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Transmission bug on Fonera 2.0g – FIXED

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Yes, now it works.

Anyone who had problems installing it or after upgrading from flipper:

1) Remove the FoneraApps from the disk where transmission was installed (the one plugged to the fonera ;D)
2) Reinstall
3) download and enjoy!!

yes, john is fast ;)

RC1, first impressions and important notice

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


After one day on display… we already have a lot of feedback from you guys about the of the fonera 2.0g.

There is one big bug: Transmission will NOT install!!!!
OH MY!!!!! This is a huge problem (no kidding). And we apologize. We will fix it as soon as possible and let you know when it’s ready.

We also received a few more bugs, like the disks to unmount (or seem to unmount) unnecessarily… that we already know the cause of. So we will fix that soon too. It’s a problem with the kernel version, tricky stuff for our master developer, blogic ;)

Hey, but we also got veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery (a long ‘very’) possitive feedback and that makes us happy. Let’s see if we keep up!


Elan the Elk is coming soon for Fonera 2.0g. Meanwhile, test RC1

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


After a looooooong time of silence (forced silence… we were working, not playing XD) We’re coming with great news for you. The version of the firmware will be soon available for your foneras 2.0g!!

No, we haven’t forgot or let down our loyal fonera 2.0g users. We want to make them as happy as possible and we’re doing 2 things for them:
1) Improve the firmware as much as possible. This has all the improvements we’ve developed during these months. The Fonera 2.0g will have as much as possible the same firmware as the Fonera 2.0n.
2) Give discounts for those who are willing to upgrade their 2.0g to 2.0n. We know you spent money on the 2.0g and now we have a new device that is more powerful (and also more expensive). This is not common in all companies, but hey, we try to make you happy, you help us with the feedback too, after all. So we have announced great discounts (we mean great, not small) for those who have bought a Fonera 2.0g and are willing to upgrade it! Please stay tuned to your mail!
New features:

  • The web interface over WAN has been moved to port 443 for security
  • Transmission has been integrated into the FON WebUI. You can still access it in the traditional way!
  • Added QoS support!! Make sure you set realistic up and download values of your line on the configuration. Otherwise it doesn’t work…
  • Twitter!!! Yes, your fonera will tell you when it has finished uploading videos or someone connects to your signal and much more! (Not available for Torrents yet, sorry)

So, what is the bugfix list for this RC1? Here it goes (hold to your chair):

  • Optional Manual DNS server on DHCP mode.
  • Pop up to prevent unwilling reset/rebooting on the systems menu.
  • ALL configurations are saved now from upgrade to upgrade (except for firewall, coming in the next!).
  • Sending files to the correct folder over samba triggers the upload to the corresponding service.
  • Samba works fine now on Windows XP.
  • NTFS is handled slightly better now. Actions won’t happen till the disk is properly mounted (source of many bugs).
  • More robust upload management.
  • Filenames starting with ‘.’ are ignored by the service uploades (picasa, flickr etc). Good for Macs ;)
  • Both \\fonera\Media and \\fonera\disc-a1 work now (better use the first)
  • Many, many, many, many more bug fixing. All boring and internal, but will improve the overall experience!

Please, test it and report back. We are only looking for compatibility bugs.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* This is a Release Candidate. It is not an stable firmware. Most of the things should work fine and it’s probably safe to install. But if you are not very skillful or feel not confident about it… please wait for the release or until you read enough feedback from other users. We are happy to help everybody with any problems they experience but sometimes are overloaded of work… ;)

*ANOTHER ONE* After upgrading, the torrent application might be broken. This is due to changes in the very interior of the fonera. The way to fix it is to remove the “FoneraApps” from the disc where it is installed and reinstall.

Web upgrade image (do NOT uncompress):

RedBoot / Ssh upgrade image:

Md5sum: 5d43a2ba405627975f09741e3d506681

New FonferaDownloader Firefox extension release

Monday, September 28th, 2009


There’s a new FoneraDownloader extension release for Firefox. In this release we have included these new features and enhancements:

  • Add a preferences option to indicate the use of the plugin from WAN. (No more workarounds in user/password settings. You still need to reach transmission (9091) & luci (80) ports from wan as before).
  • Fixes in transmission’s session error handling (thanks to cyrusFF).
  • Change information icon to green.
  • Small information tooltip in torrents icon with more download stats (upload/download rate/peers).
  • Icon and separator in context menu so it’s easier to visualize download action.
  • Force username to “fonero” to avoid authentication problems with previous installations of the plugin.
  • Show error messages in the download window as well as in the statusbar.
  • Order downloads, in progress first.
  • Selected text (with downloadable links) has a higher priority than html links.
  • bugfixes and some performance fixes.

You can get it from here:

Please test & enjoy!


Use your webcam as a security camera with Motion4fon

Monday, September 7th, 2009

OldMan released a pre-beta version of his plugin. He ported Motion software to the Fonera 2.0!

With the application installed and a webcam connected to your Fonera 2.0, you will be able to trigger events when motion is detected. A built in functionality is for example to save the images captured by the webcam when motion occurs. Needless to say with a bit of scripting the possibilities are endless.

Download the plugin Motion4fon_0.1beta.tar.gz
Draft version of the manual page on FON Wiki


Motion4fon screenshot