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FON Wiki Contest: Win a La Fonera 2.0

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

FON Wiki is the Wikipedia of FON. It’s a collaborative way of sharing knowledge about FON, a place where Foneros can gather and share their tips, tutorial, links and much more with the community. In the Web 2.0 tradition, anyone is welcome to contribute. You just have to create an account and confirm your email to start editing or adding new content.

We will select the 5 best contributors over the next month, based on the quality not quantity, and will send them a La Fonera 2.0 Beta for free!

Visit FON Wiki for detailed instructions and specific contest rules.

The ugly earthy Mr. Caterpillar mutated into a beautyful and joyful flying butterfly

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

This is the beautiful story of a firmware that was slow, dumb, unfriendly and weak, like a Caterpillar… and one day, after months of metamorphosis from the very inside… It became a powerful, lightweight and flexible firmware, ready to discover and astonish the world with it’s beautiful wings!

This is the release of Mr. Caterpillar (version, the firmware that finally is mature enough to be considered as a final user product.

Mr. Caterpillar

We have made some nice additions and some changes on the available plugins. Here you have the list:

  • The plugins can be installed directly from the console! Yes, you don’t need to go anywhere else… every new plugin will be put in the repository and the fonera will show you all available plugins. It will also let you know if one of the installed plugins has a new version available. In the future… maybe plugin ranking/popularity? We’ll see…
  • We merged the FONBackup and FTP tabs. They are basically the same since the backup is done using FTP. The PC application (available for Windows, Linux and Mac) is getting very nice features, we might release another beta soon… Muuuuuch faster! Btw, try it on the cable instead of WiFi you get up to 2MB/s transfer! That’s not bad!
  • Printer and Webcam plugins have been removed!!! WHY? will some ask… well, they take space (not much, OK) and they are not usable for everybody. You need it? Why don’t you try the new plugin installation system? They are already there for you! Install the one you need. The way it works hasn’t changed at all :D
  • A nice link in the left-bottom box, on the Version number will show you the version and animal of your Fonera. Handy to know what you have installed without being an expert ;)
  • Catalàs, benvinguts!!! We’ve added new languages: find the interface in Catalan and Simplified Chinese. More to come! We don’t want to leave anyone apart.

So please, everybody install it and let us know if you like it.find below, the firmware for developers, the firmware for non-developers (no ssh so don’t use it if you need it – we will soon enable to ‘switch to developer mode’ with a single click), the failsafe firmware and the FONbackup application – it is a new release… much faster and reliable. Try it!

  • Caterpillar DEVELOPERS FON file (web interface Tantor or later): download.
  • Caterpillar DEVELOPERS image: download. MD5Sum: 8526415082a2fe0cebc8a73d73e26edd
  • Caterpillar END USER FON file (web interface Tantor or later): download. (please don’t use this if you want ssh enabled)
  • Caterpillar END USER image: download. MD5Sum: 8d9620d274ad8f35a073c6c5d868a5f8 (please don’t use this if you want ssh enabled)
  • Fonera 2.0 failsafe (versionless): download. MD5Sum: d29e07bdcb6df04209cafafce8f3bc5f
  • FONBackup 0.2 (only for use with Mr. Caterpillar): download.

Once again, thanks to all the collaborators (translators: chihchun, victor and albert, bmpeter, merlin, Michelangelo, blogic, inouk…) and specially to the firmware team, which we’re very proud of!!

Fonera 2.0 Failsafe image

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Hi all,

This post is only to publish the failsafe image for your foneras 2.0. The failsafe image you have now (identified as image2) is broken. We recommend to replace it just in case you need it in the future.

These are the steps to flash it using ssh

  • Connect to the Fonera using ssh.
  • root@Fonera:/# cd /tmp
  • root@Fonera:/# wget
  • mtd -r write 20090206_FON2202_failsafe.image image2

The process might show some errors while flashing but they are probably not critical. Just MAKE SURE you don’t make any activity during this process.

The file is located here, if you want to download it and use a different method. The md5sum of the file is: d29e07bdcb6df04209cafafce8f3bc5f

La Fonera 2.0 temporarily out of stock, will be back soon!

Monday, February 16th, 2009

La Fonera 2.0 isn’t available on for now. A new batch will be coming from Asia in a few weeks. The hardware will be the same.

Of course we have enough stock to honor all orders made prior to removal from the shop.

As great product should be desired, here is the test of the La Fonera 2.0 by Martin Varsavsky himself (CEO of FON):

Well don’t be afraid either, you won’t have to desire La Fonera 2.0 for quite long before it gets to your home!

Where’s that sound coming from? Geez! it’s a Fonera 2.0!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Beethoven is playing a nice piano sonata somewhere he would have never expected! The Fonera 2.0 keeps growing and showing new abilities: now it’s a jukebox!

What do you need?

  • Fonera 2.0
  • USB 2.0 HUB
  • Cheap USB audio card – or any similar model (the cheaper the better: they don’t lack quality)
  • USB hard drive or Pendrive
  • Speakers
  • mp3 music

What do you get? A device able to play your music. either single songs, full directories or m3u playlists (yes, we used a standard) from your hard drive. You can let it playing and turn off your laptop.

Here you have a screenshot :)

Audiocli the audio player in the Fonera 2.0
This is nice, isn’t it? But we don’t think it’s enough… we have nice plans for the future. Some people is already thinking of controlling their F2 audio player with bluetooth devices. Another good idea that will come soon playing streams from the Internet: Jamendo has already made a great progress and have a plugin almost ready and Egon Zastler also started working on

And then what? How about streaming music from the Fonra 2.0 to another device? You store the music on your HardDrive in the fonera and it sends it to any laptop you want to listen to it from (sounds like an Apple application… hehehe)

So, here you have the first release of audiocli and also a short and small tutorial on how to use it. We will improve it for sure!

And this is only audio… More to come!

Download audiocli here: audiocli_0.1_fonera2_unsigned.tgz md5sum 0bb40eaff47e125706c3f8b22d7f5738