Beta 2: Getting closer

After our recent beta1 release, we’ve received a lot of feedback from you. After addressing most of the issues you raised, it seems appropriate to do a second beta release before heading on with the final release. So, here it is: beta 2.

What changed?
This release brings mostly bugfixes, but a few small features as well. Here’s a few highlights:

  • wifi-bridge mode was disabled on 2.0g. It turns out that there are fundamental problems with wifi-bridge mode which are hard to solve on 2.0g. wifi-bridge mode will continue to work on 2.0n as before. See ticket #1080 for the technical details.
  • You can now do a wifi scan from the webgui. There is a scanning interface under the “internet” settings when wifi or wifi-bridge mode is selected, to help connecting to another wifi network. There is also a scanning interface under “wireless” settings, to help picking a free (or not-so-crowded) channel.
  • Hopefully, big (>2TB) disks are now better supported. This is still untested, though, so feedback is welcome.
  • Transmission was updated to version 2.33, bringing a bunch of extra fixes and features.

For the complete list of changes, see the changelog. There’s still a few issues that still need to be fixed or at least looked into. These issues are collected in the trac milestone. We can’t promise that all of these issues will be fixed before the final release, but at least they will be looked into.

What about my feedback?
We welcome more feedback from this new beta release, so go ahead and comment and post away. This does not just mean issues or problems: If you test a new or fixed feature and it works for you, we’d like to know as well. Feedback is welcome through various channels: comments on this blogpost, the development mailing list, IRC or by creating a ticket on our trac. If you have found an actual problem you’d like to see fixed, a ticket on the trac is probably the best way to report it. For other feedback, any of the channels will do.

I’ve tried to respond to every particular issue you’ve raised in response to the first beta, but it might be that some issue slipped my mind. So if you haven’t seen any response to your issue, the issue is not fixed and it is not in the list of pending tickets, feel free to raise it again.

So, where is this release?
To install this beta firmware, download the web upgrade tarball here, navigate to your Fonera’s dashboard through “Settings” and then “System” and upload the downloaded file there (under “Firmware update”). Note that you should not unpack the file you download (and make sure your browser doesn’t automatically unzip the file either, it should remain a .tgz file).

The following versions are available. Note that because this is beta version, only the developer’s version is available, not the end user’s version (but you can freely switch between versions without problems). Be sure to pick the version for your hardware. If you pick the wrong one, the firmware update will silently bail out and no upgrade will happen (no error will appear either).

143 Responses to “ Beta 2: Getting closer”

  1. Peter Ruppert Says:

    Sorry, no english.

    Das Update war erfolgreich, aber das Transmission Web Interface funktioniert nicht mehr. Problembehebung:
    Dashboard > Einstellungen > Firewall > Anwendungen > Torrent (Transmission) [aktivieren] > [Speichern]


  2. tman Says:

    Upgraded suceessfully, now twsting
    A first bug: i had to upload the file 2 times to upgrade, first time nothing happened. The same was upgrading to beta1. Strange.

  3. schunz Says:

    > Changelog
    > * Feature: Allow setting a custom DNS server in pppoe mode.
    > Regression: Re-enable telnet again
    > Regression: Fix display of IP address and Gateway in the dashboard in
    PPPoE mode
    Yes! Thank you so much!

  4. Jerry Says:

    Upgraded successfully. Only tiny issue I’ve seen so far is after install, it didn’t get an IP address via DHCP. Had to reboot which solved it.

  5. cyberact Says:

    Huawei e1692 does not work with fon 2.0n.
    It exists already a tiket for this:http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/468
    With the previous firmware version I have to follow this steps: http://rapture.altervista.org/fonera-2-0n-wifi-huawei-e1692/.

  6. Marco Says:

    Please don’t forget about http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/ticket/857

  7. airnet.me Says:

    Well done. Thank you.

  8. tman Says:

    It looks stable after 1 day run. Torrent is ok, new feature: UDP trackers can be added. Telnet client is back.
    Thanks for the release !

  9. TheUntouchable Says:

    Thanks for that release!

    A question: Is it possible for bridge mode that the fonera gets her ips adress, gateway and so on from the other dhcp automaticly?

  10. cybercat Says:

    Yes, I know that “3G Dongle does not work with USB hub”. But Huawei e1692 really does not work also when it is directly connected.
    To get it to work fine I have manually change in the file /Apps/umtsd.lua

    “OK \”ATD*99***1#\”\n”..
    “OK \”ATD*99#\”\n”..

    local data = “/dev/ttyUSB0″
    local cmd = “/dev/ttyUSB1″

    local data = “/dev/ttyUSB0″
    local cmd = “/dev/ttyUSB0″


  11. OldMan Says:

    Nice new firmware. I did some test on my fonera 2g.
    – Working with a UMTS dongle when the internet connection is established the status icon in the upper right corner disappears. The text “status” will stay and can be clicked.
    – Also when using the UMTS dongle the “Gateway address” is now correctly displayed.
    – Most of the time it likes to have a power reset after a fw update.
    – Can it be made possible to make the choice for UMTS in the “Settings > Internet” menu. This way you can leave the dongle in the router and switch over when the normal internet connection go’s down. Also when the router is configured as WiFi client and you put the UMTS dongle in, some rare unpredictable not reproducible things happen that will be solved this way.
    – Thanks for the “Use WAN as LAN port” option, will test that when i have access to my 2n router in December.

  12. Marco Says:

    @cybercat: with that change does it work through a hub? or just directly?

  13. cybercat Says:

    just directly!

    Without that change it does not work.

    Infact, I do not use hub with my 3G Dongle.


  14. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    Thanks you very much, FON! Finally it gets moving! ^^

  15. joluis Says:

    Please, solve the usb-switch/3G problem before launch the final realease!

  16. spoon Says:

    Can you add the possibility to upload video to picasa?

  17. Eoghan Says:

    Hey, Every time I try to upload the image, or the beta 1 image i get an error message saying invalid image. Im sure I’m using the right files (I have a fonera 2.0n) but i still get the error. Ive re downloaded the files just to check they’re not corrupt but I still have the issue.


  18. Jaque Says:

    Hi, thanks for the great job!

    After update I can not login. It asks for username and password. I tried admin/admin, but it didn´t work.
    It says something about OpenWrt

    Fonera 2.0g.

    Thanks in advance,

  19. Monzisez Says:

    Using the Fonera 2.0n as WiFi client didn’t work for me… The router connecting to is a EchoLife HG553 Vodafone Router (Wifi n).

    What is weird is that wireless bridge mode does work…

  20. Jaque Says:

    Hi, after update I cannot connect. The fonera 2.0g asks for username and password. I tried admin/admin without success.

    Please help, thanks.

    Great job, also with my little problem.

  21. Monzisez Says:

    I want to make a correction: Wireless bridge mode works (my computers obtains an ip adress via dhcp via LAN and WiFi).


    – Obtaining an ip adress via DHCP via LAN happens after the auto-reboot after configuring.
    – Obtaining an ip adress via DHCP via WIFI only happens after the auto-reboot AND after a manual reboot.

    So, WiFi bridge works but only after two reboots.

  22. fredius Says:

    Anonymous samba (file sharing) users read/write/delete access problems remains.

  23. fredius Says:

    The “Status of the fonera” (“Estado de la fonera” on spanish) do not work for me on

  24. Danilo Schembri Says:

    I want to share my experience with you.

    My hardware is Fonera 2.0g:
    1. Backed up settings from
    2. Download firmware
    3. Start upgrade
    4. Fonera enters in failsafe mode (Power and Wireless led both blink orange)
    5. Tried to restore with -> unsuccessful
    6. Tried to restore with -> unsuccessful
    7. Restored with (Flipper)
    8. Upgreded to (It’s late: I want to go to sleep! :-))
    9. Restored previously backed up settings

    Please, can anybody post a digest (MD5, SHA1, …) of firmware? In this way I can exclude any “firmware corrupted” chance from my issue list.

    Thank you.

  25. Danilo Schembri Says:


    You can try the following:
    username: admin
    password: the number you can found on the sticker attached under your Fonera, which label is “S/N” (which stands for “Serial number”).

    Information source:


  26. pete Says:

    ..same here. (2.0g), …not possible to upgrade the beta1 or 2-firmware directly in the system/upgrade-section, cause fonera enters in failsafe mode. but the upgrade was successful after a “flipper-restore”.

  27. pete Says:

    hi again, ..is there any problem with the lan-port on 2.0g?? it’s not possible for me to reach a conected machine over the local wlan. fw & tcp/ip-settings are ok in my network..!

  28. hoppy Says:

    Rapidshare credentials do not save, I’ve posted a ticket: #1096

  29. Jaque Says:

    @Danilo Schembri: Thanks, it works and I could restore the firmware with the failsafe. After that, the new beta is running.

  30. fredius Says:

    It seems that web browsing is much slower when Transmission is running. With and older versions are faster.

  31. Mauro Says:

    The “Status of the fonera” (”Stato della fonera” in Italian) do not work for me on The last row in the paga show always “loading” and all the traffic charts are stopped.

  32. OldMan Says:

    Beta2 on 2g Bug:
    No connection possible from WLAN (wifi) to LAN (computer)
    Please what to put in the iptables to fix this?

  33. OldMan Says:

    Extra info: Using 3G (umts dongle) for internet access.

  34. fredius Says:

    Changing preferences in “Transmission” I’ve gotten web browsing is more fast when “Transmission” is working.

    In the tab “Peers” originally has the following values:

    Maximun Global connections: 240 peers
    Maximum connections for new transfers: 60 peers

    I have changed the following:

    Maximun Global connections: 30 peers
    Maximum connections for new transfers: 10 peers

    And now the fonera2.0n working properly.

    Does anyone know tell me if more appropriate values ​​for “Transmission” works and is fast web browsing?

  35. tman Says:

    global peers 100, peers per torrent 3 works fine for me

  36. fredius Says:

    Yeah! Work great also for me. Thanks tman.

  37. Danilo Schembri Says:

    There’s a bug on this issue:

    Please, try to give your contribute.

  38. Marco Says:

    I’ve been trying to connect a Huawei E173, but it doesn’t seem to connect on the Fonera 2.0n
    is there any workaround? anyone has any tips?
    It’s not on the compatibility table, but probably no one tested it before.

  39. landoo Says:

    Is there an .img file too? I’d like to flash via SSH, because the web upgrade doesn’t work.

  40. landoo Says:

    P.S. I have a La Fonera 2.0g router.

  41. Danilo Schembri Says:

    @landoo: Isn’t it inside the .tgz?

  42. tman Says:

    Ticket #1102: Huawei E160X does not work on F2G. Btw..it’s working on F2N just fine, but I need it on F2G.
    Matthijs, could you look at the logread I attached?
    Shouldn’t be the same 3G dongles supported on both hardwares ? I assume that the firmware is the same from this point of view…

  43. tman Says:

    E160X works on F2G but only connected through a USB hub !

  44. tman Says:

    Wifi on F2G is restarting often when UMTS signal is low. Opened a ticket.

  45. tman Says:

    Internet connection type should be set by a new configuration menu to: auto (default as it is now), wired (lan port), UMTS (3g dongle), and Wifi bridge. Not to switch automatically to 3G if not desired. Opened a new ticket.

  46. OnOffPT Says:

    How can I see my LAN computer through my Private WiFi ?
    (How can I see LAN from Wifi ?)

  47. Danilo Schembri Says:


    There’s a bug on this issue and a workaround:

    Please, try to give your contribute.

  48. Victor Says:

    Hola. Gracias por la “Beta 2″. Las nuevas posibilidades de Conexion a internet mediante Wifi son muy utiles.

    El mayor problema que tengo en esta version es la estabilidad para conectar y utilizar un disco duro externo. En ocasiones no puedo accedes al disco desde el navegador de archivos. La velocidad de transferencia para copiar o pegar un archivo en el disco duro aveces es muy lenta.

    Las estadisticas de trafico no funcionan, aunque eso es irrelevante.

    Traducido al ingles con el traductor de Google.
    Mi ingles es peor. Disculpa la molestia! jejeje

    Un abrazo!

    Hello. Thanks for the “Beta 2″. The new possibilities of using Wi-Fi Internet connection is very useful.

    The biggest problem I have in this version is the stability to connect and use an external hard drive. Sometimes I can not access the drive from the file browser. The transfer speed to copy or paste a file on the hard disk is very slow sometimes.

    Traffic statistics are not working, but that’s irrelevant.

    Translated into English with Google Translate.
    My English is worse. Sorry for the inconvenience! jejeje

    A greeting!

  49. Matthijs Says:

    Hey folks, a lot of catching up to do :-) I’ll try to respond to every
    comment, where relevant.

    @TheUntouchable: No, in (wifi-)bridge mode, only static IP is possible.
    The rationale here is that if you use DHCP, it’s easy to “lose” the
    Fonera within your network (since there is no fixed network
    anymore), so only a static IP is possible.

    @Monzisez: wifi-bridge not working until a reboot, I’ll look into that.
    Note that the “auto-reboot” you describe is not a full reboot, but only
    a restart of the networking part of the Fonera. When you configured
    wifi-bridge mode, what was the previous internet mode configured?

    @fredius: about your issue with anonymous samba writing, could you
    please post some details (OS used, filesystem used on the USB disk,
    perhaps include the /tmp/smb.conf file) at ticket #936?

    @fredius, Mauro: I’ll have a look at the traffic status thing, I remember it
    working properly last time I looked.

    @fredius, tman: Might be good to change the default settings for
    transmission to reduce the number of connections. Could you perhaps open
    a ticket and include your experiences?

    @Marco: there’s still a lot of room for improvement in the 3G area, but
    that’s something for after

    @landoo: as Danilo suggests, the image file is inside the .tgz. I just
    forgot to upload separate images files, I’ll try to remember that for
    the next release.

    @tman: your E160X not working on 2.0g might be fixed by inserting an USB
    hub in between. The USB hardware in the 2.0g can only handle USB2
    hardware, for some reason it does not support USB1.x devices directly.
    Inserting an USB2 hub solves this.

    @tman: wifi restarting when UMTS signal is breaking up is sort of by
    design: It’s probably not restarting, but getting disabled when the
    internet connection looks broken (e.g., a bunch of subsequent pings get
    lost) and enabled again when it starts working again…

    @Oldman, tman: not switching over to UMTS automatically sounds like a
    good plan. It’ll need a bit of thought about how to design the
    interface and perhaps need some networking restructuring. It’s something
    for after at any rate.

    @pete, Oldman, OnOffPT: as Danilo suggested, connectivity problems between LAN and
    WiFi on 2.0g is a known (but not completely reproducable) problem. It’s
    on our radar and we’ll try to fix it before the final.

    @Victor: hard disk stability is something I hope to more thoroughly
    investigate after the final.

  50. Victor Says:

    Ok, si puedo ayudar en algo, aqui estoy desde España. Un saludo!!

    Ok, if I can help with anything, here I am from Spain. A greeting!

  51. landoo Says:

    Dear Mathijs,

    Thanks for the answer. I tried to flash the new firmware via SSH, but after the reboot my La Fonera 2.0g always boot in failsafe mode.

    I tried to flash another firmware – -, with the fonera.be Flash tool, which is working. After then I’d try to flash via WEB, and my router boots in failsafe mode again. and again, and again.

    So, on my router doesen’t work the web update, nor the .img via SSH with this firmware.

    Have you got any idea, what the problem is?

    Best regards,


  52. tman Says:

    @matthijs: [ wifi restarting when UMTS signal is breaking up is sort of by
    design ]
    I think this is a bad design because it’s just annoying instead of helping something. Examples:
    1. bad 3g signal with interruptions >> wifi disable >> phone wifi lost every minute.
    2. wegui: restart 3g >>phone wifi lost
    3. working something else on fonera with ssh from wifi phone, don’t need the internet, but it’s still restarts wifi if it’s not the case.
    Anyway…disabling wifi when there is no 3G is like … your car would stop the engine when there is no FM radio signal on your stereo. Hey…where are you driving…you have no music to listen ;-) just a joke …no offence..

  53. tman Says:

    @matthijs: [ wifi restarting when UMTS signal is breaking up is sort of by
    design ]

    4. if you have no lan to fonera but just wifi and a 3g dongle inserted but no signal then wifi will stay off ? that’s the worst case…because you can’t even check what’s going wrong, you are not able to cat on file umtsd to check signal strenght, no access to webui, cannot reboot, can’t do anything.

  54. TheUntouchable Says:

    Can someone tell me how the WPS works on the fonera n? When i push the WPS button for 5 seconds (read this somewhere) the fonera reboots..

  55. Matthijs Says:

    For WPS, you should just press the button momentarily, not keep it pressed. If you keep the button pressed for longer, it will act as a reboot / reset to factory settings button, depending on how long you press it.

    For WPS, you should first try to connect to the access point. Then, when your wifi client should ask you to press the button, you should press the button once (depends a bit on your wifi client how the interface will look, of course). Does this help?

  56. TheUntouchable Says:

    Thanks for your quick answer, will try it when i am back from work :)

  57. Matthijs Says:

    @landoo: other people are reporting succes with flashing a Flipper ( image from the failsafe webpage, perhaps you could try that?

    @tman: The design I meant was to disable public wifi when no internet connection is present, which prevents people from trying to connect to a FON hotstpot that won’t offer any internet anyway. I didn’t mean that the design was to restart the wifi connection when the 3G signal is low, that’s just a side-effect that we might need to fix somehow.

    However, from reading your post now, I think you mean that the private wifi is restarting, not the public wifi. I don’t think that should happen, so we’ll have to look into that. Let’s continue this discussion in the ticket you created.

  58. landoo Says:

    Dear Metthijs,

    I have a working Flipper ( image.

    How can I flash a the brand new beta 2 firmware?

  59. Matthijs Says:

    @landoo: You should be able to upgrade by just uploading the beta2 .tgz file through Flipper’s webgui.

    As for the beta2 tarball not being accepted by the failsafe firmware directly: I’ve just tried it and got an error as well. I suspect that the new way of saving configuration data in the beta tarballs is not working on the failsafe image, causing it to fail. I’ve created ticket #1112 for this issue, I’ll see if I can fix this for the final release.

  60. TheUntouchable Says:

    @Matthijs: Tested it yesterday and it worked! My phone told me to press the button for 5 seconds on the router.. Just pushed it for a second and it worked ;)

  61. avins Says:

    Matthijs will the fonera ever get upgraded to work with different modems, we are having a lot of difficulty with modem requests here. 99 percent of the modems in the market are not supported however they can be with the adjustment of the software in the router, any ideas when this will be supported? Its been so long now that the router has been released.


  62. Matthijs Says:

    @avin: Supporting more modems is on my list to look at after However, with the current umtsd software it is not terribly convenient to add new supported devices, so I have not looked into this closer. Ideally, we would somehow port or fork an existing modem manager software for Linux, so we can take advantage of existing work. This is probably not so easy, due to the limited size of the Fonera.

  63. Miguel Says:

    Yesterday I have installed the new beta 2 it is a lot more stable than previous version ( it has been a long wait that really I was thinking to stop using fon because of the yellow page jumping everyday.

    Keep working on the updates line and focus on stability which I think is what most of the people need.


  64. tman Says:

    +1 for a new 3g dongle manager

  65. landoo Says:

    @Matthijs: How can I get inside the Failsafe mode. It asks me to type a user/password. But I don’t kwon what’s the user name and the password.

  66. Matthijs Says:

    @landoo: Did you see http://wiki.fon.com/wiki/Firmware_Restore#Fonera_2.0g ?

  67. landoo Says:

    @Matthijs: Just now! Thaks!

  68. antony Says:

    I think the wifi speed is so slow for N wifi.
    I am the only one with see it ?

  69. schunz Says:

    Any chance of getting beta 3 before christmas?

  70. simon Says:

    I updated my fonera 2.0n to the latest beta2 fw, but now NO wlan connection is possible! I even tried factory reset. The fonera´s private and public signals show up when i do a scan, but no connection is possible. Changing from WPA2 to WPA or from mixed mode to tkip only does NOT help. The foneras “Status” page shows NO activity at all… what am I doing wrong?

  71. simon Says:

    i am testing right now, and flashing back to fixes this, by the way. I can connect with all wlan adapters and the “status” page is working, too.

    are there known flashing errors ? because after flashing the beta 2 the 2.0n showed me the correct beta2 fw number and everything worked as promised – except the wlan ?! :/

  72. tman Says:

    Simon, wlan is working for me, wpa/tkip and open spot, probably your config is wrong or has something specific. Do you use 3g ? I had problems when 3g have weak signal then wlan disconnected. But with cable wan it’s working fine.

  73. simon Says:

    @tman: the fonera is cable connected to another router for wan access. maybe i try to flash again today / tomorrow to test if there really was a flashing error. me beeing the only one with these problems confuses me.
    or i wait until the final is out ;D would be a nice christmas present! it just has to work, because i use so many different wlan adaptors and not one could connect..

  74. Monzisez Says:

    Usb 3g modem isn’t workin’ for me. I’ve got a Huawei K3765 and nothing, not a glimpse of internet. He doesn’t even recognize it…

  75. tman Says:

    Huawei E1750 also does not work. Some Huawei modems are working however, e.g. E160G,E…X is just fine. But a lot of other modems are not !
    There is a ticket on fonosfera to implement a more flexible modem management. Maybe Matthijs could tell us what’s the status.

  76. landoo Says:

    Can I upgrade to an earlier version of failsafe image?

  77. TheUntouchable Says:

    Seems again to be a little bit silent in here..?

  78. amin Says:

    working well on fonera 2303D, but application min DLNa and Mediatomb can’t stream media anymore.

  79. schunz Says:

    again fon fails to deliver.

  80. tman Says:

    Many tickets open and one developer working on. I guess this project would need at least a 5 person team….but it’s probably not as profitable to support it.

  81. Jos Says:

    I have been using this router for a long time; one big problem that keeps bothering me is that when I watch a movie (use Fonera 2.0 as a NAS fron which OPlay streams movie) and try to paste to external HD the router freezes. I use Firmware Version:
    Beta 1
    Developer’s version

    Furthermore; since this beta my wireless is less reliable; video to my laptop has hiccups; only one second but could be better.

  82. krist Says:

    I sometime lose my internet connection . the router keeps its ISP assigned IP and I can connect to the router over wifi, but I cannot get outside.

  83. testato Says:

    The wifi-bridge mode for 2.0g on Beta1 WORK VERY WELL for me. So i do not will update never.
    Why you remove ? the good solution is only put an adwert when try to use bridge on 2.0g.
    So now i will never update my firmware ?

  84. baro Says:

    @Jos: how do you use Fonera 2.0 to stream movies? with Mediatomb?

  85. Jos Says:

    Baro sorry I wrote it wrong; my Fonera does not stream; it passes the movie on to my ASAUS Mediaplayer; OPlay through ethernet cable.

  86. WiFiGuy Says:

    Any news? How is the development of 2.3.7 going?

  87. The Fonjoke Says:

    Fon fails to deliver solid firmware upgrades on the 2.0n platform for the past … 3 years ?
    How can they take themselves seriously by using words like “soon” or “closer” or “around the corner” ?

  88. Michael Says:

    Hi, I installed beta 2, and till now, I don’t have any bugs to report (but I’m just doing a basic use). For me, the big added value is the wifi-wan feature ! I would like to know if there is a plan to keep this function, and to add “basic repeater” mode. My issue is that devices wire-connected to the Fonera are on another network. My ideal world would be to have everything on the same network (managed by the “main” router). Thanks. Michael

  89. Jumpy07 Says:

    Any updates… been quite a while ?

  90. TheUntouchable Says:

    And again everything is silent.. and again.. and again.. and again……

  91. Rafael Eduardo Wefers Verástegui Says:

    @Michael Business as usual. FON is become a pain in the a$$.

  92. Nik Says:

    I was pretty interested in repeater feature, and once tried it seems to work great!

    In case of any issue I’ll submit it..


    Excellent update.
    i connect my fonera to my time capsule router via wifi and it works great, i created two networks more (fon_xx network and my private network).

    Excelente actualizacion.
    por fin puedo conectar mi fonera a un router time capsule de apple via wifi sin cables, excelente idea fon.


  94. schunz Says:

    At least the basic router functionality works now without seeing the orange internet misconfigured page all the time.
    All other additional features are more or less broken. Transferring several or large files is still unreliable. So as a NAS it’s broken. Without a reliable NAS functionality torrent and Rapidshare etc. don’t make any sense.

    I turned off the fon signal a year ago. Nobody ever used it anyway. I had a fonera since the original one. Never was there anyone who used my network to connect to the internet. Despite me having lived in densely populated places close to the city center.

    The idea was good. The execution sometimes lacking. With ubiquitous 3G fon will never be relevant again.

  95. simon Says:


    I do not think the torrent function is totally broken; I use it to share / upload several (7) files with a size of 100- 300 mb at a very slow speed (20kb/s).
    Works for me.
    The NAS function is buggy; as you have said large files seem to be the cause. Not that I love FON that much, but for their credit I have to add that my fritzbox 7270 has this bug too with its actual firmware..
    Not that this changes anything, but I just wanted to mention it. ;)

    And 3G is not making wlan useless, certainly not within the next few years. Berlin (where I live) is (again) trying to establish a (free) wlan at all the “ringbahn” train-stations, which surround the city center to give users a stable and fast internet-connection. A thing which the mobile phone companies cannot and will not be able to provide at the moment because of their poor network coverage and poor network capacity.

    So FON can still make useres .. well .. let´s say “less unhappy” when they release a final stable firmware. Hey, I am 30 years and plan to live at least until I am ~75. So, hurry up, fon! ;)
    just my 2 cents.

  96. mnezirov Says:

    b/g/n mix mode not working and show only b/g bands,/n band is missing,transver speed is slow,in /n mode only is ok and fast and shows like /n conecction. fix b/g/n mix mode please.sory for bad english

  97. Jos Says:

    Please repair buggy NAS over wifi; it is no longer possible to watch a video from the NAS without hiccups. Also enable passwordless access to NAS through ethernet; why is there a password anyway. Password for NAS by Wifi I understand, but ethernet …

    And can anyone explain to me why this firmware has not been released to the community yet ? I mean nobody is expecting much by now; let the community fix it: FON will not make any money from people who read the articles about firmware support and development. If you release the firmware and let others contribute you might save your image.

    A bit harsh, I know, and certainly no disrespect intended but hey; finish the product with stable -minimal- release or release it and use the time otherwise. We have waited long enough.

  98. dain Says:

    @Jos the source code has been public since ages: http://trac.fonosfera.org/fon-ng/browser

    That said, it would be much nicer if it was hosted on Github where managing community submissions is much simpler and forking is transparently managed.

  99. UNIX4ALL Says:

    I bought Fonera 2.0n in the launch. I was very excited about the possibilities of the fonera, but … Sir, the development is totally stalled, Im very frustrated because I know the platform is very powerful and versatile for make great things.

    Nowadays I use it as AP with 20/40mhz band and N only for 2 MBP 2011, The transfer rate is awful, Im sure that fonera 2.0n wifi driver has a problem. On the other hand my fonera have an USB disk (Lacie 1Tb 3,5″ USB2.0), a very fast disk, but I can transfer only at 4.5mb/s (peak rate) transfering a movie or something bigger is painful. All of this at 2 meters of the fonera without obstacles.

    Please FON guys, if you can’t support yours products, release the specs and soft and let the community do the work or at least, make a firmware that supports the promised features, 3 long years is a lot of time …


  100. Ton Says:

    For me no more a Fonera!

  101. afrinc Says:

    @dain the source code is not all public. What about Wireless driver ?
    I would like to put a real OpenWRT on that fonera 2.0n.

    For me, the most missing feature is the support of IPv6.

    I think that the Fon concept is out dated. Since 3G networks, tethering technologies, I don’t need other Fon Hotspot and peoples don’t use my Hotspot anymore. Furthermore, in my country (France), every DSL providers are offering a public wireless access on their modem.
    I’m looking back ten years before when Fon concept was juste a package to add on your Linksys WRT54g… That was perfect.

    For me also, no more Fonera, Fon.

  102. Matthijs Says:

    @simon, did you fix your WLAN issues with beta2, or did they persist? I’m not sure what could be going wrong there, if even the default settings don’t work (did you try a settings reset?)

    @landoo, why would you want to change the failsafe image? You can change it through SSH, but if you mess it up, you won’t have a failsafe image to recover with…

    @Jos, when you say freeze, do you mean you have to reboot to get it working again? Or just stop streaming?

    @krist, could you create a ticket for your issue? Then we can try to find out what’s going on.

    @testato, Are you sure you’re using wifi-bridge and not normal wifi mode? It shouldn’t be possible for wifi-bridge to work on the 2.0g without WDS, unless perhaps your upstream access point does some magic (though I can’t think of how it would pull that off, really…). What AP are you connecting to?

    @micheal, I think the “repeater” function you describe is the same as the “wifi-bridge” mode that’s in beta2 (but only on 2.0n, due to driver limitations, unfortunately).

    @Jos, you mention password-less access to the NAS, I think that has been implemented in beta1 or beta2. Under “Settings” -> “Fileserver” -> “Windows Network Shares”, set “Anonymous” to enabled.

    Regarding the wifi stability and throughput, we’ll have a closer look at this, perhaps see if we can upgrade the wifi driver once more.

    Regarding making the source code public, as mentioned it is as public as it can get, really. As mentioned, there are no sources available for the wifi driver, but this is because these are not FON’s to give a away (the driver is developed by Ralink and supplied under a non-open license).

    Regarding making it easier to contribute: Right now, patch submissions are already encouraged and any ticket with a patch gets top priority from me. However, experience shows that there are not that many patch submissions at all, so I would expect that just dumping the source code to the community would not really lead to the desired result.

    Perhaps it would be useful to get the code into git (I’m a big git fan myself as well), but let’s leave that as a project for later (and focus on some more actual bugfixes right now).

    As for wifi fonspots becoming less relevant: I used to think that, but it actually seems to be the reverse: Because of 3G internet people are getting used to having internet everywhere, but at the same time mobile providers are having trouble coping with the increasing amounts of bandwidth required (and also raising the prices of mobile internet). Some mobile providers actually encourage users to contribute to the FON network in an attempt to offload their mobile network a bit…

  103. Jos Says:

    Thank you for the elaborate response Matthijs. The NAS freezes when performing several actions at a time, wifi or ethernet doe not matter. For example a copy-paste from local machine to the NAS while watching say a movie through my ASUS OPlay: the NAS is no longer accessible through the Finder in Mac OS X but the movie plays on. Maybe others have the same problem; I am not aware of any settings that I might change. In general, if I keep things simple the router works; whenever I perform several things at the same time problems occur; sometimes reulting in a reboot of router and / or computer..

    The playback through wifi is buggy yes; every few minutes the movie stops for a second and then continues. Again; I know of no settings that might improve the stream to my computer. It also occurs when nothing else is happening on network or NAS.

    I will try setting access to anonymous.

  104. simon Says:


    I did go back to the last official NON-beta firmware (; that gave me the most stable signal since .. ever? I do not know why, I do not know how, but the fonera did not work that well when I had this same firmware version installed BEFORE I tried to test the beta. I can even use the torrent-loader with more than 3 down/uploads and still have a stable fonera.
    This is quite surprising – and because of that, I have not tried to install the beta. I might, when I´m past exam time..
    but perhaps than the final is available?

    @Jos: that is something i have noticed several times,too. do you use a usb-stick or a hdd? i just avoid heavy (?) usage of the nas.. no more than 3 downloads at a time, not reading and writing at the same time..
    not really satisfying, but.. well..

  105. Jos Says:

    Simon I use a 1.5TB usb drive. I am considering a downgrade as well.

  106. tom31 Says:

    Hi there,

    i need to fix the wlan > lan problem on my fonera 2.0g (Ticket #1057: 972-bridge-vlan-fix.patch). How should I proceed regarding this patch?


  107. Matthijs Says:

    @Jos & Simon: I’m looking into the wifi driver now to see if the wifi stability can be improved (again) and initial testing is promising (but I’m not completely sure if my changes worked, though).

    @tom31: The final comment in the ticket offers a link to a precompiled version with the fix and links to instructions on how to flash it. Alternatively, you could wait for the next release which should include it. If you have further questions, please ask them in the ticket to keep things in one place.

  108. tom31 Says:

    thanks Matthijs!

  109. Paul van der Wal Says:

    I’ve updated Ticket #324 about 2 weeks ago.
    How long does it take to review te info i’ve given?

    Kind regards,

  110. tman Says:

    Anybody used TP-LINK TL-MR3240 3G router? I’m thinking about trashing my fonera2g and buy tplink. It’s advertised as working with many types of dongle worldwide, but I want to double-check that.

  111. tman Says:

    TL-MR3420 :-)

  112. Jumpy07 Says:

    Its been a long while since the last firmware release and I am not holding my breath that the 2.0N will ever function properly and as funtionality it says “on the tin”

    I think Fon as a business concept is fast becoming outdated, 3g and soon 4g.. as well as general free city WiFi (in the uk anyway) .. makes FON have a very short lifespan..

    I for one will never buy another FON router, nor run a FON hotspot again.. times have moved on…

    A generic DD-WRT image would be nice so that I can use the FON 2.0N for more than just a door stop.

  113. leo_071 Says:


    could you help me please? i want to use the wake on lan function on my fonera 2.0g’s (latest fw), to start a pc on the lan-port. so i’ve copied some ‘wol-tools’ to the fonera …and they can also be executed via ssh. but nothing happens! i know it was working with an earlier fw.

    do i need a special library for that?

    sorry for my english.

    regards leo

  114. Matthijs Says:

    @Paul, 3G modem support is complicated business, especially without having direct access to the device. I haven’t been able to find a quick fix from the information you provided either.

    @leo, there is a wake-on-lan plugin available for 2.0n at http://fonera.be/plugins/ Perhaps it can help you getting it to work on 2.0g?

  115. leo_071 Says:

    @Matthijs: I’ve already tried it, ..unfortunately it does not work with ‘etherwakeg’ of the plugin-folder.

  116. leo_071 Says:

    ok, now it works!! ;-) it’s necessary to specify the correct interface! thanks anyway

  117. Johannes Says:

    every time I try to upload the image i get an error message saying ” invalide image” anyone have an idea?

  118. Matthijs Says:

    @Johannes, perhaps your browser has un-gzipped the image for you when downloading it? You should have a .tgz file, not a .tar file. Perhaps you could re-download the image file using a different browser?

  119. Johannes Says:

    @matthijs you’re right. Safari did something happened while downloading, fix was “save as” and the file was accepted by the fon2.0n Running the beta2 now. Thanks!

  120. UNIX4ALL Says:

    The development is dead, 3 months since the last commit …

  121. Matthijs Says:

    @UNIX4ALL, not quite, I normally queue commits locally so I can do some more testing and tweak the changes if I come accross problems while doing a complete flash. So, there has been development, I just haven’t gotten around to pushing out the commits to the main repository yet.

  122. Pedro Lamas Says:

    Any time frame for the next release (beta or not)?

  123. Danilo Schembri Says:

    I’m using my Fonera 2202 in a way I called bridged, but as I can read on fonera wiki, bridged is a different use from mine.
    This is my situation:

    InterNet Modem/Router switch 1 switch 2 Fonera 2202

    Modem/Router is an ethernet and WiFi router with DHCP server and QoS.
    Fonera is connected via ethernet with LAN; WAN port is not used; WiFi is configured with same SSID as Modem/Router so all WiFi peripherals can roam from one AP to another transparently, without service interruption (the two AP use different WiFi channels).

    On Fonera I don’t need DHCP server nor firewall (communication have to be bidirectional); I use a class A IP address and I configured it with a static one (, but I can’t find where I can set gateway address; WAN section is configured with DHCP, so it never gets address.

    In this configuration everything works, but not ever; I would like to dig more about issues, but I need to know:
    – what is the name of this operating mode? Isn’t it bridged?
    – is this mode fully supported?
    – what is correct configuration?

    Thank you.

  124. miguel Says:


    any new target date? One month? Two? Six? Any idea?

  125. _jack77 Says:

    …nice to see that nothing happens…

  126. cybercat Says:

    What does it means actually “getting closer”?

  127. cardean Says:

    From the last post on September 27th, 2011 have past almost 6 months… I hope a final version will be released before the end of 2012…
    Let’s have a little more patience… :-)

  128. t031 Says:

    Ok, after thoroughly testing the new beta 2 for the 2.0N, I come to the following conclusion, it works perfectly if you don’t use it!
    This means as soon as you start doing things with your fonera like file sharing, streaming or NAS traffic it will give you problems. The network speed N is very unstable and slow. The response of the entire fonera seems to be slow when accessing over WLAN.
    So I went back to beta 1, thanks FON for this great effort which took you almost a year, thanks for nothing.
    You guys really got guts!!!

  129. Hubba Says:

    This firmware was working fine for me for several months now until yesterday and since then I can not even boot the router in safe mode or anything anymore – It just went offline and now the internet and computer LED are on permanantly green and the power is flashing yellow. – I can not get a link light or anything if I plug into the ports. I guess it is time for me to finally bin this thing.

  130. cgueret Says:

    Is it possible to get the updated transmission client for the current stable firmware?

  131. UNIX4ALL Says:

    Im having a problem with fonera that is making me crazy … I have Fonera 2.0n configured as router, the main network (ADSL Router) is 192.168.2.x, where the router is and the fonera Wan IP is, well, the lan side of fonera is 192.168.1.x with the fonera as

    My problem is, with the systems on the 192.168.2.x network I CAN’T access to the systems on the Fonera Network (192.168.1.x) even the ping fails !! On the other hand I put in the fonera configuration that ping from WAN is granted and all the other options too …

    I really need this thing to work, from the fonera side I can see the other network but not in reverse.

    Sorry for my bad english.


  132. tman Says:

    unix4all: try bridge mode on fonera

  133. UNIX4ALL Says:

    tman: I tried it without success too.

  134. UNIX4ALL Says:

    How can I do a rule for WAN -> Private access ?

  135. Matthijs Says:

    @Danilo, you’re using the Fonera in a way it’s not intended. It does work if you disable the DHCP server, but as you noticed there is no way to have the Fonera itself access the internet through its LAN port like that.

    Instead, you’ll want to use the actual “bridge mode”, by selecting “bridge” in the Internet settings screen. This will stop the Fonera from doing NAT and bridges its LAN and WAN port together (as if it is a two-port switch). In addition, it adds all wireless clients into the bridge as well, which is what you’re really after, I guess.

    @UNIX4ALL, as tman suggested, you’ll want to use bridge mode. In bridge mode, traffic can flow between the LAN and WAN ports of your Fonera freely. When configuring bridge mode, you should give the Fonera a (static) ip in the network of your ADSL router (so 192.168.2.x).

    If you insist on not configuring bridge mode, then adding a rul for WAN -> Private access is not possible (since the Fonera applies NAT from Private -> WAN). What you can do is do port forwarding, but that is probably not what you want either.

    I would advise you to try bridge mode again and if you can’t get that to work, provide some more details on what is not working so we can help you debug this. It is probably best if you open a forum topic for this, though.

    @t031, it seems there is something wrong with the wifi driver in beta2 that can make the network very unstable in some circumstances. I’m not exactly sure what’s going wrong, but a clean recompile of the driver seems to improve things already. Once I’m sure the stability is good enough again, I’ll commit the new driver to SVN and probably release beta3 shortly after.

  136. UNIX4ALL Says:

    Thx for reply Matthijs, I will try to do bridge mode but I need to have 2 different networks, if I put bridge mode I need to put all together on the same subnet, right? for example all in 192.168.2.x or it will work if I maintain the same configuration with bridge-mode??



  137. Matthijs Says:

    @UNIX4ALL, right. So you really need to Fonera to do normal routing instead of NAT routing or bridging. This is not currently supported. Note that this even if the Fonera would support this, this would additionally require setting up routes on all clients on the 1.x network telling them they can reach the 2.x network through the Fonera (either by setting up routes manually or pushing them through a DHCP server, but most consumer routers don’t support this).

    Are you sure you need two separate subnets?

  138. t031 Says:

    Thanks Matthijs, please do so

  139. Andre Pinto Says:

    Openwrt working flawlessly in Fonera 2.0n (2303). Great stable signal and great performance!

  140. Marco Says:

    André, are the usb packages working now? Will I be able to get my 3G modem working?
    I tried previous releases but the usb packages were not working.

  141. Ton Says:

    Fonera now at half a meter of Laptop.
    Only N.
    WLan speed 3-4.5 MBps and not stable.
    Lan speed 10-10.5 MBps.
    When will there be an update?

  142. simon Says:

    hey tom,
    just don´t use N mode..no wpa2 and don´t download with the routers´ torrent-client etc..
    sounds stupid, since this is the reason we bought it.. but: if you want it to be a stable router, just go for normal, plain and oldschool G mode with WPA and NOT WPA2.
    N mode seems to work stable only with some (laptop) wlan chipsets, and even then it requires a whole load of luck .

    The router just seems unable to handle the workload needed to run N mode with wpa2 (not to mention background downloads).

  143. Víctor Says:

    Hola, aquí dejo un par de videos. Un videotutorial en el que se muestran las configuraciones y las características, así como los servicios de LA FONERA 2.0n, a través de su WebGui. El otro de el montaje de un ventilador para resolver el problema de calentamiento.

    Si queréis alguna aclaración sobre algo mas concreto podéis preguntármelo en el mismo video.

    Espero que sea util mi aportacion.

    Un saludo!

    Hello, here I leave a couple of videos. A video tutorial in which the configurations and features, and the services of the Fonera 2.0n, through its WebGui. The other of the fan assembly to solve the heating problem.

    If you want any clarification you can ask me something more concrete in the same video.

    I hope it is useful my contribution.

    A greeting!

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