings” -> “Fileserver” -> “Windows Network Shares”) and/or the public Fonspot (“Settings” -> “FONSpot”) to free up some memory. This should allow the 2.0g to successfully unpack the firmware and start flashing it.

If the upgrade somehow fails and you need to recover, the new FAQ section has recovery instructions.

Have fun!

Update: This release contains a bug breaking PPPoE mode when set to use the automatic DNS server address. If you have this configuration, either switch to a static DNS server (like Google DNS), or see ticket #1229 for a fix.

Update: This release contains a bug breaking the 3G settings page in all cases. See ticket #1228 for a fix for this problem.

59 Responses to “ release candidate released!”

  1. shareAir.net Says:

    Great! Well done. RC1 works great and has many improvements.

    Can please someone confirm the channel width of 40 MHz when using the
    HT20/HT40 mode? See: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/1221
    I can not see a channel width of 40 MHz in HT20/HT40 mode.

  2. Smurf Says:

    Is there a tutorial to compiling software on this versione of fonera firmware?
    I’d like to compile the source of this ticket http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/680 because the old compiled version doesn’t work anymore.


  3. Smurf Says:

    Another thing: if I update the fonera to an OpenWRT firmware can I reinstall original firmware in a second time?

  4. André Pena Says:

    The Transmission torrent client was not updated to version 2.71.
    is still in version 2.52

  5. Paulo TxR Says:

    I have updated my Fonera 2.0n with the last FW RC1. One of the improvements in the list is the transmission 2.71. But I can’t see this new improvement after the update. I already tried to delete the torrent files in the \\fonera\Disc-A1\FoneraApps. The Transmission version keeps in 2.52 as stated in Transmission remote GUI 4.0.3.

    Best regards.

  6. Víctor Says:

    One idea: They could do that statistics are to be kept in the USB disk, and with a small program installed on your computer could study them.

    Una idea: Podrían hacer que las estadisticas se guardasen en el disco USB, y con un pequeño programa instalado en el ordenador podríamos estudiarlas.

    Un saludo!

  7. joe Says:

    the download manager sometimes say completed 100%, but actually the file is not completed. fyi : my internet service provider is DL: up to 1megabit/sec UL: up to 1megabit/sec. thx :)

  8. Matthijs Says:

    W00ps, I forgot to upload the new Transmission plugin last friday. It is uploaded now! To upgrade, delete the torrent-related files from your “FoneraApps” folder on your USB disk and then install Tranmission again through the webinterface.

    @shareAir, I’ll ask the Fon QA department to look more closely at HT20/HT40 mode, during their regular testing, to see what’s going on there.

    @Smurf, there is no particular tutoral for compiling plugins. It’s likely that the WOL plugin from that ticket does not work out of the box for some reason and might need some modifications. As for upgrading to plain OpenWRT, you should always be able to flash in the official Fon firmware again, by using the mtd command and the .img version of the firmware.

    @Víctor, That sounds like a somewhat useful feature, but I also think that it would be reasonably complex to implement, so we will probably not do it. You can always open up a ticket on the trac and if you or anyone else wants to have a go at coding this feature, we’ll be happy to provide support for that.

    @joe, Could you perhaps give me an example of an url which shows this behaviour? (Feel free to mail it to me in private at matthijs.kooijman@fon.com). Does this problem happen with specific servers / sites? Does it happen everytime for a specific file, or is the second attempt always succesful? How do you know the file is not completely downloaded?

  9. joe Says:

    thx for respons, i always download files at indowebster.com , it happen sometimes when my internet connection is slow, yes the files is uncompleted when i downloaded the files, for example: it should 700mb, but when i check the file is less than 700mb. and the download manager says completed. anyway how to remove my harddisk safely on my fonera? the usb led is always blinking. i’ve shutdown all app on fonera. many thanks. :)

  10. xsash Says:

    Hi there,

    it’s not posible to connect to the Internet using pppoe. Provider-IP & Gateway are ok. But DNS shows only a “0”.

    Reflashing to Beta2 resolved that Problem for me.



  11. Víctor Says:

    The idea is useful, because it would have a long-term record of all statistics.

    We could see the speed in real time, every day, every month …

    We may also see the amount of data per day, month …

    This would allow connection problems discovering …

    I am not a developer. Just a thought.

    A hug and thank you for your great work.

    La idea es util, porque tendriamos un registro a largo plazo de todas las estadisticas.

    Podriamos ver la velocidad en tiempo real, cada dia, cada mes…

    Tambien podriamos ver la cantidad de datos por dia, mes…

    Esto permitiria descubrir problemas de conexion…

    Yo no soy desarrollador. Solo es una idea.

    Un abrazo y gracias por tu gran trabajo.

  12. arya Says:

    after upgrade to, i have error on 3g menu :

    ?:0: attempt to compare two table values
    stack traceback:
    ?: in function
    [C]: in function ‘sort’
    ?: in function
    (tail call): ?
    ?: in main chunk
    ?: in function ‘load’
    ?: in function
    ?: in function ‘dispatch’
    ?: in function

  13. Dann Says:

    After upgrading, the plugin “MiniDLNA” does not work in my fonera 2.0G. So, I downgrade to beta3

  14. Nuno Says:

    I had several applications (plugins) installed in my fon2n that were working great up to 2370 beta2.
    After RC1- I only get empty screens in these applications dashboard menus.
    Did something changed at the application / plugin handling level ?

  15. christer Says:

    La Fonera 2.0n updated. Still have a problem: My ZTE MF 668a USB modem do not cooperate with my Fonera. When plugged into the USB, this message is shwn when I click the “Configure” button:

    ?:0: attempt to compare two table values
    stack traceback:
    ?: in function
    [C]: in function ‘sort’
    ?: in function
    (tail call): ?
    ?: in main chunk
    ?: in function ‘load’
    ?: in function
    ?: in function ‘dispatch’
    ?: in function

    Hopefully this will help you solve this problem.

  16. Matthijs Says:

    @joe, if your Torrent app is stopped, the USB led should stop blinking after a few minutes automatically. Not sure why that’s not happening for you.

    @xsash, I think there was some kind of display bug that caused the DNS server to show up as “0”, even when it was otherwise working. However, your comment suggests that it really is not working for you. I might have been suffering from this bug myself as well, but I thought this was something my ISP messed up (so I’ve been running with a static DNS server since a while). Your report suggestst that it was broken in the firmware instead, so I’ll have another look.

    You’re also saying that downgrading to beta2 works. Did you try beta3?

    @Víctor, that sounds like a reasonable feature, but I don’t expect we’ll get around to actually implementing that anytime soon…

    @arya & christer, seems we screwed up something there, thanks for reporting.

    @Nuno, as you mailed me privately, you’ve figured out the plugins are broken because of the refacroring that happened with the install procedure of the Torrent plugin.

    @Dann, it’s likely your seeing the same issue as Nuno. Do you have a download link for the miniDLNA plugin (or can you send it over to me through mail, matthijs.kooijman@fon.com) so I can see if this is easy to fix in the plugin?

  17. Mario Says:

    I sent packages minidlna 0.4 and mediatomb.

    After installing the packages on its icon does not leave the install option on the disk

    I tried to install by hand
    I found the img of minidlna and put into foneraApps already appeared and restarting my options and devices detect the media server but no file list.

  18. Nuno Says:

    @Mario, I had to redo all my plug-ins, but now they are working fine (review main.html)

  19. xsash Says:


    …beta3 also works on my 2.0g. yesterday, i upgraded to RC again. still “DNS:0″ and no Internet-connection.


  20. Mario Says:

    I am not the creator of the plugins minidlna and MediaTomb.
    and the truth is that right now I have no time to look for repair to work with this firmware.

    but thank you @Nuno

  21. JazzyJ Says:

    I guess my plugins are broken, I’m not sure if there is much point fixing them as I believe the plugin section on fonera.be no long exists and I have no where else to share my work as the forum is locked. I’m also no longer actively using a fonera router.. Although I still have the plugins on my Dropbox so if @Nuno could give details of the updated main.html file I can supply links to updated minidlna and mediatomb plugins in this comment section and maybe edit the old wiki if that’s possible.

  22. JazzyJ Says:

    Or if Matthijs has the time maybe he could move the files to a fon server and make them unofficial plugins.? :) I give everyone and anyone permission to do whatever they want with my plugins , just be safe :)

  23. Nuno Says:

    @Jazzyl: Of course! I’m happy to share my plugins.
    By the way, to make my plugins in based in your work with mediatomb and the new concept for transmition that came with 2370 RC1.

    – my ushare plugin is available here: http://fon2n.planetaclix.pt/plugins/ushare_2n_0.14.tar.gz

    – motion plugin from here:

    Both plugins will download the fmg images from my site.

  24. Nuno Says:

    picking up from Jazzyl suggestion, won’t fonera be interested in giving a place where users could share their “unofficial” plug-ins with the community ?

  25. Nuno Says:

    I’ive updated my ushare, motion and privoxy plug-ins
    to work with RC1
    Whoever is interested may found them on my fonera dedicated site:

    http :// sites.google.com/site/fonera2n1234/

  26. dbotoca Says:

    I am facing the same pppoe DNS issue, instead of getting back to beta3 which was working, I changed the DNS setting on pppoe from Aumatic to custom and use the
    This solved for the moment my problem, I will look forward for the patch on fixing the DNS automatic on pppoe issue.
    Hope I can help, too.

  27. Mario Says:

    Hello Nuno,

    I installed correctly plug-in ushare

    My ps3 detect the fonera ushare server but does not show its content

  28. Nuno Says:

    Having the fonera as a media server is great !
    But the fonera does not have enough processing power to render multimedia.
    This means that uSHARE will only “share” media without any conversion.
    Media clients must be able to read contents in the formats that are being shared.

  29. Mario Says:


    Please send me a link withimages of your plugin minidlna and MediaTomb?

  30. Giljåm Says:

    So, what the current state of the miniDLNA plugin? Do someone get it work with the RC ?

  31. Matthijs Says:

    @All, I’d like to investigate options to host, or at least collect links to, third party plugins for the Fonera. I really like that all of you have been building these plugins, especially given that the fmg plugin mechanism isn’t exactly very polished or easy to work with right now. This is on my list for the near future, I’ll get back to you about this.

    @dbotoca, I added you to the CC list of a ticket #1229, which is about the PPPoE DNS issue. If there is anything I need, I’ll leave a comment there (and you’ll get an e-mail).

  32. CSequeira Says:

    I tried to connect a USB ZTE MF190 but doesn’t work.

  33. xsash Says:


    …after the DNS server-Fix, the automatic DNS server shows the correct information and internet is up again. great!

    thanks a lot for youre help


  34. André Pena Says:

    After the upgrade my Windows Network Share doesn’t work (fonera 2n)
    Only works the ftp server.

  35. Mario Says:

    I currently use the ushare of @Nuno
    I changed the sharing directory and I already work properly

  36. Mario Says:

    @André Pena
    Have you checked the settings
    when I upgrade the anonymous option changed to disable

  37. Nuno Says:

    I’m also having some issues with samba (windows share).
    Sometimes refuses connections – even with the fonera up, answering pings and ftp working.
    Only solution is to reboot the fonera.

  38. JazzyJ Says:

    @Nuno, thanks for the links I’ve checked out your ushare plugin and I think I’ve fixed my ones.

    Links are:

    MiniDLNA for 2.0g and 2.0n
    Mediatomb for 2.0n

    If anyone has any problems with them I can try and give limited support at Jazzy-J@outlook.com

  39. Jose Says:


    I can’t install ushare automatically :(
    I’d try manually but it seems don’t work. And I can’t access:



  40. Nuno Says:

    You can’t install or you can’t access the configuration ?
    A ushare icon should be in the dashboard main menu.
    The plug in was made thinking that the clients will access ushare from the fonera LAN side.
    If your clients access ushare from the WAN side you need to configure the firewall:
    Dashboard >> Settings >> Firewall >> Applications
    and enable media server access.

    (I will put this instruction in the next plug-in release)

    Warning: This will access the configuration but not necessarily access to shared media contents.

  41. Nicola Says:

    maybe after 4 years those 60 bucks start becoming useful..

  42. JazzyJ Says:

    Quick thing, the fixed minidlna plugin was not properly fixed, or maybe I had removed something I shouldn’t have done, who can say for sure :).. it should be working properly now though.

  43. Zolag Says:

    Thanks for your work and the update of Mediatomb! It works again at my side.

    Does anyone has an alternative for the music plugin? It works, but maybe there is something better…

  44. André Pena Says:

    in my case the upgrade changed anonymous to enable
    moved again and the issue is resolved

  45. Matthijs Says:

    @André, Mario: Did you do anything particular after/during the upgrade? In
    particular, did you perhaps restore a settings backup after upgrading? I
    tried to replicate your problem, but for me the file server anonymous
    toggle remained enabled after an upgrade…

    @Nuno, these samba issues, did they start occurring with rc1, or did you
    see them before as well?

    @All, I have resolved the problem with the 3G settings page, see ticket #1228 for instructions on applying the fix.

  46. Nuno Says:

    I confirm that I’ve just noticed this with RC1.
    After some (moderate) transmission usage, samba becomes unstable – access regained after reboot.
    (confirmed with several PC’s, iphone and a media player that access fonera’s samba sharing service).

  47. Nuno Says:

    To help some issues reported from heavly using transmission (previous messages) I usually force a reboot.

    I’ve noticed that when we force a reboot trough
    Dashboard >> Settings >> System
    the reboot is immediate. Applications are not properly closed and file systems unmounted.
    When using transmission with a lot of open files, this will create file system errors, and file damaging.

    I’ve made a very simple script to close transmission and umount file systems before rebooting, but have to call it manually.

    Wouldn’t be possible the have a way of editing a “shutdown” script with an associated scheduling ? (A daily reboot will help to improve fonera’s stability).

    As a simple reference, this is the simple script I’ve been using:

    /bin/fon_image.sh stop torrent
    umount -a -r
    sleep 5


  48. Malukko Says:

    I have a USB Modem Huawei E372 USB 3gp, Swisscom Switzerland, and not working on fonera 2.0 N

  49. Release Candidate 2 rilasciato! - MAGICLIFE WIFI Says:

    […] il post precedente per le istruzioni su come installare queste immagini e ciò che a che fare con tutte le risposte […]

  50. Gianni Says:

    Does anyone has a copy of the Music Plugin with MPD support?

  51. Pete Says:

    I have installed firmware
    The WiFiBridge mode works perfect!
    Problem is the port forwarding does’nt work.
    Is there any solution for this problem?


  52. Matthijs Says:

    @Pete that’s weird, I’m pretty sure I’ve been using it. Care to open a ticket on the trac so we can investigate?

  53. Paulo Teixeira Says:

    My Fonera 2.0N is hanging with transmission. I have upgraded to FW beta 1. I can’t stop transmission on the GUI and need to restart powering Off and On again.

    Does anyone has the same issue? I’ve already contacted FON but they are no more supporting this model!

    I have a Fonera debug report with some errors if you want.

  54. Matthijs Says:

    @Paulo, what do you mean with “hang” exactly? Perhaps you could open a ticket on the track so we can collect some information and see what is going on?

  55. Peter Says:

    Is there a way to install a working minidlna on or
    Every time I install it throug fonera web ui it says installed and the new menu appears in dashboard but there is only a config in there.
    Even if I config it it doesn’t seem to work.
    Does anyone have a workink version?

  56. Unplug Says:

    For yout information Peter:

    Look ushare plugin https://sites.google.com/site/fonera2n1234/downloads

    Or see this comment:

    34 Responses to “ beta 1 testing release”

    JazzyJ Says:
    October 12th, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Cool an update,

    I don’t have any 3G dongles to test things out, but it’s nice to get an update even though FON has stopped selling this product…

    A while ago someone emailed me to say my plugins no longer install, at the time I didn’t have access to my router but I’ve plugged it in this weekend as my other one blew up and have fixed the issue, it was basically because the version of wget on the router doesn’t support SSL and Dropbox have redirected all downloads to https, So I’ve moved where some of the files are located. I don’t know if anyone still uses these but the updated links are

    MiniDLNA for 2.0g and 2.0n
    Mediatomb for 2.0n

    If anyone has any problems with them I can try and give limited support at Jazzy-J@outlook.com
    Good things! :)

  57. Nuno Says:

    There are in fact 4 plugins in the site.
    When I made them I announced them but nobody cared about them.
    (there’s like an average of 1 visit per week :) )
    Anyway, they are still there and are:
    – motion: a camera plugin that allows you to mount a surveilance device with your fonera;
    – privoxy: a filtering proxy: very nice with tons of options;
    – ushare: a dlna server
    – xmail: an email server: yes: make your fonera a email server !!!!

    For all these plugins you just need to have a hdd connected to your fonera.

    Take care

  58. Nuno Says:

    I forgot to remember the site:

  59. Peter Says:

    Thank you!
    uShare is not good for me as my TV doesn’t support upnp.
    But thank you anyway I have downloaded all 4 apps may be one day they come handy.
    The minidlna 0.6 is working fine. Thank you for that.

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