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An update on the FonHome project

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Just got an update from our friends of the FonHome project. They made quite a lot of progress and expect to release a beta version before the end of the summer. The driver of the X10 USB controller they are using still needs a few fixes. But guess what, they have a google code repository, so you can give a hand or provide your expertise if you’d like to.

Dashboard with FonHome's icon

FonHome's control panel

FonHome Testing panel

FonHome Fonera

Noticed that they are good graphic artists too? I especially like the FonHome branded Fonera 2.0!

New Release Candidate ( RC1)

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Hi all,

We are very happy to release a new RC firmware: RC1 (the firmware will show still We want to make clear that it is NOT a final/official firmware but an image for testing. We release it and those who dare and don’t mind having to reflash or revert it if it’s not working properly can install it and give us feedback and congratulate us for the good job. Please, no complains, it’s not a release.

Having said that, I want to thank Decodecoding for theĀ  very exhaustive and helpful testing, debugging and reporting he has done. Thanks to him we might have found a good alternative for the buggy torrent. Yes, we have replaced our old torrent application, ctorrent with a new one “unworkable” – nice name huh? – But that’s not all, here’s the list of the features we added.

  • We added nmbd: this will basically make the fonera discoverable on your network… Both Windows and MAC will see the Fonera as a network computer by browsing your network.
  • Support for mDNS: this helps MAC and Linux discover the services a Fonera is offering (FTP, Network Disc etc) we will add more services in the future, such as printer etc. With this, things are much more easy to configure in most systems.
  • Replaced torrent: now we use “unworkable”. The interface is not fully migrated, but it will be soon. Seems to work pretty well. You can chose 3 speeds… if the high speed gives you trouble, try lower ones.
  • UPnP support: yes… we added this after so long. For us it’s a security whole but some users want it… IMPORTANT: it’s enabled by default in this image and can’t be disabled from the Web GUI. Will add that feature in coming releases. For those who don’t know UPnP, it dinamically ‘opens’ the ports of the services you are using (namely torrent, gaming etc)
  • Uptime: the dashboard now shows the uptime of the fonera. This is only refreshed when you refresh the dashboard, don’t expect it to change synchronously.
  • DDNS behind NAT: we added a script that will check the public IP of the fonera even behind NAT (this is the case for 99% of the foneras connected behind a cable/adsl router).
  • RapidShare and Megaupload fixed and improved: RapidShare downloader had a bug that made some files not be downloaded. Additionally, adding too many links in a row while it was downloading others made the fonera crash from time to time. This is handled in a different way now and should not crash anymore. Please test it.
  • Many fixes on the interface, facebook and other applications…

Please all comments to the development list or additionally IRC (#fonosfera on

Command line image: here – md5sum 5291756e6df93e4f66f5975bb734045a

Web image: here -> untested… if the flash process fails, use the other over ssh.

Bye bye ENDUSER, welcome DEVELOPER

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009


After lots and lots and lots of impatient requests to make the plugin to switch from ENDUSER mode to DEVELOPER mode, it is now available on the “Applications” menu of your Fonera 2.0. Yes I put it there… one by one… I got into your houses and hacked your foneras!!! muahahahaha!!!!

What does this plugin do? It will basically change one configuration file (/etc/config/registered) so the “dev” option is changed from 0 to 1. That is all. Simple huh?

The effect is nice…

  • the interface color will change,
  • the ssh access will be available after 2 reboots (don’t ask why…)

There’s one more thing the plugin will do (please don’t be paranoid): it will connect to and tell us your MAC address. Why? Because we want to know how many people switched to developer mode. We promise not to tell anybody what you did, ok? Actually we’re not even storing this info in a database, but a simple log.
What are we working on?

  • New torrent application -> we hope it will fix the issues we’re having now
  • Fix RapidShare bug: some files could not be downloaded. It’ fixed and will be pushed in the next upgrade.
  • Improved audio plugin to listen to shoutcast streams… etc.