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Young Rudolph passed away…

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Hi all,

Some of you might have noticed that Rudolph has been removed from the location it was made publicly available at. Many wonder why… well, Rudolph had a congenital illness: the FON Hotspot did not work and also, it registered a wrong MAC address on FON’s system.
Anyway, you can still compile the image from svn if you want to use the rest of the benefits.
We are working hard, even if it is Christmas and will try to release a new fixed RC asap.

Also, will be available for the Fonera 2.0g too. A bit later than for the 2.0n, but it will come.

Thanks for understanding.

The young Rudolph

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Hi all,

I would like to kindly remind you that “rudolph”, this is, is only a “release candidate”. We know it has bugs and we DO NOT recommend it for anyone that doesn’t like testing and reporting bugs.
We know it is a long waited firmware: it has very nice functionalities that many of you asked for (bridge, wlan client etc) but please be patient. There have been MAJOR changes on the firmware, including a completely new WiFi driver, so don’t expect it to work perfectly on the first run.

I am sure you all understand this is not an easy task. We are a small team and really appreciate your feedback and support, but also suffer your impatience and unhappiness. So please, try to be comprehensive and give usgood feedback so we can make Rudolph grow into a nice firmware from the little young reindeer it is now :)

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding ;) RC2 for Fonera 20n

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho, …..

its been nearly 3 months since the last update, but it was worth waiting.
Just intime for xmas, Santa has sent us a new update called Rudolph (



Santa gave Rudolph a lot of presents for us. The main ones are :
– adds new wifi driver (fixes 11n only, iphone, powersave,…)
– adds openvpn server
– adds upnp mediaAV in DEV-only image
– adds wifi-wan mode
– adds bridge mode
– adds wps support
– fixes cache problems that cause errors after 24 hours
– fixes ntp server pool, we now use openwrt pool
– qos was not enabled even if selected in webui due to a typo
– fixes column header in torrent app
– open torrent port and allow client to register as active on tracker
– disabe snr graph on fon_status page as it was not working as expected
– fixes wpa validation 8-63 chars with special chars are no supported
– small fix to SimpleForm template
– fixes “onsucess” logic of firewall app
– allow anonymous login for ftp (and make it configurable on webui
– onlined now only checks the fon server
– typo in italian translation, openvpn, qos pages
– fixes coova for NEC cell phones
– disable tcp_ecn in sysctl
– adds port allocation logic of switch when in bridge mode
– fixes lucid when ip changes
– fixes lan netmask
– fixes mac override for wan port
– fixes large file download in fonbrowser

This is RC2, a few translations are still missing but if everything goes well, we will release final next week.

Enjoy !!

Developer image:

Fonera Downloader 0.1.5

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

New release,


  • The addon supports passwords with non-ascii characters. (ticketĀ  477)
  • Update the UI whenever a link is sent to the fonera.
  • Update the UI whenever a download is manipulated from the download manager.
  • Update the download manager window on the last item manipulated when dealing with multiple items

As usual, grab it from here or here.



Fonera Downloader 0.1.4

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


This new release brings multiple selection in the main download window. You can right click on various downloads and trigger an action on all selected downloads.


We hope you find this feature usefull. You can get it from the addon website and here.