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So, what is the status now?

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Hi all,

I am here to let you know a little bit about our current status of work, especially regarding the fonera 2.0n but also some other things.
As promised, now that the Fonera Simpl has been announced, we can communicate a bit more about what we’re working on. Sometimes, it might be that we are not working on your specific device, but we hope you will forgive us.

The Fonera 2.0n is already seeing some progress:
– We have reused the wifi driver of the firmware RC1 which made the fonera more stable and also made all throughput problems with broadcom chipsets (some iphones, ipods, macs and other laptops) vanish.
– The FON funcionality that we broke in the RC1 has, of course, been fixed ;)
– We have added the mode_switch driver: this will permit us to support more 3G dongles and do it in a easier way. We expect to test about 10 models by ourselves and probably will support many more out of the box!!!

These are our biggest focus right now. We are still at the firmware team testing process but will soon get into QA and we also plan to get some of you involved in the testing. We already have a list of people that are willing to test it: either to help us or for the hope of having their bug fixed :)

So, stay tuned, we are already moving little by little.

As for the fonera 2.0g, we don’t forget about you, just these changes are fonera 2.0n specific. The only common part is the 3G dongle support and that improvement, we will try to add some day when it is confirmed it works fine in the fonera 2.0n.

In parallel, we are also continuing with the development and testing of the coming fonera Simpl. We will soon make some code public and will publish everything probably before the official launch in Europe. It is a nice and small device, you will see.

Thanks again for your patience and help, we hope to get you a good firmware soon!

Long time without updates…

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Hi all,

First of all, my personal apologies for not having posted anything in such a looooooooooooong (not enough ‘o’-s, I know). I know many are expectant, many angry and some bored. I can’t blame them.

It’s been a huge load of work since my last post in December. Out of a sudden, everything had to be restructured and rescheduled due to an upcoming new product. Whatever the reason for the decision was, I could do nothing but follow it. I do understand the feeling many might have, of being left behind, especially for the lack of comunication: I want to say that it was 90% because of lack of time (informing is not only posting an entry but following up on it and IRC and forums etc) and 10% because I could not talk about why a new firmware was being delayed and I didn’t want to lie. So I thought it was to better shut up than liying.
As many of you know, we are launching a new product soonish and we need to work a lot on it. However we have not stopped developing for the Fonera 2.0n. The new product is based on the same Ralink chipset family, so some of the fixed bugs and improvements we have done for the new device will also be present on the next firmware release for the Fonera 2.0n.

We have been working on the Fonera 2.0n on a best effort basis and we expect to very soon be able to focus on it with the following target in mind: release a stable firmware that does all the WiFi router funcitonalities well. We are now reschedulling projects but I can already say we are aiming to release it on mid March. We mostly want to make sure we do proper QA this time and not rush, it just doesn’t pay.

This is our short term aim. For the long term, we expect to merge both firmwares, the one of the Fonera 2.0n and that of the new Fonera SIMPL, with the hope that it will be a robust and stable, feature-rich firmware.

Please, accept my apologies, again, and try the new firmware when we release it: I believe it will satisfy most of you.



PS: there are some unpublished comments on the previous posts and some on this one might remain unpublished too. It’s not censorship (which I’m not against in some cases): you can see we publish very critizicing comments. It’s lack of time to go over all of them to see if they cross the line or not. Somee good ones are unpublished as well. Sorry about that :( They might eventually be published.