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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

After our recent beta1 release, we’ve received a lot of feedback from you. After addressing most of the issues you raised, it seems appropriate to do a second beta release before heading on with the final release. So, here it is: beta 2.

What changed?
This release brings mostly bugfixes, but a few small features as well. Here’s a few highlights:

  • wifi-bridge mode was disabled on 2.0g. It turns out that there are fundamental problems with wifi-bridge mode which are hard to solve on 2.0g. wifi-bridge mode will continue to work on 2.0n as before. See ticket #1080 for the technical details.
  • You can now do a wifi scan from the webgui. There is a scanning interface under the “internet” settings when wifi or wifi-bridge mode is selected, to help connecting to another wifi network. There is also a scanning interface under “wireless” settings, to help picking a free (or not-so-crowded) channel.
  • Hopefully, big (>2TB) disks are now better supported. This is still untested, though, so feedback is welcome.
  • Transmission was updated to version 2.33, bringing a bunch of extra fixes and features.

For the complete list of changes, see the changelog. There’s still a few issues that still need to be fixed or at least looked into. These issues are collected in the trac milestone. We can’t promise that all of these issues will be fixed before the final release, but at least they will be looked into.

What about my feedback?
We welcome more feedback from this new beta release, so go ahead and comment and post away. This does not just mean issues or problems: If you test a new or fixed feature and it works for you, we’d like to know as well. Feedback is welcome through various channels: comments on this blogpost, the development mailing list, IRC or by creating a ticket on our trac. If you have found an actual problem you’d like to see fixed, a ticket on the trac is probably the best way to report it. For other feedback, any of the channels will do.

I’ve tried to respond to every particular issue you’ve raised in response to the first beta, but it might be that some issue slipped my mind. So if you haven’t seen any response to your issue, the issue is not fixed and it is not in the list of pending tickets, feel free to raise it again.

So, where is this release?
To install this beta firmware, download the web upgrade tarball here, navigate to your Fonera’s dashboard through “Settings” and then “System” and upload the downloaded file there (under “Firmware update”). Note that you should not unpack the file you download (and make sure your browser doesn’t automatically unzip the file either, it should remain a .tgz file).

The following versions are available. Note that because this is beta version, only the developer’s version is available, not the end user’s version (but you can freely switch between versions without problems). Be sure to pick the version for your hardware. If you pick the wrong one, the firmware update will silently bail out and no upgrade will happen (no error will appear either).

SIMPL GPL sources now available

Thursday, September 1st, 2011


The SIMPL GPL source tarball is now online.

Sorry for the delay,