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Automated firmware builds from subversion available

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Fon has an internal firmware autobuilder, that builds a new firmware for every revision that is committed to the Fonosfera Subversion repository. During the past time, I’ve been spending some of my time improving this autobuilder, allowing it to publish each of the firmware images it builds to the download server.

You can download these images here:

This means that, if you want to keep on top of the bleeding edge firmware, are troubled by a bug that just got fixed in the SVN repository, or just want to help us out by testing our latest bugfixes and features, you can download one of these firmware versions and flash it into your Fonera.

Some things to take into account:

  • This is only for the fon-ng/fonosfera firmware, which is for the 2.0g and 2.0n devices.
  • These are bleeding edge versions, so there’s always a chance of a firmware containing new bugs or not working at all. It is very unlikely that a bad firmware can really brick your Fonera, though (The firmware recovery methods will almost certainly still work).
  • Sometimes, a revision might be skipped if multiple commits happen shortly after each other or if building failed for that revision.
  • A firmware build usually takes two hours to complete (but this can be more if multiple builds run in parallel) and starts within a minute after a commit.
  • These firmware images are raw images that can be flashed through SSH. They cannot be flashed through the web interface (like .tar.gz images).

If you like this new service, have a question or problem, feel free to leave a comment!

Update: I just realized that using a Transmission version from the autobuilder is actually possible and easy: Just install the regular version of the plugin, download the fmg file (e.g. plugins/torrent_2.52-1_fonera2n.fmg) from auto-builds and then replace the .fmg file on your USB stick (e.g. FoneraApps/torrent. with it. You might need to delete the .var file (e.g., FoneraApps/torrent. file as well to reset the Transmission settings).