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Fonera Downloader 0.1.1

Thursday, October 29th, 2009


Another small update to the Firefox addon. Since errors happen and you want to know about them we’ve included some UI updates to show the last error occurred in the course of your downloading activities.


When a file cannot be downloaded by the fonera, for instance you tried to send a megaupload/rapishare link without having an account configured or you tried to download a non-existing file the firefox addon will change the status icon to a warning message icon with a tooltip showing the error description (the best we can make of it ;).


You can right click on the status icon to clear the error and continue.


The error message will also appear on the download manager window as well as a link to the fonera dashboard to quick access the control panel in case you might want to investigate further the error. If not, you can click on the X button and the error message will dissapear.


That’s it. The plugin was heavily tested with the latest firmware of the Fonera as well as Firefox 3.5 but if you have any trouble using it, please report your bugs on the fonosfera tracker or Fon’s support forums including the firmware version of your Fonera as well as the Firefox version and operating system you are using. Remeber you can see all features of the addon in the addon wiki page.

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Fonera Downloader 0.1.0

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Hi all,

New relase of the firefox addon. Since there’s been quite a few releases so far and the plugin seem stable enough we’re bumping the versioning number ;)

In this release we’ve tweaked the way the plugin connects to the fonera so it’s a bit more gentle. This will make the plugin behave better, specially when you’re using the plugin from the WAN which appears to be most of you. We’ve also fixed a bug in which some of the downloads weren’t cleared from the manager window when clear completed button was used. Another fix was to be more consistent between the fonera’s downloads status and transmission’s so both use the same wording, hence a more unified UI.

There’s a new feature for massive downloaders, the new list view:


In this view the download manager will show the list of downloads in a simplified list so you can have a better view of more downloads in the same window without the need to keep scrolling down. The start/pause/cancel actions are available when you right click on an item from the list as well as the information tooltips when you hover over a item from the list, so don’t worry there no loss of functionality. :)


Both the view and sorting options are now stored as user preferences so your choice will be preserved when you close your browser. You can toggle between the icon and list view by using the right hand side buttons in the toolbar of the downloader manager window.

The plugin was heavily tested with the latest firmware of the Fonera as well as Firefox 3.5 but if you have any trouble using it, please report your bugs on the fonosfera tracker or Fon’s support forums including the firmware version of your Fonera as well as the Firefox version and operating system you are using.

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Invalid certificate while using the Fonera Downloader addon

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Hi all,

If you’re using the fonera downloader addon from wan and Firefox show this error message:


we have a solution for you.

Log into the fonera via it’s WAN IP address using https. In this example I’ll use as the fonera WAN IP Address, so log into:

Then an error should appear saying that the site has a self-signed certificate and should ask you if you understand the risks and add an exception:


This next window will show, click on Confirm security exception and double check that the option Permanently store this exception is checked.


Once you’ve added the exception the error should no longer occur.

In case you want to check the certificate go to Firefox’s preferences, select the Advanced tab, go to encryption and click on view certificates.


You will see the certificate manager, go to the server‘s tab and you can see the fonera’s certificate.


This issue has already been reported in our support forums.

Hope this helps,


Fonera Downloader 0.0.23

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

From the department of release often, release early, we have a new foneradownloader addon release.

This release brings small bugfixes introduced in the previous release and small features to the download manager window.

We’ve added some filtering options in case you want to distinguish from torrents and downloads easily.


We have also added a sorting option so you can track more easily the current state of all your downloads. Currently you can sort by paused, completed or in progress downloads. We hope you like this small update.


That’s all, bugs and issues belong to our support forums ;-)
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UPDATE: Somehow I managed to upload a pre-release version of the plugin with a bug for Mac users. :( Please verify you’re using the correct xpi with this md5 checksum: 7c940083aebaf2d9b5a0df492277b5b3

New FoneraDownloader Firefox extension release (0.0.22)

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Hi all,

We have a new foneradownloader firefox extension release. This new release brings some small enhancement and a ‘geeky’ feature for massive downloaders which may miss from other download manager extensions.

First, the settings dialog no longer applies it’s settings ‘on-the-fly’. This is done because some users complained about problems on the extension re-connecting when the address is still not fully typed.


And now for the new feature… when you right click on a web page and you’re connected to the fonera, a new item will show: “Find links for fonera”.


When this item is selected, a window will pop-up with all links/images the page has. We think this will be a nice feature for when you are in a page with lots of links and you don’t want to bother rightclick-ing each one of them!


Think about this feature when you go to an image gallery webpage and you want to download all pics, or all isos from a linux distro or maybe all zips from a multiple volume download.

To make this task even easier, we’ve included a small toolbar with pre-selected filters: images, movies, music, torrents, rapidshare and megaupload. When you select any of these filters, all links matching will be automatically selected so you then send them to your fonera. This filters can be modified from the ‘about:config‘ preferences page in Firefox. You need to type about:config in the url to access it.


But that’s not all, we also included a ‘search as you type’ filter for when you have lots of links but you know what you’re looking for.


And as usual, we included small bugfixes to enhance the user experience and full support for lastest firmware for both fonera2.0 n & g. We really hope you like this small upgrade, so please test it and report bugs you find in our user forums.

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