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Flipper is your friend!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Hi all freaks!

We’ve got a new animal in our very own personal zoo: Flipper! < -- Check it, it's fun!

And here is the last pic you took of it:

Flipper the Dolphin
As you can see it’s a Dolphin (yeah, I know you guessed by the name, smartass!) and is here to help you and play with you. Flipper does already include all the features we want in the Fonera 2.0 (for now :D). Here is the list of the new features compared to old good Platero:

  • Facebook Uploader: wanna share the pics of the weekend with all your mates? Put them in a pendrive, “facebook” folder and plug it in the Fonera 2.0. Everybody will see you drunk! (No, no, calm down. All the pics and videos are always uploaded in PRIVATE mode :D)
  • Flickr Uploader and Picasa Uploader were already added in the Release Candidates.
  • Install new versions from the Applications menu! From now on, a single click will separate your Fonera 2.0 from the next firmware… no need to visit anymore :( But please, come back or we will be sad!
  • Nintendo DS works.
  • Freed space for more plugins! We now have 1,5MB instead of 1,19MB :)
  • Samba and FONBackup have a separated firewall option.
  • Fixed IE visualization of the Wizard (yes, IE users, now it works… dunno why we fixed it though, lol).
  • Fixed Torrent crashing problem with files that have many seeds.
  • Torrent downloader now lets you chose the port and will be automatically opened on the firewall.
  • The partitions on multi-partition disks can be now labeled as well.
  • Polish has been added (thanks Łukasz!).
  • You can now assign static DHCP leases and domain names inside your local network.
  • 3G connectivity reworked: a long list of providers is preloaded so you need not to configure any value.
  • And many more things… if you’re interested, check previous posts. I’m not writing all we did again :D

Bugs: yeah… as always. We will fix them, please report them!

Once again, and after having released the HW to the public, thanks to all involved! Martin, Jordi, John, Pablo, Javi, Steven, Alex etc etc etc etc etc etc etc (yeah, lots of people :D)


The Fonera 2.0 ENDUSER is here! Buy it now!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


Me and all the firmware team, all FON in general, are very proud to announce the Fonera 2.0 is finally here!

Buy it now for 49,95€ in the FON Shop

Fonera 2.0

Want to know more about it? Search in this blog’s history or google for it. In the short, it’s a router that will let you turn off your PC while it keeps doing a lot of things for you.

The Fonera 2.0 will upload images from a pendrive to your account in either picasa, flickr or Facebook. It can also upload videos to your YouTube account while you are in the bar having a beer and recording even more videos.

It can not only upload things for you but also download them. It can take torrent files for download (please always download material that you can legally do) or you can add a bunch of RapidShare or Megaupload links to the queue and th eFonera 2.0 will download them.

It will make backups of your hard drive and much more. Many new features can be installed with a single click, features we develop here in the fonosfera!

Buy, buy, buy, buy!! LOL

RC2 is here and is better than RC1

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Your feedback was so useful and that’s why we’re releasing fon-ng RC2. It’s gonna be, very likely, the last release candidate. But this time we want to make sure it works as good as it can, because the Endusers are coming! yes, Arpil 21st is the date!

This is the bugfix / new features list:

  • Facebook uploader is here! You can now add as many pictures as you want to facebook. I used it 2 and I’m already the biggest image uploader of all my friends!
  •  Picasa uploader fixed! it used to crash with many pictures to upload. Not any more!
  • Static DHCP leases…
  • All icons are now alligned and look better :P We also like design ;)
  • 3G connectivity has been reworked and has more options now.
  • Picasa and Youtube applications now check your password and let you know if it’s wrong
  • The FONBackup page has been redesigned. Now you can browse the content of your backup to make sure it’s all in there!
  • The password bug has been fixed, yes.
  • Added nice icons on the File browser to directly upload pictures and videos to picasa, flickr, facebook and youtube. Nice hack
  • WiFi-WAN now works better. It didn’t work with some routers before…

Give us any feedback you can think of: we’re happy to get more than we need and filter it ;)

We hope you enjoy this image during easter!

The images

P.S.: once again, thanks to all the team, especially John ;)