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Friday, June 15th, 2012

After some time with peaks and valleys in the development pace, we bring you the beta3 release. This release contains most of the changes for the final release and should be the last beta release for Read on for the goods.

What changed?
This release brings mostly bugfixes, but a few small features as well. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Instabilities in the wifi driver were fixed (broken since beta 1).
  • USB driver, ethernet driver, Transmission and OpenVPN were updated.
  • Various fixes to the downloader plugin and uploader plugins.
  • Rapidshare logins are working again.
  • Alternative dynamic DNS providers are now supported
  • Improve communication with the userzone on

For the complete list of changes, see the changelog.

What about my feedback?
We welcome more feedback from this new beta release, so go ahead and comment or post away. This does not just mean issues or problems: If you test a new or fixed feature and it works for you, we’d like to know as well. Feedback is welcome through various channels: comments on this blogpost, the development mailing list, IRC or by creating a ticket on our trac. If you have found an actual problem you’d like to see fixed, a ticket on the trac is probably the best way to report it. For other feedback, any of the channels will do.

So, how do I upgrade?
To install this beta firmware, download the web upgrade tarball here, navigate to your Fonera’s dashboard through “Settings” and then “System” and upload the downloaded file there (under “Firmware update”). Note that you should not unpack the file you download (and make sure your browser doesn’t automatically unzip the file either, it should remain a .tgz file).

The following versions are available. Note that because this is beta version, only the developer’s version is available, not the end user’s version (but you can freely switch between versions without problems). Be sure to pick the version for your hardware. If you pick the wrong one, the firmware update will silently bail out and no upgrade will happen (no error will appear either).

It seems that in some cases, the 2.0g fails to flash a new firmware through the webinterface due to insufficient free RAM. If you upload the firmware through the webinterface, but that page keeps loading indefinitely (and you do not get the updating countdown), you’re probably seeing this issue as well. As a workaround, you can disable windows file sharing (“Settings” -> “Fileserver” -> “Windows Network Shares”) and/or the public Fonspot (“Settings” -> “FONSpot”) to free up some memory. This should allow the 2.0g to successfully unpack the firmware and start flashing it. Hopefully we can correct this issue before the final release.

If the upgrade somehow fails and you need to recover, the new FAQ section has recovery instructions.

Have fun!

Update: There is an issue with the web interface for the new DDNS scripts, making them effectively unusable. To fix this issue, run the following command through ssh:

root@Fonera:~# wget -O /lib/uci/schema/default/ddns

(note that the command should be on a single line, it is wrapped here for readability)