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Monday, July 15th, 2013

Just a quick note to let you know that now works as a dynamic DNS provider for the Fonera. The current firmware already included this provider in the list of DDNS providers, but until today there was an incompatibility related to the way url parameters were encoded (see ticket #1300 for details).

After reporting this problem to the adminstrators at, they promptly replied and made a change at their end to fix this incompatbility, so the DDNS service from is now available for use with the Fonera.

Screenshot of (edited for size)

Because their DDNS update procedure is slightly different than others, I’ll expand a bit on how to use their service. works with the concept of an update url with a single update key inside, instead of a username/password. To use their service, you create a subdomain in their Dynamic DNS panel. In that same panel, you’ll see a link called “Direct URL”, which points to something like In this url, everything after the ? is the update key (including the = at the end).

To set up the Fonera to use this DDNS provider, fill in the domain name you picked (like “”) in the “Domain name to update” field and put the key (VWNGMEVxMzFVMVVBQxYIam1KZ0FBQUFiOjc3Mjc0NjE= in the example) in the “password” field. Leave the username field empty.

Fonera WebUI

Thanks to Josh at for making this work!