beta 3 released

After some time with peaks and valleys in the development pace, we bring you the beta3 release. This release contains most of the changes for the final release and should be the last beta release for Read on for the goods.

What changed?
This release brings mostly bugfixes, but a few small features as well. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Instabilities in the wifi driver were fixed (broken since beta 1).
  • USB driver, ethernet driver, Transmission and OpenVPN were updated.
  • Various fixes to the downloader plugin and uploader plugins.
  • Rapidshare logins are working again.
  • Alternative dynamic DNS providers are now supported
  • Improve communication with the userzone on www.fon.com

For the complete list of changes, see the changelog.

What about my feedback?
We welcome more feedback from this new beta release, so go ahead and comment or post away. This does not just mean issues or problems: If you test a new or fixed feature and it works for you, we’d like to know as well. Feedback is welcome through various channels: comments on this blogpost, the development mailing list, IRC or by creating a ticket on our trac. If you have found an actual problem you’d like to see fixed, a ticket on the trac is probably the best way to report it. For other feedback, any of the channels will do.

So, how do I upgrade?
To install this beta firmware, download the web upgrade tarball here, navigate to your Fonera’s dashboard through “Settings” and then “System” and upload the downloaded file there (under “Firmware update”). Note that you should not unpack the file you download (and make sure your browser doesn’t automatically unzip the file either, it should remain a .tgz file).

The following versions are available. Note that because this is beta version, only the developer’s version is available, not the end user’s version (but you can freely switch between versions without problems). Be sure to pick the version for your hardware. If you pick the wrong one, the firmware update will silently bail out and no upgrade will happen (no error will appear either).

It seems that in some cases, the 2.0g fails to flash a new firmware through the webinterface due to insufficient free RAM. If you upload the firmware through the webinterface, but that page keeps loading indefinitely (and you do not get the updating countdown), you’re probably seeing this issue as well. As a workaround, you can disable windows file sharing (“Settings” -> “Fileserver” -> “Windows Network Shares”) and/or the public Fonspot (“Settings” -> “FONSpot”) to free up some memory. This should allow the 2.0g to successfully unpack the firmware and start flashing it. Hopefully we can correct this issue before the final release.

If the upgrade somehow fails and you need to recover, the new FAQ section has recovery instructions.

Have fun!

Update: There is an issue with the web interface for the new DDNS scripts, making them effectively unusable. To fix this issue, run the following command through ssh:

root@Fonera:~# wget -O /lib/uci/schema/default/ddns


(note that the command should be on a single line, it is wrapped here for readability)

72 Responses to “ beta 3 released”

  1. Reloweb Says:

    I’ve tried to upgrade my fonera 2.0n using the FON2303 package but it still remains in beta2…

  2. Delcaran Says:

    Upgraded succesfully, but can’t change ddns provider… Tried dnsdynamic.org ang no-ip.com: when I press “save” page refreshes but doesn’t save preferences, leaving “service” and “ip address to send” in red… Both accounts have valid credentials…

  3. tman Says:

    @Reloweb: try again, I think this is a known bug. I had to try also 2 times, second time worked.

  4. tman Says:

    This is crazy…at every upgrade I’m losing the installed apps and have to dig again for instructions to reinstall them. Since wiki.fon.com was disabled it’s even harder (or impossible?) to find what I need.
    Is out there somebody who saved wiki.fon.com and could start it on a new address ? I’m not sure if some copyright apply to it… but… who cares? I would like to see it back online.

  5. Matthijs Says:

    @Reloweb, did you get the countdown screen, or did the upgrade stall before that? Did the Fonera reboot automatically, or did you have to reboot it manually to get it to respond on the network again after the failed upgrade?

    @Delcaran, I get the same problem when I try to change the ddns provider, so apparently I broke something after testing this. I’ll have to look into this next week, see if I can provide a workaround. In the meantime, perhaps you can open up a ticket on the trac describing the problem?

    @tman, Losing installed apps on an upgrade is not something new and it’s quite hard to fix in the short term. As for the wiki being offline, I’m trying to get the wiki contents released so that they can be made available again outside of Fon, but that’s still in the pipeline.

  6. Reloweb Says:

    @Matthijs After rebooting manually the fonera, i’ve tried again upgrading to beta3 and than it worked fine…

  7. Reloweb Says:

    Graphs in the fonera’s status page don’t work…

  8. Delcaran Says:

    @Matthijs, ticket opened: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/1181. Version “beta3″ was not available, so I set “beta2″ and said it was “beta3″ in the ticket body,
    BTW, in your experience, what is the most reliable free ddns?

  9. Matthijs Says:

    @reloweb, good to hear it’s working for you now. However, on the first attempt, did you get the countdown screen?

    As for the graphs not working, that’s a known bug (but not scheduled for yet). Keep an eye on this ticket for any progress.

    @Delcaran, thanks for the ticket. As for the most reliable ddns, I really don’t know. I’ve been using dyndns.com so far, but I think that’s no longer free for new accounts. I guess Google might help you here.

  10. pete Says:

    DDNS-Fix works fine for me.

    Thanks a lot!


  11. Pietro Says:

    I’m experiencing some issues about wireless functions of my Fonera 2.0n. They even persists from the last firmware revisions, and still are not fixed by this beta 3 release.

    1. When setting “Mixed g/n” bitrate (I have a desktop equipped with “n” wireless card), android and iOS devices aren’t capable to connect to the router, even if they reach wireless signal. So I’m forced to keep the bitrate to “g only”.

    2. When setting wireless channel to “Automatic”, no device (mobile or desktop/laptop) is capable to connect to the router. It’s necessary to set channel number manually to a specific one.

    Ticket here http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/1182

  12. shareAir Says:

    Well done! Thank you. What about a WiFi “Night-Mode” (WiFi On/Off Timetable) as a next enhancement?

  13. Delcaran Says:

    ddns-fix working, thanks!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    @Matthijs and all experts

    PLEASE HELP ME! By mistake I have written the whole compressed FON2303_2.3.7.0_beta3_DEV.tgz on my Fonera 2.0n via Putty/SSH instead only the img firmware file in the archive!
    Now I cannot connect to my fonera anymore. Did I irrversibly destroyed my router or is there a way to recover/reset it to the previous firmware? When yes, how?
    The link to the recovery instructions you have given in your article is not valid. I hope there is a way… :(

  15. Matthijs Says:

    @Pietro, thanks for the ticket, we’ll continue discussion there (probably next week).

    @ShareAir, there is a ticket about this already, but there’s no fixed plans to implement it yet.

    @Anonymous, the firmware recovery link in the article contains instructions that should allow you to recover your Fonera. I’m not sure why the link does not work for you, it works for me. Here’s the link again: https://fon.zendesk.com/entries/21439902-firmware-restore

    If that doesn’t work, go to https://fon.zendesk.com/forums and search for “firmware restore”.

  16. Matteo Says:

    Be aware that there is a problem with FAQ: if I use Italy as my country I cannot see any of the FAQ pages there. Instead if I set my country to, say, USA, then I will be able to see those pages!!

  17. Matthijs Says:

    @Matteo, Ah, that’s not very useful. I can reproduce the behaviour you’re seeing (interestingly enough only with Italy, not by setting it to the Netherlands for seom reason). I’ll report this internally, to see how we can resolve this. Thanks for your analysis!

    For anyone else suffering from this: Use the “change country” link at the top right of the page to set your country to USA to see all FAQ entries.

  18. Anonymous Says:


    Thank you! The global link did not function, but this localized one did:


    It helped! LaFonera 2.0n is working again. :)

    BTW after upgrading to version Beta 3 I found two bugs:

    In SETTINGS-FIREWALL-APPLICATIONS between OPENVPN and TORRENT something is missing… plus OpenVPN cannot be deactivated here (if you save openvpn on setting deactivated, then go to main firewall menu and back to applications, the openvpn setting is activated again.

  19. Reloweb Says:

    @shareAir It will be a good feature! I hope they will insert this feature in the next firmware upgrade!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    please update the printer plugin
    when I printing with fonera must be not complete
    sorry for my bad english

  21. sharp Says:

    HTTP/Rapidshare-Downloadmanager doesn’t work. “Target device not available” even though i tried USB-Stick and USB-Harddrive. And i cannot access the Settings in Download-Manager. Can somone confirm that?

  22. Matthijs Says:

    @Anonymous, what do you mean exactly with “something is missing”? It looks just fine here? Perhaps you can post a screenshot of what you mean?

    As for the issue with OpenVPN not saving, it works for me. Perhaps you can open a ticket so we can do some further debugging?

    @other Anonymous, what’s wrong with the printer problem? Are you experiencing any specific problem?

    @sharp, with “cannot access the Settings”, do you mean you get a “?:0: attempt to concatenate global ‘basename’ (a nil value)” message? That’s what I got when i just tried this. I suspect this happens because no download target is selected yet (so it’s a chicken-and-egg problem, really). As a workaround, you can add the line “ option 'base' '/tmp/mounts/Disc-A1' ” to the file “/etc/config/luci_dlmanager” (in the first section). Could you perhaps create a ticket about this issue?

    You say you also see the “Target device not available” message, where does that one appear?

  23. sharp Says:

    @Matthijs: here are some screenshots – atm i don’t need a workaround – don’t even know how to access the filesystem of the fonera, or where to create a ticket …


    Printersharing works fine for me. ;)

  24. Anonymous Says:

    If using a printer over the network results are not all printed.
    1 sheet is printed in only 3/4 parts
    note: the Epson R230 printer

  25. Anonymous Says:


    The name of the service is missing, so it is unclear what is deactivated/activated (at least in the german translation, maybe also in the english translation?)

    Screenshot: http://www.picfront.org/d/8HYB

    And as I said, when i deactivate openvpn here, click save and click again on applications, the entry for openvpn is activated again….

  26. Matthijs Says:

    @sharp, I just created ticket #1191 about the downloadmanager issues reported, I’ll make sure they get fixed in the next release.

    @Anonymous, could you create a ticket for your printer problem?

    @other Anonymous, I created ticket #1192 about the firewall settings issues you describe. It also contains some more questions, could you answer those in the ticket so I can get started with debugging this?

  27. Anonymous Says:


    No problem, I did it (ticket #1192).

  28. Matthijs Says:

    Today, I’ve investigated two upgrade problems but could not reproduce them. I’m interested to hear if anyone else has run into the same problems?

    The first problem is that the Fonera stops accepting SSH connections at the WAN port (caused by the Fonera forgetting the password strength after the upgrade). ticket #1184

    The second problem is a “bogus” dropdown showing up in the Firewall -> Applications page, between OpenVPN and Transmission (see http://www.picfront.org/d/8HYB ). ticket #1192

    If you see either of these problems on your Fonera after upgrading to beta3, please comment on the relevant ticket or leave a comment here. Thanks!

  29. Alex Says:

    I have a 3G modem (Huawei E173) and does not work since beta 1.

    Can you fix it?

    There are many people with this modem and the same problem with no solution for at least 1 year……….


  30. Matthijs Says:

    @Alex, do you mean it worked before beta1? AFAIK it didn’t (and still doesn’t).

    I actually have one of these devices here and tried to get it working last year, without any luck then. I’m planning to do a bigger 3G update after the release (in order not to delay even further), so hang on until then. In the meanwhile, you might want to leave a comment at ticket #1023 to get updates if there’s any progress on the E173 support.

  31. Alex Says:

    In the beta 1 but could not connect the blue light appeared in the device continuously. In the beta 2 and 3 is blinking.

    Let’s see if they make it work, one of the reasons why I bought and recommended the Fonera 2.0n was that possibility.


  32. Delcaran Says:

    There’s a bug which prevent to change DNS. Ticket: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/1196

  33. Mark Says:

    I’ve been in getting a fonera, but all the issues it seems to have are putting me off.
    Anyone have any good review of the product?

  34. soporte.net Says:

    Hello, i am having randoly pppoe down, It dont reconnect. ( Beta3) what can i verify it ?

    thanks a lot.

  35. Delcaran Says:

    @matthijs: thank you for fixing this! http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/1196 . Is there any fix I can use without building and flashing a new firmware?

  36. Matthijs Says:

    @soporte.net, could you create a ticket on the trac so we start debugging there?

    @Delcaran, I was going to say “just flash a firmware generated by the autobuilder”, but it seems the autobuilder wasn’t running anymore due to a power failure. I just restarted it, so you can use that image (r2131) when it appears at http://download.fonosfera.org/auto-builds/fon-ng/ in a few hours. Alternatively, download this file and save it as /lib/fon/config.sh on your Fonera, that should fix the problem.

  37. Delcaran Says:

    @matthijs thank, downloaded and replaced the config.sh and everything works fine! Great job!

  38. jalberto Says:


    I just installed it, and at moment works correctly :)

    But please, add ext4 support. I tryed to add it myself using your build guide, but ext4 support seems removed from your kernel (it’s in openwrt kernel).

    In other hand, openwrt ext4 module, includde better support for ext3 y ext2.

  39. Jos Thomassen Says:

    Thanks Matthijs; beta 3 works for me. My router recognised the usb disk again -it was lost after reboot; happens all the time- and my mediaplayer also still works. Any funny stuff will be reported ! A nice weekend to you all. Jos

    Oh I almost forget: FON traffic status still does not work but you knew that already.

  40. fredddvargas Says:

    Hi Matthijs,

    imposible to see channel 12 and 13 on the WiFi mode… is this a bug?!

  41. fredddvargas Says:

    just posted to get notified!! ;-)

  42. DuRYKuN Says:

    With this version does not work with USB, or with earlier, a problem firmware or router

  43. Matthijs Says:

    @jalberto, I can have a quick look if ext4 can be enabled by simply enabling the kernel module. If it turns out to be more work than that, I’ll probably leave it for after the final release. Ticket #323 is about this, you could leave a comment there to get notified about any progress.

    @fredddvargas, I think channels 12/13 are used by the driver in auto channel mode (with the right country setting), but the channel list is static. I’ll have a look about fixing this. ticket #648 is about this issue.

    @DuRYKuN, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say, could you perhaps expand a bit?

  44. Felipe Says:

    I have connected a 3TB disk (ext3, mounts and works fine in linux box) with a few files in it and I observe the following problems:

    * The USB disk is recognised but the USB screen reports 5.83 TB free instead of 3TB.
    * The filebrowser does not show any content.
    * The fonera system log (dmesg) contains an error:

    usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using dwc_otg and address 3
    usb 1-1: default language 0x0409
    usb 1-1: new device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=5
    usb 1-1: Product: Desktop HD BD07
    usb 1-1: Manufacturer: HP
    usb 1-1: SerialNumber: 574341575A31393030303134
    usb 1-1: uevent
    usb 1-1: usb_probe_device
    usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
    usb 1-1: adding 1-1:1.0 (config #1, interface 0)
    usb 1-1:1.0: uevent
    usb-storage 1-1:1.0: usb_probe_interface
    usb-storage 1-1:1.0: usb_probe_interface – got id
    scsi1 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
    usb-storage: device found at 3
    usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning
    drivers/usb/core/inode.c: creating file ‘003’
    hub 1-0:1.0: state 7 ports 1 chg 0000 evt 0002
    hub 1-0:1.0: port 1 enable change, status 00000503
    scsi 1:0:0:0: Direct-Access HP Desktop HD BD07 1003 PQ: 0 ANSI: 6
    SCSI device sda: 732566016 4096-byte hdwr sectors (3000590 MB)
    sda: Write Protect is off
    sda: Mode Sense: 47 00 10 08
    sda: assuming drive cache: write through
    SCSI device sda: 732566016 4096-byte hdwr sectors (3000590 MB)
    sda: Write Protect is off
    sda: Mode Sense: 47 00 10 08
    sda: assuming drive cache: write through
    sda: sda1
    sd 1:0:0:0: Attached scsi disk sda
    usb-storage: device scan complete
    attempt to access beyond end of device
    sda1: rw=0, want=2929987608, limit=1565558784
    JBD: IO error reading journal superblock
    EXT3-fs: error loading journal.

  45. Felipe Says:

    More on the disk issue: if I use a “gpt” partition table (instead of msdos), which apparently is the partition table to use in disks >2TB, then the fonera does not even recognise the partition table. The kernel should be compiled to support “gpt”.

  46. Matthijs Says:

    The issue with the Zendesk FAQ, where links didn’t work when the wrong language was selected should be sorted out, all articles should be visible in all languages now.

    @Felipe, I thought GPT partition tables were supported, but perhaps I’m remembering wrong. (Update: Just checked, they are enabled in the kernel config, CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION=y, but I haven’t checked if this actually works). In any case, I also have a 3TB disk here (with msdos table, apparently) which didn’t work with the current firmware, but I haven’t looked closely at what’s the exact problem. I hope to find some time before to solve this issue. Note that ticket #1177 at the trac is about this issue, if you want to be updated on any progress, feel free to leave a comment there.

  47. Jos Says:

    FON traffic status does not work but is there some way of activating this ? I would even consider downgrading the firmware because I need the traffic data.

  48. Nuno Says:

    I’m also having problems with the print sharing.
    With beta 3 – sometimes the printer wont print. My fon2n simply ignores the printing commands or auto reboots and refuses to print.
    It was working just fine in beta 2, and the printer is working fine (tested connecting directly to the PC).
    My printer is a canon ip 3300.

  49. Tom Porcelijn Says:

    Everything Ok after update, even my fon-web server (after re-installing), except that THE httpd.conf file doesn’t work anymore. So I can not protect folders. I have not enough knowledge of inner FON to solve this. Any ideas?

  50. clef Says:

    Hi, what about using a E1800 huawei usb stick with italian Telecom?
    I have tried every voice TIM present in the menù, but unlucky.

  51. bigcrunch Says:

    I’ve a ZTE MF668 modem. It doesn’t work neither this beta nor stable firmwares.

  52. TheUntouchable Says:

    Again dead? No new builds or something else for weeks..

  53. Ton Says:

    It takes a long time, but it is holiday!!

  54. inte Says:

    I desperatly need help with the wifi bridge settings!
    Everything works just fine for the WAN network, however, I cannot connect to the private network (connection failure).
    Since the fonera forum is locked (why??? when did that happen??) I just don`t know where else to ask…
    Thank you in advance!!

  55. jjromano99 Says:

    GREAT improvement in the USB Driver, big thank you! The SMB file share performance used to be really bad, now it’s a whole different think. I used to get really frustrated when trying to stream in a 802.11n device in 720p, in fact, it was unusable; but now it works perfect!

    I have browsed and looked, but can’t find the reason why the download manager would not manage authenticated FTP server downloads. I have a seedbox and would love to download with a FTP client in the fonera to my “NAS”.

  56. Mario Says:

    Will it be the Fonera 2n a DLNA server?

  57. Matthijs Says:

    Hey folks,

    I’ve been a bit busy recently, I’ll respond to all the comments now.

    @Jos, the traffic status not working is a known problem, see ticket #1137 for the progress. I wasn’t planning to fix this for, but given the number of times people have asked about this, I might have a quick look anyway.

    @Nuno, I’m not sure what changed wrt to the printer support, the printer plugin itself didn’t. I can only think of the USB driver, but there have been only minimal changes there… I saw you also posted to the mailing list, we’ll continue talking there.

    @Tom, which webserver are you talking about? Did you install something external, or are you using luci as your webserver? In any case, this is probably something to discuss on the mailing list, though.

    @clef & bigcrunch, we’ve not worked on further 3G support for this release. I hope to change the for the release after

    @TheUntouchable & Ton, I have some fixes and improvements finished, waiting for some more of my testing. Once that’s done, I’ll push them out to the SVN repository for you to play with :-)

    @inte, I saw you also posted to the mailinglist and found a workaround, good!

    @jjromano99, good to hear that performance has improved for you. I’m not entirely sure if this is the USB driver or perhaps the wifi driver that helps, but it’s the result that counts!

    As for FTP downloads, I don’t think the download manager currently supports FTP downloads at all. This is something we could implement, but I think it’s not very simple to add (I don’t think we have a FTP implementation in luci already). Feel free to create a ticket about this on the trac!

    @Mario, there have been some experiments with a DLNA server from Fon in the past, but nothing stable yet. IIRC, there was a user-supplied Mediatomb plugin, not sure where that one ended up.

    In any case, keep in mind that the Fonera is way too slow to do live transcoding, so whatever video you want to stream should already be in a format the receiver understands.

  58. Matthijs Says:

    @Jos, I’ve found the cause for the traffic status problem. Pleas head over to ticket #1137 to apply and test a fix for this issue!

  59. Jos Says:

    @Matthijs I tried but got no result; I reported in ticket 1137 SSH connected well, commnad gave no results except Not found

  60. Jos Says:

    Got it working now. See ticket. Thank you.

    However on first accessing the router with SSH I got this message; should I be worried ? trac.fonosfera.org gave no hits on the subject


    Ofcourse I solved the problem of not being able to connect; I followed solution 1 on http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/warning-remote-host-identification-has-changed-error-and-solution/ which removes all keys belonging to hostname from a known_hosts file. Later on I read this was not a very good idea because of security issues.

  61. Matthijs Says:

    @Jos, the warning you get means that the SSH key of the Fonera changed. This happens whenever you do a factory reset (or flash in a firmware through SSH without preserving the configuration), since that causes a new SSH key to be generated.

    If you get this message unexpectedly, you should be careful, since your SSH conection might be intercepted. If you indeed did a factory reset since the last SSH connection, this is nothing to worry about.

  62. dmikam Says:

    Hi, am glad to see new releases for my Fonera 2.0n ! I don’t want to install beta version, so my question is: When should we wait for the stable release?
    Thank you.

  63. Barbon Says:

    Fonera firmware are all in permanent beta

  64. dmikam Says:

    Ok, thank you Barbon, but when the final release shoud be waited. I mean when it will appear in this directory: http://download.fonosfera.org/LATEST/fonera2.0n-FON2300/ ?

  65. Matthijs Says:

    @dmikam, it’s always hard to give a fixed date for a final release. However, most of the issues have been fixed and I expect to release the first RC (Release Candidate) in a month or so. The final release will probably happen before the end of the year.

    Back to fixing bugs!

  66. TheUntouchable Says:

    Thanks a lot for the new builds Matthijs :) Now the feeling is back that something is done!

  67. jjromano99 Says:

    @Matthijs, thanks for the response! I have created ticket #1216 for my request of an FTP client / or download manager FTP capability ;)

  68. Matthijs Says:

    @TheUntouchable, Note that some of these commits / builds are the result from work done more than a month ago. I usually leave commits lingering around in my local tree for a while, to see if any problems arise before pushing them out to the SVN repository. This also allows me to get a bit more work done without having to build and flash full firmware images to test each change individually. The downside of this is that it sometimes look like no development is happening at all…

    @jjromano99, Thanks!

  69. FM Says:


    I little off topic question. I’m a Fonero and I’ve a place where I go on my weekends where I get a Free Fon hotspot.

    I tried to setup a wifi repeater (to repeat my neighbour fon free spot) and Though I can get the Fon captive portal, when I logon it doesn’t release internet access to me.

    Any hint?


  70. joe Says:

    After update this firmware status not working, loading GUI torrent very slow. Pls fix it

    Regards from indonesia


  71. Matthijs Says:

    @FM & Joe, sorry for the delay in approving your comments, it seems I missed the notification e-mails about them.

    @FM, I’m not sure if a wifi repeater would work with the public signal. I would expect it to work, since as far as the Fonera can tell, the login attempt is made by the repeater, just like all subsequent page views. However, I’ve never tested this setup. I’ll have a go at setting this up using a second Fonera as the repeater, to see if that works (but this might be a few weeks before I get around to that). To make sure this doesn’t get lost, perhaps you could create a ticket for this?

    @Joe, the status display is known to be broken in beta3, it should be fixed in rc1. See ticket #544. The Torrent GUI being slow is not a known bug, but perhaps you are using the NTFS filesystem on the disk on which the Torrent application is installed? This is known to cause slowness, running FAT32 or ext2 / ext3 on that disk is recommended.

  72. OpenWRT auf der Fonera 2202 « Debianers Blog Says:

    […] a) Du benötigst eine “Entwicklungs-Version” der Firmware für die Fonera. Diese kannst du auf dem Entwickler-Blog fonosfera.org herunterladen und über die Weboberfläche unter “Dashboard >> Settings >> System” installieren. Ich habe die Version gewählt (Artikel). […]

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