Beta 1 available for testing

It has been a while until we started work on the firmware release, and things took considerably longer than anticipated, but we’re getting there! In any case, the beta1 firmware is now available for download and contains tons of changes, features and fixes!

Since this a beta release, some problems should be expected. It’s highly unlikely that this release will actually damage any of your data, but there’s a realistic chance for networking problems in particular environments, losing settings on the upgrade (though that’s much improved!) or other small problems. However, don’t expect anything a factory reset or downgrade won’t fix. If this is ok for you, read on for the new goods.

So, what changed?

  • 2.0g is supported again.
  • 2.0g now supports bridge mode.
  • All settings should be properly preserved on an upgrade or settings backup. This includes upgrades to this release, not just from.
  • libevent, Transmission, fuse, ntfs-3, usb-modeswitch, OpenVPN, the 2.0n usb and 2.0n wifi driver have been updated.
  • Networking code was restructured. Problems with networking after changing the configuration (previously needing a reboot to fix) should no longer occur.
  • Anonymous access to the “Windows file shares” can now be enabled in the “Fileserver” settings.
  • Various problems with OpenVPN have been fixed.
  • The “Orange page” with the “Your internet is misconfigured” message was removed. It caused more problems than it solved, due to onlined incorrectly detecting a broken connection when it was still working.
  • After unplugging a 3G modem, the previous internet configuration is restored (instead of always reverting to DHCP).
  • Twitter notifications are working again. Visit the Twitter page in your dashboard to set this up again.
  • The Fonera can act as a wifi client (“wifi wan mode”) again, now on both 2.0g and 2.0n. Additionally, wifi wan mode can be combined with bridge mode, to bridge two networks together using a wifi link. Note that wifi-bridge mode turned out to be broken on 2.0g. Only use it on 2.0n with this release!
  • WPS is fixed and enabled again on 2.0n.
  • opkg works out-of-the-box on the commandline now.
  • The music plugin is working again on 2.0n. Unfortunately, 2.0g does not have enough free space for the music plugin (because of OpenSSL being included for OpenVPN and the twitter app), perhaps we can find some way to free up some space for the final release.

Above, the most important changes are shown. There is also a complete list of changes since available.

This beta version already contains most of the stuff that will be in the final release, so don’t expect any major changes until then. The reason we do release a beta now, instead of going straight ahead and release the final version is so the firmware can get some additional testing and we can get some feedback. This is particularly needed on the 2.0g hardware, where the amount of changes since the last stable release is massive.

How to install?

To install this beta firmware, download the web upgrade tarball here, navigate to your Fonera’s dashboard through “Settings” and then “System” and upload the downloaded file there (under “Firmware update”). Note that you should not unpack the file you download (and make sure your browser doesn’t automatically unzip the file either, it should remain a .tgz file).

The following versions are available. Note that because this is beta version, only the developer’s version is available, not the end user’s version (but you can freely switch between versions without problems). Be sure to pick the version for your hardware. If you pick the wrong one, the firmware update will silently bail out and no upgrade will happen (no error will appear either).

After upgrading, all of your settings should be preserved. If you still find a setting that got lost during the upgrade, please report it as a bug!

What to do with feedback?
If you install this beta firmware, we appreciate all the feedback on the firmware you can spare. This does not just mean issues or problems: If you test a new or fixed feature and it works for you, we’d like to know as well. Feedback is welcome through various channels: comments on this blogpost, the development mailing list, IRC or by creating a ticket on our trac. If you have found an actual problem you’d like to see fixed, a ticket on the trac is probably the best way to report it. For other feedback, any of the channels will do.

And what’s next?
So, where do we go from here? Next up is a period of testing, both for us internally and for you, if you feel up to it. I expect this testing to last at least one, possibly two months, depending on how much things still turn out to be broken. After we’ve collected enough feedback and fixed any problems reported, we’ll probably release a Release Candidate for some final testing and then the final release shortly after.

As a last note: when leaving comments here on the blog, please remember the comment policy. Offensive, inappropriate and cynical comments will be deleted as usual.

94 Responses to “ Beta 1 available for testing”

  1. Christian Says:

    My Fonera 2.0n will show the 5 minute wait screen and tell me that it finished flashing, but the version number didn’t change. I had the same problem when trying to change from Hummingbird jr. to Hummingbird jr. dev version though. Any ideas?

  2. Matthijs Says:

    I think you’ve reported that issue before and we hoped the beta would fix your problem. Apparently it does not, perhaps a SSH or recovery firmware will solve your problem. To prevent cluttering this blog, I’ll send you a private email with some suggestions and questions.

  3. giuseppeg88 Says:

    Great! At last a beta version of the new fw

    I realized that, by upgrading the fw, the old plugins have been eliminated.
    Is it correct?

  4. tman Says:

    Plugins were erased also at previous upgrades, I guess there is no simple way to change this. However it would ba a nice to have feature. Matthijs ?

  5. Matthijs Says:

    As tman says, plugins are not preserved, just like previous upgrades.

    Keeping plugins is a bit of a challenge. We could keep a list and automatically install them again after the upgrade, but that’s a tricky to get righ (and really only works for the official plugins, since the .tar.gz is not kept for plugins uploaded through the dashboard). For now, we’ll just stick with manually reinstalling the plugins. One thing of note is that the configuration files for the plugins are not preserved, since I’m afraid they would be overwritten on plugin installation anyway (haven’t checked this yet, though).

  6. Simon Says:

    i updated to 2.3.7 without any problems but my ip is no longer shown in the gui:
    Connection type: pppoe
    IP Address: N/A
    Gateway address: N/A
    DNS Server: N/A
    but at least i am still online ;)

  7. Matthijs Says:

    Simon, it seems you’re seeing the (still unresolved) issue reported in ticket #886. I’m adding you to the CC of the ticket, let’s continue debugging there.

  8. Jumy Elerossë Says:

    Finally!!! :D

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!

  9. avins Says:

    Finally Guys, Good work.

  10. Marco Says:

    Updated with no problems.
    Nothing new on the 3G dongle – USB Hub issue?
    Tested it and got the same result… fonera 2.0n freezes

  11. Matthijs Says:

    Nope, nothing on the 3G dongle – USB hub issue. This appears to be a hardware limitation, but I still intend to dive into the driver source code to see if this can be fixed. It’s unlikely that this will be before the final

  12. Me2 Says:

    2.0 again and bridged. Thanks !!!!

  13. AirNet.me Says:

    Great! Well done! Works fine here.

    Thank you Matthijs.

  14. Francisco Says:

    This are good news… but do you have any plans to release a music functionality that supports streaming audio from sites like Spotify or equivalent, using a simple usb sound card? If so, when?

    Thanks in advance.


  15. Matthijs Says:

    There has been some talk about such a music player, but there are some technical problems. For spotify in particular, there is a closed source library available to talk to the spotify webservice, but it is not available for MIPS, the processor architecture used by the Foneras (at least not publicly).

    So, perhaps there will be an application like that available in the future, but there are no short term plans.

  16. avins Says:

    Matthijs got an issue with the Twitter, is anyone having this same issue:

    An error occured during authentication with Twitter. Some error message or information might be shown below.

    Please try again later or contact support if the problem persists.

    Could not get OAuth request token: Error 401: Failed to validate oauth signature and token

  17. Matthijs Says:

    Not sure what’s up with Twitter. Just checked here, it’s still working for me. I’ve sent you a private email with some debugging instructions.

  18. schunz Says:

    Don’t worry about music apps and other plugins. Better take care, that the basic functionality is working correctly.
    > The “Orange page” with the “Your internet is misconfigured” message was removed.
    This is the best news ever. This was truly an anti feature and caused me grief to no end.

    Congratulations on finally releasing something. You definatly took your time.
    > Twitter notifications
    I’ve had the Fonera 2.0n for more than two years now. This will the first time the Twitter plugin works.
    > Offensive, inappropriate and cynical comments will be deleted as usual.
    Your customers were and are angry, because Fon let them down much too often.

    I’m still missing two simple features:
    – being able to set a DNS server manually
    – IPv6 support including SiXxS tunneling

  19. Matthijs Says:

    Regarding the Twitter notifications, I think they were working when was released, (slightly) less than a year ago. Admittedly, it’s taken too long to fix it, but it hasn’t been two years.

    What do you mean with setting a DNS server manually? When you select “DHCP” in the internet settings, you can override the DNS server used. Can you be more specific?

    Ipv6 support and sixxs support should be added in the future, but there’s no timeframe yet (also, it’s not quite a simple feature, since it must be integrated with all parts of the firmware like firewall, webgui, etc.).

  20. schunz Says:

    Same bug as Simon here:

    Connection type: pppoe
    IP Address: N/A
    Gateway address: N/A
    DNS Server: N/A

    Internet works.

  21. schunz Says:

    > What do you mean with setting a DNS server manually?
    It’s not possible to set a DNS server manually if I connect to the Internet using PPPoE.

    I added my info to Simon’s ticket.

    > Ipv6 support
    > it’s not quite a simple feature
    Someone already implemented that a while ago in a fork of the 2.3.5 firmware. Including a GUI setup and firewall.

  22. tman Says:

    Setting DNS manually on PPPoE would be nice, I miss that feature also.

  23. tman Says:

    Matthijs, DynDNS works now if bridge mode is activated? That was not working in previous release and it would be nice to have it back !

  24. Matthijs Says:

    Ticket #686 is about setting DNS manually in pppoe mode. I’ll add you to the CC of that ticket and perhaps see if I can fix this before final.

  25. Matthijs Says:

    And about DynDNS in bridge mode: That’s fixed in this beta, but apparently I forgot to add that (and a few other changes) to the changelog. I’ll make sure to correct that before the final release.

  26. Nuevo BETA firmware para Foneras 2.0n/g Says:

    […] Recientemente hemos publicado un nuevo firmware 2.3.7beta1 para las Foneras 2.0n y g. Más detalles en el blog de la fonosfera. […]

  27. tman Says:

    :-( flashed my 2.0n, it said successful, rebooted and I still have I done it in bridge mode from wan, remotely. Any ideea ????

  28. Matthijs Says:

    Any chance you accidentally tried the 2.0g image on your 2.0n? This would not give an error, but silently fail (without bricking your Fonera, fortunately).

    If that’s not it, perhaps just try a second flash. For some reason, every now and then the flashing just doesn’t work, not sure why that is…

  29. tman Says:

    It said successful, I guess that means I tried 2303… I’m pretty sure it was 2303 anyway…. I will try again now.

  30. Matthijs Says:

    To be honest, “successful” here only means luci didn’t complain and accepted the image (but luci can’t currently check 2202 vs 2303) and 5 minutes have passed… Let me know how it goes!

  31. tman Says:

    At second try it worked! thanks!
    A firewall issue: before upgrade transmission access was enabled, now it’s disabled.

  32. tman Says:

    Motion can be added as official fon plugin? I’m not sure Oldman will compile a private version again. It’s a nice replacement for fon-webcam.

  33. snyfear Says:

    Thank you to have finally thought to 2.0G user. It’s good to see that we are not completely forgotten. Moreover, it seems a very work. Thanks!!

  34. Reloweb Says:

    With DHCP connection gateway’ address is unknow… (Indirizzo Gateway: N/A). The other informations are visible…

  35. Alberto Says:

    Same problem than last version: if somebody connects to my AP (public wifi) or if I connect to it nothing is logged so I can’t check it in the Fon web page.

    When will you solve it? It stopped working on April 2010 with firmware. You did something wrong and you didn’t correct it!! Please, solve it ASAP.


  36. Matthijs Says:

    Regarding the firewall issue for Transmission: I have a suspicion about the cause, I’ll have a look at it.

    About the Motion plugin: Perhaps I’ll have a closer look at that, but I haven’t had time for it so far.

    About the unknown gateway address, not sure what’s going on there.

    Regarding the router log on fon.com (I think that’s what Alberto is referring to), this problem is indeed caused by a change in the firmware, but the proper solution needs a change on the server side. I’ve only recently discovered the problem here, so it’s not fixed yet (and server-side changes that affect all Foneras like this aren’t taken lightly, so I’m not sure how long it will take for this to be fixed). But, the problem has been diagnosed, so the issue should be fixed in time. See ticket #796 for details.

  37. questionman Says:

    Good Job so far. WiFi Bridge and WiFi mode work great!! congrats!!
    Motion is a cool pluggin for the Fonera…
    Now I will try my 3g dongles and see how they work…

  38. Alberto Says:

    Thanks for the information about the log on fon.com and the ticket number. I hope server side changes can be done soon. Thanks.

  39. JazzyJ Says:

    Would it not be good to make a forum post? To me it seems like you have too many unrelated places for info.. I think the forum would be a good place for an announcement of a BETA release and where to give ‘GOOD’ findings, if people find problems maybe they post on the trac, althought, I think the support and devs and everyone should be in one place..

  40. alexb Says:

    I would like to give the beta a try and install it on my fonera 2.0n.
    Is it possible to switch back to firmware when there are too many showstoppers in the beta ?

    Alex B.

  41. Reloweb Says:

    @alexb yes, it’s possible…

  42. Giljåm Says:


    How did you get the WiFi Bridge working ? I mixed up something in the IP configuration since I was able to get internet through wifi… How set the IP address ?

  43. Rui Barbosa Says:

    Hi :)

    I followed your request and installed Beta 1 to try out some of the bug fixes you’ve made. I can tell the 802.11n Wireless network works much faster, achieving speeds up to 65Mbps (previously it struggled to get to 40Mbps), although it still can’t work the 100Mbps I have available from my network (I can only use them with an ethernet cable connected).

    After a few days, though, I noticed my Mac would not connect to the Wireless network. It finds the network, let’s me select it, but after a while I get an error “Connection Expired” and I’m not even able to get an IP address. Restarting the LaFonera or changing some simple settings in Dashboard > Wireless solves it temporarily, but after one day or two it happens again. Have anyone experienced this too?

  44. OldMan Says:

    Bug or Undocumented feature? WARNING.

    When the fonera internet connection is set to WiFi mode,
    the WAN port becomes an extra LAN port.
    Some people think this is nice to have a extra port.
    I use the wifi mode as a backup when my internet go’s down. (twice a month)
    But with your internet modem still connected (now on the LAN site) the DHCP of the modem will give me a IP address in the ‘old’ range and i can not connect to the internet (via wifi mode) or even to the fonera.

    Regards, OldMan

  45. schunz Says:

    @Rui Barbosa
    Yes, I have experienced random disconnects too. I could never reproduce them though. It happens maybe once a week. But then several times a day. This might be a combined problem with Macs and the Fonera.

  46. Matthijs Says:

    JazzyJ, good point about posting on the forums, I completely forgot about that. I’ll make a post there later today, thanks for the reminder :-)

    alexb, it should indeed be possible to downgrade back to, though not below that (versions before did not allow downgrading, this limitation is in the firmware .tgz).

    Giljåm, I don’t think I completely understand your question, perhaps you could provide more details? In general, wifi-bridge mode just creates one big network using the WAN port, the LAN port, the private wifi and the wifi client. This means you should use a static IP address that lies within the wifi network you’re letting the Fonera connect to (commonly –

    Rui, Schunz, not sure what’s going on with those disconnects. I saw you opened ticket #1069 for this issue, let’s continue the investigation there.

    Oldman, as you suggest, it’s sortof a feature, but one that could have unexpected side-effects. As I said in ticket #1068, I’ll try to fix this by making the behaviour optional through a checkbox.

  47. Giljåm Says:

    @ Matthijs
    Thanks for the answer.

    I basically did what you’ve said.

    First, I set up all wifi information and I know it works (since the wifi client works). Then, I set up the IP so that the fonera is part of the “big network” and the fonera becomes unable to connect to wifi as client and I can’t connecting to the fonera wifi neither.

    But, I did that on the 2.0g. Can someone reproduce it ?

  48. Azertimes Says:

    Wifi Wan Bridge mode works fine! Thanks! ;)

  49. schunz Says:

    So when can we expect Beta 2?

  50. Alec Says:

    Fonera 2.0N, I flashed this new firmware, I was able to enter the dashboard to configure the wifi bridge, and then it seems to have stopped working. Could not connect to the web interface, by lan or wifi.

    I followed instructions for factory reset (hold reset button as it powres up), but now I still can’t connect by LAN or wifi.

  51. Matthijs Says:

    Giljåm, it seems there is a problem with wifi-bridge on 2.0g, it looks like it can’t complete the WPA authentication for some reason. See also this forum topic. I’ve been able to reproduce this issue, but didn’t find the cause yet. So, hang in there.

    Schunz, I wasn’t planning on doing a beta2, but going straight for the RC after this. However, there have been a number of issues spotted already, so perhaps it makes sense to fix them and then do a beta2. I’ll think on this for a bit.

    Alec, if the wifi client connection does not work, you will not be able to connect to the Fonera using DHCP (since it doesn’t have its own DHCP server in wifi-client mode). You could try giving your PC a static IP and then connecting to the static IP configured on your Fonera.

    As for the factory reset, sounds like you’re using the wrong procedure. You should hold the reset _after_ the Fonera has fully powered up, not while it powers up. See this wiki page for details.

  52. cronoser Says:

    Hello, First of all thank you by the new firmware.

    In fonera 2.0n I need two updates to install the new firmware.

    In fonera 2.0g I tried one time without any sucessfull update, so I tried another time, I wait at least 15 minutes to finish the update, because I don’t see anything like progress bar and when I reboot the fonera it was in safe mode, I tried to update it in safe mode but the fonera tell me that it doesn’t recognise the new firmware, I’m thinking in update to an old firmware an later try to update another time.

  53. Danilo Schembri Says:

    Thank you for this beta release; I’m testing on 2.0g (2202).
    Upgrade: ok.
    Every setting was maintained.
    Wired network is very faster.
    QoS work almost well.
    A really minor bug: breadcrumb on “Backup Record” are not correct (you see “Dashboard >> Backup Record” instead of “Dashboard >> Settings >> Backup Record”).

    Paco the alpaca greets you. :)

  54. Danilo Schembri Says:

    I want to add another minor bug: in OpenVPN >> Manage Security settings, you can read “Please see this wiki link for a detailed description of what it does.”, but no link is given.

    Thank you.

  55. Danilo Schembri Says:


    This is the last, I promise.
    Wired can’t ping wireless and vice versa; wired clients are GNU/Linux; wireless are Android ones.


  56. Simon Says:

    one off topic thing: i am monitoring the firmware repository using http://www.changedetection.com/log/org/fonosfera/download/index_log.html
    and every month or so the shortcuts change from lower to upper case (Jan/jan Feb/feb …). do you update the webserver that often? :)

  57. Hubba Says:

    Tried upgrading my 2.0g and it has gone into some sort of safe mode and will not even take the older firmware now. Any ideas how to get it back up again or should I just condemn it to the trash can?

  58. Matthijs Says:

    Cronoser, Hubba, did you see http://wiki.fon.com/wiki/Firmware_Restore ? It explains some stuff about the 2.0g firmware. However, I think it should accept any offical .tar.gz firmware, even the newest beta (haven’t tried this, though).

    If that doesn’t help, you could try to access the redboot prompt (described on this old page: http://wiki.fon.com/wiki/Firmware_Update_Instructions). However, a lot of 2.0g Foneras have their redboot prompt disabled, so it’s likely this won’t work.

    Let me know if this helps you to get it working again.

    Danlio, I’ll put the breadcrumb bug on my todo list, since it’s probably trivial to fix and I’ll have a look at the OpenVPN text. Your pinging issue sounds like ticket #1057, perhaps you could add your observations to that ticket?

    Simon, I had never heard about that webservice, sounds useful. I’m pretty clueless about why the casing of the dates keeps changing, since I’m pretty sure that we’re not doing manual changes so often. It looks to me if the locale of the dates is changing (note the Aug -> ago change). I’ll ask our sysadmin team if they have a clue about this.

  59. cronoser Says:

    At the end I update the fonera 2.0g in fail mode to the old firmware 2.5.5, later with this firmware I update without any problems to the new firmware.

    I see that the fonera 2.0g is faster now, so thank you very much.

  60. cronoser Says:

    @Hubba I forgot to say that I downloaded the old firmware here http://download.fonosfera.org/Flipper/, don’t throw the fonera to the trash can and after update the fonera with this firmware you can update with the new firmware. Good luck!

  61. Nicolas Says:

    I’m trying to setup twitter notifications with no luck. After clicking the twitter icon it takes me to the twitter site alright, then after authenticating and selecting to authorize the app it sends me back to the fonera logon page. After loging back in nothing seems to happen.

    If Igo back to twitter option it lets me start all over again with the same result. Any advice on troubleshooting?

  62. questionman Says:

    Modem HUAWEI 3G E173 does not work out of the box with 2.3.7….
    Any ideas??!

  63. Matthijs Says:

    Nicolas, do you get a login prompt on the Fonera after being redirected back from Twitter? If so, you probably get a login prompt every few clicks in the webinterface, I suspect. You might want to try to restart your browser or clear out the cookies for the fonera webinterface, to see if that solves the problem.

  64. Matthijs Says:

    questionman, did the E173 work with previous firmwares? If not, there’s not much I can do right now, but I hope to improve 3G support for the release after

  65. Hubba Says:

    @cronoser – Many thanx – your tip worked and my FON is back up and running.

  66. Matthijs Says:

    Short update: most of the issues resulting from all your feedback have been fixed, I’ve just pushed a long list of commits to trunk. There’s still a few open issues (in particularwifi-bridge mode on 2.0g seems broken and I haven’t been able to find out why yet. Did anyone get wifi-bridge on 2.0g working?), but I think it makes sense to just throw out a beta2 release next week to get a new round of testing :-)

  67. anonymousgeek Says:

    I have issues with wifi bridge mode, i think it’s related of the ipv6 connection.
    Dmesg give me this ( a lot of times ) :
    IPv6MacTableLookUp(): dstMac=00:21:85:XX:XX:XX for mapped dstIPv6(5840:9882:b4c9:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX)
    This slow down considerably the fonera and internet is very bad.
    For now, i fixed this thing with disabling ipv6 on my computers but sound not too good.
    Any good fixes ?

  68. Nuno Rodrigues Says:

    Versão do Firmware:
    Beta 1
    Developer’s version
    Uptime: 00:06
    Ligação á Internet
    Tipo de Ligação: dhcp
    Endereço IP:
    Endereço Gateway: N/A <<<<<<<< !!!!!
    Servodpr DNS:
    Definições Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi Público: FON_FREE_INTERNET
    Wi-Fi Privado: @FiberClix
    Encriptação: mixed
    Endereço IP:

  69. questionman Says:

    not working on previous releases
    hopping it will work soon.. I wait for next release!!

  70. simon Says:

    Finally .. dead men walking?! I will not install the beta. After waiting this long, I can also wait until the final fw is out.. Hey, the actual 2.3.6.x FW has it´s bugs and flaws, but it works, (with a few workarounds) more or less stable..

    Concearning the twitter / torrent / … functions: you should really think about making them OPTIONAL to free memory on those little foneras. I only use the torrent function once in a while, the rest is absolutely not for me…

    But after all, nice to know someone is still working on it.. keep it up, matthijs

  71. Matthijs Says:

    anonymousgeek, could you create a ticket about your IPv6 issue? AFAIK, the Fonera should not do anything IPv6 related right now, but perhaps there is some kernel code that tries to handle stuff nonetheless. I can try to reproduce your issue, but that’s probably something for after the final release (I expect finding the issue to cost a lot of time…)

    Simon, the problem with making all kinds of things optional, is that including them in the base firmware saves a lot of space (since the firmware image is heavily compressed). If we supply things as separate plugins, they cannot be compressed as efficiently, so you wouldn’t be able to install all features you have know at the same time.

    Furthermore, most of the things you would want to make optional (Twitter, Torrent, OpenVPN) aren’t really big, so removing them from the base firmware doesn’t really help much. We could consider having a version with OpenSSL (required by Twitter and OpenVPN) and having one without, since OpenSSL is a very big library.

    In short: Saving space is harder than it looks at first glance and we’ve already spent some thought on it (without coming up with any easy solution that we can implement on a short term).

  72. Matthijs Says:

    Nuno, the issue you show is reported at ticket #886. My last comment on the ticket has a possible fix for the problem. Perhaps you could try that fix and report in the ticket if it worked?

  73. Matthijs Says:

    anonymousgeek, while working through my e-mail backlog, I just noticed your ticket about the IPV6 log messages. So never mind my remark about creating a ticket, since you already did that :-)

  74. Andrea Grandi Says:

    I’ve upgraded to this firmware and since this Trasmission client doesn’t work anymore. I did the startup ecc…. when I click the trasmission icon it opens another window and cannot connect to it. Even opening from another browser it fails:
    any idea?

  75. Matthijs Says:

    Andrea, I suspect that the Firewall setting for transmission was reset when you reinstalled it, so now the Transmission GUI is not available from the WAN network. Look under Settings -> Firewall -> Applications to change that.

  76. Erriko Says:

    A lot of improvements here.
    I was dreaming about wifi connection and wifi bridge! Unfortunately I find that wifi connection of the fonera 2.0n is (too much) slower than the direct wifi connection with my pc.
    I tried to connect to the same wireless network and to download the same file: with fonera in wifi mode I download it @ 6kb/s, if I connect to the same network directly with the pc I download it @ 88kb/s

  77. tman Says:

    Since I upgraded to my windows xp wifo network started to behave strange, every couple of minutes the network icon pops up a message “Wifi is now connected”. Like it’s disconnecting/reconnecting every 5 minutes, but actually it does not disconnect, I tried pinging a network device and the reply is stable.

  78. tman Says:

    My fonera 2.0n is constantly logging this:
    user.warn kernel: DWC_OTG_HC_XFER_FRAME_OVERRUN: 8
    and sporadically locks up, have to reboot it.
    Already opened a ticket on some time ago, now the problem is on also.

  79. tman Says:

    telnet client is missing from ! !

  80. schunz Says:

    Why do you need telnet, if you have ssh?

  81. schunz Says:

    So here we are. One month later and still no beta 2.

  82. togarha Says:

    I can’t disable public fonspot.

    Control Pannel -> Fonspot -> disable –> doesn’t work for me. What can I do? can I disable by ssh?


  83. togarha Says:

    Now it is disabled, I’m not sure if it disabled public wifi when some time pass or when it have internet connection…

  84. tman Says:

    schunz: telnet client is obviously needed for access to telnet servers. Btw…it’s pretty wrong assuming that any server should have ssh. Actually some of them don’t have it.

  85. Alessio Says:

    you guys think Pyload will be implemented in the future to official firmware?

  86. admiral0 Says:

    17:07:44 up 17 days, 15:24, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

    Good. There are still some bugs. UI doesn’t show ip for wan. Using pppoe connection to external modem..

  87. Matthijs Says:

    Another status update is due, so here it is.

    I’ve spent quite some time debugging wifi-bridge mode on 2.0g, but in the end it turns out there is a fudamental problem with wifi-bridge mode. On 2.0n, the wifi driver contains a complex workaround, but 2.0g is not so lucky. The conclusion from this is that we will not be supporting wifi-bridge mode on 2.0g, since it simply cost too much to make it work, and might not even work reliably in the end. See ticket #1080 for the technical details.

    Another feature I’ve been working on is wifi scanning from the webgui. Since it makes wifi mode a lot more userfriendly, I wanted to include it in the beta2 release. However, turns out the 2.0g driver again caused problems here. I’ve finally solved those problems this afternoon, so I’ll be ready to commit this feature after a bit more testing (see ticket #1059 for details and progress).

    These two issues are the ones I really wanted to resolve before doing a beta2. There’s still some other outstanding issues, but I guess I can get to those later. That leaves me with one issue: Our autobuilder is having some problems. Hopefully those can be resolved soon, but otherwise I’ll just do a manual build for beta2.

    togarha, what do you mean with “doesn’t work” ? Does the enable/disable setting not get saved properly, or does the signal not disappear? Normally, the FON_FREE_INTERNET signal should automatically be shut down when your internet connection is down (or at least when the Fonera is having connection problems) and be enabled again when it is back up.

    tman, the telnet client was restored in a recent commit.

    Alessio, I’m not sure if that will happen in the near future. No plans yet.

    Admiral0, your IP display issue was solved in SVN trunk already. See ticket #886 for details.

  88. Willem Maathuis Says:

    This morning my Fonero 2.0n won’t let my computergrograms connect to internet: all computers including Linux. I always got the yellow page with want to sent me to the router to repair my settings. Nothing helps including updating the firmware. However ping shows there was a connection.
    At a fon blog I found that there was a new beta firmware After installing everything was back to normal! The nice thing was that I did not have to set special things like wlan, permanent ip numbers etc. The router stil knows them.
    Thanks very much!

  89. Vince Says:

    free FON keeps broadcasting even if its status is disabled

  90. tman Says:

    Matthijs, hidden ssid for myplace wifi is planned ?
    Thanks for the telnet.

  91. Vince Says:

    correctiob: free fon not broadcasting when disabled. it just take a while to stop. good joob!

  92. Matthijs Says:

    Beta2 is nearly there! I had hoped to release it today, but both the SVN server and the build server were acting up, so I haven’t been able to commit my updated changelog and version bump yet. Both issues should be fixed early next week (in the worst case I’ll do a local build and commit later). So, hang in there!

    tman, hidden SSID support is not planned (it’s not really a security gain either, of course).

  93. Jorge Says:

    Since DynDNS is not free anymore… is there any possibility to add any other DNS service like open DNS?
    OpenWRT also has a module.


  94. GG Says:

    Updated my Fonera 2.0n with latest beta and all is working fine.. twitter WORKS!!!! Good job :)

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