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Fly baby, fly! Gari the Hummingbird is born

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Hi all,

Well, here it is: Gari the Hummingbird firmware version for the Fonera 2.0n.

Gari the Hummingbird

I have not much time to make a long post and I’m sure you all want to just flash it and test it, better than reading my silly comments. Just let me point out the changes we’ve made and what is missing yet. And please, have in mind that only the router functionalities have been improved; the web 2.0 and torrent and downloader applications remain the same (hoping to update soon).

Changelog (mixture from previous stable version Elan and beta version Rudolph

  • WiFi driver fixed: we have updated to the latest WiFi driver from RaLink. This fixes most, if not all, the WiFi issues we had. Especially those affecting Broadcom chipsets (some iPhones, iPods, iMacs etc)
  • WiFi Country region selection: the WiFi is configured for Spain, but some MAC OS X devices seem to have trouble with this, so now you can chose your country in the WiFi configuration menu.
  • Many fixes in the 3G support:
    • added support for many more devices (anything on THIS list should be supported or ‘almost’, many others not in the list should also work)
    • improved the controls.
    • Japanese networks should work now.
    • Fixed the 3G / GPRS mode selection
  • The FONSpot feature has been fixed (it didn’t work on the beta Rudolph
  • WiFi-WAN mode (WiFi repeater) has been removed for sanity (sorry for those who used it, but it was not very stable yet).
  • Easier upgrade process: only one click from your “Applications” interface.
  • Bridge mode has been added: this means the fonera can work as an AP on your network and you can use your main ADSL router to give IPs, so anything connected to the LAN or WAN of the Fonera will be in the same network. The only limitation is you need to set a static IP address on the Fonera so you know how to reach it. IMPORTANT: when you set bridged mode, you need to reboot so the private WiFi (MyPlace) works. (thanks blathijs)
  • Many other fixes that I can’t even remember now, but many can be seen in the tickets we’ve closed on
Known issues:
  • When configuring 3G, we recommend to reboot after changing the settings, just in case. Especially if you’ve made any mistakes on the first try or have been testing different dongles.
  • On bridged mode, private WiFi does not work until you reboot.
  • Some 3G operators are not on the list. You will need to set them manually (Masmovil in Spain and others in other countries). We hope to update that list some day, but it’s already pretty good.
  • If you put so much stress on the Fonera (many torrents, downloads, uploads etc) it gets unresponsive (although it’s working on background) and some applications might not work as expected. Remember it’s a router, not a PC.
  • IF you are using static leases on your home router, beware: we have changed the internal MAC assignation of the Fonera 2.0n, so you need to reconfigure your leases.
  • Other bugs…  yes, there are! ;)
And finally, how to upgrade!
  • If you have firmware version or (Elan and Rudolph), please go to the Applications page and you will see a button to upgrade. NOTE: Type in your password and be patient, it takes some time to start!
  • If you have an older firmware or just want to do it manually, here the web upgrade tarballs (NO NEED to extract them, just upload them to the Configuration->Systems page):
  • If you’re a developer and don’t mind losing your setting and flashing it using ssh, you have all the possible files here.

One last thing: THANKS A LOT to all that reported bugs, that complained, that helped, that contacted us, that asked questions, that answered to other users’ questions etc. but, many special thanks to those who have been involved in testing pre-releases of this firmware and have taking a lot of time and effort in reproducing and reporting bugs so we could fix them. Seriously, THANK YOU ALL!

PS: thanks also to the FON team (martín, john, alex etc.)